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11  Re: Little Visitor 15 Gallery - Spring Festivities and Summer Blast in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: June 03, 2012 02:59:37 AM
Okay, time for a next round of pictures from England. We're still in Averbury, but outside the house is a beautiful stone circle. Bigger than Stonehenge (not in height though), but sadly enough people have rummaged with it, to an extend where archeologists don't know what the old circle really would have looked like. To top it of, the main road to and from Averbury goes straight through the circle as well...

A last view in the Victorian kitchen garden.

And so we dive straight into the circle (after some shopping with Esme-Alice *ahum*).

Love this picture...

Here you get a glimpse of the vastness of the circle, with a view on the road.

A stone, a church, bliss!

Another view. I do have a postcard for Lunamoine, so she can see the circle from above, but I was unable to show the entire circle. I can only show you some small parts. Quarters, actually...

But they are huuuuge, those stones.

And yes, more stones Tongue.

As a witch and (deep-down) gothic girl, I love graveyards.

With my favourite bird.

And the burial hill, which we did not visit, but it was a sight to behold.

And, when we drove back, we decided to stop by the horse again, and make some decent pictures.
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12  Re: Little Visitor 15 Gallery - Spring Festivities and Summer Blast in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: May 09, 2012 11:42:20 AM
Shall I update? I think so, because I have been too quite, and that won't improve. This month is hectic, because we all have a lot of last minute work for the exams. This year is my first time as a full-time teacher, with the oral exams in June. Stress! But then, oh bliss, Germany and possibly Ireland. Yup, Ireland. Wish I could tell you more, but I'm not allowed yet. Hopefully soon!

Monday was Averbury day. I was an avid watcher of the 'Manor Reborn' show on BBC. Heck, I even bought the DVD in Averbury. Being so close to the house was a blessing, and luckily my friends agreed to visit it. Averbury is amazing. It has a huge stone circle, one that is still ver accessible. Ahum, the main road runs right through it Tongue.
Averbury Manor was a stately house, that the BBC, together with the National Trust (of course) renovated. They turned it into a musuem, but quite a different one. Every room has a different theme (a different era). Everything in the room is either real or an exact replica and can be touched or sat upon. Literally everything. In every room  their is a person who can tell you so much more about everything inside. They even encourage you to look around (even open drawers) and touch. Great fun and if you're ever close, please visit!

Averbury is situated in that part of England where you'll find whire horses, carved into the hills. We had such fun trying to spot them, and I was the first one to see one. I have a bunch of pictures from this one, all taken from the car Tongue.

Yes, my ticket! Esme-Alice got very excited Wink.

In front of the house...

Oh yeah, lounging!

And with some new friends. I checked, but no, no Steiff teddies Tongue.

In the magnificent kitchen. I loved it there. Food to touch and smell, dirty plates and these beautiful plates.

In the study, or, should I say, the boys' room. Complete with snooker table, books, books, books and lots of drinks and smokes. And yes, our guys played a bit of snooker, and I listened to an old gramophone, a copy of the one we have here.

In the most expensive room of the house. See that wallpaper? That is handpainted Chinese wallpaper. The only thing we weren't allowed to touch. It was gorgeous, let me tell you. (close up: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y255/ideliesje/Esme-Alice/Duitsland111.jpg)

In the Tudor dining room, WITH hats.


In a Tudor bed, all alone...

And with company! Yes, we were allowed to lie on the bed, if we would be so kind to take our shoes off. No problem! The gowns were provided as well. Great fun! And comfortable!

In the Queen Ann bedroom, with *ahum* a lot more fluff Tongue.

A small sideroom, something like a dressing room, with, again, handpainted walls. Insane!

Everyone assembled around the embroidery hoop, sat on Queen Ann's daybed.

And yes, you're thinking the correct thing...

P&S (Purl & Stitch, the name of our group of friends) was here!

Last but not least, the garden. That's Ilse, being a fool and having lots of fun with Esme-Alice. That's the beautiful garden house in the back.

Next stop, the stone circle!
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13  Re: Little Visitor 15 Gallery - Spring Festivities and Summer Blast in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: April 26, 2012 11:54:30 AM
I am going to update slowly on my two holidays, because otherwise it'll be overkill. For the weeks to come, I've got nothing special on my list, so what better than to fill the gap? I am going to dance at a big festival tomorrow. Taradance has been asked to do a one hour show to open the festival weekend. The theme of the night? Ireland... With fireworks... Guess who's coming with me Tongue?

And so we left Europe (we boarded in Calais, France) for the UK. The sun was just up, it was a glorious morning. I wish I felt better back then... I don't want to to dwell on it, not can I really explain it, but my trip to the UK was not always fun.

Those are the white cliffs of Dover! With, very tiny and not very visible, Dover castle on top of it all.

First stop, on our way ot Bath, Windsor Castle. We had to wait a while before we got in, having to pay a significant amount of money and walk through metal detectors and all that. Windsor Castle, after all, is the Queen's favourite place...

Finally, inside! Can you spot my little friend? Oh, and you cannot see it on this picture, but the flag is out. Indicating that, yes, the Queen was at the castle when we were there. So close!


Esme-Alice didn't like this, being locked out from that nice juicy lawn, but I told her that we are not significant enough to visit the Queen. Alas!

And this was strange... Look close, look very close. See that figure in bright pink, with the hat, wandering along the houses? And that man next to her, in an official uniform? Could it be the Queen? It will remain a mystery forever, but let's say, we DID see the Queen Wink.

Resting on the grass, alongside Windsor Castle. Beautiful day! Esme-Alice was too thrilled to sleep, so my nap was, well, pretty much non-existant.

So much for our first day, Sunday. Of course, we saw muuuuuch more. We want inside Windsor Castle (no pictures allowed Sad) and visitid Queen Ann's doll house (also no photgraphing allowed). Amaaaaazing stuff! I never saw a doll house that big and so obviously built for adults. Loved it!

Next update, Averbury!
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14  Re: Altered Puzzle Pieces, Round 5 in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: April 15, 2012 03:33:22 AM
I received my last pieces from Tracey87. I hope everything is okay with her, as she hasn't communicated in any other way...

She did two pieces for my Irish puzzle, and I really love them. They are really different from the other, and that's what I really like.

I mean, how pretty is this? I love this!

And a beautiful castle.

Thank you, I love them. And I'm curious to know what you used to make them so pretty smooth and a bit shiny.
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15  Re: Personal/Private Swap Gallery, 2012 in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: April 15, 2012 03:28:30 AM
I received two beautiful pieces from Gini in a personal swap. Check them out, I love them!

I love the background, and the little purple ribbon.

Mmm, I didn't realise the flash messed this one up. I love it though, especially the blingbling Wink.

Thank you!
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16  Re: International Snack Swap 5 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: April 15, 2012 02:56:02 AM
Time for some awesomeness! Sylwa spoiled me rotten, and I am so glad I sent her a huge box as well. What a great lady she is! And that whilst being pregnant Wink.

This is what I brought home. HEAVY stuff! The lady at the PO was quite curious as to what was in the box because of it's weight. But it was my secret Wink.

If this box had been any fuller, it might have exploded. Just look at how it's crammed in there <3! Oh, and yay! Crisps!

*drool* Yes, that is chocolate on the loose. I have eaten some of that already. I must say that it an interesting combination, chocolate with salted peanut butter.

And when I took everything out, this is what came up. I was (and still am) amazed. Yikes, so pretty! I think it was Pin-inspired, but either way, I really really love it!

I opened it... More sweets and chocolate! I am very curious as to what those cookies are in the left upper square. Sylwa? Tongue.

Without all the snacks. Look at this beauty. I got a beautiful and very personal jewellery box. I'm thrilled! Much better than my jewellery doll (ever noticed how hanging your necklaces in the open makes them really dirty and ugly?).

Be impressed people, be very impressed. Look at my haul! I think it's an understatement, to say I was spoiled. There is so so much! Thank you so much Sylwa, I'm so happy and thankful. Because it's so much I think I'll share some stuff with my pupils the coming weeks. They'll love it.

One favourite.

And the second one. I really really wanted to try this! Thank you for reading my mind Tongue. Now, what's the best way to eat them?

Sylwa, once again, thank you, a thousand times. This has been such an awesome swap and you made it even better. I love the box, it's so me, and the candy is jummy! My offer still stands for the Kinder eggs. Just PM me, and we'll see what we can arrange. Sorry too, for not sending salty snacks. I was too afraid to send crisps, as everyone told me that those bags explode in airplanes. Yours arrived just fine, so next time... Wink
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17  Re: Personal/Private Swap Gallery, 2012 in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: March 26, 2012 08:42:56 AM
I did a personal swap with KriSmith, for 3 puzzle pieces. She has given me the three most beautiful pieces ever. My puzzle had become a true work of art, and I'm loving it!

Look at those beauties! The colours are awesome.

Most definitely my favourite!

You thought that was it? No way, I got a beautiful and adorable extra!

This almost made me cry. It's such a nice gesture, and I love it so so so so much.

Thank you KriSmith, you are amazing!
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18  Re: Altered Puzzle Pieces, Round 5 in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: March 26, 2012 08:33:46 AM

I'm ashamed. I received pieces from ragstostitches quite a while ago, but sort of lost them. I know, I know, I am really ashamed of myself. Technically, I did not really loose them. When I finished my pieces, I was craftying downstairs. And when I was done, I had to clean up. Doing so, I put the envelope with the pieces together with my scrapbook paper, throwing it all in my box, closing the box, and removing it from my sight. Major mistake... Luckily, I found them again, so I can, finally (!), share their beauty with you.

This means that I have one more set to go!

Oh, and from a personal swap with KriSmith, I received these beauties:

I love them so much! They are beautiful, and really captured the essence of my puzzle.

And a delicious extra! Yay! I love this so so much!
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19  Re: Little Visitor 15 Gallery - Spring Festivities and Summer Blast in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: March 26, 2012 08:15:11 AM
Esme-Alice helped me correct yesterday, in the sun. We're having some awesome weather these last couple of days, and winter is finally forgotten. Look how well I pampered her...

Because she is so pretty Wink

But she had to work to get there! She is sitting in between me and my dad. I was correcting reading portfolio's and dad was correcting exams. Fun times!
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20  Re: Little Visitor 15 Gallery - Spring Festivities and Summer Blast in The Swap Gallery by Lilibet on: March 18, 2012 02:12:01 PM
22 March 2012

Someone dear arrived on my doorstep today. Literally. I called my mum this afternoon, to inform her I wouldn't be joining her for lunch when she told me there was a package for me. Nice! But, because no one was home, the mailman had put the package in our garden, as we asked him to do when we're not home. All great. If it wasn't for the fact that the sweetest Lunamoine put some chocolate and other sweets in the box. Iek! Now, everything was nicely wrapped, and Esme-Alice is okay, but it did scare me for a minute.

All wrapped up!

Oho, this I like! *I do feel VERY guilty now that I sent Ellie out with no food or other gifts. That ain't good Lunamoine, and I will make it up to you!*

Yep, in the SUN!

Is she not pretty?

With her own wardrobe. What a lady!

And with a note, for me and my family. They'll love her, for sure!

Esme-Alice arrived one day late to celebrate Ostara, or the beginning of Spring in Belgium. No worries, plenty of daffodils to make up for that loss Wink.

And just because our house IS indeed a pyramid... The composition is not quite complete with my stupid bike, but oh well. Can you spot Esme?
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