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1  How to make a circle skirt with a drop back/tail in Clothing: Discussion and Questions by medic2230 on: September 28, 2015 10:15:31 AM
I'm trying to make a costume for my wife and she wants the skirt like this one (pic below) that drops in the back. I've been brainstorming on how to do it and think I may have it figured out but would like to see if my thinking is correct.

1) Draw out a regular circle skirt pattern.
2) Come in some from both sides and draw a tapered line down lower than the regular circle.
3) Cut it out and trim the drop off of everything except the back.

Maybe this is more complicated than I'm thinking. Won't this put the drop on 4 sides the way the fabric is folded for the circle skirt?

Is there an easier way to do this than I'm thinking?

Any help would be awesome. This will be my first skirt I've ever made but I'm not one to back down from a challenge so it has to be made one way or another. Thanks in advance for any help!

Here's an example of the skirt I'm trying to make.

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2  Rabbit! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by medic2230 on: November 15, 2014 07:08:11 AM
I decided to try making a stuffed animal and this is what I ended up with. This was my first time doing anything like this because the limit of my sewing has been Halloween costumes for my son. I found the pattern on Etsy and of course it was claimed by my son as soon as he saw me making it. This was also my first time doing any hand embroidery and I could use a little practice on it. lol I also made the pajama's to go on the rabbit. Not too bad for the first time I think.

Here's a shot of the head after I inserted the eyes.

Thanks for looking!
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3  Bee-Do The Minion Costume Build in Halloween Costumes by medic2230 on: November 04, 2014 05:19:44 PM
This year the adventure started again. My son told me he wanted to be a minion. Well being my son I asked the question of which one? He told me the fireman from Despicable Me 2 and showed me Bee-Do on the movie. I didn't know where to even start so I googled Minion costumes and found a lot listed. I was totally out of my realm with this because I've never done a round costume and couldn't really find anything in the right size to fit him. I saw one costume made out of a small garbage can with a round lid. So off to Walmart to find it. Not one in sight anywhere around but I found another one I though may work. So off I went making this garbage can contraption of a costume that I had no idea what I was doing. Well, after two days of messing with it and covering it in styrofoam wedges to make it even all the way down the taper and wrapping it in a camping mat, I asked myself WTH are you doing? Btw when I folded the castle looking cuts on top in to make it round for the head and it vaguely resembled a feminine product I decided this needed to go.

So, off the garbage can went into the trash and I started over and went back to my realm of knowledge in the 4 costumes I had previously built. So what could that be?

Ultra firm double sided fusible interfacing! Yay!

Before I get too far into this build I'll show the final product. Here it is:

DSC_6273-Edit by medic2230, on Flickr

I decided on 12" as the size of the tube and just started winging it. I found a 12" styrofoam half ball and covered it in felt. It turned out pretty good considering the instructions I found online about covering styrofoam balls was for a puppet and he told someone else he didn't think it would work on anything larger than the 3" or 4" balls. Well I proved that theory wrong.  Cheesy

photo-5 by medic2230, on Flickr

Next came the body of Bee-Do. Two layers of ultra firm double sided fusible interfacing. This is the base of all my costumes I've made. The outside and inside was covered in yellow premium felt. If you're in Columbus, GA and wonder why Joanns never has ultra firm interfacing around Halloween it's because of me. Cheesy I usually buy the entire bat because I use it a lot on these costumes and when I mess up I've used a lot and need a lot to replace what I mess up. Haha

DSC_6236 by medic2230, on Flickr

Then a lot of measuring and dealing with a 7 y/o trying to figure out where everything needed to be placed at. He's not much on the measurement part. lol

After that fiasco everything was drawn onto the interfacing and rechecked again before cutting. Then the cutting began. Thank the good crafting Gods that came up with rotary cutters (I have multiples of each one). I wish I would have known about them when I made my first costume (Spongebob).

DSC_6238 by medic2230, on Flickr

Together it went. Then it had to coma back apart because I didn't think about the two double layers meeting up and making a line down the front of the costume. Uuugh. To fix it I put two more layers of interfacing on the inside. A 4" piece and a 12" piece to flatten the joint out. Of course that was also covered in felt so the inside wasn't scratchy. Then together it went again. Much better!

DSC_6243 by medic2230, on Flickr

That was also the point of attaching the head and hot glueing it to the top so it would help support and make the top of the body round. Then the extra felt was turned up and you guessed it, more hot glue.

Since the body was formed now and time was running out (I started Minion 2.0 on 10/27/14). The overall's needed to be made. I measured on the body where they should sit and cut a straight piece of felt and hemmed the top edge. Then I ironed on light weight double sided interfacing to the back and ironed the overall's onto the body and ran a line of hot glue along the top edge to double secure it. Then two more squares of blue felt that were hemmed all the way around and placed on with the same interfacing. I digitized the G logo from a picture and I kind of forgot to get pictures of the pocket being made because my embroidery machine decided to act up and I ended up having to go buy a new bobbin case for it to be able to embroider the G logo. Anyway, I got it embroidered and interfaced it to the costume.

DSC_6250 by medic2230, on Flickr

You can't have Bee-Do without an eye so off I went. I cut a 4.7" styrofoam ball in half and formed it to the body with a foam cutter.

DSC_6252 by medic2230, on Flickr

Then covered it in white felt and added the iris and pupil. Had to have that special spot of light for realism so I added a dot of styrofoam I cut out really thin.

photo 1 by medic2230, on Flickr

Being I'm anal about realism even though you have to get up close and look inside Bee-Do's goggle to see it. He had eye lids.

photo 2 by medic2230, on Flickr

Then I started on the goggle and put the eye in it to see how it looked.

photo 3 by medic2230, on Flickr

Two layers of the heavy double interfacing, some felt, and a piece of plastic from a rubber stamp holder I found at Joann's and I had a completed goggle. I used a wide elastic belt material I found for the goggle strap. On it all went.

DSC_6257 by medic2230, on Flickr

Next came his overall straps. Blue felt folded like bias tape and hemmed / sewn on each side (Don't know what you would call it. lol).

DSC_6247 by medic2230, on Flickr

At this point I was rushing and didn't get many pics of the construction. So you'll have to see a piece of the straps in the pic above with the goggle. I had also ordered some revolving red lights online and put them on like Bee-Do has on his head.

Next I made a suspender type system to hold the costume up on him and let him carry the weight of the costume (which wasn't much) on his shoulders. So out came the yellow felt again and went the bias tape route again. For this part though I decided to sew four seams down the straps to make sure nothing stretched.

DSC_6263 by medic2230, on Flickr

Then the finished suspenders.

DSC_6264 by medic2230, on Flickr

I Got him to try on the costume with the suspenders draped over him so I could mark where they needed to be and glued them in. Then I used speaker cover cloth to cover them mouth area so you couldn't see him inside and he could see where he was walking. No pics of these because I finished this about 15 minutes before he went trick or treating. I made his basket out of heavy single sided fusible interfacing with white felt and a red felt ring around the top. I made a handle out of interfacing and felt and glued it on. Tada! A megaphone for a basket. I had enough time left to take a quick pic of the outfit and we left to go get candy.

He was so proud of his costume and wanted his picture taken with it.

DSC_6267 by medic2230, on Flickr

He had told me Sunday before Halloween that he wanted me to dress up as Gru to go trick or treating with him. I had to tell him I just didn't have time to make a costume for myself because his would take all the time to make.

So I went earlier in the week and bought a Gru costume and surprised him with it right before we left.

photo-4 by medic2230, on Flickr

Here's a video of the lights working.


Here's a few more pics.

DSC_6270-Edit by medic2230, on Flickr

DSC_6276-Edit by medic2230, on Flickr

I hope you enjoyed reading about this years costume as much as I enjoyed making it. I can't wait till next year!
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4  Bee-Do The Minion Costume in Halloween Costumes by medic2230 on: November 04, 2014 12:32:45 PM
This year my son wanted to be a minion because he loves Despicable Me 1 & 2. But, being Jacob he just couldn't be an ordinary minion. I make his costumes every year so what would this year be without a new challenge? I present.Bee-Do!

DSC_6273-Edit by medic2230, on Flickr

DSC_6273-Edit by medic2230, on Flickr

DSC_6276-Edit by medic2230, on Flickr

His basket was a megaphone just like Bee-Do had in the movie.

Yes the lights worked. Here's a video showing it all lit up.


Jake really enjoyed being Bee-Do and everyone around loved his costume. While he was trick or treating one house thought he was going to pass by without coming up to see them. They were hollering and telling him to come see them. Well, he got up there and the lady (there were 8 people on the porch) looks at him and says "You have the best costume we have seen all night" She turns around and asks everyone else on the porch if they agree and they all do. She says we all made an agreement when we started tonight that the best costume we saw would get all the candy and you have the best costume we have seen tonight. They filled his basket up to the top and then gave him the rest in a bag. Then there were all the pictures to pose for too. lol That right there, made his night.

This was my first time making a tube as a costume. All of his other costumes were made exactly like this with ultra firm double sided fusible interfacing. Anyway here's a few pics of the making of Bee-Do and I will make a thread with all the pictures of his construction.

The start:

DSC_6241 by medic2230, on Flickr

The eye:

DSC_6254 by medic2230, on Flickr

Getting there:

DSC_6248 by medic2230, on Flickr

A picture of Jake and his costume right before he wore it.

DSC_6267 by medic2230, on Flickr

Here's a link to the build if you're interested in it:

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5  Re: Can someone help me figure this dome out? in Sewing in General: Discussion and Questions by medic2230 on: October 29, 2014 09:35:40 AM
Well I didn't like how the half a ball idea turned out. It wasn't round enough. Maybe if I had used a half of a 12 piece ball it may have been more rounded looking. I didn't have the time really to figure out all the figures for another pattern to fit so I bought a 12" half ball styrofoam dome and covered it with felt. I think this may work better because it will be supporting 3 lights on his head. I'm making Bee-do. I'll make sure and do a build thread for this costume too. Thank you all for your help!

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6  Re: Can someone help me figure this dome out? in Sewing in General: Discussion and Questions by medic2230 on: October 28, 2014 05:31:09 AM
You need to cut out three pieces...two that look like your thumb (dome shaped) and one shaped like a leaf.  The leaf should be about to the ears, I would guess...sew the leaf to the two domes, then stitch up the rest of the dome...the bottom of each dome needs to be however big you want your "circle" to be to fit over the person's head...so if you want a circle of 14 inches around, each side needs to be 7-8 inches (this is for a child, I assume)...I will try to scan a quick drawing as I am at work...

hope it makes sense!

BTW--your costumes for your son have been awesome!!!!  I love that you are so involved in his costumes!

Thank You so much! I'm going to start this right now. I'll make sure and do a thread on his costume again. Thanks for the kind words on his costumes. They seem to get a little harder to make every year. I can't sew a pair of pants to save my life but I can make a costume. lol
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7  Can someone help me figure this dome out? in Sewing in General: Discussion and Questions by medic2230 on: October 27, 2014 10:46:14 AM
I'm trying to make a minion for my son for Halloween and can't figure this dome out on the minions head. I want to do it in 3 pieces with heavy interfacing covered in felt. I'm confused as all get out as to how to figure the curves to get the three to form a dome or half a circle and it all be round. Is there some secret formula or something to this?
Below is a pic of what I'm trying to do but on a much larger scale. I'm figuring on a 14" circle and the dome height just needs to be big enough for it to be round like a minions head. Any help is greatly appreciated, I only have 4 days to finish this.

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8  Ambulance Halloween Costume in Halloween Costumes by medic2230 on: November 10, 2013 08:48:46 PM
This year my son wanted to be an ambulance for Halloween. So being that I make his costume every year I had to come up with something once again. This started out as heavy interfacing and felt. I made everything on the entire costume. It lights up with alternating lights (That I had to re-sync after I saw this pic) and has a battery operated speaker and mp3 player in it so it has a siren and is being dispatched. I embroidered everything on it myself. He was so surprised with it cause I wouldn't let him see it till I was finished. First thing out of his mouth was, I love it Dada!!! That in itself meant the world to me.

Here's what I came up with:

Here's a few pics of the progress as it went along.

I added a shirt with some patches from work to complete the look of a paramedic inside the ambulance.

There are more pics in my gallery of the costume if you would like to see some more. I also have a video of the lights when I was testing them out I'll try to get uploaded and added.

This was also my first attempt ever at sewing together a bag.
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9  Ice Cream Truck Costume with music (pic obese) in Halloween Costumes by medic2230 on: November 03, 2012 07:41:32 PM

This year my little man decided he wanted to be an Ice Cream Truck. I've made the last two of his costumes for Halloween so it was just a no brainer where his costume would come from this year. I started out with a piece of paper and drew the basic design. I actually forgot to take a pic before I started cutting it out...oops. This is with pattern cut out with the first layer of heavy weigh sew in stabilizer.

Well then began the work in PE Design to get all the embroidery programming done.

The menu board.

I'll save everyone all the screen shots....kinda boring. lol

I also found a logo online and modified it after digitizing it into PE Design to make a personal logo for Jake's Ice Cream Company. Then the embroidering began. It took about 8 hours just to embroider everything. The logo alone was right at 2 hours by itself and there were 3 on the costume.

Action pic....

Of course an ice cream truck wouldn't be complete without having SpongeBob ice cream in it.

Looking back now if I make anything else like this I won't make the front to top to back in one piece. I think it would have squared the corners off a little better and been a lot easier to sew together. (That was the last pic with the machine in it.)

So I ended up with a side of a truck with embroidery on it. Smiley

A little more work and I had something that looked a little more like it should be looking.

I also had a logo on the rear of the truck.

And the sides done. With a drivers window sewn on and a rear serving window having black felt on single sided fusible interfacing and sewn on. I've been really surprised that my sewing machine is holding up to all these thick costumes. The costume at this point is stiffened with 1 layer of sew in heavy weight interfacing and one layer of heavy weight double sided fusible interfacing with two layers of felt.

Ok it's getting a little closer to being together. At this point I have broken 1 sewing machine needle and 8 needles on the serger. (I have also learned to just buy interfacing by the roll cause, I can manage to have to redo more stuff than anyone. Mainly cause I'm picky about how it looks. lol)

I added wheels, menu, and the grill. Dressed up a few things and then added a set of $5 ipod speakers and a mp3 player. I found someone on youtube that had videoed an ice cream truck driving by and ripped the sound off the video for everyone to d/l and put it on the mp3 player. I had sound!

I included a pocket to hold the mp3 player in the back half of the costume.

I didn't mention it yet but as I was going along I was trying to figure out how I was going to keep the costume from flipping front to back while he was wearing it. Then I remembered the SpongeBob costume I made him a few years ago. If I added a small box inside like I made SpongeBob it would work. And of course here is SpongeBob as an example. He was my first costume I ever made and taught myself how to sew while making it. He's held up pretty good for use for two halloween's and he is 4 yrs old now. lol I've learned a lot since then...

I worked on this costume till 5 minutes before he went trick or treating. The last twenty minutes consisted of making this. The ice cream scoop was a left over from last years Dunkin Donuts Munchkin costume that I made way too many of. (There's a writeup for it too on here). Then I grabbed the small rotary cutter and went to town on some pink felt. When you have 20 minutes to make a hat it doesn't really come out to stetson quality. lol

Well enough of all this build crap....let's see how it turned out.....

As you can see I added the headlights and tail lights too that I forgot to mention earlier. (I just realized I forgot to mention them) Jake loved his costume and Dad is glad to share some of his candy we collected trick or treating. It was funny watching people's faces when they realized the costume was playing the ice cream truck song. I hope you enjoyed my build and if you made it this far here's the link to the Youtube video of it playing music.


Thanks for looking and come back next year to see what I come up with then. I would appreciate any votes in the DIY Costume challenge. (I'd really like a nice sewing machine HaHa!)

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10  Ice Cream Truck Costume in Halloween Costumes by medic2230 on: November 03, 2012 06:16:24 PM
This year my little man wanted to be a Ice Cream Truck for Halloween. Since I make his costumes every year I had to come up with something for him. I made his costume out of felt with two layers of heavy interfacing. One layer of sew in and the other of double sided fusible covered in felt on both sides. I added Speakers and a MP3 player so it would play the music from an ice cream truck. He was very proud of his costume and has worn it every day since I finished. I did all the sewing and embroidery myself with PE Design and my Brother PE-770 embroidery machine. I managed to finish everything 5 minutes before he went trick or treating. I started with a drawing full size on a piece of paper and went from there to create this.

The hat was not my best work. I made all of it in 20 minutes so he could wear it trick or treating. The Ice cream scoop was left over from his Dunkin Donuts Munchkin Costume from last year ([url]https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=393890.0/url]). I adapted with the felt to make it look like it was melting.

YES! It has to play the music!!!! See it here!

There's more pics of the costume in my gallery also. Smiley Thanks for looking!!!!

The build thread for the costume is here: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=416447.0

Me and my little man in his costume.

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