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21  Re: Personal/Private Swap Gallery, 2012 in The Swap Gallery by BirdBones on: August 12, 2012 11:36:16 AM

Today I received the wonderful and awesome carepackage, that the incredibly wonderful and awesome dear Suereal sent off to me on May 12th! It only took 90 days to reach me and trust me, there has been much fretting over its long absence-but apparently, it took the scenic round traveling by ship Grin

But oh- was it ever worth the wait!

It came in the cutest Barbie-box, curtesy of craftylittlemonkey - and trust me, it will be loved! And it was filled to the brim with all kinds of amazing things that have me grinning like a demented monkey.
First off, Suereal used the most wonderful stationary (that I now will have to make copies of) for a letter explaining the contents.
She sent wonderful stickers that will be kept for something extrodinary and a heap of felt that I will now have to turn into yet more odd badges! Whee! And there was candy... yes, that's the grinning starting again...and even an eyeball-jawbreaker, that I assume will probably really break my untrained european jaw Roll Eyes
And there is a fun purple hair pin and wonderfully warm grey mittens to keep the cold away..

And then there was the most darling little box with wee things in it, among those a mini-rubber-chicken that is screaming to become jewellry Grin and some purple helping-hands that will either serve to stir things, help with sewing or drop me when I chose "down" Grin

And - traveling in a small innocent envelope, the bestest badge anyone could wish for:

And that's still not all! There was a monstrous key charm and unicorns! (Actually, Suereal bought two boxes of unicorns, so we'd both have one. She got the colorful and cute Stellina and I, of course, got the punk of the gang- Pogo. And he even has a little bandaid on his nose!squeal!) And there was something else to help with making small detailed felt-badges, that I can't wait to try out: Lite steam-A-seam2

And for my most favourite items among all these wonderful things:

Craftylittlemonkey was nice enough to have a cup sent to me by proxy and I really love it- it has a pretty flower pattern on the outside and Alice-in-Wonderland playing cards on the inside and it is telling me to read my tea leaves, which from now on, I will do Grin

And the wonderful Suereal picked up a really cute shirt for me with a crazy-cute cat-skull pattern on it- I simply love it.
But the best .... she sent me a spoon!
A spoon I say, a spoon from her daily silver ware set, so we can virtually have tea together.

... yes, I am having the sniffles now...

Thank you, my wonderful Suereal! You are simply amazing and I love you and everything you sent and I will now continue staring at all the incredible things you sent- you are simply the bestest!

Henceforth I shall call myself "spoiled little german girl", I believe Grin Grin Grin

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22  Re: Felt Badge Round 2 Gallery!! (Send Out July 9) in The Swap Gallery by BirdBones on: August 03, 2012 06:45:34 AM
I received wonderful badges from Diesels_mom today and after bravely traveling all the way to the customs office through pouring rain (these silly people just couldn't believe someone would send something so small, or maybe they expected the envelope to contain diamonds Wink) , I can now present my very own Craftster Scout Badges! Grin

Thank you so much, Diesels_mom! I really enjoy them and now I finally have a reason to make myself a sash Grin
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23  Re: Felt Badge Round 2 Gallery!! (Send Out July 9) in The Swap Gallery by BirdBones on: August 01, 2012 04:16:04 AM
Here are the wonderful badges I received from Ceda:

She made the loveliest little Kokeshi doll badges for me that are just perfect- I love the colors and their general cuteness and the itty bitty tiny bows  Grin

And this makes up for 4 (!) failed attempts to aquire some japanese-cute-item in a certain shop during my vacation... these spanish folk really like their siestas and just because it says on the sign that they are open really doesn't mean that they are Cheesy A very odd thing for such a german and thus rule-following person like me... I do however see the appeal of only working when you really feel like it Grin

Thank you so much Ceda, I really enjoy those girls and their potential to become the basic design for a new- and colorful- dress! Grin
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24  Unicorns for Ceda in Completed Projects by BirdBones on: July 18, 2012 12:39:46 AM
One of my partners in the currently ongoing Felt Badge Swap Round 2 was Ceda and she listed unicorns, pirates and zombies as interests, so what better way to combine those?

I did have to combine them into a story:


was born in the lands of his cousins, but never thought it fit in while all the others were skipping happily through rainbow mountains, unicorn kept dreaming about the big wide world and the waters. Finally, there came a day when not even unicorn poo made it giggle any more and it decided to change its colors - because only the leopard cant change its spots - throw off the pink glitter and become


It sailed the big oceans, walking to and fro on the decks, drinking rum and using a lot of ARRRs in its speeches to its friend, the bird. it lay drunk in the sun and let the wind sweep its hair, but it never really understood about looting. So in order to learn, piratecorn sailed into the dangerous waters around hawaii and came upon a band of strange creatures. After a wild party with them, it woke up and was


... and it lived happily ever after...

What do you think?
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25  Re: Felt Badge Round 2 Gallery!! (Send Out July 9) in The Swap Gallery by BirdBones on: July 18, 2012 12:18:16 AM
Wow, those are A-dorable, QueenNinjaMonkey!
And the zombie gnome is truly creepy, petskin;D

Diesels_mom has received and asked me to post the pictures, so here is what I made for her:

These felties came with a story and if you like, you can read it here:


(ehm... it's kind of a long story...) Cheesy
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26  Marvellous Miss Marsha and her Brave Sir Pork Chop in Completed Projects by BirdBones on: July 18, 2012 12:11:48 AM
This is what I recently made for the Felt Badge Round 2 Swap for Diesels_mom. She had told me about her faithful watch-pig, that is called PorkChop, so there really wasn't any other way to go than write her a felties-story Grin

Marvellous Miss Marsha and her Brave Sir Pork Chop

and this is her story:

Marvellous Miss Marsha is a wise woman, living on the edge of the desert, to the left of the enchanted city, two minutes towards sunrise. Miss Marsha shares her secret lodge with many friends and lonely hearts from all the corners of the kingdom.
Every day, Marvellous Miss Marsha and her comrades, gather in her orchard under a very special tree -
an everlasting samura tree, that bears only one flower that never withers and is said to have magical powers.

One day, while talking about the storms of life, they discovered the blossom gone, just vanished.
Miss Marsha didn't fret or cry, but her friends grew very worried indeed. Among them Pork Chop and the knights of the Golden Clover. With every passing day, Miss Marsha glittered a little less and her face got a little more sad, so the 33 Knights of the Golden Clover- yes, there were that many- set out on a mission to find the flower, bring it back home and restore Miss Marsha to her former glory.

Through scorching desert and blistering heat they walked and couldn't find the flower.
10 of the knighs, complaining of blisters on their feet, returned home.

Through high mountains and windswept tops they fought their way and couldn't find it.
10 of the knights, not having packed their warm sweaters, complained of the cold, turned around and went back home. 

Through enchanted meadows and tricky swamps they slowly wound their way and still couldn't find it.
10 of the knights, being struck by odd visions due to having eaten the magic mushrooms in the swamp, got very confused and had to be sent back home.

In the end, the last three reached the ocean. They decided to search the watery depths, but alas, two of them couldn't swim.
So the mission fell to the only remaining Knight of the Golden Clover - Sir Pork Chop, who'd been training to be a lifeguard on the shores of the strange lands of California, before he lost his marbles and found his way to the secret lodge of Marvellous Miss Marsha.

He hitched up his trousers and bravely faced the deep. After many, many attempts, he finally discovered a castle under water- the fortress of a wicked seamonster, that was said to be ruthless and cruel.
Thinking of Miss Marsha, Sir Pork Chop ignored the warnings and entered the fortress all alone.
There were no guards, just flowers, flowers everywhere- flowers of every shape and color, flowers no one had ever seen before. But they were not real, on a closer look, Sir Pork Chop discovered that they were all just paintings of flowers.
Strange sounds reached his ears as the seamonster was approaching and Pork Chop prepared for his last moments. He bravely faced it and thus discovered the long-sought samura blossom in the monsters clutch. He drew his pointy stick - yes, he was NOT old enough for swords! Miss Marsha had therefor given him a stick on his departure- and the monster...

started crying! It was pleading and arguing and throwing itself protectively before the blossom.

The wicked monster, by the name of Ypswych ( which might explain his wickedness, being cursed to go through life with a name like that), had fallen in love with the blossom, seeing it with his magical eye and had stolen it away and would NOT be parted from it ever again.

So there was only one thing to do, decided Sir Pork Chop: Invite Ypswych to come live with Miss Marsha.
After long consideration and a lot of suspicious looks, Ypswych finally agreed to come and they returned to the secret lodge.
Miss Marsha, being a benine and generous person, welcomed them with open arms.
Her color immediately improved upon arrival of the flower and Ypswych built a watery home for himself right next to the everlasting tree.

And Sir Pork Chop? Well, he was awarded a medal for his good deed by Marvellous Miss Marsha and called "Brave Sir Pork Chop" ever since.

So, what do you think?
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27  Organizing with googly eyes in Completed Projects by BirdBones on: June 17, 2012 08:01:41 AM
This is a really quick and easy Sunday-project...

Due to my inability to keep track of the date and dates in general and because my dear Suereal has made me co-organizer in a swap, I decided it was about time I made myself a crafting calendar, so I'd better be able to know excactly when to ignore the rest of the world and lock myself up in my crafting room... It does serve for an excellent excuse to NOT do homework too Grin

I took one of those cheap cork-boards, wrapped some fabric (that I aquired at a market once and have about 10 meters of) over it and then proceeded to go completely mental with the hot glue gun (which has earned me another glue gun survival badge, I believe). To get some sort of calendar-like date line, I cut up some measuring tape. The octopi were rescued from an old window-decoration and outfitted with new eyes, the googly eyes... well, one can never have enough googly eyes on anything, right?...
The wonderful skull pins were sent to me by Suereal and it makes me happy to finally incorporate them in something fitting Grin

The entire thing took about 30 minutes to finish including fighting with spiderweb-like strands from the hot glue, but I was victorious and am now all up to date with upcoming craft-events! Aren't you proud of me? Wink

What do you think?

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28  New home for a fraggle in Completed Projects by BirdBones on: June 17, 2012 07:31:46 AM
A little while ago I received the most wonderful fraggle from teachart in a swap, and he moved right in in a small fairy house in one of my flower pots... Last week, I woke up to find that he had moved out, sitting next to a stuffie about a foot away from his place of residence and I got the hint....

He was asking for a home-makeover. Being a good fraggle mom, I listened and now he looks really happy with his new digs Grin

.. and he looks very pleased that I used some of his old house-parts and the wonderful moss someone brought back for me from a trip to New Orleans...

What do you think?
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29  Re: The Rebel Alliance Ovoid Crimson Avian (round robin...) Bag Experiment in The Swap Gallery by BirdBones on: May 31, 2012 02:41:43 PM
I also received the parts for teacharts bag already- and they will be fun to work with.. But since all three of us want to be surprised by the final bag-monster-thingy, there will be no pictures of the parts yet Grin

Instead, I give you the awesome extra I received from the amazing suereal:


Isn't he amazing? He's cute and practical, protects and defends my sacred, lifesaving anti-communication device and receives lots of stares in public transportation Grin I love him to pieces... now I finally have something of my dear suereal that I can carry around with me...
And did you see the glorious fabric? It came wrapped in it and it's going straight to my little corner of fabric-treasures that are taken out every now and then, admired and then put back safely, because it's just too darling to cut up Grin

like this:

Admittedly, I was the last one to send, so teachart sadly will be the last to receive her bag-building blocks and thus suereal will have to wait the longest for her finished bag...To make up for that, I sent a little care-package on its way to suereal today, because I just couldn't NOT make her a little extra too....
Here's a hint:
You can fit one in two and hang three on it Grin
*evil mad scientist laughter ensuing*

And a hint for teachart's extra:
orange in the sky with polka dots Wink

Did I confuse you? Aaaah. Mission accomplished.
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30  Re: International Snack Swap 5 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by BirdBones on: April 24, 2012 12:42:45 AM
As mentioned before, I received the most OVERWHELMING 2 snack packages from scarlet_nights on Saturday.... I am still speechless about the amount of sugary goodness she sent my way and , boy, did she deliver!

Everything is so wonderfully colorful and being a real talent at using every last inch of a box, scarlet_nights poked holes into the candy bags to let the air out and it all smells amazing too! I really have no idea where to start and need to rely on the bf picking out things to try or friends coming over going all googly-eyed over my year's-supply of American candy-goodness and asking " Can we PLEASE try these?"

In order to understand what I am talking about, here's what I uncovered from these innocent looking (but very heavy) packages:

And here comes the list:

Nestle Chunky; DOTS ( tried and approved with a broad grin); Mallo-Licious Marshmellow;  Wonka Chewy Spree ( I love the little text on the back that uses words like scrumdiddlyumptious); Jiffy Oatmeal Cookie Mix ; Razzles; Pop-Rocks;  Air-heads; Fruit by the foot, Fruit gushers and Fruit Rolls (my favourite!); Jolly Rancher fruit smoothie flavour, fruit chews and chrunch&chew; Sharkies; Peach Rings ( that smell amazing and way better than the german version); Rainbow nerds rope; 2 kinds of Skittles (oh, these will be safed for a super-special day!) ; Juju Flowers; Sour dudes strawz; Runts; Chocolate chip cookie dough bites ( will safe these for watching a specific Gilmore Girls episode); Lemonhead Tropical; Tootsie Pop Drops; Jujyfruits; Starburst flavour morph; Charleston Chews: Push Pop Candy Toppers ( with the cutest figurines on top) and Life savers gummies "collisions" and "bunnies and eggs" ( these were all gone by saturday night and they were both yummy and cute!).......

But that was not even all of it! The boyfriend tried to sneak off a whole bunch, but I managed to snap a picture before he did:

There were Snickers, Mike and Ike ( Tropical Typhoon and Berry Blast), Raisinets ( I am told they were all gone within 5 minutes of opening the package);  Thingamajig; Reese's Crispy Crunch; Cadbury fruit and nut chocolate; Cadbury Creme Egg; Jelly Belly ( Smoothie Blend, Ice Cream Parlor Mix); Hawaiian Punch; Great Value Fruit Smiles ( oh, those are excellent and stick my teeth together in just the right way) ; and Turtles Original ( nice and chewy )and Lucky Charms (which he gracefully agreed to share, so I got to experience the wonderful smell that is a combination of waffles and fresh cake at the fair.... )....

Also, scarlet_nights included a lovely Illinois drinking glass as a souvenir for me and it currently holds my stash of fruit roll-ups and a cute little Jaja Bings pen that will be extremely fun to use for school....

The drinking glass was wrapped in a piece of purple velvet that has been snatched up by the bf to use for a necktie Grin

And last but not least, she crafted a really pretty hair-pin for me  (which is awesome because I was just missing a purple head adornment) and sent a cute duck-tape flower ( that will definitely become a hairpin) along:

So as you can see, there is a reason why I declared scarlet_nights the winner of this swap and saying just THANK YOU  seems like far too little a thing to say, so here it is ( with my addmittedly non-too-reliable knowledge of the english language):



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