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1  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Discussion and Questions / Pettiskirts - Walmart - $5 on: October 25, 2010 05:44:04 PM
I am a lover of everything halloween even though I've been slacking off due to a drastic climate change (Texas to Idaho).  While going through the halloween section of Walmart, I noticed they had these cute little pettiskirts in pink, blue, purple, orange, black, etc etc. They were $5 each.  So if you have small daughters - my River is 5, but she's very petite - these things work great for under the skirts for school!  That's what we're using them for - not like we can use them for an actual costume since it's already snowing!
2  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / Halloween Anyone??? on: October 11, 2010 06:11:34 PM
I love the whole corset over a plain shirt or peasant dress look and have been working on them lately.  I also think it's something I can do for Al, my 11 year old tomboy that she will like!  This is the 2nd one - I need to redo the straps on the first then post that ensemble, but here's our first halloween one so far!

3  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Discussion and Questions / TWEEN clothing!!!!! Huh? Where?? Really?!?! on: September 29, 2010 05:25:16 PM
I have this beautiful, petite, long dark haired, dark eyed 10 year old with a tom-boy complex.  Lord knows I've tried breaking her of that forEVER, but it just isn't working!!  She'll wear the clothes.... if *I* pick them out for her, but she wouldn't pick them out on her own.  I show things to her, ask if she'd wear something like that, and if she says "yeah, sure," - she'll wear it once, then let it collect dust in the closet. 

Obviously, I'm not a fan of sewing for her.... BUT, she is very tall, VERY slender.  In October she'll be 11, is just BARELY into a size 8, and the waist is still baggy on her. 

Oh, and she doesn't like jeans.  Go figure. 

I don't want to force her into the little girly stuff, so I have been googling tween clothing.  My first search showed a bunch of teen porn stuff *sigh* so I had to regoogle and I typed in "unslutty tween clothing"..... yanno, hoping.  I swear to goodness, there was a picture of this girl who couldn't have been older than my Alisabeth wearing a shirt that was cropped just below her non-existent boobs, a pair of low rider jeans, and what appeared to be tattoos, but was SURELY pen or temps of stars across her tummy.  That isn't at ALL what I was wanting when I typed in the "unslutty". 

I was wondering if anyone has anything for tweens, or had the issue of trying to find and was successful in finding websites with tween clothing to choose from (so I can COPY). 

I have some knit type material here that I'm going to try to make a kind of long kimono type top - I'd love to be able to do that belt, but the darn thing just looks too complicated for me! - and some leggins. 

She will wear skirts/dress types if she has leggins to go with them.  She absolutely will NOT wear a dress without pants - or shorts at the extreme least if she's wearing winter tights.  THIS is what I have to work with in that girl! lol 

Any other ideas?
4  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / Some outfits! on: August 19, 2010 02:58:15 PM
I think there are more than these - I know there are more than these, but I'm hoping they're in the dryer because everything else is clean!!!  Otherwise, I need to go under-bed hunting......

If anyone's read my initial post, I'm new to this, and only recently (within the last few days) learned how to make sleeves.  Not only that, but I wanted to do tops and bottoms, but we have found boots.  Which don't go too well with frilly pants.  *le sigh*

This one has pants.  Which you can see on the table.  Again, they don't go with the boots.

Here's Al's finished pink and black outfit!!  It turned out way cute, and there are pants, but she's not really a frilly type.  I think that's why it doesn't look right to me. 

These were initially made as bed clothes, but they looked so cute as summer dresses!

So I'm not hooked up to my external, and all my photos didn't upload, so this is the only one of these.....

Another outfit for Al:

And those are the only pics I have here!  Enjoy!

5  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Discussion and Questions / Neckline hem tutorial type thing w/pics on: August 19, 2010 02:44:08 PM
I posted this once, but I think it got lost, or maybe I didn't follow through somewhere. 

I have been making these t-shirt dresses and have had a difficult time trying to figure out the necklines.  I don't like to do the fold, and fold again and put the raw edges in the center of the 2nd fold cause I can't sew straight enough for that lol.  I had seen a video tutorial, which I haven't been able to find yet, of sewing "binding" onto a long sleeved shirt, and it appeared to work on the video, but not for me.  So I took it a step further. 

The tutorial essentially said to take the raw edges of a strip, attach the right side edges together and sew, and the strip would in turn be your neck band. 

Here is the dress, finished except the neck line:

And here's the tutorial that I followed for the most part:

Cut and measure a strip.  I used a t-shirt I wasn't going to be able to use for anything else.  You can use anything - ribbon, contrasting colors, etc.  I used a loopy ribbon type on one of the other dresses.  I measured the strip in this photo to be an inch wide.  This, again, can be any size. 

I fold the strip and then pin the raw edges together. 

I always start at the center back because I don't use tags.  Course, the design will tell you where the front is going to be, BUT...stick with my thought process here!

Once I get all the way back around, I remove the first pin, cut so the ends will overlap, fold one end and tuck the other end inside then pin.  Like so:

I sew over the pins even though I don't like to, otherwise, I'm sewing air.  Which sucks for me. 

This is after the first initial attachment - which is what the video tutorial instructed.  Once you take the pins out (as per the video tutorial) the piece sewn on turns up to where it belongs, falling in line with the dress.  However, that does not work for me. 

It juts out, and it may lay where it belongs after it's washed, but I'm impatient and I want it to work now, so this is what I do:

After removing the pins, I turn the dress inside out and then sew the raw edge down against the neck like, which makes it lay the way it should. 

So this is what you get in the end.  Which is what I want.  I wash it afterward to make it all pull together after stretching the strip fabric out lol. 

Hope this helps - and hope it shows up this time!!!
6  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Discussion and Questions / Almost done!!! UPDATE on: August 10, 2010 04:11:05 PM
Alrighty then.... for those who have been reading this, I'm sorry Sad lol  But, I just wanted to post more pics.  I finally figured out a top that I thought would work, so I've put it altogether and got this so far:

And this is the back: 

The back, as my professional illustration demonstrates, will have a corset going down instead of me installing a zipper!  I love corsets!!!  However, my Alisabeth is gone until Friday, so I have to wait til the weekend to finish it up.  Of course, I could go ahead and finish the sleeves....and the hem.....and those bottom ruffles....... but why do today what you can put off til tomorrow?  Or even Friday?!?! 

preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', '___________________________________________________________________________')

Okay, so I found a picture of this really great dress/top combo and thought.... I can do that... or something like that, so I got to it.  (And to keep the day going great, I took some pics of my skirt, put my card in my adapter, and broke my adapter lol.)

So the idea for this blow-these-mormon-minds dress is on this site:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/2353675413/in/photostream/    Just to note, even though it should be obvious, lol, it is NOT mine!! hahaha  (Mine will be better...muahahahah.... Hey, let me dream!)  There are obvious differences in mine and the one I'm going off of.  When I found a larger picture of the skirt, it isn't ruffle paneled, I think it's just squares and sort of done in the circle skirt fashion - probably with a petticoat underneath.  Also, the center front panels are NOT denim, which I thought it was initially, so that's how I started it.  I really love the denim, tho!

Okay, so here's the picture of my skirt so far.  

Now, the reason for this post, is that I was thinking I would do the top in denim, shirring the back, putting a ruffle on the bottom so that it looked like a separate shirt, but still hooking it all together so it's really a dress.... or one long top.  I did teach myself HOW to shirr, but my dimwitted teacher didn't think that denim would need a thicker/heavier elastic thread.... if I paid myself, I'd have to ask for a flipping refund.

HOWEVER!!  Now that I go back and look at the website of the mastermind behind this initial creation, I see one of the reasons I loved this outfit was because of the top being the black and pink....... So I think I've fixed my problem.  

Continuing on with my thought process, I am going to complete the top as it is done in the idea website, with a few of my own exceptions - for better or worse.....  I will have to make the top so it will have sleeves - the schools here won't let the kids wear shirts to school without sleeves.  The bodice will be the black/pink/b&w, and for the sleeves, I've purchased a black and white striped shirt from the thrift store.  

I was torn on whether to do long or short sleeves, because we only have a short time before it starts getting cold here, but my oldest daughter suggested doing short sleeves on the top, and making a pair of arm warmers to go along with it that Al can wear during the colder months.  That problem solved as well!

Okay, back to work!  Thanks for all the help lollollol  (I know, I need meds... I have them, I just keep forgetting to take them!)

Link to wedding dress discussed below:  http://www.omurtlak.com/resim.php?resim=http%3A//sherylp.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/bridal-dress-for-europe.jpg
7  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / 1 down.... Idunno how many more to go on: July 18, 2010 07:56:02 PM
Okay, so I finished my first "official school outfit" today. 

It's a little too warm today for her to wear the bottoms with it, so she just wore the top today.

We live in cold a$$ idaho, so I'm trying to make clothing that will work for the rest of summer as well as the 10 months of winter we have!  I like the little strap things because we can put a long sleeve shirt under it, however, I plan on teaching myself how to do sleeves this next week or so (so anyone with any easy pointers, APPRECIATE YA!).


8  CLOTHING / Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects / New, Self Taught with a Not-So-Great teacher, but loving this whole sewing thing on: July 15, 2010 11:48:03 PM
122 pages of Completed Projects just in the kids clothing section of this site..... WHEW!  I am a more than advanced crocheter <--a real word?Huh, and have wanted to learn how to sew for the longest time.  I am a mother to 7 children - 4 biological, 3 step, but all mine Smiley  Those 4 biological are all girls, and I am kicking myself in the butt REPEATEDLY for not learning how to sew earlier!!!!  It's MUCH easier, and I cannot BEGIN to tell you, FASTER than crocheting!  LoL, although once I started crocheting the little skull type hats, I made lots of those little suckers.....  ANYwho, I only have 2 of those girls left in the house Sad, and only one of those is girly.  *le sigh*  The two who would have also most benefited have moved out and the oldest and her husband now have their own... but alas, a little boy.  WHAT in the world do you do with little boys?!?!?!?!??! hehe 

So, it's late, I'm rambling, but getting back to the point, I bought my machine in February with income tax.  I knew I'd put it off again because I didn't know how to use it, and then it'd be another year...and another....and another.  Got it in February, didn't use it until I got laid off work in April.  I decided I didn't have anything else to do, was getting paid to sit at home and do nada for a bit, so I started playing with the machine.  I hemmed a pair of pants I'd bought for the 2nd oldest who was still home at that time, and was SOOOOO excited that I did what I had meant to do!!!! 

Next, I bought a pattern.  LoL, for those of you who know why I'm laughing ruefully, I had absolutely NO flipping idea WHAT the heck I was looking at!  I called up a neighbor and asked her to show me what it all meant.  Turns out, it wasn't so bad and I made my first dress. 

LoL darts were totally off, I had NO idea how to do the zipper, decided I'd do buttons; that was too big a pain, so went with the corset thingy...although I didn't know that's what it was called then lol.  I didn't do a lining either........ it was my first project!  Lining?  We don't need no stinking lining!!!  Hems..... oh lordy... lol.  It's still hanging in her closet, but only because she truly loves it for some reason.  She calls it the ladybug dress, altho for the life of me, I don't think I've ever seen a yellow one..........................

Before I even did my first project, I had found the "bella" patterns.... although I don't think they're all bellas, but that's what they're called in THIS house! lol.  Also, the cuppy cake dress.  I LOVE the cuppy cake dress!!!!  I wasn't going to buy the pattern tho.  Simple reason.... I'm broke.  7 kids?  Laid off?  lol  Anyhow, I had a good idea of how it was made, just wasn't confident on what goes where and how to get it there. After that first dress though, I thought.... yeah, I can do it. 

The pants, I swear to goodness, I'd make them for myself if I knew I was never leaving the house.  And if I worked somewhere the people would think them cool, I'd wear them out lol!  And now that I mention it, I lied.  Pants are the first thing I did on my own after the hemming, but it was because I found one of those "no pattern needed" websites, and that's how I do all the pants for the little girls at this time.  No pic of those ugly first things, tho *shudder* lol.

I ended up doing it a little different than the cuppy cake tho, in that I put a ruffle on the bottom of the shirt/dress, and I did a little more pleating.  I loved it.  River loved it!  Sadly, the pink material I had used was just some stuff I'd had here as a backdrop (did I mention I do photography as well?  So if the pictures suck, I have no excuse but that I was too lazy to do it right), it was some type of loosely woven stuff...that or it was older than dirt, and the outfit died in the first wash.  R.I.P, we loved you!  River cried.  lol

There's actually another dress that should be in right about here - it was blue and white checked, I made it much shorter - sort of like a tennis skirt type, but it originated from the first pattern (the ladybug dress).  I trimmed it with ribbon.  I'm scared of bias and everything else, although I think I may have been doing it sort of right and just don't know the term for it as of yet.  I love the way a wide piece of ribbon looks on the bottom of a dress, though, so biasing isn't really something I feel I better know or my sewing world will be turned upside down.  At least not yet.  This blue and white checked (and I'll get a pic - maybe tomorrow) I actually put snaps on.... *snicker* I suck so bad at closures!  They ended up being off center.  Live and learn......  I made shorts to go with them, only because the oldest daughter wanted to know why I was making the "bella" pants to go with everything.  I very haughtily told her she would only understand when she had a daughter of her own........ but I did make the shorts instead.  I also made it a "halter" type, although I didn't know the technical term when I made the thing, and used ribbon.  Lots of ribbon and bows on that thing.... SOOOOOO cutesie!!!!!

I decided after the blue and white checked to "get serious". 

I thought the material was cute when I got it, but after working with it, I decided it wasn't really my favorite.  Oh well...  So this little number is lined.  It has a zipper that IS in line!  I was pretty thrilled with that point alone.  I didn't ruffle the top because I was trying to make it more like the cuppy cake, although after finishing this one, I like ruffles better.  So does River.  I put the strand of the little flowers on - we both love those flowers!! I meant to attach some ribbon, but once it was pretty much all done, I thought the last thing that outfit needed was "more"....  The pants initially were going to be ruffled, but once I started attaching them, I thought maybe the ruffled bottom would look "off" since it wasn't ruffled really at the top.  Instead, I sewed them so they would be like a turned up cuff.  However.... and I'm still not sure of this, but I think maybe they need some of the stiff stuff inside to make them stand and stay up... they were slouched by the end of the day, and the next day, I simply sewed around the top (bottom?) so they would stay in place :/.... 

Last pic, but not last project, is my already retired laptop case. 

I'm a serious purse addict.  Purses Anonymous....that's me.  So the best thing to do to start out, is to make a laptop case.  I have a black leather ugly plain jane one.   Decided I'd make a cool chick one.  The only thing that fits into the case is the computer lol.  No cord, etc..... So I have to make another, but I have a better idea of how to go about it now.

I've also made a few purses, but didn't learn about the stiff insert thingies until about a week or so ago....actually, after I made my first purse with the Chloe pattern and the stinking thing lays there like a limp dish rag..... I refuse to go back to "conventional" purses because I am a sewer, dangit!!!  I'm going to carry what I make, even if it is ugly as sin! lol. 

I have also done several "recons" altho again, I didn't know there was a technical term for it lol.  My 3rd daughter is not very "twirly girly" at all....  However, she USED to have several of my husband's old t-shirts that she was using for night shirts, and while doing laundry one day, and having nothing else planned to sew that day, I thought.... "hey!  I can make her little night shirts into some cutesie nightdress types and she doesn't have to wear them out of the house."  Turns out, she LOVED them lol.  I'll have to get pics of those as well, but I'm assuming it isn't just me...and when I realized how fun those little t-shirt to dress recons were, I cleaned out the closets. lol  I also went to the local thrift store *bleh* and bought some t-shirts that just SCREAMED to be turned into a sweet little girl dress!!!!  And *bleh* only because our thrift store charges $2 for the cheapest t-shirt...... you can find the same or cooler t-shirts for 5/.25 at a yard sale!! 

Well, that's me!  Hopefully I'll get a chance to post more, especially since I have a reason to take photos of what I do other than just show the other mom who sews on facebook lol!  And after going through all those pages of posts - at least on the little kids - I plan on doing a lot more!

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