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1  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / Lucky charms.. for pencils and calculators on: March 21, 2013 03:37:40 PM
Recently faced with the pure horror of written final exams, I needed to find some way to take only cheerful things along for the ride. While I never understood how folks can go through these things without anything personal to support them, I am a confessing lucky-charm-dependent person.... even if I am a wee bit older Grin

So here is what I made ... I guess it fits in the category of practical monsters Grin


a pencil case and a home for the exam-approved calculator...

Made from cotton, felt and closed by velcro Grin

And I had so much fun making the home for the calculator, that I made 2 more for classmates in blue and red. I was utterly thankful I had something to fiddle with while trying not to go completely bonkers from pure horror of exams Grin

What do you think?
2  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / button-clock... now with glue! on: March 21, 2013 03:04:48 PM
I have been chatting with people about the truly brave undertaking of hot-glueing buttons to things, which still seems somewhat of a sacrilege to me. Finally, I got a bucket of buttons for a present which has enabled me to take a walk on the wild side and give that a try. Grin Let me tell you, I have not been struck by lightning since, so the button-gods either haven't noticed or they are ok with this....

the button-clock:


Incidentally, this makes for a nice and quick present: Take a canvas, cut out a hole in the middle, cover with fabric and buttons, insert clock into the hole, hotglue everything ( and earn a badge for hot-gluegun-survival while doing it) and


you actually come up with a present that doesn't get the "*sneer* oh, you've MADE me something!" remark from non-crafty folk, but actually gets three people fighting over who gets to keep it Grin

What do you think?
3  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / 1-day-emergency-concert-dress on: March 21, 2013 02:45:21 PM
You ever have that happen to you: you've known for a while that you will need an outfit for a concert and the day before it, you look at your considerably large pile of clothes and discover you have nothing to wear at all?
Well, this kind of thing happens rather often to me, so this time I finally got out that old, cut up and completely boring goth-dress I've had lying in my to-be-made-over pile of clothes that never seems to shrink and did something with it.
Actually, I have been wanting to do a Gibbous-like something with it for a while- only took me 2 years to actually act on that impulse, so that's good, right? Grin- and I find that lack of time and a certain lack of the very material I wanted to use ( the pink polka dot), actually HELPED this time Cheesy

So, the only thing I kept from the original dress is the lacing in front and the zipper in the back and this is what happened:

(I put a white shirt on the mannequin, so the dress would be easier to see, it is not part of the finished dress Wink)

I used a couple of sleeves I chopped off other dresses years ago, 2 old fishnet-shirts, leftover lining and fabric, some very old ribbons, a strange hair-pantyhose-thingy I got a while ago and a fuzzy pink stuff that also has been waiting to be used for ages. See, that is the final proof that hording instincts can amount to something and are in fact, totally justified Grin!

and just in case you are interested, here is an action shot, worn with a petticoat underneath- the dreads are homemade and pretty old and so is the hat Wink

So what do you think? Acceptable for a one-day-project?
4  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / ready for winter to be over (lots-o-pics) on: March 21, 2013 02:12:19 PM
The calendar says spring started 2 days ago and even if we still have 9 inches of snow outside, I am ready for winter to be over, so I figured maybe posting my winter-knitting projects might help. Grin
I have neglected Craftster dreadfully these past 4 months, but now that my written finals are over, I'd really like all you wonderful crafty folk to know that I haven't been super-lazy in the craft-department. Since I didn't have enough time and leisure to actually start any intricate projects, I just carried my knitting and crocheting around with me all the time and- let me just mention that right now- it has stopped my head from exploding many a time Wink

Ok, so here is what I've made:

a study in brown, made with the wonderful new mesh yarn:

one of the circular scarfs I've seen here on Craftster- and this one took 4 different kinds of yarn until it finally came out nicely Grin:

and because I decided to use up supplies before I actually got to buy "fresh" yarn, a hat (crocheted) and a scarf in left-over pink:

and left-over sparkly red:

a shoulder wrap in unbelievably cozy greys:

and of course, some purple:

and some purple-ish leftovers:

and finally, my favourite, an actual jacket, which to my utter surprise even fits  Grin (which is certainly surprising considering my non-existing skills in making the right size when knitting)

So, what do you think? Grin
5  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Winter Holidays / Googly eye tree on: December 24, 2012 12:50:37 AM
You know how when bad things keep happening to and around you, it is rather hard to get into any kind of holiday spirit? Well, this year things have been bleak and bare, so I decided I would need another kind of tree...

And born was Googly eye tree! Grin


I found this light chain package that proclaimed having only white lights- and as it turns out, it lights up in all different kinds of colors, twinkles and even changes the color of the light.... the individual lights were nice and round and white and just begged to become eyes, so the "tree" started out as this:

Just a bunch of wire and the light chain and then I added some air dry clay- which I sorely lack any kind of skills for Wink At first, it actually looked rather nice, but then the whole thing tipped over during the night, so I ended up with a super-gnarled version of a gnarly tree- but as this is just like what is going on with this year's Xmas, I just kept it like it was, put some spray paint, glitter (yeah, even this ugly little tree deserves some glitter!) and some snowball decorations on it...

And here is step two:

And then the fateful moment of lighting it up- and yeah, sad little googly eye tree warms my heart Grin

Have a wonderful holiday, all you Craftsters out there and may there be a wee light shining on even the grinchiest of hearts!

6  TOYS, DOLLS AND PLAYTHINGS / Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects / Meet the NOMMS! on: October 06, 2012 10:32:03 AM
Meet the NOMMS!

Indigenous to closet corners and green places, the NOMMS are a shy race of free-spirited ground dwellers.

Their main strategy to avoid capture is moving at the speed of snails and thereby successfully fooling the onlooker into thinking that they are lifeless. No self-respecting carnivore would ever try to eat them. This results from their incredible ability to talk their opponents to death with mindless, neverending chatter when they feel threatened, although in their natural state when happy and content, NOMMS are shy and quiet.

The NOMMS' droppings are said to have numerous magical attributes, such as the growing of violently green facial hair, when consumed in a stiff drink. Because of this superstition, they are highly popular among the different tribes of Leprechauns and were held in captivity until it became known, that most of their owners died of chatter-caused exploding-head-syndrome
The NOMMS live on a diet of air and all things green. Unique individuals of this race have been found to even develop romantic feelings for evergreen plants, broccoli or green Jell-O.

Due to their worship of all things green-ish and the NOMMS' unceasing chatter at evil captors, the creation myths of their god, Gooey, the Green, prompted the early rumors of aliens as beings with green skin.

In 1912, two of the oldest NOMMS by the name of Mo and No, organized a mass-strike where all NOMMS stopped pooping and thus escaped their prisons.
Today, the average NOMMS can only be found outside of Ireland.

This was originally inspired by the incredible Green Elevator's and loveandasandwich's creations and it started as a fake swap along with the current Covert Abandoned Art Swap- but as you can see, I only made 4 of them so far and I seriously doubt that I will be able to just abandon these fuzzy creatures in the wild streets of the city. So now I have to find them loving homes... Grin
They are all handstitched and about 8,5 inches tall and about 5 inches wide.

What do you think?
Any comments or critique are highly appreciated!
7  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / How to cheat on badges- tutorial on: September 09, 2012 05:38:39 AM
A good while ago, dear Lime Riot started a thread about Craftster Scouts badges
( see here: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=407643.0) and I have been fiddling with achievement badges for all sorts of crafting capabilities and catastrophes ever since.

... mostly because it's fun and gives me a feeling of using the otherwise empty time I have to spend on public transportation each day...

But how to get the details you'd like when you lack the capabilities of some of the advanced miniature-creating folk? Well, if you'd like to have something like this:

here is how you go about it:

First off the material you will need:

You'll need:
felt of different colors, according to taste
Needles and thread
clear packaging tape
a bunch of small pictures (see picture below)
ribbons and buttons or pompoms according to taste

Step 1:

cut out your picture (giving it an outline of about 1 mm is best to make the stitches less visible) and stick it face down on the tape

Step 2:

fold over the edges, completely covering the image in tape- that way the picture is safe even if it gets wet

Step 3:

Cut off all excess tape. Then pre-poke the wholes for stitching all around the image along the outline-works best if you keep them 1mm from the edges and 1 mm apart.

Step 4:

Cut out pieces of felt according to taste- go for wonky lines, that way noone will notice, if you sew on the image a little crooked Grin- and sew the image onto the first layer.

Step 5:

Now attach the first layer of felt to the second and the second to the third- that way you get a little more texture.

Step 6:

Now attach a back piece of felt, so all your stitches and loose threads and in my case knots in the thread are hidden from the eyes of anyone Wink. To get a little more volume, you can stuff it with polyfill. If you want to make the stitching more visible, use embroidery thread for the final seam.

And ta da!

If you're not that fond of stitching, you can also

and here are some
samples of little pictures for badges
 ( please PM me, if you have a problem printing it out, I'll send you the pictures via mail):

And you will see pretty soon, that this is fun and highly addictive and it might look like this in the end:

and in a couple of weeks time, you stash might look this way:

Let me know, if you find this useful and I am happy about any critique or thoughts about improving this idea!
8  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / A shirt for rrrat on: August 15, 2012 01:45:29 AM
I was recently in the "I need a funky shirt-swap" and my dear partner rrrat asked for something punky, something plaid and listed tank girl as a possible design.... well, I couldn't just draw on a shirt, that would have been way too easy ( and also I'm not that talented of a painter/stenciller Wink), so I challenged myself by making this:

It used to be two man-sized shirts (one red, one black) and the plaid came from an old pair of stretchy 80's-pants, that I knew would come in handy some day, because of their pretty and stretchy fabric Wink And the eyes and writing are painted on with fabric paint (red, black and silver).
Because rrrat wanted to have something not-too-girly, I gave it a fitted cut, but kept the straight lines to make it look a little boy-ish...

This is the back and a view of the pocket I added (cause you can never have enough pockets, really):

Left side and right side:

And because I really like odd collars, I attached a funky collar made from the pants...and a few safety pins... cause really, if it's supposed to be punky, you really have to use safety pins somewhere in the design....Grin

and the sleeves:

Now I only hope, you can understand why I was so excited about sending this off to rrrat- and I really really hope, she likes it and it fits her....

9  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / Unicorns for Ceda on: July 18, 2012 12:39:46 AM
One of my partners in the currently ongoing Felt Badge Swap Round 2 was Ceda and she listed unicorns, pirates and zombies as interests, so what better way to combine those?

I did have to combine them into a story:


was born in the lands of his cousins, but never thought it fit in while all the others were skipping happily through rainbow mountains, unicorn kept dreaming about the big wide world and the waters. Finally, there came a day when not even unicorn poo made it giggle any more and it decided to change its colors - because only the leopard cant change its spots - throw off the pink glitter and become


It sailed the big oceans, walking to and fro on the decks, drinking rum and using a lot of ARRRs in its speeches to its friend, the bird. it lay drunk in the sun and let the wind sweep its hair, but it never really understood about looting. So in order to learn, piratecorn sailed into the dangerous waters around hawaii and came upon a band of strange creatures. After a wild party with them, it woke up and was


... and it lived happily ever after...

What do you think?
10  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / Marvellous Miss Marsha and her Brave Sir Pork Chop on: July 18, 2012 12:11:48 AM
This is what I recently made for the Felt Badge Round 2 Swap for Diesels_mom. She had told me about her faithful watch-pig, that is called PorkChop, so there really wasn't any other way to go than write her a felties-story Grin

Marvellous Miss Marsha and her Brave Sir Pork Chop

and this is her story:

Marvellous Miss Marsha is a wise woman, living on the edge of the desert, to the left of the enchanted city, two minutes towards sunrise. Miss Marsha shares her secret lodge with many friends and lonely hearts from all the corners of the kingdom.
Every day, Marvellous Miss Marsha and her comrades, gather in her orchard under a very special tree -
an everlasting samura tree, that bears only one flower that never withers and is said to have magical powers.

One day, while talking about the storms of life, they discovered the blossom gone, just vanished.
Miss Marsha didn't fret or cry, but her friends grew very worried indeed. Among them Pork Chop and the knights of the Golden Clover. With every passing day, Miss Marsha glittered a little less and her face got a little more sad, so the 33 Knights of the Golden Clover- yes, there were that many- set out on a mission to find the flower, bring it back home and restore Miss Marsha to her former glory.

Through scorching desert and blistering heat they walked and couldn't find the flower.
10 of the knighs, complaining of blisters on their feet, returned home.

Through high mountains and windswept tops they fought their way and couldn't find it.
10 of the knights, not having packed their warm sweaters, complained of the cold, turned around and went back home. 

Through enchanted meadows and tricky swamps they slowly wound their way and still couldn't find it.
10 of the knights, being struck by odd visions due to having eaten the magic mushrooms in the swamp, got very confused and had to be sent back home.

In the end, the last three reached the ocean. They decided to search the watery depths, but alas, two of them couldn't swim.
So the mission fell to the only remaining Knight of the Golden Clover - Sir Pork Chop, who'd been training to be a lifeguard on the shores of the strange lands of California, before he lost his marbles and found his way to the secret lodge of Marvellous Miss Marsha.

He hitched up his trousers and bravely faced the deep. After many, many attempts, he finally discovered a castle under water- the fortress of a wicked seamonster, that was said to be ruthless and cruel.
Thinking of Miss Marsha, Sir Pork Chop ignored the warnings and entered the fortress all alone.
There were no guards, just flowers, flowers everywhere- flowers of every shape and color, flowers no one had ever seen before. But they were not real, on a closer look, Sir Pork Chop discovered that they were all just paintings of flowers.
Strange sounds reached his ears as the seamonster was approaching and Pork Chop prepared for his last moments. He bravely faced it and thus discovered the long-sought samura blossom in the monsters clutch. He drew his pointy stick - yes, he was NOT old enough for swords! Miss Marsha had therefor given him a stick on his departure- and the monster...

started crying! It was pleading and arguing and throwing itself protectively before the blossom.

The wicked monster, by the name of Ypswych ( which might explain his wickedness, being cursed to go through life with a name like that), had fallen in love with the blossom, seeing it with his magical eye and had stolen it away and would NOT be parted from it ever again.

So there was only one thing to do, decided Sir Pork Chop: Invite Ypswych to come live with Miss Marsha.
After long consideration and a lot of suspicious looks, Ypswych finally agreed to come and they returned to the secret lodge.
Miss Marsha, being a benine and generous person, welcomed them with open arms.
Her color immediately improved upon arrival of the flower and Ypswych built a watery home for himself right next to the everlasting tree.

And Sir Pork Chop? Well, he was awarded a medal for his good deed by Marvellous Miss Marsha and called "Brave Sir Pork Chop" ever since.

So, what do you think?
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