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1  My first attempts at making clothing patterns. (And a motif?) in Crochet: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: September 12, 2012 08:14:42 PM
So, I mostly make Amigurumi. Then one day I'm like, wait, if ami's are round....and hats are round....I CAN MAKE HATS. *mind blown*

So I did, lol. Before that though, I came up with a plan for the types of things I wanted to make. I knew it had to be video game related, of course. Problem is, I also wanted my hats/etc. to be really wearable, and not super costume-y so I could use them everyday. And I then decided that the patterns had to be customizable, so they could be turned into non-gaming accessories with a few color changes, or by altering a few lines of the pattern, so that way I would get bang-for-my-buck so to speak. This lead me to making a Legend of Zelda hat to start, since I thought it would be a good beginner project and a lot of people seem to have made them before so why couldn't I?

For it I used an olive yarn instead of a sharp green yarn since I thought it would make for a cool hat in general, not just a cool zelda hat. Plus it looks better on brown hair to me (which I have). Still keeping it with the theme, just in a fashionable way lol. Also it's kinda slouchy. I then took this pattern and used it make a normal purple slouch hat.

For some reason I don't like too much slouch, so it's not super baggy. Also, on both hats I made up this stitch thingy. Is this technically a motif or something else? Here's a pic...

It's that shape above the band. It kinda looked like a temple to me when I made it, like the fpdc's are the columns and the shell at the top is a dome, so I'm calling it my "temple stitch." Has anybody else made up something like this before? If not maybe I should creative commons license it lol!!! I doubt it though, I'm not original at all  Roll Eyes

I also made some LoZ gloves that match the hat and have a triforce on the left hand (just like link does), and some earwarmers designed after Aigis, a robot character from Persona 3.

Thanks for looking!!! Cheesy
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2  Three pokemon for summer... in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: June 23, 2012 09:10:15 PM
...Well ok, only one of these pokemon was made to celebrate the beginning of summer. The others just happened to finish around the same time lol. But who cares! Anywho, the first of the three pokemon I made recently is a surfing pikachu! Yay! Here's a picture of him and his surfboard....

That totally tubular board closeup...

And I also finished a Mewtwo, he's grumpy like a Mewtwo should be haha...

And finally this is a newer pokemon called Elgyem, he's a little Roswell alien type pokemon lol.

Thanks for looking! Cheesy

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3  Darumaka Pokemon in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: May 13, 2012 04:30:05 PM
This is just a little pokemon I finished making the other day. It's a Darumaka, and in the reference pictures I had it's always in these playful poses, so I tried to make him look like he's dancing around Cheesy
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4  Whimsicott Pokemon in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: April 15, 2012 03:38:00 PM
I finally grabbed a long enough amount of time between paper writing for school to finish a project! (I feel better now lol.) It's an ami of Whimsicott, a pokemon from the Pokemon Black and White games. It's about 12-14 (?) inches tall and took more than a week, but less than a month, to make. Here's the pics! (I put most of them in thumbnails to make it easier to load. Go ahead and click 'em, you know you wanna!)

Sooo huggable! Thanks for looking, and any comments!
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5  Special Agent Dale Cooper (Twin Peaks) in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: November 02, 2011 08:58:11 PM

It's been awhile since I have posted here (a combo of college work and starting, but not finishing, projects is to blame), but I will hopefully slowly crawl back into the habit of doing so, starting with this ami. Over the summer I watched Twin Peaks for the first time and fell in love! So I made a plush of one of my top three favorite characters from the show, Special Agent Dale Cooper. As you can see, he is sporting his signature comb-over haircut and is also holding his tape recorder (Diane! lol). Don't know how many fans of this series are on Craftster, but oh well, I'm pretty psyched lol.
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6  Big Fat Moogle (Pattern Link) in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: July 13, 2010 03:20:36 PM
This is basically the largest Amigurumi I've ever made. It's so big and tall!
It is based off of the big moogle Cait Sith rides in the Final Fantasy VII videogame.
(Ref. Pic: http://www.ffinsider.net/final-fantasy-7/pix/Cait-Sith.jpg )
As I love all creatures that are huge, I had to have one! ^_^

He was too large to take a picture of indoors, so to the garden he went.

This is a straightforward pic so you can see his felt face a little better.

His back. He has purple wings, and a felt zipper. (I don't know why his in game design has a zipper. I think he's a robot with a suit on I guess?)

Thanks for looking! ^_^

EDIT: Forgot to put this up before. It's a link to the Cait Sith I made awhile back. https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=316723.0
They are together now, lol!

EDIT 2: So, the pattern ended up being HUGE. Because of this, I put it on my blog instead of here because I don't think it will fit in the post. There is also a link on my blog to a PDF copy of the pattern which contains some extra pic's and a template for the felt pieces.


Have fun, enjoy your Moogle, and ask for help if you need it! ^_^
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7  A ton of nerdy Ami I've stored up. (Pic heavy.) in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: June 29, 2010 01:29:23 AM
So basically I haven't posted in awhile since I wanted to post several things at once to save space. Y'know, instead of one post per item. Well, maybe I waited a little too long because now it's a bit of a full post. ^_^;
Anywho, alot of them are final fantasy video game themed because they are parts of two different themes I've been focusing on lately: Chocobo's in every color, and final fantasy monsters. The goal of the first theme is self explainatory, whereas the theme of the second is that I wanted to give final fantasy creatures that aren't as popular (like moogles, chocobos, tonberrys, etc) a chance to shine too. Smiley
There are also two other ami's I've made lately that I decided to throw into this post as they are unrealted and couldn't hold their own post together. They are Sailor Neptune (of the sailor moon series) and a Big Sister (of the Bioshock video game series).
Alright, now the pics!
Here's the two chocobo. One is black, the other is gold. (I made golden yarn by working with cornmeal worsted weight yarn and gold metallic crochet thread held together as I worked. It sparkles in the light. Smiley)

The next ones are (in this order) an ahriman, a malboro (I used glow in the dark beads for eyes), ultros (he;s like a purple octopus that walks on land lol), and an oglop (sleepy looking bug). All are from the Final Fantasy series of video games.

They may not be as cute as moogles, but darn it I tried! ^_^ At least they will be fun at Halloween to display.
(A quick note:usually I provide reference photos for comparison, but decided against it this time due to volume. If you really want a link to one though, feel free to ask!)
Finally, we have Sailor Neptune, followed by a cute version of a Big Sister.

To try to make the Big Sister cute instead of scary, I "chibi"-ed her, took away the cage with pink ribbons strung to it featured on her back, and instead put one big pink ribbon on her head.

Thanks for looking!!!  Grin
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8  Miles Edgeworth, a first try at a chibi. in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: March 04, 2010 09:08:45 PM
So, usually my amigurumi are tall and lanky, like a barbie doll. But they take a long time to make. (I'm doing a final fantasy xiii one now that is going to drive me crazy, especially because I want it done by Tuesday. ugggh...)

So I decided, it's probably time to give in and develop a chibi pattern or two. So to experiment, I made Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney series. (I've be playing Ace Attorney Investigations wherein he is the main character and I love it. ^_^)

I'm not sure about it's shape here and there, but overall I'm pretty satisfied.

I only have the one picture for him (my camera was almost out of battery power when I took this), but if someone wants to see him at another angle, just let me know and I can try to add one. ^_^

Thanks for looking!  Grin
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9  Cute Japanese Critters in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: February 11, 2010 08:09:21 PM
Didn't know what else to call this.  Tongue
I saw this little Japanese felt book a long while back and wanted all the plushies so bad....but it was already sold. So I figured, to heck with it, I'll just crochet them! And make them tiny! So I did.  Grin
(Here's the book's cover: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=7587898)
I made the Tanuki, Sky Dragon, and Takoyaki Octopus (I call it that becuase it looks like the octopus' they put on takoyaki stand signs). I also added a kappa even though it isn't on the cover just because I wanted one.  Cheesy
I'm gonna make all of them eventually, they are just too cute!!! (Btw, they all fit in one of my hands, all at the same time. ^_^)

There's the group.

Here's just the tanuki. (Forgive the bad lighting.)

The sky dragon. (He has clouds on his tail. ^_^)

The takoyaki octopus.

The kappa.

Here's one where you can see his shell a bit better.

And here's another group shot where you can see them all at once a little bit more clearly.

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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10  Heartless love Valentines Day! (Pattern Added) in Amigurumi: Completed Projects by phantasmafreud on: February 07, 2010 10:57:08 PM
And why wouldn't they, theres hearts ripe for snatching everywhere!
Hey look, that little guy caught a big one!

Lol, it's an amigurumi of a Heartless just in time for Valentines Day, yay!!!
I've been wanting to make my own heartless (EDIT: forgot to mention it's from the Kingdom Hearts series of video games) for awhile now, and the impending Valentines Day just seemed like a good reason to finally get around to it. ^_^
The best part is, he's small, so I came up with the idea, made the pattern, and crocheted him all in one day!
I have to mention though, that it wouldn't have been possible for him to be so cute without the big heart he has, and I made it using the wonderful pattern (look it up on here, it's great!) by Maggielove! THANKS MAGGIELOVE!!!! Grin
Now for more pic's!
Here he is without the heart so you can see him a bit better. He has little picot fingers lol!
Here he is with my hand for a side view and size comparison.

And finally, just one more cute pic.  Cheesy

So snuggly! Thanks for looking!

EDIT:I wrote up my pattern for this, and am giving it out free. ^_^ You can get it on this post, and on my blog. Note: this is only the pattern for the heartless, the heart wasn't patterned by me, but can be found on craftster in a post by Maggielove.

Heartless Pattern
Materials needed: 1) worsted weight yarn in 2 colors.
A.   Black (everything but eyes)
B.    Yellow (eyes)
      2) An f/5 (3.75 mm) crochet hook
      3) Fiberfill
Note: this entire pattern is worked in the round. Stuff pieces with fiberfill as you go before they become too narrow to fill. Dont over-stuff, just use enough so the piece retains its shape. If you find stuffing difficult at any time, try using your crochet hook to cram that fiberfill in there!

Round 1: With black yarn, 6 sc in ring. (6sc)
Rnd 2: Inc around in each sc. (12)
Rnd 3: *1 sc, inc*; repeat from first *, to last * 6 times. (18)
Rnd 4: *1 sc, inc*; repeat from first *, to last * 8 times. (27)
Rnd 5-7: sc in each sc around. (27)
Rnd 8: *1 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last * 8 times. (18)
Rnd 9: *1 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last * 6 times. (12)
Rnd 10: dec 6 times. (6)
Rnd 11: 1 dec. (5) Cast off.

Rnd 1: With black yarn, 6 sc in ring. (6sc)
Rnd 2: Inc around in each sc. (12)
Rnd 3: *1 sc, inc*; repeat from first *, to last * 6 times. (18)
Rnd 4-6: sc in each sc around. (18)
Rnd 7: *2 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last *  3 times, sc in each of the last two sc. (13)
Rnd 8-10: sc in each sc around. (13)
Rnd 11: *1 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last * 6 times. (7)
Rnd 12: sc in each sc around. (7) Cast off.

Rnd 1: With yellow yarn, 6 sc in ring. (6sc) Cast off. Make two.

*Note: this one piece of the pattern only is done in rows, not rounds.*
Row 1: With black yarn, chain 16. In 2nd chain from hook, make an sc. Sc in each of the next two chains. Slip st. in next chain to finish. (3 sc) Cast off. Make two. (Weave in your yarn tail towards the end of the antennae with the scs. This fatter end is the base of your antennae and is to be attached to the head. Optionally, if your yarn tail is long enough, you could use it to sew the antennae to the head.)

Rnd 1: With black yarn, 6 sc in ring. (6sc)
Rnd 2-4: sc in each sc around. (6)
Rnd 5: *1 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last * 1 more time. (4)
Rnd 6: sc in each sc around. (4) Cast off. Make two.

Rnd 1: With black yarn, 4 sc in ring. (4sc)
Rnd 2: *1 sc, inc*; repeat from first *, to last * 1 more time. (6)
Rnd 3-5: sc in each sc around. (6)
Rnd 6: *1 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last * 1 more time. (4)
Rnd 7: Dec one time. (3) Cast off. Make two.

Rnd 1: With black yarn, 6 sc in ring. (6sc)
Rnd 2: sc in each sc around. (6)
Rnd 3: *1 sc, dec*; repeat from first *, to last * 1 more time. (4)
Rnd 4-5: sc in each sc around. (4)
Okay, now I would like to point out that this pattern gets tricky a bit. If you have been stuffing the arm thus far (I hope you did a little), stop doing it here. The arm is finished; the rest of the pattern is forming the hand of the heartless (the hand is not stuffed). Dont cast off or anything, its still one continuous piece.
Rnd 6: *1 sc, inc*; repeat from first *, to last * 1 more time. (6)
Rnd 7: sc in each sc around. (6)
Now, you want to take the opening you have of the hand and slip stitch it shut. (Pinch the opening shut and slip stich across both sides of the opening, going under the vs of the stiches on both sides.) The hand is now complete. Dont cast off!
Once you have slip stitched across, chain 4. Slip stich this into the base of the hand. (1 picot)
This forms a picot stitch, and is the first of the heartlesss fingers. Do this picot stitch two more times evenly across the base of the hand to make the two remaining fingers. (3 picot total).
Cast off. Make two.

Congratulations! Youre done. As for assembly instructions, there isnt much to say as this pattern is old and my hand written notes dont include assembly. It is, however, fairly logical where each piece goes. (Example, the legs probably go on the bottom of the body, yknow, in typical humanoid fashion.) Just look at the photo on the first page and use it as your model, or sew the pieces on in any other way you wish for different poses. ^_^
Thanks for using my pattern!
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