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1  My Nordic Forest Trolls in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by Nymla on: March 15, 2014 09:43:55 AM
Hellooo craftsters!
It was a while since I posted anything here but now I have something new to show you. ^^

I have been making my own little trolls lately. They are not really toys for children, they are meant to be handled with care. Smiley
Anyways, below are pictures, and then some more info about these trolls.

She is named Sindre.

She is named Embla.

He is named Jorm.

And this is Meri.

And this is the old lady Aja.

The oldest so far, Thurir.

The first one I finished, with lots of berries and stuff. She is named Hulda.

A WIP-image from when I was making the first troll, Hulda.

About the Nordic Forest Trolls:
These small troll creatures (their bodies about the size of a big apple) live deep in the forest under the moss and tree roots where they dig and build their lairs. Their burrows can be quite deep with large rooms to fit several trolls, sleeping together. In the winter the forest trolls go into hibernation and wake up again in the spring.

Us humans hardly ever see these creatures, although they can seem a bit clumsy they can be very sneaky, especially since they can go completely invisible for short periods.
But legends and myths do mention these creatures. A common saying used by people in Norden, where these trolls live (mostly in northern Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden), is that the small ones have been here when a blueberry area suddenly has been cleaned out.
The trolls love blueberries and that is almost all they eat. They also eat other berries, but only if they have to.

The Nordic Forest Trolls have big round noses with spots on their heads, and a small mouth. They bounce/hop/skip through the forest with their round little bodies and use their tail to climb and grab things.
They usually have no feet and hands but they can use magic to plop out little hands if they need, but they usually just use their tails.

Forest Trolls do not have a lot of other magical skills, their minds are mostly focused on blueberries. But one other great skill is that they can smell the berries from a very long distance and they can eat more berries than what seems physically possible for their small bodies.
If a troll loses its tail it can no longer use magic and it becomes very depressed. Although it can grow back again in a couple of years.
The trolls can live for hundreds of years.

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you enjoyed my trolls!
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2  The Deer Child in Costumes: Completed Projects by Nymla on: January 03, 2014 03:03:20 AM
Helloooo and happy new year to all! Smiley

I wanted to show you this mask I made just before christmas.
"The deer child" is a character created by Zach Mathe for the project: https://www.facebook.com/Orleayn
He commissioned me to make this mask for him aaand yes, this was a lot of fun to make ^^

These pictures are not a part of the project but just me taking some moody photos of it.

Mosstroll (http://mosstroll.deviantart.com) is hiding under the mask and cloak :3
It was actually kind of creepy taking these photos, when taking the foresty photos I started thinking "What if it isn't Mosstroll under that mask right now?"
and being all alone the two of us in the, not very deep but still, forest it started to creep me out. And when she said "Or maybe I'm the Goatman" I was like "AAUUH!".

If you don't know who/what the goatman is, you should read this: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/Anasi%27s_Goatman_Story

More from making the mask at my blog: http://nymla.se/deer-mask-in-progress-getting-into-the-christmas-spirit/

Thank you so much for looking and remember to make 2014 aaawesome! ^^

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3  Book of Memories (with WIP-pics) in Completed Projects by Nymla on: November 25, 2013 01:17:35 AM
Weehoo, I have made another book! It has been pretty long ago since I made a book and since I've worked with leather. So this was a nice reunion Smiley

It has hand bound pages in A3 size, white blank pages to be filled with photographs and various memories they might want to save Smiley With a cover in leather and a clasp-kind-of-thing with also a leather strap and a buckle. The design on the front is not made by me, but I have burnt it into the leather. And of course it has all been patinated to look like this thing has existed for quite a while  (because they feel like they have known eachother since forever you know, or maybe because they are really old vampires... Hmmm.)

(Right-click and view for a better look)

Done, and preparing to send it away!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheesy

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4  Halloween Wendigo in Halloween Costumes by Nymla on: October 30, 2013 11:51:02 AM

My halloween outfit for this year! I mean, one of them xD
I decided I wanted to be a native american sort of chick. And of course I can't help myself and turn it into something messy Tongue So I ended up being some sort of native american warrior cannibal crazy person.
It was a lot of fun to be this character and I really want to do this again, but have myself a liiittle bit more time to make the makeup and hair better ^^ I had sooo little time for the makeup etc :/

You might want to rightclick and view this larger.

Pics to the left are from the halloween party I went to last weekend. Ignore that thing on my arm xD
I made myself a dress from rough bits of leather/hides/skins, handsewn it and lined parts of it with linen fabric. Added some feather stuffs on one shoulder.
I also made the necklace out of beads I found on second hand necklaces.
Made an axe out of a branch, a piece of styrofoam I had lying around and paint, strings, feathers, beads, fur.
Also made a headpiece out of sculpey and feathers.

Thank you for looking! Cheesy
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5  Aircrafts! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by Nymla on: October 30, 2013 11:45:24 AM
I thought this might fit in the toys-category hmmm...

I've been building an airplane for the children's movie Calles Vrld, or actually I made two. First I made the big one, it's about 120cm in length. I then built the small one, it's about 24 cm in length. I had to send the big one away before I made the small plane, so hoping I can get hold of some pictures with the planes next to eachother ^^

The film will be made using muppet-like puppets. The large plane was made so that the puppets/dolls can ride it, and it has a working spinning propeller ^^ The small plane is made in a 1:5 scale and supposed to be the same plane but in the humans scale.

The big plane is made out of mostly MDF and styrofoam and all sorts of mixed materials... The small one is almost all MDF.

Visit my websites blog if you want to see more of this, WIP-pictures etc: http://www.nymla.se/?p=392

Thanks for looking Cheesy

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6  The Jacket in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by Nymla on: September 17, 2013 06:08:22 AM
I made this jacket some time ago, I think it was in 2008. I just recently decided to take some better pictures of it, so why not upload them here also Smiley

It's made with my own pattern. Made with some kind of teddy fabric. Lined and has an inner pocket.

I recommend you right click and view this larger Smiley

I recommend you right click and view this larger Smiley

Thank you for looking!
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7  Welcome to Twin Peaks! in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by Nymla on: September 14, 2013 08:27:44 AM
Wooooh I finally finished this thing! I started making it out of some bigger scraps of wool fabric I had at home, but I guess I got busy doing something else and this has been lying in the closet for a looong time, abandoned and lonely!
But now I found some time to finish it and give it some love.

I made it from scratch with my own pattern, but I did not do the print. I bought a t-shirt with a Twin Peaks print that I loved, but the t-shirt didn't have a good fit so I decided to make something else out of it. I think I bough the t-shirt from Threadless.
If you think it looks dirty and spotty, that is beacause I dyed the white and grey fabrics with tea to make them more yellow-ish.

This is very warm, hoping for a cold winter now ^^

More pics!

Please right click and view to see it larger Smiley

Thanks for looking!
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8  Tutorial: How to make a styrofoam sturgeon for an opera/theatre in Completed Projects by Nymla on: September 05, 2013 10:50:32 PM
Ive for a long time wanted to make some sort of tutorial and when Project Educate over at Deviant Art had two weeks of artisan crafts articles and tutorials made by the community I felt I wanted to contribute. I wanted to share it here with the Craftsters also, so here it is! Smiley
If the picture seem small, please right-click and view.

The only WIP pictures I have available at the moment are these of making this sturgeon, so why not, Ill tell you how I made it and some tips and tricks!
Just one note, english is my second language, so sorry for any weird sentences and also I dont claim this is the best or right way to do it, this is just how I did it Smiley

I made this fish for the opera La Boheme when I had an internship at an opera. It was supposed to look like a sturgeon (they are really big!) and seem to be frozen stiff.

I dont know what kind of styrofoam there is in other countries but I used the swedish pink kind that is pretty dense. All types of styrofoam has both pros and cons and to find out what you like to work with you will just have to try them out.

The set designer at the opera wanted the fish to be sort of as big as the roll of fake grass that you can see in the upper left corner. I cut out one like that in styrofoam, realised that it felt too small and that they probably wanted it bigger, and made a new one. ^^ It ended up being 160cm in length (same as me Cheesy) and I started with printing out a picture of a sturgeon in the right size. I decided how long I wanted it, the width on some key places and made a sort of simple template. Made sure to use styrofoam pieces that were thick enough to give the right width to the fish when using 4 pieces. I cut out two each of the template pieces in a band saw, making it symmetrical.

I dont have a good picture of it, but in the centre I added some wooden boards (maybe 5-10mm thick) to make it durable. You can see the holes (in lack of a better word) in the picture above, that I made at the head and the tail fin, to make it fit correctly. Now, if I made anything like this again, I would put some sort of reinforcement going through the whole body of the fish, instead of just the head and tail. Whyy, you ask! I will tell you, beacause not long before the opera premiered (when I had left, so it wasnt me ;P) someone put the sturgeon hiiigh up on a shelf and someone accidently made it fall to the floor, breaking the tail fin almost completely off :| It could be repaired without it being noticeable though. ^^

In the middle of the fishs body I put in some weights to make it feel a bit more realistic to the actors. I made a hole (a long one along the whole body making the weight even) and put in this string thing with weights inside (blyband in swedish, anyone want to translate? xD), making sure it would be possible to pull it out through a hole on the fishs stomach if it needed to be lighter for some reason (like the set designer changing his mind Grin).

I then glued the four styrofoam parts together with polyurethane glue. Make sure there is pressure on it since the glue will expand. Its a good choice of glue because it behaves alot like styrofoam when hardened and its easy to carve the access off, its also completely water resistant.
On the picture to the right you can see the wooden board reinforcement I put between the styrofoam blocks.

I then started to carve out the basic form of the fish using several reference pictures to see what shape the fish has from different angles. I did not follow the reference pictures completely, because they all looked a bit different and because of the size of the fish it started to look too much like a dolphin ^^
Use whatever tools that work for you, for example long knife blades (like those snap-off knife blades), fillet knife, saw, wood rasper, wire brush and so on, to get the shape like you want it. You can also use a heated wire to cut styrofoam but you need ventilation and stuff for that because it will create toxic fumes. (Ive never tried that.)
Warning: using a wire brush too much will make your life a styrofoam hell! Grin With that I mean, it gets everywhere, youll even find it inside your undies at the end of the day. Be in an area that is easily cleaned. Pressured air is nice to blow the stuff off your clothes. You could install a vacuum cleaner right next to your work space that will collect all the little styrofoam babies before they get everywhere. Or just live with it and deal with it xD

When I was happy with the body of the sturgeon I added the smaller fins, just made cuts into the styrofoam and sticked in and glued down bits of air-x with wood glue (small wooden board bits or anything like it would also work just fine, instead of air-x, see the upper right picture).

I added some more detail to the fish, like all the little dots and bumps on the sides, using bits of fabrics dipped in wood glue.

I used filler on the face of the fish because I thought it was a bit too rough and bumpy. I added more details to the face with gluey fabric bits (sort of sculping/building texture with it), and made holes for the eyes and nostrils. Also added those weird stringy things above the mouth :O

I covered the entire fish with a layer of fabric drenched in wood glue, making sure the fabric bits all overlapped. If I remember it correctly I covered it with a second layer also. Not sure what this is called in english but in swedish it is kaschera. The wood glue can be mixed with a bit of water to make it easier to work with. The wood glue and fabric (and filler if you like, and more glue!) will make the styrofoam piece really durable.

I covered the fins with more fabric dipped in glue and folded it to look a bit like wrinkly frozen fins, sticking to the body of the fish.

When it was all covered and dried I sanded off rough edges to make it a bit smoother. Then I covered it with even more wood glue, at least one layer, but probably several layers. This will take a looong time to dry so make sure you have something else to do while waiting Smiley Putting it in heat speeds it up.

I then wanted a texture to the fish. Sturgeons actually dont have scales but since this was going to be on a stage (an opera stage with an orchestra between the stage and audience) I wanted it to have some sort of texture that could be noticed so far away, so that it would not look too flat.

I did some experiments and tried lots of different ways to give the fish texture that could be seen several meters away, catching shadows or reflecting the light. Above are just a few things I tried. I ended up using some sort of paper net thing that is used in the ventilation system in for example a spray booth. Not sure how to explain this, I dont even exactly know what it is! Tongue But it looks like the stuff in the middle picture above. (If anyone know the proper word for it, let me know Smiley)

I did a test with painting a bit of styrofoam and glueing the netting stuff on, seen to the left. I liked it and sprayed lots more of the netting with different shades of silver and black spraypaint. Also, the netting came in different sizes, which was perfect, so I had the big net for the big body parts and netting with smaller holes for smaller parts.

I painted the fish using Rosco paints. I gave it a grey sort of colour and then some patchy thin layers of a warmer brown, and the stomach off white-ish. I made it a bit rough, looking a bit torn like the frozen fish had been a bit handled. I did a lot of painting the darker paint over the lighter ones and drying some off with a paper cloth (whatever that technique is called?) to give it some nice depth and look kinda fishy, particularly on the big parts of the body and the stomach where there would not be any scales. Also a bit of random scrubbing to make it look a bit more battered.

Those little things was probably never seen by anyone in the audience, but I wanted to make it look nice close up too (then the actors can enjoy it too Cheesy), since I had the time and all the materials and tools I could think of while at my internship at the opera. ^^
But in general when working in a place like that you dont really have time to go into a lot of details. And you have to always step back (way back, about where the audience will be) and look at your work and probably realise you have to exaggerate things even more to make it look good from far away. If possible, go to the stage where it will be used and look at it there from the audiences perspective.

I made some eyes by painting a couple of wooden buttons that I glued to the fish. I later put lots of wood glue on the eyes to make them look more cloudy and dead.

I then added the scales/net! I just glued it on, using more wood glue (wood glue is the best!) and making it a bit patchy, making the scales stand up in some places and lie flat on others. I used the smaller net on the face and tail fin and left a big part of the face without any scales.

When it had dried I put on more layers of wood glue, to sort of fill up the little spaces between the scales, here and there.

From the beginning the idea was that the actors would hold the fish in the tail fin and have the nose on the floor, but then they changed their minds and wanted to be able to put the fish with the tail fin down on the floor. So to make it more durable for handling like that, I put in some extra reinforcements in the fin, two metal sticks that I bent in the right shape and glued in there, patching it up as you can see in the picture to the right.

Now the fish was almost done, I just needed to make it look frosty and frozen! I used some cotton-wool that I glued on with wood glue (seen to the very left). I also put on patches with wood glue mixed with a sort of sand/glitter stuff I found. I used this wood glue-sand-glitter-mixture on spots here and there, sort of filling up the spaces between the scales, to look like frost.
I also added small glass bits on the bigger icy parts and silver glitter to make the fish sparkle in the stage light like frost and ice does. It was all covered with more wood glue sort of everywhere, especially on the little glass bits to make them sort of covered in glue so that no sharp edges would stick out. I did some sanding also with sand paper on any sharp things that could otherwise hurt the actors hands when handling the fish.

Then I guess I was pretty much done! And this was the end result.

Some closeups.

Thats how big it is! Okay, Im not very tall either but myes. 160cm. ^^

I hope that this tutorial was of some help or interest! Feel free to comment and ask any questions you may have.

Thanks for reading and happy happy joy joy to everyone!
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9  Yoshi Pillow in Crafty Housewares: Completed Projects: General by Nymla on: September 05, 2013 12:08:37 AM
Hi there!
Not sure if this is the right category for this :O
But I made a Yoshi pillow! xD
I made this for my duudefriend for his birthday a while ago. Included a matching blanket. Also wanted to make a Yoshi egg-pillow but didn't have the time :/
He liked it though. Happeeh!

Finished pillow! (You might wanna rightclick and view to see it larger)

Thanks for looking Smiley
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10  The Frozen Sturgeon in Completed Projects by Nymla on: July 15, 2013 05:09:51 PM
I've been studying prop making for the last two years, recently graduated. So I have had the chance to have some pretty cool internships at various places.
But this fish here is probably the only project I got to do completely on my own. I made it for the opera La Bohme that was shown at Norrlandsoperan in Ume, Sweden. Directed by Kristofer Steen from Refused. ^^

It was alot of fun to make! It's made out of mainly styrofoam and lots of wood glue. It is supposed to be a frozen sturgeon and in the opera they try to cook it over a matchstick, with no luck Tongue

The finished fish. It was as tall as me ^^ (Ok, I'm pretty short, 160cm.)

The fish in progress!

Thanks for looking Cheesy
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