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1  CANADA / Ontario / Fabric stores in Toronto? on: October 10, 2005 06:52:31 AM
Hey guys!

I need to know of some fabric stores in Toronto that have a good selection and fair pricing. I prefer to hit the downtown area since I live there but if you know of some in surrounding areas please put those down too, I will venture anywhere to get some good fabric and notions for my x-mas present making!

Thanks! Smiley

2  NEEDLEWORK / Needlework: Discussion and Questions / Re: Embroidery Questions From A Beginner on: July 08, 2005 02:53:52 AM
Thank you so much, skybluepink! That definitely helps me, I have a towel with a nice thick band at the bottom and I'll take your advice with the hoops and stitching. Thanks!!!

3  NEEDLEWORK / Needlework: Discussion and Questions / Embroidery Questions From A Beginner on: June 28, 2005 06:33:40 PM
Hi guys,

I have a few questions about embroidering:

Firstly, I am going to embroider a towel and put a grommet and a hook in the top corner for it to clip to my dad's golf bag. I saw someone advise someone else on here to embroider on the band part of the towel near the bottom if it has one instead of directly on the terry cloth bit. Is it true that that gives the best results? I haven't bought the towel yet so if the answer is yes I will just be sure to get that kind.

Secondly, this towel will be washed a lot since it'll get sweaty from golfing. I heard something about using a type of paper to ensure it stays on. I don't have a machine embroiderer and I've never done it by hand on a project though I've practiced on scrap paper. How do I secure my embroidery? Do I need to get the paper? I'm also afraid of the thread's security itself. Will it unravel if I embroider like I sew, meaning tying a big knot in the back to prevent the thread from unravelling?

Thirdly, I know people use hoops to pull the fabric taut for embroidering. I don't have a ring here, but my mother has one that I'm sure I can use if I go home sometime soon. But what's the quality difference? Are hoops mandatory? What would you guys advise for each of those issues? You all seem like experts! Smiley

I guess this is an obvious thing to say but I'm new at this so any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a bunch!!

4  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Discussion and Questions / Re: "Selfish crafts" after a breakup. on: June 25, 2005 04:14:07 AM
Woah! Your t-shirt underwear is AWESOME! I'll definitely try it out and hopefully I'll be bang-on and get a pattern I like right away. WOOHOO!

And I can't believe I never thought of baking! I'm also going to try cooking actual real meals, being a student with a roommate who also doesn't like to cook makes for poor eating for both of us!

You guys are geniuses, I'll have so much to do and I can't wait! Smiley Keep the awesome ideas coming!

5  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Discussion and Questions / Re: "Selfish crafts" after a breakup. on: June 24, 2005 05:41:25 PM
Hi again everyone,

You guys never fail to amaze me! I officially dub you all the greatest people in the world. I have SO many good ideas now and, although I am a jewelry freak (especially about earrings), I have never ever tried to make my own pair! I think I'd design them to go along with a specific outfit or something. I think it'd be neat for me to incorporate some drawing into it and some thought by really drafting out how I want my earrings to look. I actually wanted to try filligree-look earrings but I really don't know how I could possibly do that! Any ideas?

I also like the idea of purging the closet for material experiments. I have too many old clothes sitting there unused! I tried knitting and was, unfortunately, pretty bad at it! I have the hooks and I made some scarves (first one had a couple holes! Oops! Dropped a stitch!) but no time like the present to practice and get better, what would you guys suggest I try knitting next? I know scarves are easiest, but is anything second easiest?

I love the mirror idea, that sounds like something my roommate would really love actually! AND HER BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP! BONUS! Smiley

I have a question about t-shirt underwear: do you guys buy elastics for them or do you just make sure you use stretchy materials instead of more t-shirt type materials? Non-elastic ones are more flattering on me, but then I can't really make it out of a t-shirt without it falling down, could I? Or maybe I could? Hrmmm? But La Senza charges too much for their underwear so I think I might have to start making my own!

Paper crafts are also something I'd really like to get into as well. I'm going to continue perusing Craftster for more cool ideas. I'm so glad some of you can relate and I thank you guys again for being so supportive of a newly-single girl attempting to regain her craftiness. Smiley

6  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Discussion and Questions / Crafting to help get over a break up? on: June 22, 2005 03:19:52 PM
Hi everyone,

I'll start off by saying that I broke up with my boyfriend of nearly three years just a few days ago. Ironically, this all happened before my sister's wedding and I am now taking my roommate as my date. As a type of coping mechanism, I suppose, I have really wanted to get back into the things I used to love but have not found time for recently. I believe being single may free me up some time and some drive to be a tad more selfish and do some more craft-related things for me. I used to make him stuff for birthdays and such and before, when I was single, I used to make myself handbags and such. That had all stopped but now I'm rather excited to rekindle my fire with crafting!

Thus, I am asking for information about your best "selfish crafts". A few things about me as a crafter: As of right now I don't own a sewing machine, though I occasionally have access to one when I am home but that is only about once a month. I don't want to make any more handbags, but I do want to do something for me to keep or use. I'd like to expand my knowledge base and use materials or processes or media that I've never used before but, at the same time, I'm a student and I can't afford many supplies. All suggestions are welcome, I just want to get back into the crafty swing of things because I'm sure this will help me feel better.

I myself was thinking about doing some sort of wall or cieling art. I live in an apartment and wanted to try paper crafts perhaps, since I *think* paper should be relatively cheap. I was thinking about turning my entire cieling into a mobile using string. I'm not sure if my landlord would like that idea, since I'd likely leave little tack holes throughout my cieling, but I was thinking about making thousands of tiny green (to match my room, green or brown even) paper stars to hang up. So, like I said, all suggestions are much appreciated. Even if they are just small crafts to keep me occupied (kind of like what I had in mind with my mobile idea) I'd really love your input.

Thanks again, guys!

-Stace, digging to find her crafty side again!
7  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Father's Day / Re: really drawing a blank here........ on: June 12, 2005 08:31:44 PM
Hi again!

I didn't work from a pattern, I used my imagination on it but I found a picture on the internet that looks quite similar to mine. Check it out here: http://tobitas-crochet.com/pictures/tnremoteholder.jpg

My best tips are to use beans to weigh down the side opposite to the pockets where the controllers will be. So basically I had two rectangles of fabric, I sewed all sides except one, and then I sewed a line straight up on one side to make a sort of track where the beans were to be poured in. That way, since there was one full open end, the little track would act as a long pocket for the beans. I'll try to do a little line drawing to show that:
        ____________<---- track for beans, top edge sewn and a seam at the bottom to keep beans from falling
       |____________     right through to the converter part
       |                        <---- middle part will just rest on the chair arm as it does in the picture
       |___|____|___  <---- where pockets will eventually go (that's what the lines represent there but they are not on yet), for now all that this is is a sewn edge at bottom

As you can see, I left just one whole end open. I'd pour the beans from the right open side. Then I sewed that last edge closed once the beans were in.

For the pocket I just cut a long rectangular square. It was not divided into three parts at this point. Instead, I sewed it on like so:

       |                     |
       |   ______ __   |   
       |   |            |    |
       |__|______ |__| <---- rectangle pocket; sewn edge on bottom, left and right. Top open for controllers to eventually slip into. I left more room at the bottom , there was space between the bottom of my pocket and the bottom oy my original rectangle of fabric

After this I just ran this entire piece through the machine to make some seams on the pocket part. This was so that there were three totally seperate pockets since my dad has 3 controllers. I then took these leftover alphabet letter stickers and placed them down to spell XBOX on one pocket, then TV and VCR on the others. I then mixed acrylic paint with textile medium and blotted it in a messy fashion over the letters. This gave it a spray painted look. Then when it was dry I peeled away the letter stickers and you could see the clean edges of the letters against the messy blotches of paint. That's just a little decorative touch. Another option is embroidering but that's much more time consuming and the day isn't far away! It may take you about 2 hours straight to finish this but it's a lot of fun! By the way, if you chose to do that method of decoration for the pockets, use a stiff brush, a stencil one if youi have one but I lost mine and used just a normal one and it worked okay, and be sure to hold it straight up and down and be gentle over the letters so you don't accidentally take one off while blotching.

As for the cozies, I found mine at Michael's. They are usually made of foam, and I think they are available almost anywhere. My mom is a crafter and she had spare golf ball-looking wood pieces and clubs around so I just glued those on. That part was very fast!

Hope that helped!! If you decide to do this project I'd love to know how it went and if you have any questions along the way just let me know!! Smiley Good luck!!

8  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Father's Day / Re: really drawing a blank here........ on: June 12, 2005 12:29:45 PM
Hi starlawill,

My father also works in a factory. He has a big screen TV, in front of his favourite chair, which is his baby. I'm going out on a limb here maybe, but I think almost every father likes TV, whether it's for sports or for Survivor (for my dad it's both!). So I'll tell you what I made him, albeit it was given to him a week before father's day because I happened to be at home only at that time, that was an absolute hit this year.

I don't know if you've heard of Kernels (I'm Canadian but I assume Kernels is throughout the States too, it's probably even bigger in NYC! If not Kernels, any gourmet popcorn place shall do!) but I got my dad a pack of fresh cheddar cheese popcorn and then a pack of double caramel popcorn (SO GOOD!) to go along with the wonderful remote control holder and beer cozies I gave him. The remote holder is just made of fabric and it hangs over the chair arm. It is weighted at one end and the other part has three pockets, one labelled 'X-BOX', one 'VCR' and one 'TV'. It was a lot of fun to make. I wish I had a digital camera so I could take a picture of it but it really turned out well and my dad is a sap for things I make! Haha! Aren't all dads? The beer cozies were just foam cozies on sale at Michael's and I decorated them with golf stuff because he also enjoys golfing. Decorating them was also fun and now his beers and pops won't sweat all over his hands in the hot summer heat while he watches TV. I made two because my dad often has a friend over for a movie on the big screen. Considering little nuances, like piecing together your dad's favourite chair and his adored TV plus the idea of sharing popcorn and drinks in his favourite spot with friends really helped me out. I just had to think of the littler things he liked, not the fact that he likes something as wide-open as sports or something. I think if you think about your dad's nuances a little bit it might get you started.

If you happen to want more details on the holder and the beer cozies, just let me know! The most crafty and time-consuming part was the holder but it was well worth it! Otherwise, just try to think beyond the typical 'dad' groupings and look for his nuances, that may help! No matter which route you take, I know he'll love it! Goodluck!

9  OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS / Father's Day / Re: HELP!! 3 crafty days till father's day on: May 25, 2005 11:47:19 AM
You guys are AMAZING!! I gathered a bunch of ideas from what you guys said and am making a TV package for my dad. He has a big screen TV and it is his baby! I am making a remote control pouch to hang on his chair's arm (he's always babbling about us losing them so if we put them in there they can always be found!) He also has friends over a lot to watch movies and maybe I could make some kick-ass golf themed beer cozies (all his friends + him seem to love golfing) so I'd probably do two of those. Then I'm trying to decide which TV series to buy him on DVD. Maybe add a few packs of popcorn (maybe I can go to Kernels and get some gourmet stuff! He can have his friends over to share it!) Throw it all together and VOILA! Now I just need to find some time to create!

I have until the 3rd Sunday in June to work on these presents (I'm in Canada) and I believe underneath my new apartment there is a community center and I swear I saw sewing machines down there which, I hope, are free to use! WAHOO! Otherwise, I'll have to try to go home now and then to slowly finish projects on my sewing machine at home but it's RIGHT NEAR HIS TV so I don't want him to see them! Haha!

Thanks again, guys! You always get my minds revved, and the people on this board never ever fail to amaze me with their crafty skills! Smiley


EDIT: My dad loved the controller holder part SO MUCH that he took it in to work today to show all of his friends! I THINK i am going to CRY, that is the cutest! Gotta love dads! LoL!
10  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Stenciling: Discussion and Questions / Re: Printing and Materials Question on: February 09, 2005 07:35:33 PM
Hi guys!

Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I will try them out, I'm excited to test out this freezer paper stuff. Also, UnsceneObserver, I love the emphasis on Jimmy Eat World in your profile and picture! They rock, that CD is one of my favourites!

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