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1  COOKING / Dessert / Choco-Cookie-Coconut Cake! Triple C-Cake! :D on: June 24, 2012 08:31:17 AM
This is a typical cake in Spain, when families were poor and there wasn't much money or food to celebrate special days.
When my mother was young, her family was very poor, too. It was in the moment of the post war here in Spain, my grandmother tried to make a good life for everyone. They didn't had much to eat, but she tried to have enough to make a special dish on birthdays nd Christmas. What was the easiest to gather at that time was old bread, pig fat and sugar. Cake was done with this... layers of bread wet with a bit of water, pig fat and sugar spread on it and more layers.
As the economy was better, the cake evolutionized like a Pokemon: bread became cookie, pig fat became butter, sugar became chocolate. Same procedure.
With the 80's everything became well, but that cake was something that was still done in birthdays, and viewed as something easy, simple, low cost and yummy.

My sister and me, remembering us of my beloved grandmother, made yet another evolution. So here come's Triple C-Cake. Chocolate-Cookie-Coconut Cake.



    400 gr of cookies
    250 gr of chocolate
    150 gr of butter
    2 eggs
    1 cup of heavy cream
    1 cup of milk
    125 gr of coconut flakes
    150 gr icing sugar
    cocoa powder

Melt the butter and dissolve the caster's sugar, then chop the chocolate, melt it and mix with the butter. Add the egg yolks. Beat the eggwhites to snow, and add them to the mixture, too. Now, divide the mixture in two parts. 1 part you leave it as it is.
Beat the heavy cream to snow, then add the coconut flakes. Add this and mix it to the 2. part. So 1 part of the mixture is plain, and the other is with cream and coconut. Let them aside.
Now take a plate or pan. Take the cookies and the cup of milk... you start dipping the cookies in the milk (be careful to not let them moisten too much, they just need to assorb a bit of milk, enough to be soft, but not that much to fall apart) and putting them in the pan. When it is covered, you take mixture 1 (plain chocolate) and put some spoons on the cookies, covering them. 1 layer done, you make a second layer, take mixture 2 (with the coconut-cream) and cover them again... then layer 3 (with plain choc mixture), then layer 4 with the coconut one, and so forth...Leave a bit of the mixtures for the end, because after 5-6 layers, you want to cover the whole cake with the chocolate mixture. On the top, you sprinkle some spoons of cocoa-powder, and decorate with chocolate and sugar sprinklies.
Of course there can more and more variations be done: with oreo cookies, using the white icing, with mousse au chocolate, with flan and so on...this is one we like because the flavour changes, but it still remains simple.
Enjoy! <3

More recipes and pictures on this blog: kitchenkawaii.blogspot.com
2  COOKING / Recipes and Cooking Tips / Burrito! Mexican omelette! on: April 23, 2012 06:52:44 AM
Usually, on saturdays, we eat pizza. But pizza is annoying if eaten eeeevery saturday, so I proposed to friends to start changing a bit the menu and include international yumminess. So today we went mexican, ay ay ay!!
We still didn't caught the difference between burrito, enchillada, tortillita, taco, gordita and whatsoever, but since we wanted to eat at Taco Bell's and weren't able to, we just made our own creations. We were like 6-10 persons, so I'll just give more or less the medium amount for 2-4 persons. Tongue

For the tortillas:

    1 egg
    4 tablespoons flour
    a bit of salt
    2 cups of milk (or might be 2-4.. read the instructions)

Beat the eggs, add one cup of milk and the salt, and start mixing. The add slowly milk until the mixture is not too liquid, but neither too thick, it must at the point where it is thick enough to not be liquid.. great explication, lol. Then heat a pan with a bit of oil and put in the pan 2 table spoons of the egg mixture. The thinner the better. Let it get gold brown on both sides, and do so until you have a bunch of those tortilla pancakes omelette thingies. Tongue

The Filling:

    250gr minced meat
    1 tbsp salt
    1 tiny onion
    2 garlic cloves
    1 crushed tomato
    some slices of red, yellow and green pepper
    paprika powder

Preheat a pan with a bit of oil. add the finely chopped onion and garlic until they are golden, then add in pieces the minced meat and the salt, until it cooks a bit. add the paprika powder, the crushed tomato and the slices of pepper. Let the meat absorb some liquid. When it becomes a compact mix, it's ready.
Then just take a tortilla above, put 2 or 3 spoons of the filling, roll and.... serve! Cheesy
Some also put above a bit of cheese... but I liked it like this, simple and yummy!!
If with many friends, you can also buy some nachos and preparse some chilli, pepper, cheese or guacamole sauce... but I reserve this for another recipe. Wink

3  COOKING / Dessert / "Schngge" or Sweet-Rolls on: April 16, 2012 12:15:13 AM
I went walking, and it is difficult to find strawberry fields here... but you can find street markets! Cheesy And there was this great offer of kg's of fresh strawberries, for few money. I bought a lot, made milkshakes and sweet rolls. These are similar to the cinnamon rolls, only, in Switzerland, we call them "Schngge", what means "snail". Usually you just do them with nuts, but inspired by the berries, I decided to include them. It was a sweet and nice surprise. So here comes the recipe. Smiley


    275 gr puff pastry
    170 gr smashed hazelnuts
    2 spoons milk
    1 spoon natural yogurt
    4 spoons of sugar
    80 gr strawberries in pieces

Put the puff pastry over a non stickable surface. Mix the rest of the ingredients well together, and dispose the mixture over the pastry. Roll out by the larger size, become a big roll, and then cut out tiny rolls (kind like cutting sushi, lol).
Put the rolls together on the mold where you will bake everything and brush over with either egg yolk or a bit of milk. Then bake in the oven for 15-20 min at 200 until golden. And then, eat. Smiley

As always, for more recipes, take a look here: http://kitchenkawaii.blogspot.com
4  COOKING / Dessert / Creamy Unicorn Horns on: March 25, 2012 10:54:03 AM
I found time ago metallic cones for cooking purpose. That's great, like that I could do the famous swiss pastry horn that can be found there often at the bakeries and patisseries. I remember being little, calling it always "Unicorn Horn", and for years and years, it's been always "Unicorn Horn" for me, so don't ask me about the original name, I don't recall... XD
There are easy to made, but you need to be patient. It's just done out of puffpastry and patisserie cream, so I'll make the recipe for that.


    0.5l milk
    3 egg yolks
    100gr sugar
    40 gr flour
    25 gr maizena
    3 spoons milk
    1 package of puff pastry (to roll around the metallic cone)


Pour in pan the flour, maizena, sugar, yolks and mix thorougly together. When there's mixture, start heating on low level the pan. Heat the rest of the milk (so that it is warm but not to the boiling point). Add it to the mixture, and mix and whirl and turn and twist and on and on. Continue to do so, without stopping (to avoid crumbs on the cream, or to avoid that it burns and sticks to the pan, if you don't have a high quality pan). Eventually highen a bit up the heat, but not too much. It has to boil. When it starts boiling, remove the pan and add 3 spoons of milk. Mix everything, put it again over the heat and make it boil a second time. Then let it cool in the fridge for 1-2hours.

For more instructions watch here Wink http://kitchenkawaii.blogspot.com.es/2012/03/creamy-unicorn-horns.html


5  COOKING / Dessert / Chunky chocolate almonds cookies on: March 23, 2012 01:30:38 AM
This is a post from my blog about recipes that I share with a close friend of mine:

Oh yeah.
Studies have shown that women drool more over a chunky chocolate cookie than over Brad Pitt's young naked body. This must mean something. Here's is the cookie, now we just need a young Brad Pitt -double. Smiley

Ingredients for the filling:
75g soft butter
125g castor sugar
2 spoons of philadelphia or mascarpone cheese

Mix everything well together and let rest in the fridge for 2 hours, so you can start doing the cookies, let them cool and when they're ready you can fill them.

Ingredients for the cookie:

    125g softened butter
    50g castor sugar
    100g cocoa powder (or melted chocolate if you don't find cocoa)
    125g flour
    3 spoons almonds (cut in pieces)
    1 bit of salt

6  MORE ART, LESS CRAFT / More Art, Less Craft: Discussion and Questions / Inspiration needed for an umbrella on: March 17, 2012 12:12:23 PM
So background: I received a pink umbrella as gift, not only that, but then my sister bougt the same umbrella again.. so not only am I not fond of "pink", but having two times the same umbrella is... bleh! xD

So this is the umbrella in question:

I have already the materil to paint on cloth or special material that is washeable etcetc..
The only think that is missing: THE IDEA.

Heck, I have no idea what to put on!!
I don't know if doing something abstract, in many colours, or in just one like black... or put simply sakura flowers on it.. or actual something that is more "difficult" that motivates me...
on the web I can't find anything right now... so...
If anyone has already done paintings on umbrellas, or has ideas or inspirations to share with me, please help this desesperate me xD
7  COOKING / Dessert / swiss hazelnut-croissant! on: March 17, 2012 11:55:18 AM
This is the basic recipe for the famous swiss braided bread. Smiley with you can make a lot of alternate goodies like cinnamon-rolls or this hazelnut croissant.


    1 kg of flour
    10 g salt
    1 cube fresh yeast
    100 g butter
    80 g sugar
    280 ml water
    140 ml of milk
    1 egg
    1 egg yolk (to spread over)


Put in a big bowl the flour with the salt and the sugar. Chop the butter and put it in the middle. Separately, mix the milk and the water with the cube of fresh yeast, and, together with the egg, pour it in the middle of the flour, too. Mix everything thoroughly and well together. Let it rest for 1 hour. Then it's ready to work it out as you prefer.

For the filling:

    300g ground almonds or hazelnut
    100 gr sugar
    8 tbsp apricot jam


Roll out the bread (not yet baked if course Tongue) like it was a pizza. Mix the above ingredients and put it over the circle. Cut out slices and roll each triangle out, as to form a "croissant". Then spread an egg yolk on it (it's not necessary, it just helps to make it prettier). Bake it in the oven at 160C for 40 min. Then, as optional, spread castor sugar all over. Tongue And eat!

To see pictures of the bread, or other yummy recipes, please go here:
8  COOKING / Dessert / Quesada Pasiega (spanish cheesecake) on: March 04, 2012 01:51:50 PM
Quesada Pasiega is a spanish Cheesecake, that is done for long time in the oven, to create a compact tart.
There are different recipes and way to do one, for now, the one I'll give away here, is the one that seems te easiest and yummiest for me. Smiley

  •     750 g fresh cheese (or quark, curd, philadelphia, yougrt)
        190 g sugar
        75 g butter
        75 g flour
        3 eggs
        tbs cinnamon
        optional: grated lemon or orange

And here are the instructions: http://kitchenkawaii.blogspot.com/2012/03/quesada-pasiega-not-quite-cheesecake.html Smiley


9  COOKING / Dessert / Fall in love with me - Dessert on: February 26, 2012 08:38:08 AM
You're in for someone? You want someone to fall for you? You seek for love?
Don't worry, this special dessert will make everbody fall in love with you, seriously. Just looking at the plate, will have a inmediately drool effect. XD
On my blog I offered a recipe not just for a single cake, but overall for an desser-idea, a lovely composition of a fruit roulade and chocolate fudge brownie without nuts. Smiley

And came out really yummy, so I saved the recipes!
Would you like to eat something like this? Wink
10  COOKING / Dessert / Marzipan Bits on: February 23, 2012 02:36:35 AM

200 gr ground almonds
200 gr granulated white sugar
1 egg white
handful of almonds

Just really mix everything well together. Just mix, mix and remix, and hear remix music of Madonna or Tori Amos or whatever, continue mixing for like 10 minutes until you get a tiny ball. Let it in the fridge for a few hours. After, you form them like you want. You can also add food color, add sprinkles, pieces of nuts... whatever.
I formed them into balls, and put inside a whole almond. Some I rolled over the sugar on the edges, some over cocoa powder, some over chocolate sprinkles...

Then put it in the oven for like 5-8 minutes on high temperature. If they start to get golden, take them out and let them cool. And then, eat.

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