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11  Room of Shame to Room of dreams.... Before ann the WIP's! in Interior Decorating: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: February 26, 2012 10:53:49 AM
So, I moved into a new house recently, and in the old house, I used my bedroom as my sewing room, but now, I have only a tiny closet room. Its barely big enough for my bed, let alone anything else!
Thankfully, and kindly, my mother granted me permission to have the dining room as a craft space. I was so super excited! Finally, my own, designated room in which to sew and be crafty.
But, while I may be handy with a sewing machine, I am useless when it come to tidying, organising, cleaning....  Roll Eyes
So, soon, in-between lots of doll making, travelling and general lazyness, my sewing room suddenly became a room on which I looked upon with shame, and my Mother looked upon with horror. (And threatened to throw everything away and kick me out)
But do not fear! A trip to Ikea (Of course!) made everything OK. (And 5 days of serious clean-up! Here is a sneak peak so my horrible room isnt the thumbnail.. hahaha!

Well. I can hardly believe I am actually putting pictures of the room up, but here goes.....

Yeah.... It was pretty bad. Sewing was not that fun, I could never find anything! Everything was getting lost, broken...  Embarrassed
So, after allot of man power, sweat and tears I got this!! -->

Theres still allot to do, and I have done some more since I took this pic, but its getting there!!
I have a table for pattern cutting, and all my fabric is stored in these Antonius storage things from Ikea.

Acrylic paints, brushes, zips, ribbons and trims!

The Wool, I have sooo much more than this, but this is all I could fit in!!

All my trinkets, findings, buttons beads etc. The plastic boxes are from IKEA too. Gotta love Ikea!!

Oh! Look at the beautiful fabrics! They are all wound around cardboard, so I can pull them in and put without them being 'Thrown' in and making a mess.

A rarity in my sewing room, a clean surface...!

The techno space. As you can see I haven't really got that far yet....  Embarrassed I am going to use the drawers for invoices and patterns and all other paper-y things. Need to sand it down and re-paint it though I think! Any ideas  Huh

I love my thread holder most of all.... They are shelves with upholstery fabric, and hammered nails in... works well,  though when I am sewing really fast, they do shake and fall of....  Cheesy Its so nice to see all my threads, what colours I have, and them not all be tangled in one horror style ball of killer thread!

My peg board, or uhmm... Nail board..... Undecided I could'nt find a peg board anywhere, so just covered old shelves in upholstery fabric and hammered nails in, like the thread holder. It does the job! I have hammered some more nails in today!

Well, That is the room so far, as you can tell, I have a little way to go yet, but I am having fun with it. I am a hoarder, and will grow to fit any room given me, so I am a little worried that soon it will resemble the former... So I am trying to sew, sew sew to clear out some space!! haha!
Atm, I am working on another nail board for ribbons and trims....!
Love to hear what you think, and if you have any ideas on how you think I could improve the space!!
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12  Twin Sprytlings in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: February 25, 2012 10:00:23 AM
These are my little Sprytlings, they measure about 7-9" Tall, (not incl' ears!) I had so much fun making their intricate, tiny clothes, though my fingers hurt now!

Turumbar and Tiniviuel are the Spytling Twins of the Shop Keepers. The Twins help out running the shop, and take deliveries to Sprytes who can't make it to the shop. Well, that is what they are meant to do, but they usually end up having all sorts of mishcief on their way there! Usually thanks to Turumbar, who isn't as interested as making deliveries as Tiniviuel is! She loves keeping Shop, sweeping the floors, taking stock, and chatting to the Sprytes who drop in. They are all very fond of Tiniviel, and often will give her little gifts as she goes round on her deliveries. Turumbar, however, and he will often disappear, or run riot around the shop floor, breaking things as he goes! The only Spryte he pays any attention to is Tiniviuel!

Hope you like them!
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13  Huen, Book Loving, Ghoul befriending Spryte! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: February 21, 2012 12:17:44 PM

Huen has been dyed with coffee, tea, and, accidently, Perry Cider. =/ After washing her, I dyed her again! Oh dear!

Huen is a very ancient Spryte who lives in a dusty, forgotten corner of a library... It is rather a large Libary, and rather an old house, so its quite understandable how she got herself forgotten there.
Luckily for Huen, the Large House sits nestled in a grave-yard, so she isn't all alone.
She has grown a dislike of the sunshine, which is quite unusual for Sprytes, and has taken to hiding in her book-cubby during the day. (Usually sleeping).

Huen loves nothing more than the smell of a really, really old book, and as books are quite larger than her, they are perfect to sleep upon. She has of course, made a few books Spryte sized. (As you can see) But she quite likes big ones too.
When Huen isn't reading, she is wandering the Grave-yard, with the ghouls and wraiths. They aren't so scary really, when you get to know them!

You can read her full story (Her sad Love Story) Here: http://britishwoodlandsprytes.blogspot.com/ =)
Thanks for looking!!
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14  King & Queen Spryte Dolls in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: February 18, 2012 06:42:47 AM
Here is my Aranion and Amariel, The King and Queen!
They are my personal dolls, and definitely me favourite!  Aranion I have had for a long time, but he had a make-over, as the dog got him, and then when I made Amariel, he needed to look a little more royal and Kingly Wink
Here are the pair of them:

Amariel is very serious, and sometimes gets a little annoyed with Aranion's child-like behaviour!!

Amariel is the Sprytes Queen, though she can rarely be found. She disappears for many months at a time, many Sprytes believe she is actually the spirit of the wood, and is always present, wether it be in the form of a tree, flower, the running stream or leaping deer. Aranion, her King, watches over all the Sprytes and Amariel looks over the well being of the Woods they all live in.

Aranion is a fair, but tricky King.
Aranion can come across rather grumpy sometimes, but he has a heart of gold.
He loves being King, and though he is fair, he can be a little selfish... forgetting he is meant to be there for the benefit of the other Sprytes. Luckily, Toad is always there to correct him and keep him in check, with a stern look and a crooaak!
He is feisty, quick to lose his temper, and even quicker to laugh. Being the King, he has a little part of all the Sprytes in him, and therefore he loves and understands each one with great passion. He will do whatever it takes to make sure his Sprytes are happy, safe, and looked after, though he is usually the one upsetting them, with his tricks and wicked sense of humor!
Aranion loves nothing more than a good get-together, and will often call the Sprytes back to Albion, no matter where they may be for a sing-song, picinc, Midnight Moon Mingle or Summer Sun Shindig!

This is how he used to look, when he was a wee Prince Wink

As always, I would love to know what you think!!
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15  New Tribe Of Spryte Dolls... (Img Heavy!) in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: February 14, 2012 02:02:37 AM
I thought I would share some of my recent Spryte Dolls with you, I haven't posted anything in a while!
As always, I would love to know what you think!  Grin

Fara-Lai is one of the Wild Ones, living in the thickest parts of the wood away from the other Sprytes who form communties, or settlements.
She is spotted mainly upon the backs of birds, (Usually ones of prey) and helps them spot small rodents. (Her eyesight is second to none).
She loves the chase, the wind through her wild mane of hair, and the thrill in achievement. She has many friends, they are all mainly Wild Ones, but she has been seen teaching Settler Sprytes how to hunt.
Fara-Lai is like most Wild Ones in temperament, fiery, loyal, and with a penchant for causing trouble.
She most likes upsetting the quiet lives of those around her, stealing the Squirrels nut hoard, and watching the drama it causes! She gives them back of course, (Well.. most of them!)

Jex is one of the Wild Ones, living in the darkest parts of the Woodlands, hopping and jumping into Trouble.

Friend of all the other Dark Creatures that dwell there, Jex can be quite bad, helping the Dark Ones make tricksy traps for humans! Ever had the feeling that someone has purposely misguiding you till your lost in the woods? That'll be Jex and his Troupe of Trouble Makers.
If you ever think that maybe Jex is causing you Trouble, Call him out, as he doesn't like being told off, and will vanish before he gets caught!!

A sweet, inquisitive little Sprytling, always getting involved in all that goes on, asking how and why things work, and wanting to try them out herself!!
Like all Sprytlings, she loves to dance and sing, and she has a voice that makes you think of honeysuckle and sunshine.

Tillie And Twitch!
Twitch has grown up in the wildest parts of Albion, Becoming very cheeky and fast footed! He got his name from never being able to stay still, always hopping, dancing, and running all over. Even when sat he bounces up and down! Twitch loves to race, and will always be found competing against the hares and foxes. He can be a bit of a cheat though, and will make them laugh so hard they run out of breath! Tillie and her Brother, Twitch, have spent all their lives together lost in the darkest wildest parts of the Wild Wood! This has meant they themselves have become very wild, very cheeky, and most of all, tricksy!

Tillie loves nothing more than flying at super-fast speeds upon the backs of birds of prey, Falcons being her favourites, and jumping of suddenly to surprise whovever may be on the ground below! Whith a giggle and a twirl though, Tillie has vanished from sight. (Down a rabbit hole would be my guess) She has the loyalty of all the Forest creatures, and she guards them fiercely, Rabbits, birds, Mice, Badgers and even Deer all come to her when in need.

As usual, there a mischievous and loveable group of faery troublemakers!

Thanks for Looking!
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16  Winnie The Pooh Mural - No Disney here!! ;) in Interior Decorating: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: January 22, 2012 12:24:29 AM
I nanny for a *nearly* 2 year old boy, who LOVES Winnie the Pooh, but, not the Disney versions, (Which I don't think he has ever even watched!) He loves the original stories and drawings. So, as it is his Birthday coming up soon (Two months!) I offered to paint his play room, as all the walls were white and bare. No fun for a kiddie!
Of course, we all decided on a Winnie the Pooh theme.
I chose an illustration from the story 'Tiggers Don't Climb Trees' and started from there. I wanted all the characters in, so I added owl on a branch of the tree, and on the wall on the other side of the door, I added Rabbit from, oh, the story has escaped me! Sorry! Basically, Rabbit finds a note from Christopher Robin on his door.
The little boy was so good when I was painting in his room, knowing not too come to close, and re-assuringly pointing at the Characters and telling me who they were! Phew!
He loves his new playroom, and will always randomly point and say 'Christopher Robin!' or, 'Pooh Bear!' Like its the first time he has seen them, and has no idea how they got there Cheesy

This is the original:

I realised a few minutes after painting Rabbit, than he is actually a really pale sandy brown. Gah! At least the little boy knew it was A rabbit, he just thought it was Peter Rabbit!!

I'd love to know what you think, and I would love to hear any comments or advice!!

Buzzy bees!

Hey, thats better!

Coming together!

I've finished it now, so when I am there next, (monday) I will be able to take actual finished pictures =0
Its all done! The photos are a little awkward, as they had put all the furniture back in by the tim eI got around to taking photographs! But hopefully you get the idea Wink

Hope you like!
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17  Halloween Sprytlings! Zombie, Ghoul, Pumpkin and Dreamweaver =D in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: September 26, 2011 11:02:51 AM

Been having so much fun making All Hallows Eve themed Sprytlings this week! I painted them all by hand, onto white cotton, so they would all have a truly individual feel. They all have little unique-ities! I absolultey loved making these, and was pleasently suprised, as I didn't think I would have as much fun with it as I did!

Heres the terrible trio!!


Ponky The Pumpkin...

Mr. Zombie!

And The Dreamweaver... (All the white glows in the dark!)

I'd love to know what you think of them! =D Thanks for looking xx
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18  Aeirali - Rain Spryte! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: September 18, 2011 11:15:32 AM
Aeirali is a Rain Spryte, she travels down with the rain drops, making sure they find their way to the lakes, streams, rivers and that the plants get a fair share =)
She does get distracted though by the sparkle of the water, and spends hours placing dew drops on all the leaves!
Aeirali loves the grey skies of an incoming downpour, dancing in the rain, splashing in puddles and rolling in the dewy grass!

I had so much fun making her, she has been in my head for ages, I was so glad to finally get to see her all made up!!

Little drops of dew on her hands, as she places them on the leaves!

Her other Hand

She has dew drops in her hair too! (Those drops of dew get everywhere you know!)

She has lots of dew on her skirt, it collects there for safe travel, until Aeirali places them in the meadows and gardens.

Hope you like her! C+C always welcomed, of course!
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19  Steampunk Spryte (WIP) in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: September 13, 2011 02:46:22 AM

I've been working on a really exciting Spryte recently! A Steampunk Spryte! She has been in my head a little while, and I couldnt hold of any longer =) She is *almost* finished, I just need to add the the little details I think, but I may end up adding lots more (As I usually do!)
I'm really happy with how she is turning out, and wanted to share! Love to hear what you think, and if you have any comments on how to improve her? She has a nature/leaf theme to her, as after all, she is still a woodland Spryte! Wink

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20  Wee Sprytlings....!! in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by BritishFaery on: September 09, 2011 05:47:39 AM
I've been making little baby Sprytes recently, and called them Sprytlings! They're a little more reserved than the Sprytes, (as they are only just getting the hang of this mischievousness thing)
 Wink They are simpler than the sprytes, and have furry, spiky hair, and either a leaf nappy or petal tu-tu. As always, I'd  Love to hear what you think!! !

This is Dandy!! Dandy is such a sweet little darling!
Always a smile on his face and a word to cheer you up and make you grin!
Hello Dandy! Dandy is always making the Sprytes laugh with his odd behaviour and mannerisms, and be sure not to call a Dandelion a weed infront of him, you will make him cross indeed!

Poh is a giggling, dancing swirl of a sprytling, never still for a moment!
She loves to go into flower beds and dance and sway with the Pollen, then fall down and tell jokes with the weeds, till she cannot laugh anymore!

Obie is the first Sprytling to come out of the Woods.
He is a cheeky little thing, always hiding and playing tricks!
Obie was born in a large patch of moss, and loves nothing more than going and snuggling down in a patch!

It was fun to make something new, I've got loads of ideas for more too!!!
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