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21  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed / Re: GAGA BRA!! :) on: May 07, 2010 11:42:36 AM
I just agree with the rest of the posters here.. AWSOME JOB!! It is such a beautiful bra but don't be offended if people stare at your boobs now.. Because they will do just that for sure Wink
22  CLOTHING / Costumes: Completed Projects / Re: Spiked silver & titanium bra, MATURE, 5 pics on: May 07, 2010 11:10:39 AM
That's incredibly amazing! Your hard work certainly paid off.
Now I'm going to end up dreaming up a way to obtain/make a similar one Tongue

That is a great idea!! I have some tips though.. Go for chainmaille straps or fabric straps. While these hooks I used makes really great photos, they dont grab on to you as they should for longer use.

Also for the cups.. If you need them to be shaped as a bra you have endless days of metal forging in front of you Smiley If you settle with "valkyria cups" you have an endless supply in form of stainless bowls or ladles from just any random kitchenware shop. Ladles has the advantage over bowls that they are not flattened at the bottom. And the shaft of the ladle could easily be modified to a strapclasp.

Maybe some plastic bowls and a heatgun can make some cups also.. Then they can be precut easily to form the shape of a bra also.

As spikes, If you want them ofcource.. I think normal chromed conespikes in different length from some punkshop will do great. (the threaded ones that are attatched with a screw from the inside).

Then polish it to mirrorfinish and wear it with pride Wink

Well, just some tips.. But I would really love to see other peoples version of this top. Smiley I really encourage it!
23  CLOTHING / Costumes: Completed Projects / Re: Spiked silver & titanium bra, MATURE, 5 pics on: May 06, 2010 11:15:55 PM
Thank you all, for your supporting comments! I really appreciate them all
24  CLOTHING / Costumes: Completed Projects / Spiked silver & titanium bra, MATURE, 5 pics on: May 04, 2010 07:31:15 AM
I originally joined Craftster because of my rather new, but ever growing interest for sewing. I discovered fast that this forum contained a lot of other discussions and yesterday I got caught in a thread that discuss bare breast in art. This lead to that I dug up some old photos from my school project. I am not in a position now to make jewelry except from chainmaille pieces, they don't make so much noise when creating them Smiley. So this will probably be my first and last post in this category for awhile. I dont know if this project should be labeled mature but I go for safety first.. also.. it is not wearable as a bra so I guess it its a piece of jewellry Smiley

(EDIT) moved to this topic from "jewellry", suits much better here! Thnx Jungrrl (/EDIT)

This is the front side of the bra. The cups is forged out of .925 sterling silver, the spikes and hooks/clips is made out of titanium. This view shows the "wrinkles" in the metalpiece that connects the cups.

This is the side view, I can say it was my own little private hell to line up the spikes in a symmetrical, but still natural way. The bra is put on by first hanging it on the shoulders then, kind of fiddeling the boobs in place. It is almost impossible for the wearer to do it themselfs. So this top is not suited for longer periods of wearing, it is more targeted for photosessions.

Back view showing the lining. It is a normal bra, cut down and sewn to serve as insulation. They contain approx. 5mm (1/5 inch) thick foam. This was also quite tricky to fit. I had absolutely no sewing skills at that time but eventually it fitted behind the silver edges/pockets without wrinkling.

This is a closeup of the spikes. They are a little brighter in reality, the colour is anodized to a brown-green biological kind of colour. They are lathed to coneshape, then drilled and threaded inside. As the rest of the bra was made of titanium and silver I didn't want to mix "unholy" metals with it. After a lot of pain I found a titanium specialist that had a small (but very varying) surplus stock of titanium screws. They were leftovers from a order for an Ericsson communication sattelite. The spikes is attached with M1.6, M2,5 & M3 screws from the inside of the cups. The piece that connects the cups is held in place my two titaniumrodr plus 6x M1,6 screws. The upper hooks is attached with 4x M1,6 screws each, and the lower hooks with 3x M1,6 screws each.

You can also see the "knuckles/bumps" in the silvercup. These was added to give the top a more organic look. But after tapping the secont bump out, I really started to regret the idea of an "organic" looking bra. But when all 30 bumps was finished I really felt relieved and I was happy that I didn't have bargained at this "organic" look.

to change your image viewing settings please click here

This is my model that helped me during this period. Oh my, what that girl had to suffer Smiley First I convinced her to put on a fetish/latex dress that I had purchased. Then I totally wrapped her upper torso in plaster casts (hence the latex suit, it is not nice to get the delicate hair of your complete upper body glued in plaster). When the plaster had hardened I should cut it of her. I had no idea that plaster cast would be so hard cutting in so it ended up with me, trying to "saw" the cast of her. She kind of reminded me of frankenstein when she took of the latex suit. After that the cast was put together again and smeared in vaseline. Then I used it to make the glassfiber model that I used for the manufacturing process. She dropped some weight during this 6 month period so, as you can see at the cups and the shoulders there are a slight gap. Unfortunately, this top dont adapt to changes in the body so well Smiley.

But I am forever grateful for this patient girl. Without her support, ideas, critisism and last but not least her patience this project would never have been possible. I didn't have a digital camera at this time, so this is a normal photo scanned in a really sucky scanner. But atleast it shows the top in place.

(EDIT) After friendly moderation i withdraw all mature tagging except the last image Smiley (/EDIT)
25  COOKING / Recipes and Cooking Tips / Re: Cooking in a Bachelor's apartment? Beginner recipes on: May 03, 2010 11:47:11 PM
I have some 5 cents even for this topic.

While it is not gourmetfood it is still very tasty and simple food to make. When I studied we lived 5 guys in a dorm with a tiny (I mean really tiny) kitchen. And 5 bachelors with lacking interests for food comes up with rather crude (but effective) way of making food. Read the following with a certain ammount of humour (even if it works as a charm).


Put two hamburgers in a breadtoaster and put the effect to more than for normal bread. put a mesh 2 cm over the toaster and roast the hamburger bread a little. When the hamburger pops, add lettuce, cucumber, cheese, tomatoes and onion to the lower bread. Add ketchup, sauce, mustard to the upper bread. Put the hamburger inbetween the breads, close and enjoy.


The same procedure as for hamburger but use fishfingers (or fishburgers if you find them). Put lettuce and some corn, peas and a slice of paprica in the lover bread and put lemon mayonaise in the upper bread. Close and enjoy.


The same as hamburger but use chickenburgers. Put Lettuce and a couple of raw onion slices in the lower bread and put 50% mayonaise 50% sweet'n sour thai sauce in the upper part. Close and enjoy.


Again, use the toaster to grill the hotdogs. The hotogs is normally long enough to peak out an inch of the toaster. Unfold the hotdog bread and balance it ontop of the hotdogs so that the hot air from the toaster raises up in the slit in the hotdog bread. Add mustard, ketchup and a lot of roasted onion.

Pasta with hotdogs

Use a pan to boil the pasta in. First add water in the pot. Then peel of the label from the hotdog tin so only the metal tin is exposed, make a hole with a tin opener (very important, trust me Smiley ). Put the tin in the center of the pan and heat it. When it boils, add pasta around it. When the pasta is finished, take out the hotdog tin and pour the water off. Serve the pasta with the hotdog and drench the whole plate in ketchup Smiley
26  KNITTING / Knitting: Discussion and Questions / Re: how do you let a muggle down nicely when they ask you to knit something? on: May 02, 2010 10:13:57 PM
Well.. A little of topic but the problem is down to the core, exactly the same.

When I was living in sweden (before developing my sewing interest and moving to China) I was a pretty heavy DIY guy when it comes to carpenting and interior decorate my flat.

Alot of people gave me really stupid requests, for example in a friends home:

"I have though that after this livingroom wall it would be nice with a bar."

and when I replied like:

"why don't you buy one and put it there?"

the answer i got was like:

"they are too expensive, and my idea is to build out the whole wall 6 inch and have "built in" shelfes. Then the bardesk should be attached to the wall without legs. Like floating in the air like a diving board. I will also have led-lighting for every shelf, ofcourse dimmed by a dimmer. Can you help me to build this. Ofcourse I will pay you for it"

The fact that he mentioned the standard "of the shelf" bar as too expensive obviously made me understand that he had no intention to pay me more than the price for one of these.

My first thougt was: "Do you have the slightest idea what the h*ll you are babbling about? Have you even the remotest idea what a carpenter would charge you for this!!? ..not to mention the electrician.." But as a friend of mine I knew that he was not mean or ignorant, just clumsy and for this occasion, plain stupid.

So I kept my thoughts to myself and just answered:

"I have not enough time now, we can discuss this later on when I have time to build it for you"

At that time I was driving an old, dented, rusty Volvo 240. Famous for decaying fast but never die. So the next time he was talking about the bar we actually was infront of my car.

I told him:

"we can swap, If you rework the body of my car so it is smooth as a babybutt and give it a fading, cherry to pink candy paintjob, and also give it a creamcolored leather interior and install a kick ass roaring monster engine in it. Then I build you your bar after your desires."

He replided with a smile, as if I were joking:

"Do you know how much work this is?"

I just felt that this was the time to use the "poisoned, discussion killing dagger" I had waiting in my bootleg, so i replied with a death serious look on my face:

"yes I do..actually, I really do! when do we start? ..next week maybe?.. it is up to you."

After that discussion we have never ever, for one time discussed his redicilous bar.

I have more examples like this but I will not bore you with it here, my point is simply:

Instead of trying to politely avoid or turn down their requests, quickly think out something they are good at and then "counter request" and propose a swap with something that you feel would make it fair for your troubles. 99% of the times, this will let you sneak out of the discussion with your head held high and your friend will think twice before asking some redicilous requests again. Surprisingly many "friends" want to have "favours" done for them but when they are faced with some "counter favours" they suddenly understand the proportions of what they are asking and they will be the ones, trying to get out of the discussion as smooth as they can.
27  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Re: Le Sac on this, American Apparel! on: May 02, 2010 09:24:13 PM
I will not let myself down to score rude jokes here on craftster, but this comment of mine might actually be in the borderland..

Well.. when I look at the picture, my first thought is not that the pic itself its huge.. the section for the ...... Wink

Hrmm.. anyway.. Really great work and wonderful colour!
28  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Re: Embroidered Jellyfish Bubble Skirt on: May 02, 2010 09:00:01 PM
Wicked, and totally adorable! The design of this skirt is really edgecutting and the colour combination ROCKS! Great work!!
29  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Re: Skull Patch Trucker Hat from Scratch(Image filled and incredibly wordy) on: May 02, 2010 07:22:01 PM
This kind of projects is just awesome!! Exactly my style. I love the trashed edges, rips and needleholes of the trucker hat. Great work!

Thank you very kindly! Of course, all of those things were accidental.  Embarrassed

hehe.. even if they are accidental they really (imho) makes this truckerhat awesome! If you look, for example, at "of the shelf, distressed jeans" the rips, whiskers, and bleached areas often looks "cut'n pasted". In other words they look like they have been added to make a worn look but in a poor, over ambitious way. This is not the case here! I wouldn't call it accidental if I were you. I would label it as a "Genuine distressed" trucker hat Smiley. I especially and totally like the two "zig-zag" seams that patches together the ripped holes on the front edge of the bill.

Anyway.. I like it a lot and to be honest, I dont know if you should work too hard to improve your truckerhat skills. Not when you have this awesome skill to patch it up and "hotfix" it the way you do.

And leave the bill as it is, don't refit it. It makes this piece of hat unique (if you aren't going to "distress" and "cool-destroy" it even more ofcourse Smiley ). There are already too many perfect sewn truckerhats out there. Even if they are perfect fitted and perfect stitched, they all (except from print and colour) look pretty much the same and are imho actually pretty boring. They don't even remotely add to the wearers attitude as your hat does.

Well.. as my GF says.. I talk too much. I will leave your thread to rest for awhile now..

But your hat ROCKS!!
30  CLOTHING / Clothing: Completed Projects: General / Re: First Post, or Whatever possessed me to make this dress!! on: May 02, 2010 04:09:48 AM
Wonderful dress, The colour is soo right for a weddingdress.

And.. I see you have the right brand on your overlock machine Wink
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