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11  Re: Local Attraction Swap in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: October 26, 2011 03:37:04 AM
Super super duper-etc late post.

After a long transit (I'm pretty sure they strapped this package to a turtle to get it out here) and a gnarly week of barfing (which made me cancel ALL of my brithday plans last week), we finally have pictures of the awesome stuff that Starfire sent me! She pulled from both Illinois and the Missouri area for the swap.

Pumpkin butter and apple cinnamon jelly from local farms. I have been chomping at the bits for a taste of these things but have had to wait because rich foods were killing my tummy.

Information and fun things to do in the area. Plus a totally yummy box of candy since it seemed fall like.

Post cards an a magnet from things in her area. Let me tell you something about that little ballerina on the bottom left. She is a bronze statue from an artist named Degas. When my husband and I just started dating one of the first things we did as a couple was got to an art Museum in southern California. This little dancer was part of one of the exhibits at the museum the time that we went. That was about 6 years ago and this November will be our 3 year marriage anniversary. I'm planning on using this postcard as the card I give him for our anniversary. =)

This postcard makes me giggle. Something about the old style font.

A close up of the shirt she sent. It is a cut jar of horseradish, but doesn't like to photograph very well. It was a little too big for me, but it fits my husband very well! According to her letter 80% of the worlds horseradish comes from the area she lives in. 

And my favorite part of the whole package. MY FIRST HOOP! It is a lovely little pink dogwood blossom that apparently grow all over Missouri. The fabric is kind of hard to see, but there is a lovely pattern on it. I was so happy when I opened this up and was beaming all day. The stitches are so pretty and will be hanging up on my wall soon so everyone can see it.

And a bonus picture of my cat making a crazy yawning face while I was taking pictures outside. lol.
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12  Re: Local Attraction Swap in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: October 03, 2011 02:13:56 PM
And here is what I sent to starfire!

The shirt:

I was super stoked when I found this as she said pineapple is one of her favorite fruits.


I also made Starfire a resin pendant with a found shell from North Shore and with a little red volcanic soil in there. I thought she might like a smaller pendant so I chose this little round one. The pendants are a little cloudy because they actually got rained on while they were drying. Good ol' random Hawaii rain.

I also sent a flower hair clip that are popular here as well as a bag of sweets packaged like the one I sent to rorriM_esoR. Somehow I managed to not get a picture of them though. =)

I hope you liked everything!
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13  Re: Local Attraction Swap in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: October 03, 2011 02:03:52 PM
Sorry it took so long to post pictures rorriM_esoR!  I seem to not be managing my time very well lately. I blame it on lack of sleep.

I thought it might make you happy to know that my husband, room mate, and I have been been eating vegetarian for about 2 weeks now after we watched the documentary forks over knives. lol. It is definitely challenging doing all the cooking but has been really fun and way out of our routine.

Any who.. On to the awesome package that was sent to me! I didn't get a picture of the awesome purple and pink tissue paper inside because the palm jelly broke in the box. Luckily the paper soaked up most of the sticky sweet stuff and the shirt was completely untouched!

First the shirt which is reacting a little bit even in the shade. Yay for high UV index in the tropics. lol. Inside it is just black and white.

Here it is in the sun:

A picture of the cute little bags the jewelry came in taken in my neighbors yard. lol

Close up of the jewelry. I am totally in love with that bracelet. It's actually small enough to fit on my tiny wrist.

Thanks so much for a super awesome package. This shirt is perfect for hawaii and the super strong rays!
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14  Re: Avatar: The Last Airbender Rnd 3 Gallery! Send Outs 8/27! in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: September 21, 2011 08:49:22 PM
Just got pictures of the things RikaHeart sent to me!

Omg! I seriously almost had a major freak out when I opened the box and saw those Zuko heads!

Everything together.

Some fun stationary and stickers.

Freaking awesome coasters made from felt and CDs! I can't even imagine how long it took to embroider these. I'm also looking for the perfect something to put those patches on. Fire nation patches people!

The inside.

And a close up of the embroidery on the eyes of the zuko pillows.

I love everything. Thank you so much for making my day. I think the next package I send will have to have a head in it for my recipient. lol
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15  Re: I Love Languages Swap Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: August 29, 2011 01:19:16 PM
Finally getting pictures up of the awesome stuff Spidersweb sent me!

First the group shot. I got two lunch totes with different languages on them. I think the purple one says "tasty". I also recieved a necklace that says, "carpe diem", one of those foam mug things to keep drinks cold, a picture frame, and an awesome card that says thank you in Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, French, and English.

Detailing on the picture frame.

Look at that adorable pink argyle ribbon on the top and the way some of the words are shiny!

The necklace. I <3 the colors by the way.

And I think this is probably my favorite part. A close up of the smiley berry on the purple lunch tote. lol

Thanks very much Spidersweb! I really like everything and am sorry it took so long to get photos up. I hope to see pictures of the stuff I sent too soon.
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16  Re: I Love Languages Swap! [Sign ups CLOSED Send outs 8/5/11] in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Gr33nT3a on: July 21, 2011 06:18:03 PM
Gr33n T3a, are you a native speaker of Chinese? Sorry if you have already mentioned that in an earlier post and I forgot...
Hehe, Chinese characters... when I first took a Chinese class some years ago (all forgotten by now), the characters were like someone hit me with a plank on my head, repeatedly... and I realized how OLD I actually am to run into those problems... I have kept a VERY respectful distance to them ever since Grin every now and then, I pick up a new character, and I can't stop staring at any Chinese character I come across in hope I recognize one. But it's more like a guilty pleasure now, like eating something you're not supposed to. Grin Also, it makes me think "I need new glasses" each time ;
Wait, Chinese characters have phonetic content? I thought the whole point of them was that they didn't have to.
Actually, I have recently had a window open in my mind when I experienced the content transfer those characters can do in different languages, and how powerful that is. I had heard about it, but I hadn't understood it.
The only thing I had ever come across that did something similar was Latin, with the number of languages that you kind of inherit with it, plus the many countries that use the Latin writing system.
Hehe, my son will start Latin now at school. He's very excited about it. Yet. Grin Grin I keep telling him what a useful thing it is to know, and keep my mouth shut about what a tedious process it is to learn it Grin Grin But if it works for him like it worked for me, it'll speed up every language acquiring he'll ever plan to do.
My kids are lucky that they get to learn English from first grade on, but it's really a very slow pace, in my opinion they could get over the sing-song state in third grade.

::Deep breath for long post. Not sure why I need a deep breath though seeing as how it's typing anyways::

1. No I'm not a native speaker. =)  People are always super surprised when I can understand them or when I say anything to them in Chinese as I'm a 5'10 caucasian woman with blond hair and green eyes. lol. I actually didn't start learning Chinese until I was 22 (Almost 3 years ago now).

2. I still feel that way with the characters. My listening ability is much higher than my reading ability. It is very frustrating to be reading a news article about nuclear reactors, but the word you're stuck on is a low level word like "connected" or something like that. One time I remember being really pissed off about forgetting the word "umbrella"

3. Let's see if I can explain what I meant by looking at a character and having a feeling of what sound it is.  Chinese characters are made up of several different parts. Sometimes the different parts are actually a whole character with a different radical (another part)

Example 1:

You see how the first character is used as a component of other characters? Well each character's pronunciation is "fang" (With different tones of course but that's another story). So say I come across a word like : 房间 but I didn't know what it meant. I know the second character is "jian" so then I look at the first character and kind of guess that it's "fang". I put it together to make "fangjian" and go "OH, fangjian, I remember that word! It means room!"

As you can see in the ones bellow fang it may not exactly be the same sound, but similar. In this case it can still help even if it's a little off because a lot of times you'll know the word it's representing when you hear it, but just for the life of you can't remember what the character is. This does not work with all characters as shown below.

Example 2.:

On this row you can see how even though they use the same parts the characters don't have the same sound. Some of them have very similar sounds, but the last one is completely different!

Example 3.:

Here is an example of words that looks similar, but their sounds and meanings are completely different. This can be especially confusing when you first start learning, but the more you study the less you look at these and think they look the same. Context of the sentence also helps with this a lot.

I hope my explanation was easy to understand. I didn't realize until after I started that English is probably your second language as you live in Germany. =) I tried studying German before and man is it tough! I don't know how buck-teeth people in Germany saying things like "ich" or "dich" with that kind of sound at the end. My favorite words that I learned were: Straenbahn haltestelle and warum. I would go around all dramatically yelling "warum" because I liked the way it sounded. lol

(end super-duper long post.)
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17  Re: Big and Beautiful Plus Size Swap Gallery in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Gr33nT3a on: July 18, 2011 01:33:06 AM
I adore everything in this gallery. When I played D&D I totally had my own set of sparkly pink die. It was the only way to keep the boys from stealing them. I think in order to compensate I would play really tough un-girly characters. lol

Anyways. Sorry it took so long to get pictures up. My camera won't charge for some reason and I had to figure out how to upload pictures from my phone onto my computer. Here are the lovely things sent to me from Lilybet:

A lovely t-shirt dress with matching necklace and earings!

I'm going to have to take it in a little and bring the hem up some.

The dress is a tad too big and long as which you can kinda see in this photo without the belt:

Close up on this awesome necklace and earing set. The chain is this awesome copper tone and looks like it could be either casual or dressy. (Sorry the photo is a little blurry. It wouldn't focus for some reason.)

Thanks so much Lilybet. Sorry the dress I started on for you didn't end up working out.
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18  Re: International Snack Swap 3 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: June 15, 2011 09:21:31 PM
Finally uploading pictures from the package Leashhh sent me.

All the goodies together.

Close up of the goodies! Odd waffle cheese things, strawberry pastry, yummy yummy honey, Sassafras tea concentrate?, skybar, charleston chew, mounds, razzles, andes mints, chuckles, razzles, mounds, Sponge bob gummies, starburst!

There were some casualties including a very squished strawberry roll, a broken rock candy, and some melted maple fudge that I'm hoping will survive after being in the fridge. Also, since I life in Hawaii and the weather is crazy hot everything that is chocolate is kinda melted but still edible. lol

Also, the awesome crafts she made. A super sexy Professor Layton tote bag like one I have faved on DeviantArt and a pair of swirly lolly earrings. <3

Thank soo much! I may have to try and salvage the bag though as the iron on transfer is kinda sticky. (Maybe from the heat during travel?) But I love everything and squealed like a little kid when I saw him. lol
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19  Re: Mail Me Art! Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Gr33nT3a on: May 11, 2011 01:37:33 AM
Oh I got my package from Raeraethejetplane and I love it so much!

Group shot of all my goodies. Do you see the awesome wax seal on the envelope? Also, the little green package is my first ATC covered in cute little teapots and tea cups and it had a tea bag inside. By breakfast tomorrow that tea will be gone.

And this! I was totally lusting over her hand bound notebooks on Etsy. She even decorated it with a cute old school bike. Oddly enough, I have a gold colored pendant that I wear all the time that looks just like this. It's also the perfect size and fits right into my uniform pockets.

This was going to be an envelope, but she said it grew too large. I love that she chose to use watercolors too!

Thanks so much Raerae! You made this a great first swap and I loved talking to you. I couldn't get the camera to pick up the details on the front of the ATC though, so if you have a better picture please post it so everyone can see how cute it is.
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20  First Baby Blanket in Quilting: Completed Projects by Gr33nT3a on: April 24, 2011 06:34:01 PM
So this is the first blanket I've ever made and only about the 5th sewing project I've done so far. I made it for a friend and his wife who just had their first baby. They had been trying for years and was so excited when they told me they were having a little boy I had to make this.

Close up of the Dino and his face so you can see the stitches.

And the back. I love blue checks for the little boy.

Also a big shout out to amemm for her blanket corner tutorial. She's the reason I found crafster at all.
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