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1  Wooden cotton spools in Vintage Craft Projects by ~dani~ on: July 29, 2009 08:04:09 PM
Hi everyone!
Not sure if this is the right place for this post, but seemed appropriate, so....
I have a box of old wooden spools, most with labels and thread still on, and a couple of ones that have perfect labels, which is nice Smiley
I dont care what they're worth (judging from ebay, not much!), I just think they're pretty, so i keep them and show them off to people that dont really understand my obsession, lol. Hopefully one of you also collects them, Im sure I cant be the only one!

However, I dont know much about them, and I wish I knew how old they are - most I assume are from the 1950's and 60's, but thats just based on the fact that I heard they stopped making wooden ones in the 1960's.

Heres a pic of them all:

These ones are the ones Im most curious about... they dont seem to be as common as the others I have.
Lister - what in the world does "b.c of a" mean? From what I can gather, these must have been made at lister's mill (aka Manningham Mills).

Phoenix, Vera and an unknown brand, because as you can see the label is ripped.

Knight brand

This is my fav, its in good condition and is a nice shade of pink

If you know anything about them, please comment me! I can take better photos if needed.
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2  Yay for my fabric scarf! in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: July 23, 2009 08:05:48 PM
Hi everyone!
its freezzzzzzzzzzing here at the moment (south australia), and so Ive been wanting a scarf, but I have issues with wool - It makes me itch like crazy, unless its the expensive stuff. So I cant wear them unless I buy the pricey ones Sad which I cant do, because, you know, I need the money for fabric! Lol.
I saw this a while ago somewhere, and rediscovered it again the other day. Its strips of cotton stretchy fabric, which curls in on itself, then you tie them together like a scarf - soooo comfy!
Not sure if its my style yet tho.... does it look tacky? If it does Ill keep it at home...

Im wasting time making things whilst I wait for the sims3 to get delivered (should get it today, fingers crossed). Ridiculously excited for that game, it better be good!
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3  Restoring a chess set? in Crafty Housewares: Discussion and Questions by ~dani~ on: July 10, 2009 05:31:00 PM
Hi Guys, not sure if this is the right board for this but I hope so!
Last night we pulled out my grandads old chess set - Its quite battered, and so I want to restore it.
Its a wooden one, with wooden chess peices, one lot left wood colour and one lot painted black, its a case that opens up, the pieces live in the case, and the outside of the case opens into a board, which is painted on in green and white (which is ugly). Oh and some of the pieces have been chewed on by us kids when we were little (lol one of the horses is missing an ear). The case also has a chip in it

So with the board, i want to sand it back, put a new coat of polish over the wood, and re-line it with fabric (its currently lined with paper  Roll Eyes ) But Im not sure how to paint the grid back on... Its probably really easy but I cant get my head around how to paint it that straight.... I thought of masking it off... but how to get a grid? Its easy to get lines by masking.... but not a grid... and Im tired and not a painter so its all too difficult! I can sew but I cant paint  Cheesy Does any one have any insight into this grid issue? Oh and colour ideas? I was thinking light brown and black.... because the pieces are wood and black and I dont want to have to paint those if I can avoid it

With the pieces, I was going to clean them, but other than that I dont know what to do... I cant think how to fix the chewed off bits (lol how feral were we? i mean seriously, who chews on chess bits? lol we must have been hungry  Grin Also, does any one know what the stuff on the bottom of the pieces is? It looks like paper, I was thinking of using felt though.

So to summarise all my q's in my longwinded post (sorry):
How to paint a grid? (and any colour suggestions)
Fixing chewed off bits, and chip in side of board?
Green bits on the bottom of the pieces?
And any advice in general about restoring a chess set would be greatly appreceated  Smiley

Thanks so so much in advance to anyone that can help me! Like I said, I sew, I dont paint, so this is new territory for me
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4  Candy coloured apron in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: July 02, 2009 12:19:41 AM
Hi everyone!
Ive been needing to make an apron for a while, and Ive also been watching Marie Antoinnette (the Sofia Coppola movie) wayyy to much. Which has resulted in my candy coloured (which is the Marie Antoinnette part. I think thats the main attraction I have to that movie - the colour pallete) apron. I found scraps of pink fabric, sewed them together, added a ruffle and a strap and viola!

Some of the patches are scraps from other projects, some are old clothes, theres a 'canteen' bandanna in there, a jay jays top 'flying monkeys stole it' 'aliens kidnapped me', and a random fairy, because hey, what frilly pink thing is complete without a mythical creature on it?

On Me

Close up of some numbers on the fabric, I left them on... thought they added some interest.

Now I can finally get started on dinner lol, been meaning too but had to make this first! It isnt lined yet, and I might add pockets, but ran out of time for today.
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5  lots of random things (pic heavy) in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: June 24, 2009 09:11:05 PM
Sorry for the ultra long post, Ive made heaps the past couple days but haven't had time to upload pics, and thought it would be best to put it all in one post, rather than flood the board!

So here goes:

Purple rara skirt: I looooooooove it, Ive been wanting to make one for a while. Now because I completely fail at math, I had some issues working this one out, but I got there in the end!

Pants: This is the first time Ive made pants... (well I made a kids pair once but I don't know if they actually fit the kid very well) I used an old 80's pattern that I HEAVILY adjusted - the pattern had these random pleats, and a tight ankle bit. So I widened the ankle, did little triangles instead of pleats (at the waist), added a yoga pant style waistband, and a little hand stitched (and hand drawn, yay for me I drew a bird!) picture. The resulting wide leg pants are ultra comfy and I don't think Ill ever take them off Smiley It was kind of hard to get a good pic... but heres my attempts (I made that top too):

This bolero had ugly sleeves, so I chopped them up to make little ruffle sleeves

A beachy dress - very comfy, the waistband is from an old tshirt, I love the little bows.

And lastly, my high waisted black skirt (I had to stuff around with the contrast and brightness in the photo so that you can see the pleats at the front, I'm not usually so pale!) Now I just need an office job to wear it to!

Thanks for looking! Comments appreciated Smiley
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6  2 hours = 4 tops :D in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: June 19, 2009 08:55:52 PM
So Ive been needing to make some tops for a while, finally got around to it thismorning, and made 4 tops in 2 hours. Not bad at all  Cheesy

I had some hideously happy fabric from a friend, she bought 3 metres of it, I have no idea what possesed her to do so but hey whatever its fabric so Im not complaining  Grin Its pink, with yellow hearts and 'life is good' written on it, its so wierd. I made her a dress out of it, and this morning I used the last of it to make us matching singlets, I dont think Ill wear mine but I know she'll wear hers. Mainly because I could make her a sack and she would wear it, purely because I had made it for her. She's lovely  Grin I put a thick bands on the back of them, it makes them sit better and be more flattering over my flub.

This one is for my mother in law, who had a top she wanted recreated - which I thought would be easy, but I tried and failed at the first one - but now my overlocker is back in action, I can sew stretchy fabric again, so it was easy this time round. Its too short on me, thus the singlet underneath.

Lastly, I did this one, its blue, its comfy, I love it.

Oh and lol at the purple edges in the photos - I took them on wierd angles, so had to photoshop to straighten them up  Roll Eyes And as usual, no patterns on any of them, I just wing in it, and cross my fingers it works out at the end!
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7  My version of bella's prom dress (twilight) in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: June 19, 2009 01:42:02 AM
Hi everyone!
I (finally) worked out how to make the dress that Bella wears to the prom in Twilight.

Heres the dress I was trying to recreate:

Heres my version (the halter bit doesnt really gape like that, but for some reason it did in the photos I took. grr)

This one shows the neckline better, but its a phone pic so sorry bout the blurryness!

Its fun to spin in, it fly's out! Made myself really dizzy for this pic though lol  Grin

Heres the back, which is annoying because its low - so I cant work out what bra to wear with it. May have to sew something to fit with it.

I used the wrong kind of fabric, but I still like it Smiley I used a stretchy fabric, but upon closer inspection I think I should have used chiffon.
I think I may need therapy for this twilight addiction lol  Roll Eyes

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8  Random dresses (Pic heavy) in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: June 15, 2009 11:30:48 PM
So heres some random dresses, even though its freezing here at the moment, and I had to crank the heater to be able to pose for these pics lol!

First one is made of some hideous fabric I had, all floral n stuff. Im not a fan of florals. However I have nothing better to do with my time, so I made this, incase I ever need to go to an impromtu garden party. (ha I make so much stuff like this - oh, one day maybe Ill need to go to 'insert random place or party here' and this way Ill be prepared!). It has little pockets on the front, and considering I only had 1 metre of this fabric, I think it turned out alright. (The white I added to the skirt makes it a lot more acceptable to my floral hating mind) Oh and I didnt use a pattern for this one.

heres a close up to show the fabric

Next we have a yellow beach cover up... its kind of seethrough but you (thankfully) cant see that much in the pics. It has beads on the front, and a split at the front, oh and elastic at the top so it can just be pulled on (as is the point of a beach cover up!) I sort of used a pattern, but modified it a lot, and added the split and beads etc etc.

heres the beads - they're threaded onto scraps of blue fabric, which I let hang at the ends.

heres the split

heres the back (it ties up... ugh sorry about my flubby back)

Last one I made ages ago, but I cant remember if I put pics of it up or not. Its soooo comfy, I made it using an old 60's pattern that I heavily modified, its got stiff pink dotty fabric as the sides and back, and stretchy black at the front, oh and it was my first attempt at pockets that go in the seam.. turned out well I think! I love it anyway Roll Eyes Although my little neighbor says its ugly. Well Im not taking fashion advice from a 6 year old, so Tongue to her! (she really is lovely, its just that she says it how shes sees it) Sorry about the blurry photo, dont know what happened there.

Gosh i just realised I write things in brackets a lot!
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9  Mens polo top to awesome babydoll top in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by ~dani~ on: June 10, 2009 12:28:17 AM
My partner is on an 8ball team, and they all have matching polo tops. Being my sewing obsessed self, I asked for the spare one, so I could attempt to prettyfy it into something wearable. Ive managed to turn it into a babydoll top!

Keep in mind, my attempts at tshirt recons have all failed, majorly failed, so I was nervous with this one, but I think its worked pretty well, compared to my other attemps!

Normally I hate babydoll tops with a passion, coz they make me look pregnant (damn my gut! lol) but this one I like, coz its a heavy polo top material, so it hangs better.

So I hacked it up, cut the logo's off and moved them to better spots, added some green material, used the collar as a binding on the top, and the button strip went down the middle. I love it, so excited to wear it tonight!

Heres what I started with: (humongous black polo top)

Heres what I ended up with:

Oh and heres what colour the fabric REALLY is, in those pics it looks like teal, but its actually a dark green colour, like this but a bit darker (my stupid camera hates me)
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10  Black tiered dress in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by ~dani~ on: June 09, 2009 07:00:36 PM
So I made an apron the other day, with a fitted bodice and puffy skirt, which inspired me to make a dress... I made it up as I was cutting, (patterns and me dont really work well together so I make things up) and it came out nice but way too big (no idea how I managed that, seeing as although I did make it up as I went along, I still measured....) So this morning I resized it, and I think it turned out quite nicely  Grin
This photo makes the skirt look like it has a wierd seam running down the side, it doesnt, dont know what happened there.

Curtsying  Roll Eyes

The back (this is before I sized it, thus the baginess)

The dress before I sized it  Cry (see what I mean? this thing was huge! the 'fitted bodice' was a bit more like a sack than anything)

I still havent cut the excess fabric from sizing it down, Im too afraid I might stuff it up, and I folded it down so it isnt obvious. Oh and pardon the lack of hairbrushing and makeup. I really need to keep the camera in the bathroom or something, so that I remember those things before I take photos lol. Anyway hope you like the dress, Im happy with it, as annoying as the whole resizing thing was!
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