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1  A Very Potter New Year (vegan) - house-colored spreads and two potions in Vegetarian / Vegan by Pfefferminztea on: January 03, 2012 01:07:50 PM
This year, in honor of the last Harry Potter Movie having been released and all that, my best friend and I decided wed greet the new year with a marathon of Potter-Movies (indended: all eight in a row, achieved: movies 1-7 with minor interruptions), and of course, that called for the right kind of food to go along with it.
There is probably millions of Potter-related recipes out there, but most of them have two flaws (for us): They tend to use animal products, and, for the most part, they are sweet. Now, I love sweets just as much as the average person, but with Christmas just a few days behind us, I felt I wanted my part of the catering to be something else than cookies and pumpkin pies. Weeks before wed decided that wed have Polyjuice Potion (vegetable soup/stew) as a main course and had toyed around with ideas for a recipe of Felix Felicis (what could be better to toast the new year?), but I wanted to prepare something at home and bring it along to my friends house, and I wondered what that could be. Until, finally, inspiration found me and I decided Id make Whomping Willow-Bread and different dips or spreads to put on it, color-coded to signify the different houses of Hogwarts!
And then, of course, when I arrived, I decided I DID want something sweet, after all, and we bought some chocolate to make Cockroach Clusters for dessert. ;-)
So, heres a compilation of all the Potter-related food we ate that weekend:
Whomping Willow Bread 

Ordinary wholegrain yeast bread, though I made the mistake to use rye flour with only a little bit of spelt. Let me just say, it was a mess, and my mother confirmed from her somewhat broader bread-making experience (Ive only worked with wheat and spelt before) that a dough made with rye would always be extremely sticky. Originally, I intended to make long, slim loafs, twisted and made to look like branches of a tree, but the stickiness of the dough wouldnt allow that, so I had to just try and make it as branch-like as possible while having extreme difficulties to even get it off my hands. If I ever decide to make it again, Ill probably use spelt with only a little bit of rye or something else. What worked out well, though, was to add some sunflower and pumpkin seeds and brush the loafs with vegetable oil before I put it in the oven.

Hogwarts-housethemed spreads


cup red lentils, soaked and cooked
cup fresh tomato, tomato sauce or canned tomato
some concentrated tomato paste
1 small onion
salt, pepper and spices to taste

Dice and lightly braise the onion, then combine all the ingredients and simply puree or mix together.

cup chickpeas, soaked and cooked
juice of lemon
some vegetable oil
2 teaspoons ordinary mustard
2 teaspoons horseradish-flavored mustard (or a little horseradish and more of the ordinary mustard)
salt, fenugreek

Puree chickpeas, oil and lemon juice, then stir in the rest.

180 g Tofu
1 small bushel of parsley
a somewhat smaller amount of basil
pepper, salt

I dont remember whether I added any liquid, if the consistency calls for it, just use some water or vegetable oil. Otherwise, cut tofu and herbs into bits small enough to be pureed, then mix in that way, add spices.

1 cube of fresh yeast (I guess the dry kind would work as well, but Im not sure how much to use for the same effect I got with my 20g-cube)
1 large onion
80g flour
1-2 teaspoons vegetable fat or margarine
1-2 pea-sized pieces of tomato paste
vegetable broth
spices to taste (I used salt, ginger, allspice, some cinnamon, some rosemary, thyme and pepper)
blue food coloring

I admit that this one was hard to come up with. How do you create a blue spread? Since I didnt have any good ideas for naturally blue, vegan foods, I decided to make this relatively neutral yeast-spread and add some food coloring.
First, dice the onion and braise it. Then, dissolve the yeast in warm broth, (maybe cup, you can always add more if needed), stirring in tomato paste, flour and fat in the process. Add onion and spices to taste, then put the mixture on the oven to heat. This is important, since if you dont kill the yeast, it will grow and produce a sour, somewhat alcoholic taste thats not really what youre going for with this spread.  Food coloring can either be added before or after heating, though I suspect it would be easier before, since the flour makes the heated paste turn a little gummy.

Polyjuice Potion
1/2 skin of a boomslang, sliced (leek)
at least 6 large or 9 average bicorn horns, sliced (carrots)
4 to 5 roots of venomous  tentacula, diced (potatoes)
1 average bouncing bulb, diced (fennel)
1 cup of ashwinders eggs, soaked, cooked and crushed (chickpeas)
200g leeches, cut in half (beans)
2 large teaspoons magic sublimation paste (tahine)
dragon blood to taste (soy sauce)
small teaspoon of lacewing flies (rosemary)
powdered rock crystal and dragon scales (salt and pepper)
pulverized blades of knotgrass (allspice)
fluxweed, preferably picked in the light of the full moon (oregano)
cumin, nutmeg, basil

Heat oil in a LARGE kettle, then lightly braise boomslang skin and bicorn horns. Add tentacula roots, bouncing bulb, leeches and ashwinders eggs, together with enough boiling water to cover. Leave on the fire until everything is well cooked, then transfer about half of the potion into a second, somewhat smaller, kettle. Let  it cool off a little, then puree and add back to the original potion. Sprinkle lacewing flies, knotgrass and fluxweed on the surface and stir in counterclockwise, using your wand (optionally, a wooden spoon will do as well).  Season with remaining ingredients.
For the purpose of turning into another person, add any part of that persons body to a slightly cooled portion of potion. For simple nourishment, this step may be skipped.

Cockroach Clusters

Made according to this recipe on Instructables.com: http://www.instructables.com/id/Cockroach-Clusters/

Felix Felicis

Sparkling wine, with some apple-ginger-syrup added for color and extra taste.
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2  "I survived shopping with Alice" - Sewing Kit in Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: March 07, 2010 07:04:55 AM
My "kit" frenzy continues... as does the Twilight-related one!
I had this sewing kit which served me very well during my school year abroad and which I definitely want to take with me when I move out this summer, but it was printed with a really ugly logo, because it had been a giveaway from my fathers former company.
I wanted to do something about that, and I also had seen another Twilight-inspired quote on the internet that I loved - "I survived shopping with Alice".
Since Alice is the fashionista of the Cullen family, I thought it would fit to throw these two things together, though of course you would never catch Alice in mended clothes!

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3  Namis tatoo - bicycle kit in Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 28, 2010 11:53:49 AM
Made from the same fabric as the first aid kit:

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4  St. Mungos First Aid Kit - {NEW} With "magically" styled contents in Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 28, 2010 11:51:30 AM
[EDIT:]Forgot to mention that before... The fabric I made this of was taken from an old shower curtain. Cheesy Thats why I put it on the "Recunstrducted" board... also, most of the bottles, boxes, etc. I used for the contents are repurposed in one form or another.

I was under the impression that I needed a first aid kit of my own, and being hoplelessly obsessed with all kinds of fanstuff, of course, this had to be styled accordingly:

Thanks so much to themouseandme for suggesting that I also style the contents of this kit! I would never have thought of that on my own, but I loved the idea, so here it is:

(I didnt use all of the ideas, because I only wanted to fill the purse with things I would need in the situations Im likely to get into... but thanks anyway for posting them!)

Finite! - cause its supposed to stop all kinds of annoying stuff.
Contains pain killers I use for my menstural cramps and headaches.
I dont like the box, though, Ill replace it with a matchbox as soon as I find an empty one.

Sonorus! - cause it helps to enhance your voice.
Contains the stuff I take when I have a sore throat.

Reparo! - cause it mends "broken" skin.
I loved this idea, couldnt have made it any better. Cheesy

Tergeo! - cause it wipes away blood, dirt, and the like.
Contains sterile wipes.

Evanesco! - cause its supposed to make things disappear.
Contains the medicine for the strange and annoying wounds that pop up in my mouth every now and then.

I had a few other ideas as well, but didnt carry them out, because I didnt think I would need these things or didnt have them at hand yet:

Anapneo - nasal spray
Protego/Repello - mosquito deterrent
Diffindo - scissors
Nox - sleeping pills
Incendio - I know a kind of lotion that makes the skin feel all hot - that would be fitting, I think.

I also intend to add a small piece of chocolate and label it "Expecto Patronum". :-)

Let me know what you think about my ideas!
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5  HOLEY - Weasley tribute shirt in Clothing: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 28, 2010 11:41:22 AM
Unfortunately I dont have a picture of this photo when it was still ugly, so youll just have to take my word for it that it looked really bad. Cheesy

Anyway, Ive wanted to to this for ages - a t-shirt that says "Holey"!
My personal tribute to the Weasley twins unique humor, and the bitter-sweet pleasure of reading the last Harry Potter!
(The "O" is supposed to be shaped like an ear.)

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6  Ugly T-Shirt to awesome choker! in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 28, 2010 11:32:58 AM
So I changed this ugly t-shirt I never wanted to wear into something more wearable lately, and when I removed the ribbon around the neck, I found out that it actually looked pretty nice viewed on its own.
Perfect to become a nice choker!

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7  Maurauder Rings in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 28, 2010 11:28:35 AM
I dont know where I got the idea... I guess because we have so many buttons waiting to be turned into something crafty!
Anyway, heres "rings" representing two of the Maurauders, Prongs and Moony.
I might add Padfoot and Wormtail later, but I havent found the perfect matches for them yet.

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8  Fan-Jewellery: Harry Potter and One Piece in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 25, 2010 08:32:37 AM
[EDIT: Fed up with those crappy pictures... replaced them with new and better ones!]

I just cant get enough of jewellery thats inspired by books/films/animes/etc. I like...

So heres two more pairs of my handmade earrings.
Luna Lovegoods "radish" earrings:
(I dont like the way they look in the films - makes it look like she wears them as a fashion statement, when actually she wears those weird fruits said to enhance mental capacity or whatever):

And a "One Piece"-themed pair of earrings, depicting an "orange" and Luffys signature straw hat:

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9  "Dr. Fang" jewellery - "Blood Phials" in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: February 11, 2010 02:33:09 AM
In honor of Carlisle Cullen (and Jakob Black, who nicknamed him "Dr. Fang"): my second upload of twilight-themed jewellery.

The phials are filled with red food colouring, which, in my opinion, looks surprisingly much like blood once seen through the brown glass.

Im going to have to seal the caps with glue, otherwise Im afraid they might losen and spill the red fluid on my shirt...

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10  Twilight Jewelry - bracelet, earrings, necklace in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: Reconstructed by Pfefferminztea on: January 27, 2010 10:03:31 AM
I made these for a classmate of mine whos birthday is in February... dont know whether shell ever wear it, but she is a Twilight fan like me, so I hope at least shell like the idea.
Im pretty proud that I managed to make all of this without buying anything except the nailpolish with which I coated the pieces.

First up is a bracelet... well, I just noticed I ruined the picture on which you could see the whole, so Ill just start with close-ups of the charms.

Edwards heart (no diamond, unfortunately. Cheesy Only a recycled earring.) and chesspieces (from a little magnetic chess set nobody needed) to represent Breaking Dawn, my personal favorite of the books (unless Midnight Sun comes out officially... that might be though competition).

a seashell with feather representing Isle Esme and a little flower for the meadow

and my little wolf... I mean, Jacobs wolf. Pity you cant really see it properly, I was so proud of how it turned out.

Then, theres the earrings:

The cover of New Moon and an ornamented "Be safe" on the other side - they are both painted on either side.

Last but not least, the necklace:

an apple, Edwards piano and Bellas truck

Heart, chess pieces, flower and seashell I already had around the house, the other charms and the earrings were made from cork and painted (except for the wolf) with acrylic paint. To make them shine a little and prevent the paint from chipping, I coated them with clear nailpolish afterwards.
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