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11  I don't practice Santeria, I ain't got no crystal ball, but... in More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works by sallymayhomer on: March 26, 2011 09:02:50 AM
Like the Sublime song says I dont practice Santeria but my ex did and when he asked me to help him make things to give people at his readings (he was a psychic...yea psychotic too) I said why not. I like the way alot of the things looked, and alot were fun to make.  Im not a fan of religion in general so Im not going to get into it or any other discussions about the religion itself, Im just sharing some of the things I made that I liked or thought were interesting. WARNING: the phots are crap-tastic

This is a cane that I covered in one long strand of beads with intermittent clay, stone and shell additions at the top and bottom.

This was one of my favorites to make; its a thing you keep in your pocket or on your desk for luck and its filled with special herbs and trinkets with religious significance (I made a number of large ones as well). When I finished making these it spurred a love of making things with cement, I made a number of garden creatures, i.e., turtles and faces etc. with the leftover cement and I would love to make more in the future.

These are my favorite, theyre ugly as sin, but to me thats adorable, I made them with the shells you see hanging from the cane in the above picture, so theyre quite small. I took the shells filled them with a mix of the religious stuff added a glob of clay, inserted a feather at the top and beads for the eyes and mouth and shaped the noses and painted the cheeks after baking them. I would make like 50 at a time. It was tedious but I loved the way they turned out and they all had personalities of their own.

Now for the creepy stuff, theyre supposed to be for sacrifices, but no animals were harmed in the making of or will be for the life of these machetes. Theyre purely decorative. Theyre decorated with clay and shells and stones.

Of the sacrificial things I made ( again, all decorative...yes they  perform sacrifices in the religion but I made sure the things I made were so delicate that they would be destroyed if used in that manner) this was my favorite. Its a knife with the handle covered in clay then painted and beaded.

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12  Cowl Crazy ... More than one to check out!! First crochet post in Crochet: Completed Projects by sallymayhomer on: March 24, 2011 10:07:21 AM
Okay..my name is Sally, I just started posting the other night, put up some of my knitted hats and a toy box/bench thing I made and now I'm going to share my fav crochetworks.. All VERY simple.

When I made these last summer, I was thinking to myself I'd make some winter wear and started with gusto, then quickly fizzled after making these and now they're all sitting in a cute box in a big crate full of other adorable things I made that will probably stay there for a while. I am the first to admit I get really lazy if I'm not challenged. Since I think they're cute and maybe someone else can get inspired by them why not share here?!

This is one of my favorites, I think I used double or tripple crochet, with a small amount of yarn I found at goodwill..just used it until it was gone. Attached some cute extra large buttons I found at a fabric store and also attached little hooks (like the ones on a bra) on the underside of one edge so the buttons, although useable, are more for show. Here's the best part, it can double as a belt!

This one I have mixed feelings about, I like the design but I'm not a fan of the yarn. Made a rectangle using single crochet and then turned the piece and single crocheted twice into each single crochet on one side, from the top of the piece down making waving ridges. (If you didn't already know just adding extra stitches into one make it wavy like that), again added hooks.

This one I made just like the first but with a different yarn, obviously, and only one button, again makes a great belt, in this case, a better belt than a cowl.

When I dreamed up this one I imagined it bigger, but I'm still happy with the end result. I just half double crocheted a big rectangle then made the flowery part seperate, made a chain connected it into a circle, single crocheted around then single crocheted twice into each single crochet in the row before to get the wavy affect again. added hooks and done. I like it.

This one is alot trickier than it looks, it looks similar to knitted i-cord but alas it's not. I crochets 4 or 5 rows really really long..I think 150 across and then stitched it up the seam and pulled the end through the entire tube using a safety pin attached to the end and pulling it through, connected the ends and done.Pain in the bootay! But still cute.

This is another one of my favorites, it's 2 pics too, ooOOooo! Same piece just closed different, again buttons are for show, love these buttons.. and attached hooks to the inside edge, I believe it's half double crochet.

I also made some other big a..rse, not sure of language rules here but trying to cut back on my sailor talk... cowls but they're knitted so that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed and maybe get inspired to make your own cowls.. I can't get enough..down with scarves!! ..kidding, but it sounds good.
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13  Toy box/Bench/Play..station? picture middleweight in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by sallymayhomer on: March 23, 2011 06:34:22 PM
I wasn't sure which category to put this in, since you can literally play on it as a toy and store toys in it, I figured this was as good a place as any, my apologies if I'm flashin' my goods on the wrong corner. Hi, my name is what? My name is who? My name is..Sally May ...be? Ok I'm in a loopy state, since it took me literally 5 hours to upload the pics for this. Ugh, I have a terrible wifi connection. I digress... (and will again..often)

I attended a program aimed at introducing women into a more Male dominated work force a few months ago and while I was there I took a woodshop class. In said class we made, among other things, a tool box/bench. I decided since we already made toolboxes I shouldn't be greedy and started thinking about what I could do with it so my youngest son could get some use out of it. I took a pencil and had at it... since he LOVES trains I made a little train carrying the letters of his name on flatbed train cars across one side and then some of his favorite characters on the other; on the sides I made night and day with the sun and moon respectively. My son always turns everything into train tracks (including but not limited to stripes on the shoulder of a shirt I may be wearing) so here comes the fun part...I decided to make train tracks that ran along the top. I used a dremel engraver to outline the pictures and since I didn't have a router I hand chiseled the tracks (I DO NOT recommend this time consuming and hazardous endeavor).

Eventually I painted it and here's the end result... I thought it was a cute touch that I went from light blue on the side where the sun is to dark blue on the night side but kids don't notice..he just loves playing with it..and the fact that it has a handle makes him happy, he takes it all over the house to turn lights on and off, and just play wherever he wants. The pictures aren't the best and I only had dollar store brushes available or I would have detailed it more..I still plan to, and he's already spilled stuff on it etc. However, I still think it turned out pretty cool and I had alot of fun making it. (lots of craft-trance hours used... you know what I'm talkin' about) Hope you enjoy and possibly get inspired!!

Here's the munchkin enjoying his ...toybox/bench..thingy

Here's the front..with a lovely spill at the top

Here's the back which still needs more work

Here's one side

And the other side

Here's the top

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14  oh yes I DID go there! Home away from home..come by for a visit! in Knitting: Completed Projects by sallymayhomer on: March 22, 2011 07:42:27 PM
Sally..again..me..yep. So I thought to myself who else in that "scantily clad bottom" town would make a good hat and yes..you guessed it... it.. hit me.. Pine to the apple, hell to the yes.

This one was a wee bit trickier than the rest but I L O V E it.. looooove it. Wear it out in public love it. At least I get smiles all day...did I mention I love it?  Ok so I knit an orange hat.. easy enough. Then weaved a web of criss crossy ness and added dimples in the resulting diamond shapes. I knit the front door, the garage door (in the back) three windows and the chimney, whipped up the pieces for the top and used the awesome i-cord technique yet again for the flowers and the door...handle thingy and edges. When I finally attached all of those things I thought to myself, no one in this modern society could possibly NOT know what this is..but for good measure I made a mini version of the first hat, sewed his bikini bottom shut and perched him atop his amazing abode so as to leave no room for question.

I also have other ideas, like the star guys rock as a hat.. easy peasy... Plankton..genius! This particular hat is a one of a kind, didn't bother making a pattern for it. Was such a pain I don't think I ever will again. But I shared what I could and if anyone has any questions feel free. Hope you got a smile out of it!

Here's what it looks like on mah head
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15  I gave birth to it, but it looks like it's giving birth to me! II -Super STAR!!! in Knitting: Completed Projects by sallymayhomer on: March 22, 2011 07:26:20 PM
Hey, Sally here, again, told you I have more. So I'm not sure how this will go, if I should do a bunch of projects per post or just one, but I think I'll go for the latter for now. Makes sense, in case anyone wants to refer to just one.. ever. Again I hope you don't get sick of me.

So I made the Sponge guy hat and it was a hit and the natural progression of course was to make him a buddy..and who is his best buddy? Duh..... sorry had a Patrick moment! (Yes..I AM a cheeseball)

I made him the same way I made his cohort.. pulled it out of my... head. I started on dpns making both of his legs and then started knitting in the round incorporating those legs as I cast on. Since he wears shorts of varied colors(can't see very well in the pic) I had to use the fairisle technique while knitting in the round(as well as on the dps first as you can see) and then the rest was cake..pink...in the round... tapered it as I went, made his arms seperately (like making a hood) and attached them. His eyes were crocheted(shh don't tell) oh, and his pupils are buttons, which I failed to mention about his friend..he had the same. I made his mouth seperately and again fairisle technique so the tongue looked ok and then attached, used some black yarn and made zigzags on his forhead for eyebrows (which I know you can't see, sorry!) and BAM. done.

Again, all of my actual patterns are in storage, but I find (and I hope you do too) that feeling it out as you go is the best way. This is the one and only pic I have of this hat, the ex sold it and I never made another. O and it's being modeled by a background extra named Frank while on the set of Ugly Betty during some down time. Thank youuuuu Frank.

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16  I gave birth to it, but it looks like it's giving birth to me! - first post! in Knitting: Completed Projects by sallymayhomer on: March 22, 2011 07:03:37 PM
Hey all,
my name is Sally and I'm a craft-aholic (I will now imagine you saying hi Sally).. now that I feel we know eachother better I can share more about me and this project. I used to work on tv shows and movies and did so during an entire pregnancy..which is insane since I was working on my feet for 100 hours a week..in a 5 day week... I digress. ANYhoo I was on set and saw a background extra knitting and it hit me, "I'm pregnant I should know how to do that!".. I don't get the reasoning but noone should question a pregnant woman. SO I went online and found a teach yourself to knit website and dove in. First I made a rag of some sort(since I didn't know you should protect your project as you go, it was F I L T H Y by the time I finished it). Then I learned how to knit in the round and made umpteen baby hats and booties and blankets and gave them away to everyone I knew who was about to give birth.

Then I said.. I think I can go bigger! So I asked my man (now ex man..not the sexy Wolverine kind) if he wanted a hat. I was thinking along the lines of..black or brown or a nice grey... but NOOoooooOOOooo, he says with a straight face "I want a Spongebob Hat". After my initial no way in hades thought passed, I think to myself, ok I'm crafty, I've pulled bigger things out of my...bag, I can do this.

So I run to my computer and look for a pattern, since I'd only been knitting for 3 months at this point, and the closest thing I saw to what I imagined was a poorly made one with a round top..last time I checked he was a "square" (ok more of a rectangle..but hey). So I looked up different techniques and used what I needed. There's this adorable baby hat pattern somewhere(I'm SO informative no?)..that you knit the earflaps first on seperate dp needles and then start knitting in the round, so I just made it squared for the pant legs, and started the round still brown and switched to white for a few rows for his shirt (naturally) then on to yellow and kept knitting in the round until it looked right, size wise, and matress stitched the top straight across so it was squared off.

Then I added arms and legs.. just knit a few rows and sewed (spelling?) 'em together along the long edge, and did i-cord for the fingers. I again knit some small rectangles for the shirt sleeves and connected them appropriately and for the legs I did the same as the arms but bigger, knit a mini pair of baby booties and more white rectangles for the socks and stitched them up. Used embroidery thread for the yellow and red lines on his socks and (I know this is for knitting but..) crocheted the eyes and used a crochet "chain" to make the lashes (just tied in the ends). I used the i-cord technique again for the nose and made the mouth seperately using the fairisle technique (so the tongue and teeth looked right) and attached it.  I then Knit the belt pieces and the tie and attached them, I made the collar by picking up stiches and knitting right from the piece. ...DEEP BREATH...

So I finally finished it, took me about a week, and the man actually wore it proudly down the street. People loved it and he promised I'd make more and he sold a few ( I never saw any money..exes are exes for a reason!) the one pictured here is the last one I made, I added pipecleaner in the arms so they're adjustable, how it's on my head in the pic is not how it looks worn properly, I just wanted you to be able to see him well. He actually (as the title says) looks like he's giving birth to you when you wear it down on your head. I love him, hope you do to.

Personal note. I love this site and have enjoyed looking at everyone's creations, I have alot of catch up to do so I hope you don't get sick of me! My son and I are currently in a homeless shelter due to unfortunate circumstances (don't worry, we're great and it's not as bad as it sounds) but most of my stuff is in storage, including but not limited to things such as the actual pattern I wrote out for this. I tried explaining the process as you can see above, but it will be a good long while before I can get my hands on my patterns, but anyone who wants it, when I have it again, I'll gladly share.

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