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1  Re: come one! come all! post pics of your tattoos! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Jack E. Ohhh on: July 08, 2006 12:03:07 PM


Next... I swear to god it isn't crooked and wierd like this... it's just hard to photograph your own arm.  (I know, it needs some touch ups.. it's only a few months old.. I'll be going back for them soon)

Some dude from one of the local tattoo shops saw this the other day while I was at work (I'm a bartender) and pulled me aside saying, "I was about to try to sell you into coming into the shop for some work, but I can clearly see that you don't need a new shop... that's F**ing beautiful."  That's the first time anyone has ever said anything to me about it... I was blushing.  Then about an hour later another dude from the one of the shops (there are quite a few near my town) came in and did the same thing.  I felt really proud and can't wait to go back in and tell my artist about all the notoriety she is building around my town without even living here!!....  Cheesy

I also gots stocking seams, some horrible crimson ghost tattoo, and a black heart on my stomach/hip area...  Going in to work on a cover up of the misfits one and to begin a sleeve next month!  eeeek!

-Sorry the photos are so big
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2  Re: come one! come all! post pics of your tattoos! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Jack E. Ohhh on: January 14, 2006 11:16:48 PM

It is a combination of two pictures by Sam Brown, the artist for Explodingdog.com.  The one on the right is "The white sound in my head," and the left one, which is brand new, is titled, "All men die, not all men really live,"

I love your tattoos, Ive been thinking about a Exploding Dog for myself. Smiley

Thank you!  I have a new one coming up in a few days, I'll post a picture soon!
As for the Sam Brown goodies, this is what I will be having placed in the middle:

awwww, thanks for noticing little ole me!  I thought maybe no one saw any of my ink, or secretly-silently hated them, I didn't get many comments!
So that seems like a good excuse to do this:  Tour of my body!

Hip (this is a cover-up, I didn't try to hide that fact.. I wanted it big and chunky with crisp clean lines)

Upper back (when it was very very fresh-a long time ago)

Lower back: really bad crimson ghost tattoo I got when I was 17.. I don't have any photos of it.  I don't plan on covering it up, as it is hella big, but I do plan on some modification of it.

Leggies; from thighs to ankles

left underarm

right forarm--NEXT WEEK!!!

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3  Re: Show off your hair! And questions about hair styles! in Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions by Jack E. Ohhh on: January 14, 2006 11:00:20 PM
I think I posted a picture of my "do" a long time ago, and I haven't done much to it since, so I thought I would post a few:  I made my own extensions and wore a few tracks of them right behind each of my ears for a while.  I have a very sharply angled a-line and wanted a little bit of fullness behind my ears; this resulted in an a-line mullet type hairdo that I was quite pleased with:

--pretty much anything below my mouth is fake.  Please excuse the really geeky excited face, I have a new pet!

Then I got some new hair, dyed it grey and added it to my own freshly dyed grey hair!  It's curly and kinda wild so you can't really see the extensions, and probably don't even notice them if you don't know what my hair looks like without them..  It looks blue and blackish in these pictures, but it really was grey!  I loved it!  I kept it for a month or so and then grew tired of it.

I have since gone back to my natural dark red, but have added some bright red highlights in the front... I need to take a photo.
Do you think they grey suited me?  I had soooo many comments on it from older women, my 60 year old boss, who dyes her hair bright purple, was giving me sass about it because she fights her grey so much!  I think every option deserves a test drive before I can say I don't like it, so I went for it, and found it to be quite lovely when done voluntarily.
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4  Re: Show off your hair! in Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions by Jack E. Ohhh on: October 24, 2005 04:06:51 PM
My friend wants steps. And she wants me to do them. I have no clue how to do them. So the question is... how do I do steps without killing my friend? And what do I use?
Haha thanks.

The first time I did them on myself they were a bit wonky, but I have since done them three more times on myself and for 2 friends.  Basically I found the area I wanted them, pinned all the hair around that area back,  and hacked off all the hair in the area the steps would go (down to about 1/2-1/4 of an inch).  I then used a contrasting color of eyeliner to draw the lines on my hair.  This gave me a fair idea of where to shave my head.  I used a thin electric razor, the type men would use to trim carefully angled beards and such, and just kinda tapped the razor onto my head.  I did not pull down or push up, just set in on the spot for a second or two, pulled it back to see the progress, and then did the same thing until the lines were the length I wanted (does that make sense?) 
Keep in mind that when you shave the lines in, the hair attached and hanging beneath that spot will fall off (of course)--so be sure not to trim your hair too too short to begin with or you will just end up looking like you shaved a chunck of your head.   
I made that sound like a really really intricate process, but really it takes me about 1, maybe 2 minutes to do mine.
I like them, I can part my hair the other direction and hide them if I want...  It's like a secret hairdo.  It's like an ass tattoo or something, no one has to know you have it unless you want them to.

Here's my head:  One of these is already posted a page or so back, so sorry for the overload of my bugly mug.

my front (the thing about my hair is that it is not friend AT ALL--I have super soft sissy hair, which is almost a bad thing... So I tease and back-comb the heck out of it to make it look fried most of the time.  How wierd.  Yes, this is a halloween picture.)

Now you see them...

Now you don't..... It's all about which hairs to part where.

ok a weeeeee bit of hair memories (currently my hair is all natural in color and I have removed any of my extensions.. I'm some kind of neo hippy now, and I love it...I can be sooo lazy): 

The first time I did my steps:  Can you see the mistakes?  Hahaha, of course you can...they were pretty bad.  The hair spaces are uneven AND the lengths are uneven.  I waited about 12 days and then redid them proper.  My bang things are all fried out from pre-extension shampoo (YES I have a shirt on, and YES my room is TRASHED):

S-Curls with my mouth open like an idiot (bout 6 months ago):

My little bo peep curls... I fight these every day (bout 5 weeks ago-ish?): 

Age 19ish, about 3-4 years ago, black with strawberry blonde in front.  Yuck:

Buh-londe.  Last year sometime.  It had dark brown underneath.  Yuck again: 

haha, this spring when I saw some birds outside gathering things to make nests with, I decided to let my hair grow for a few weeks and then cut it outside on a windy day on my fire escape with no mirror.  So crooked.  So wonderful.  I actually saw a bird snag up a clump of my hair.  I nearly wept:

okay wow, Now, seriously, I will shut up.
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5  Re: Show off your hair! in Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions by Jack E. Ohhh on: October 07, 2005 06:14:42 PM
I have a fairly dramatic a-line, but my hair is wavy, so it looks a lot worse than most people's hair.  haha.

I've also got some steps on the one side, you can't see them much at all unless I pull the front up.  They're a pretty fantastic hairdo option.

just done got home from work in these, so don't judge my weary haggard looks.

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6  Re: come one! come all! post pics of your tattoos! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Jack E. Ohhh on: September 08, 2005 10:12:56 PM
AWE, that was me with the seams!!!  Yay!  Thank you so much for the compliment (sexy o0o0o0o0o!! -sorry those old photos are so so bad, shitty shitty camera)... everyone else just thinks they are wierd.  I'm in love with them... They look ridiculously cute with short pants or capris:
(no, the left one is not wonky, it's the high contrast of the photo...they're unreasonably straight and solid, they took forever to line up and she did some really great work)

I had almost forgotten about this thread.

I just got her a few days ago...I call all my tattoos "her," I never noticed that before just now..hmmmm
This is number 8!
I am losing more and more plain skin and starting to feel very much more "tattooed"  : )

(this one's supposed to be a close-up...I tried)

-- and yes, I know I look SUPER greasy, it was hot!!!
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7  Re: come one! come all! post pics of your tattoos! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by Jack E. Ohhh on: July 01, 2005 02:06:34 PM
I had my tattoo appointment today.  I took one photo to black and white because they were still a little bloody and I didn't think that looked very classy....(you can't see the blood in black and white.)  These are pretty bad photos because I am the only person home in my apartment right now...I had to "finangle," the camera around the back of my own body to try to get it in a snapshot...I did my best Undecided, I'll post nicer photos as soon as I can get someone to take em for me! 

Hurt, but not like I thought they would...Everything else I have is above the hips.


I'll tell you what, it's driving me CRAZY not to be able to cross my legs.

PS:  Please excuse the tacky circa 1997 jean skirt, it's the shortest skirt I own and I don't want fabric rubbing on them right now...

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8  Re: Show off your hair! in Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions by Jack E. Ohhh on: June 07, 2005 07:44:53 PM
Mmmmkay, I posted my lame-o mane in another hair question post on crafster...but here it is again.  YAY.

I will eventually be shaving some step lines into the back of it, near my ear...like fresh prince used to have... Does anyone know what I mean?


like that...but in hair form...  Ha ha, I make no sense.

Anyways...My hair has been every color imaginable...I had it black for about 3 years, but then, all of the sudden dying my hair stopped interesting me....so this color is au-natural.  Please excuse the big nose and wierd face...I'm very very hungarian.

oh--and my camera is complete crap too...there's wierd black spots all in these pictures. 
Okay, done with apologies---on to the photos!!!!!!!!

Boring:..wow, what a wierd face.

And...the back! :---My hair looks blotchy here because of the crappy flash camera I assume...It really is all one color!

Yeah...it's a little blah...but I'm one of those people who will NEVER go to a salon if I can do it myself at home for free.  I have been to a hairdresser once in my life..and that was to have 13 inches chopped off in 1998 or so...at a beauty school, for 5 dollars.  Before that, and after...I've done it all myself...Which is a valid excuse for why it looks kinda shotty! Wink

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9  Re: hair cuts in Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions by Jack E. Ohhh on: June 07, 2005 03:21:18 PM
oh my goodness, i can't believe it, i went to get my hair cut, and showed my hair dresser the picture of what i wanted, and she KILLED ME HAIR. My hair is only an inch in the back and all puffy and long in the front. I can hardly believe how bad it is, it looks nothing like the picture. I didn't realise how short she was cutting it, and now i feel terrable. All i have left to do is wait a month or so for it to.... well fill out.

Aren't hairdressers HORRIBLE...well most around where I live are.  I've only ever had my hair professionally cut once...and it was to lop off 13 inches...I've always just taken matters into my own hands.... No one else is to be trusted!
here's my stupid head of wierdo hair... I'm planning on shaving step lines in the back of it...like from the 80's..will smith had step lines in fresh prince.

Like that.  Yay!

I used to have my hair dyed black.. and green, and white, and...well, the list goes on. I had black for 3 years or so...then it all of the sudden hair dye lost it's appeal...This color is all nat-u-ral : )

I was sweaty this day...and excuse the giant nose..I'm very very hungarian.


Here's the back of my head.  Thrilling, I know...  I don't know why the colors look bloched..they aren't.. threre is no dye in it at all that would be able to make it blotchy...probably just my crappy little camera.

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10  Re: what age are most of you in Clothing: Discussion and Questions by Jack E. Ohhh on: June 03, 2005 03:38:47 PM
  As long as you don't have a mullet, your clothes don't really matter... your personality and attitude exude (rhyme! eep!) and that's what people see.

Unless, of course, you have one of those more recent "fashion mullets" that look completely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!  Then...you could wear a paper bag and look awesome.  Seriously...

<img src="http://i5.photobucket.com/albums/y169/JackEoH/zz.bmp" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">
<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v480/hairfiles/BLONDE%20and%20BROWN/SHORTER%20than%20shoulder/DSC03129.jpg" alt="Image hosted by Photobucket.com">

...okay...I'll stop with the photos.

No wait, this is the BEST one:
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