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1  Cheery Pillow (First Knitting Project) in Knitting: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: February 17, 2012 01:12:55 PM
I've only recently started knitting, after teaching myself how with no references, and decided to make use of an otherwise untouched stash of yarn in my room.  Since I've been meaning to make my room a little less boring and splash some color into it, I decided on a rainbow pillowcase.

This took me over three months to make, working on and off for days, and I can honestly say that it was the bane of my existence for a while because some of the warn kept getting tangled up.  But it came out better than I expected, considering I don't understand knitting lingo (or crocheting, for that matter XD).  Its a bit of a mixed project, since I started it off by loosely crocheting until I had a chain big enough to fit around a pillow and knitted from that.  I also finished it and closed it around the pillow by crocheting as well.

Most likely will add a yarn fringe to it, since I love that color purple and I didn't have the patience needed to make another stripe.

Critiques welcome, sorry for the sucky photos though!  Peace out!

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2  A Plushload of Projects!! ((IMAGE HEAVY, Watch your toes!)) in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: February 17, 2012 12:56:24 PM
Been a bit busy since the last time I actually posted something on here ^^  Between cleaning, job hunting, and looking to get into college, I've done some sewing to calm my nerves and potentially find something I would very much enjoy making.  But since I don't want to spam the forum with all of them in separate topics, I decided to lump everything together to make things a bit easier!!

Minecraft Creeper

Just getting this off my chest now.  I HATE Minecraft.  I tried giving the game a chance, but it just doesn't click with me.  However, that didn't stop me from accepting my brother's request to make him a Creeper.

This little monster was easy to make pattern-wise, but I cannot stress how much I wish that my sewing machine worked.  I found myself growing very tired of it, but this was a combination Christmas and early birthday present for him.  I did, however, learn how to use that plastic canvas stuff my mother had lying in the craft closet and make the yarn eyes for it.

For the longest time, I was tempted to make it a monocle, a mustache, and top hat, just to make this a bit more bearable.  Now that its done, I am relieved and hiding the pattern, in case I should ever have to make one again...which hopefully won't be for a very long time XD

It stands over a foot tall, and is completely handsewn, with plastic pellets in the base for some weight.  I took some artistic liberties with the shape of the legs and body, making them less blocky than the pixelated version, but I am otherwise actually pleased with the result.  According to my brother, it makes a great pillow as well, since I have this nasty habit of overstuffing things.

Pin Cushion Manticore

Just a little project for fun, and to use up some scrap materials.  I adore manticores, and have been desperately at work to make a really good plushie one that I would be proud of.  But until then, I sated my desire by making this adorable miniature one.

This one is actually machine sewed for the body and tail, with the head and fur done by hand (One of the rare moments my machine worked, getting it fixed soon hopefully). It can fit in the palm of one hand, but is a bit bigger than that.  I got the idea to use it as a pincushion since it would fit how I draw manticores, and I'm rather proud of its derpiness.  It also has the same head pattern of my Necromorph doll.

It has two different colored eyes, since I had lost the other blue and I only had a yellow one left.

Mambo Jade

I made this doll over a year ago, but I am very proud of how she came out.  This was another doll pattern I tested, but never really pursued.

I got inspired by Tia Dialma from Pirates of the Carribean, Halloween, and a depiction of a Voodoo goddess (I don't recall which one) I found on deviantART.  She's a pretty weighty doll, mostly due to her yarn 'dreadlocks', and she has trouble keeping her head straight because of them.

She's one of the few clothed dolls I've ever made.  I have a hard time with doll clothes, but she looked odd sitting around naked, so I took an old green flannel shirt and this lovely scarf I got at Salvation Army and made her outfit.  The scarf was enough to make her a bandana and skirt, and she was originally going to have sleeves on her corset, but they didn't look right.  Her fishnet shawl got lost sometime ago.

The charm around her neck is a jade elephant I found in a box of old jewelry my mother gave me.  I didn't have much use for it at the time, but I enjoyed how it looked as opposed to some of the other pieces I found.  Part of me wishes I gave her ears for some earrings, but she looks perfect the way she is!

That's everything for now, but hopefully being on a roll lately will mean more fanciful projects in the near future!  Peace out!

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3  CUT OFF THEIR LIMBS!!! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: December 02, 2011 06:42:44 PM
Well, I missed posting something in honor of Halloween, but hopefully this makes up for it!!

I've been wanting to get the games Dead Space and Dead Space 2 for a while now, but since I can't buy it yet I've occupied some spare time just watching game walkthroughs.  I definitely know that I'll enjoy this game, and to show my love for it, I decided to have some fun with a doll pattern I recently came up with.

This is a Necromorph known as the Slasher, and is one of the most common enemies in the game.  They aren't overly powerful, but can be a pain in a large group.

They can also play dead.

Cutting/blowing off their heads doesn't kill them outright, making them honestly more terrifying than a zombie.  In the game, cutting them to pieces with your weapons is the only way to bring them down.

This project took me a little over a day and a half to make.  Its completely handsewn and made of 5 different colors of fleece (three from scraps).  Big arms are button jointed, and the tentacles and intestines are crocheted yarn.  I wanted to use safety or embroidered eyes, but decided not to for this one.
This actually started off as an elf, but I got the idea to make a Necromorph while watching a Dead Space 2 video on YouTube.  And the doll itself is fairly large, standing roughly 12+ inches.

Will definitely be making more Necromorphs in the future, this was too fun!  Thinking of making an Infector, or even a Leaper, but might eventually be convinced to make Isaac Clarke.  Depends on the suit XD

Hope y'all enjoy it!!

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4  Dark Gypsy Costume: Help Needed!! in Costumes: Discussion and Questions by GrimmEverafter on: August 08, 2011 01:19:10 PM
I recently heard back from a haunted house I'll be working at this year, and I was cast in the role as a fortune teller, who is to serve as a distraction for a scare that will happen one the foot-path of the particular trail that I will be in.  I was so excited, I immediately began to draw up plans for the entire costume, basing it mostly on Voodoo imagery and Calypso from PotC.

However, I'm trying to think of a good color scheme for the entire thing, one that would still be Roma but with darker undertones.  I don't want it to be primarily black, since the trail is rather dark, but I want to refrain from using bright reds and whites.  The costume itself will consist of a blouse, calf-length skirt, leggings, a cincher, and multiple scarves as belts and a headdress (Think similar to Esmeralda).  Any and all color schemes and fabric suggestions are welcomed!!

EDIT:  I now have the costume sketched out and colored, image below.  My biggest problem now is the patterns.  The top of the costume is a bodice that will be covering most of my chest ((so I have a smaller area that needs makeup work, also I will be outdoors so the less skin the better)) and laces up only on the sides.  Preferably, a pattern for a bodice without boning would be awesome.

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5  Recycled Necklace in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by GrimmEverafter on: June 19, 2011 07:20:26 PM
Made this as part of a trade with Ludi.

It is one of two necklaces that I sent to her, and is made from can tabs (Monster, soda, and the big green one came off of a can of corn xD) and a reclaimed piece of jewelry I found. 

This one is a wee bit different than most necklaces I've made or worn before.  It has a clasp attached to the charm, and the mere fact that it has a clasp makes it different (most of mine are made to be slipped on).  I am proud that it came out well, despite having been a total bear to keep together (the dangling chain in the second picture fell off and became lost somewhere...), and might make more of them in the future.

Peace out!

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6  First Bag Ever! in Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by GrimmEverafter on: June 19, 2011 07:09:56 PM
I'm new to the art of bag-making, having only ever modified a backpack or two for school, but I am rather proud of how this came out.  It was made as part of a trade between myself and Ludi.

Sorry for the sideways photo but I hope it gives an idea of how large it is.  The outside was made out of this rather amazing scarf I found at Salvation Army, which had a neat woven pattern in it.  A third of it was cut off for future projects, but the two ends were used here, and lined with some gold colored silky material I found in a box of fabric.

The strap is a reclaimed belt, which otherwise was too small for anyone at home to use.

Entire bag was completely winged.  I didn't use any pattern pieces, nor any tutorials, so a lot of mistakes are easy to see.  But given how large it is, I would love to make a similar bag with a flap or zipper for carrying around my sewing stuff!

Hope you enjoy it Ludi!!

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7  What is it? A Whatsit of Course!! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: June 19, 2011 06:20:20 PM

Well, a very curious thing happened!  For several months, I have noticed strange activity in the old garden that came with the house, spying a flash of brown here and there among the roses.  Well, I felt sorry for whatever little critter it could be, so I left behind a little blue scarf over the winter, hoping that whatever it was wouldn't catch a chill.  To my pleasant surprise, it came out one hot day, still wearing the little blue scarf!

The little dear says he himself does not know what he is, so for now he is named Whatsit.  He really did love the little scarf I made him, and rarely takes it off.

He has a special affinity for rose plants, but loves gardening in general.  While not much of a talker, he loves a good story.

Now he resides with Ludi, who provided some wonderful fake fur to make a pair of satyr leggings ((still in the works, unfortunately)).

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Whatsit was a happy pattern drafting accident.  I was attempting to sew a sloth, but when he started coming together, I was amazed at how wonderful something with only three pattern pieces came out (tail, body, and arms/legs).  He is made of 100% handsewn fake fur and fleece, both brushed out to be a bit fuzzier.  His eyes are typical brown safety eyes, and the little blue scarf was my first attempt at knitting.  His front limbs are also button jointed for easy posing.

I hope that Ludi will love him as much as I do.  My brothers cried when I had to send him away, so I promised I'd make a few more eventually.

Peace out!!

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8  Dark Magician Girl...The Card Shop Invades Again!!! in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: January 02, 2011 01:17:06 PM
Wow...two projects in one week @_@ Gawd my wrists hurt!!

xD Anywhom, this is the Dark Magician Girl I was commissioned to do, and she is by far the most complicated thing I've ever attempted.  Forgot to write down her pattern, but I am so glad she came out fairly decent for something I winged.

Here she is, posing with the hook that made her.  I have to find materials for her staff, but so far I am proud of how she came out.  Judging by the card that provided most of her referencing, the costume is off, but I was very happy all the same.

Here's her mug shot.  Notice the lovely posters of the card shop in the background xD  That place is officially my favorite place to take photos.

Front and back shots.  The pleated skirt was a challenge to get to stay pleated, but she came out just fine.

She's made of three kinds of Red Heart yarn, one brand of an unknown red yarn, and I believe the brand for the silky blue is Carlson (I actually got it without its paper from a yard sale)). Her eyes are black safety eyes.

Critiques very much desired, seeing as she was my first really complicated project!!

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9  First Amigurumi or YuGiOh is Invading My Work!!! ((Slightly Image Heavy!)) in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: December 30, 2010 12:58:57 PM
For every weekend since around the beginning of November, my sister has been bringing me up to the mall located about an hour from here.  It has this epic comic and game shop on the bottom floor, and every weekend, my sister and her boyfriend, and occasionally my brother, go to play in a small YuGiOh tournament for cards, mats, and other goodies.

Well, I met my boyfriend there, and since he loves the game so much (where I lack skill in playing the game at all xP), I made him something for Christmas in my first attempt at crocheting something besides a circle.

Behold, a Winged Kuriboh!!!

A shot of the crooked feet xD

The plastic canvas backed card that came with it, possibly the hardest part since I used two colors at once for the swirly background and somehow STILL managed to forget the black dot in the center.

A shot of the little guy next to his card to give an idea of size.  Not too bad for my first attempt at a crocheted amigurumi ^_^

He's made of homespun yarn for the body, which was brushed to make him fuzzier, Red Heart yarn for the wings and feet, and the eyes are made from plastic canvas with Red Heart yarn.  I learned a lot from him, especially how to properly use the invisible decrease (he has some spots that look like holes from where I missed that), and my boyfriend LOVES him.

My sister requested one as well, since she modeled him around the shop until his intended master arrived.  She even suggested doing the mini photo shoot at the shop itself.  Right now, I'm working on a Dark Magician Girl someone requested, so she'll be up by this weekend!

Constructive criticism and comments appreciated!!!

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10  Beware of Jimmeh! Or not... in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by GrimmEverafter on: August 17, 2010 04:04:49 PM
Wow, second upload in one day.  Guess moving unearths all the old projects I had done before joining xD

Well, this little guy was actually the start of me trying to sew and design dolls.  I learned a lot about handsewing from him, as well as the WRONG way to weft hair, but since he came out too awesome I didn't stop until he was done.  I made him roughly a year and a half ago.

Yes, I realize how creepy he is xD  This is, as we have come to dub him, Jimmeh the Angry Scotsman.  It's not meant as an insult to the Scottish folks at all.  I just said the first thing that came to mind when I finished him.  He's made totally of fleece, and the reason for the awkward mouth stitching was because I stuffed him through there and closed it with a whip stitch that I failed to hide.  I'm still learning as I go, so he stands as a testament to my first working doll pattern.
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