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1  Re: Post your CRAFTY Tattoos! in Bath and Beauty: Completed Projects by DuctTapeRockStar on: July 08, 2012 08:03:14 PM
I don't know if this counts as crafty...But I did draw it myself, which I'm proud of because usually I have chicken scratch. It took a lot of looking at other, actual typographic tattoos.

It's a really obscure Doctor Who reference.
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2  Decoupage Jewelry Box in Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by DuctTapeRockStar on: July 01, 2012 01:45:02 PM
So I'm going off to college in the fall and realized I probably need better organization than an empty makeup container and a glass vase for all my jewelry. So, off to the thrift store to buy a jewelry box I went...And I ended up with a pretty big, white faux-leather jewelry box that screamed for decoupage.
So, I found old pictures, fortune cookie fortunes and concert tickets, as well as printing pictures out from the internet...And set to work! It's all Mod Podge-d with Hard Finish Mod-Podge, it says it's for furniture, so I guess it should hold up well...Honestly I just couldn't get the other container of Mod-Podge open.

Here's the top of the box, it has three parts that open up.

The left section has all Doctor Who stuff.

The middle has all Harry Potter.

Here's the front, it has...Everything...But I tried to put my Dr. Horrible pictures here.

The left side.

The right side.

The back.

And with all the compartments open.

Also...Some crappy cell phone pictures of before (I didn't think to take good Before pictures until after I started gluing)

And with everything open.

Thanks for looking!
Comments and criticisms are appreciated!
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3  Selling My Prom (Art?) Dresses in Get Product and Website Opinions by DuctTapeRockStar on: June 07, 2012 06:55:44 PM
Okay! So I'm 18. I'm going to college in the fall and working a full-time, minimum wage job just isn't going to cover what scholarships and loans isn't (and my parents aren't pitching in). So my last ditch effort to get money is to sell my three one-of-a-kind prom dresses, in hopes they will help me out some.
I have made (okay, the first two with the help of my Mother and an Aunt) a prom dress out of Doritos bags, one out of Pop tabs and one out of Cardboard. So you might have heard of me on here. Also, just Google "Doritos Prom Dress", "Pop Tab Prom Dress", "Cardboard Prom Dress" or "Maura Pozek" and there's news stories and blog posts and everything else (Mainly about the Cardboard one...That got me all the attention in the world including a Huffington Post article, an NPR interview and a ton of radio interviews around the country).
So...Broke, soon-to-be-college-student Maura needs money, and everyone has told me I could make bank if I ever sold my dresses. Some may remember last year when Ripley's Believe It Or Not wanted to buy two of my dresses, but they offered too little ($450 for both, and they wouldn't budge), so I turned them down, and they haven't knocked on my door since.
I don't know what forum would be the best of which to sell my dresses? (Etsy or Ebay seem the most practical?) How would I price my dresses? All those other questions...
All three of my dresses have been worn exactly twice, once for Prom night, and once for an interview. I didn't sweat or anything in them, they didn't get ripped or stained (actually the Pop Tab one has some bbq sauce on a spot, but won't that come out?)...Basically they're in great condition!

Thanks in advance for any help! And here are pictures of each dress.

Cardboard (Senior Year)

Pop Tabs (Junior Year)

Doritos Bags (Sophomore Year)

Again, THANK YOU!!!
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4  Cardboard Prom Dress! Update: My News Story! in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by DuctTapeRockStar on: April 15, 2012 04:53:32 PM
Update! The local news came to my house and did an interview today! Here's a link!
 Link to my news story!
Another Update! The Huffington Post did a story on me! Here's the link! Huffington Post.

Okay! This is the last time I get to (have to?) do this!!! You may remember me from such classics as my Pop Tab Prom Dress and my Doritos Prom Dress. As a senior, I decided that I needed to go out with a bang so many moons ago I decided upon Cardboard. In my defense...I didn't do any research on how hard this would be. I wanted to use completely corrugated cardboard. After procrastinating for the semester (the other dresses didn't take very long!), I started over Christmas Break on my pièce de résistance! It was hard. I had made a cardboard boat over the summer, and that was hard...I should've remembered humans have curves

Pictures of my other prom dresses are at the bottom.
My freshman year, my Mother and Aunt Ann made my prom dress for me. My sophomore year, my Mother helped figure out how to make Doritos into a dress, I made the pattern pieces, and she sewed it together. My junior year, I did everything almost by myself (my Mother and Aunt Louise did help a bit). So this year, SENIOR YEAR, I wanted to do every. Single. Thing. ...Alone.

The dress turned out amazing, and held up insanely well through the night (yes I danced in it!) It's technically a bodice that laces up in the back and a skirt with a zipper, and they overlap.

The bodice is made of corrugated cardboard, separated, and I used the middle wavy part. I then used scraps from failed projects and cut random shapes and spray painted them. After they dried, I attached them to my dress form and glued them all together. Later I used glitter and clear tacky glue (mixed together) and painted on the glitter.

The skirt is made out of paper bags and hot glue. With a zipper (of course)

The back. It laces up with paper ribbon (keeping in theme) and the skirt zips up with a recycled zipper.

My proud parents!

My prom posse. (Note the matching boutonniere and corsage)

My wicked sweet limo!

And my dresses through the years!

Freshman Year (My Gothic Lolita Dress)

Sophomore Year (My Doritos Bag Dress)

Junior Year (My Pop Tab Prom Dress)
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5  Re: Questions About Hairstyles! in Bath and Beauty: Discussion and Questions by DuctTapeRockStar on: July 17, 2011 07:22:04 PM
Mmkay, so I've been dying my hair red for a while now (I'm going to go ahead and say all the hair on my head has only known ginger) and I like using the cheap $3 dye at Wal-Mart (Don't really know what it's called) but when I went to get dye today, they were all out...Of every shade of ginger. So I looked around...Generally I get a very bright ginger that's still sorta natural looking, and with my hair it'll end up the right color...Well I got L'Oreal Feria and it was all bright and I hoped it would work right.
Well...If it worked right, I wouldn't be here.
It's really weird...When I look in a mirror and touch it...It's really dark, like almost black with a halo of fire engine red where the light hits it. If I look through my bangs it looks bright red as well.
Outside here are a couple pictures (because my house is really poorly lit and it looks even more not right).

See how it's got like...low-lights...Yeah those don't exist and it confuses me.

Usually my hair is like this...

I want my hair to at least fade a bit, I like the convincing gingery hair how can I get it back to the way it was?
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6  Sunburn And My Adonis DNA (Many Much Pictures!) in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by DuctTapeRockStar on: July 06, 2011 06:05:21 PM
So rue21 was having a super sale where a bunch of their t-shirts were $4! I happened to find a Charlie Sheen shirt size XXL and knew I had to have it!!! (It says "I have tiger blood and Adonis DNA")
Since then, I got a sunburn. I haven't gotten a sunburn...for a very long time. 3 hours in the middle of the day swimming without sunscreen. I'm just a tad not smart. My shoulders and upper back and my face are burnt to a crisp, so I can't wear real clothes without being in immense pain, being the wonderful person I am, I made a shirt without a back to wear (as I have for 3 days now >.<).
Now...Tomorrow I have a friend's birthday party to go to and, my sunburn still hurts to touch (oohhhhh it hurts so much!!!!) and I must wear clothing...So I made my Charlie Sheen shirt into a wearable dress!!

You can see some of the washed-out sunburn.

Now the way I constructed it I guess was funny. I cut the sleeves off and the shoulders, I kept the neckband to use as a halter. I cut off the back straight at where the sleeves ended. That sorta revealed my entire back and my bum, which isn't exactly okay with me, so I put ties on the back and made it tie in front under the dress (if that makes sense?) and then the dress ties in the back so my boobs don't pop out.

Better explained on my maniquin? (That isn't my size -.-)

Front without the halter part on.

Closer up of back with ties.

And the shirt I made out of desperation...


Thanks! Comments and criticisms are appreciated! Smiley
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7  Cookie Monster Cupcakes! in Dessert by DuctTapeRockStar on: June 19, 2011 02:59:37 PM
So my friend saw a picture of these cupcakes and decided that since I'm a woman, I needed to make him some. (I'm not offended by that, I made him a sammich and brought it to school once...Teehee) So, soon I'm finally going to hang out with my best friend who lives down the street from him, so I got around to making the cupcakes! They're really easy and I'm honestly quite surprised at how well they came out!

My cupcakes (there were more, I put some away and we ate a couple)

Om nom nom!

Oh noes!

And the picture it was based on...

Also...So you guys can become jealous...
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8  Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Wants My Dress...Update in Get Product and Website Opinions by DuctTapeRockStar on: May 25, 2011 03:15:42 PM
Update! Okay well I asked for, I believe it was $1500 (so we could negotiate it down a bit and I wouldn't be screwed) but they didn't take it and it ended there. However I'm planning on selling my other dresses sooo there will soon be a link to that post! Thanks for all your help!

Okay, so we've been sorta emailing (Okay they've been emailing my dad) and they want $450 for the set (my Doritos one and the pop tab one)...Fair price? I know it's a lot less than what everyone on here's been saying...But I mean, I don't know.

Okay, so I'm completely new to this portion of Craftster, but I thought it would be the best place to go!
Recently Ripley's Believe It Or Not! got in touch with me saying they're interested in buying my pop tab dress to display in one of their museums!!!! (Amazing since I very recently turned 17!)
Well, they asked me how much I wanted to sell my dress for, and I don't really know any idea how much! I mean, I'm young, so I don't know anything about selling my stuff...So I was wondering if you guys had any tips or suggestions for me.
Here's the link to it's Craftster post (too lazy to make the URL pretty and blend in with the text)...

And here's just a picture of it for the tab!

Thank you guys so much!
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9  Duct Tape Dress In Less Than A Week... in Clothing: Discussion and Questions by DuctTapeRockStar on: May 15, 2011 07:57:05 PM
Okay, so today one of the higher-ups at work told me that this Saturday (the 21st), there's an ABC (Anything But Clothes) party she's going to...So after coming up with completely outrageous outfits (corn husks, make a giant Shake costume...etc), we decided upon duct tape. After work we went over to Wal-Mart and we decided that just duct tape isn't a great idea, so we found a dress that would be okay and went off to buy duct tape.
Okay...I know that duct tape and cottony fabric aren't exactly the best of friends (they'll stick together, but they don't really want to, like the hems, how'll that work?)
So, here's a picture of the basic dress...

It's not really stretchy, the back is shirred but it's basically stretched completely when she wears it (/tit envy) so I was thinking if I layered the duct tape over it whilst stretched and maybe add like a zipper?
Also, she wants the skirt to be striped diagonally (which will be fun!) with 4 different colors, any suggestions?
Also, this is the best picture I can find of her (yay for Facebook creeping).

Any suggestions of how to do this? I have to have it done by Saturday and I work Tuesday thru Friday after school and won't get home till like 8, so that will be fun!
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10  Pop Tab Prom Dress (Quite a Lot of Pics!) in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by DuctTapeRockStar on: April 17, 2011 09:54:09 AM
Update!!!  Ripley's Believe It Or Not has expressed interest in buying my dress (eek) and I don't have any experience in selling stuff...So if you'll go to this Craftster post in the right section and help me figure it out, that would be amazing!

Okay! Last year my dress was made of Doritos bags. Here's the Craftster post! This year I needed to top it somehow, and inspired by this and this...And then all the others that have been made.
I spent over 100 hours weaving and it took almost 4000 pop tabs!
Without further ado...

Close up on the seam.

My lovely date!

Obligatory Fighting Picture?

Thanks for looking! Comments and Criticisms are completely appreciated!  
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