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1  Re: May the Fourth be with you, this Fibre Friday! in Spinning: Completed Projects by WMA on: May 04, 2012 05:14:16 PM
I haven't posted to a Fiber Friday in quite some time! Happy Star Wars Day to you all! I think if you didn't see the movies 'way back when' then they aren't all that impressive. Any older movie that used to be "amazing!" due to it's special effects and being a little different is pretty lame now if you don't have any nostalgic attachment to it. I find it similar to the old Footloose vs. new Footloose debate that went on a while back...most of those who thought the remake a horrific act of sacrilege (guilty) were those who had a nostalgic attachment to the original and most who loved the new one were those who didn't see Footloose back in the day. It's all about nostalgia!
Ok, enough yammering on about movies! Here's some fiber!  The pics crap as I used my cellphone and dusk is nearly upon us.
Bottom up:
The pink is rambouillet dyed with leftover red hair dye and spun in the coil boil style from Lexi's new book. I love the look of the coil boil! By the time I got to the navajo ply step I was hand feeding all of it onto the bobbin! It's tons of work for what ended up being about 10 yds, maybe less.
The next is a mix of fibers, some romney, merino, mohair, tencel, commercial yarn scraps...among others.
The next 2 brownish ones are coopsworth in 'sport coat' colorway which is brown, dark green and a bit of purple. One is 2 ply of the coopsworth and the other is a coopsworth single plied with some sort of purple shiny metallic stuff (I can barely call it thread as it seems more like plastic or something)
In this one we have 2 skeins of an unknown breed...really long locks (8-10in) with brown/dark brown tips. I bought a huge box of fiber from someone online and this fleece was in it. It is slightly felted but is working up into a great, chunky yarn that will one day become a rug of some sort, I think.
The bobbins have a lot of different fiber. The white has rambouillet, mill ends from SSS, merino, mohair, bamboo, silk, angora and some others I'm not sure of, lol! The colors splashed throughout it are mainly blues, greens and a little purple. The other bobbin is mainly purple romney and gray SSS unknown but I sandwiched a bunch of colored fibers in between when I was carding the batts. So it's a riot of color Smiley

Bella, that BFL is to die for...love that sheen! Also love your big chunky yarn! I'm a sucker for chunky, textured yarns.
Shannin, that first one is so lovely and such calming colors! I adore the colors in your Ocean Horizon roving...one of my fave combos!

Keep it coming ya'll! All this fiber is getting me hyped up for MDSW tomorrow...can't wait!

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2  Re: Fiber Friday 09/10/2010 in Spinning: Completed Projects by WMA on: September 10, 2010 03:47:14 PM
I'm so excited! I'm practically vibrating with excitement! My new Lendrum DT Complete arrived today!! I didn't even make it up the stairs to my apartment...I sat down at the bottom of the steps, opened it up and put it together. Then I just sat there treadling, lol. When I finally dragged it upstairs I had to spin something so I pulled out a small amount of mill ends from Sheep Shed Studio and went at it. I need practice, lol. When I finished the single I switched out the regular flyer for the plying/jumbo flyer and navajo plied my single, lol. My first wheel spun is definitely thick and thin and bulky (mmm, I love bulky yarn). It's only about 23 yards.
The yarn and the obligatory wheel shot:

Also, here's a single I finished a few weeks ago and never got around to posting. It's a Falkland (from The Fiber Denn on Etsy I think) single, 186 yds, 3.9oz, spun on a CD spindle.

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3  Re: spin with suffolk wool/fleece? in Spinning: Discussion and Questions by WMA on: May 09, 2010 06:31:18 PM
I've spun with Suffolk...it was the first fiber I ever tried spinning. I got the fiber as raw fleece..very dirty and full of VM..but I picked and washed and combed (with Dollar Store plastic combs) and got it ready for spinning on my CD spindle. It was quite springy and once spun I don't think it was horribly rough...some of it was actually fairly soft. I probably wouldn't use it for projects that would be against sensitive skin but it would be good for socks, outerwear or purses, pouches, rugs (I can just see a gorgeous rug woven from handspun Suffolk...I need to learn to weave, lol) etc. Also, it's good for needle felting...it's not all fuzzy and halo-y (new word, lol) so it makes a fairly smooth finish when needle felted. I know that a lot of spinners tend to poo-poo Suffolk and some of the other meat sheep wool but I liked working with it and enjoy its springiness (is that a word?). It would also be very good to use as batting or stuffing if you make dolls or amigurumi, etc. Its staple is around 2-4 inches usually, I think, and it's quite fine. Although if you were to stretch it out it would probably come close to doubling its length...that's how springy it is. I've seen it listed often as a  'down' wool. Here are a couple links I found that mention Suffolk:

These are a couple of the yarns I have spun using Suffolk.
This one is my first yarn ever and very overspun (when I dyed it with Kool-aid after spinning the dye could barely penetrate past the outer surface, lol). It's 100% Suffolk.

This yarn is a blend...the dyed bits are Suffolk, the white is a 50/50 blend of Suffolk and some white mill-end roving from Sheep Shed Studio. The only problem I had with this one was the white blend...the two wools I used were so different from each other. The Suffolk was really springy and the SSS wool was long and smooth so I had a hard time getting them blended (I was also new to carding so that may also be a factor). It turned out quite soft though.

This is 100% Suffolk with yarn scraps carded in (Yay for drum carders!). Again, I probably wouldn't use this one for a project that would be worn on sensitive skin but it's not so rough that I would call it unusable. I think Suffolk is a completely valid wool for spinning.
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4  I would love to be able to create something like this but... in Felting: Discussion and Questions by WMA on: April 28, 2010 07:21:20 PM
...I'm a novice felter. So I'm not sure of how to go about felting a piece like this.

So this is a pic scanned from a magazine (not sure what mag as a friend sent me the pic). The piece is by Claudy Jongstra, who does some beautiful, amazing work!! Check out her site if you're not familiar with her... http://claudyjongstra.com/ So after seeing the picture and looking at her site I'm inspired and would love to play around a bit with the wool I have and see if I can get something similar. I know the basics of felting and nuno felting but not much more than that. In the description it says she uses cotton gauze and raw silk in addition to the wool so I would assume nuno...but how would I get those lovely fluffy bits and locks without felting them down into the rest? Getting the locks and fuzzy bits on the edges I can figure out but I really like them throughout as well. Any ideas on techniques I could try?

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5  Re: Hurry up Spring! in Needlework: Completed Projects by WMA on: March 17, 2010 06:11:47 AM
The blue fabric is perfect! It would still be quite lovely on white but just not the same pop for the pinks. Absolutely gorgeous! Spring hasn't quite hit here yet but your work makes me eager for the redbud trees!
     See? The blue background is just as nature intended, lol
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6  Re: Fiber Friday 2/19/10 in Spinning: Completed Projects by WMA on: February 19, 2010 07:40:51 PM
Oh my...some great stuff this week! I can't choose a favorite! Bummer about the greasy/waxy wool Oddacity...maybe some mittens or some type of outerwear could be made from it as the lanolin will add a nice water resistance to it.

So my contribution this week is also my contribution to Lexi Boeger's Handspun Revolution...yay! It's probably one of the wonkiest yarns I've made so far but I like it because I see it as my first real art yarn. I decided I would spin a theme and chose to go with the four elements - air, earth, fire and water. It was corespun on my CD spindle (I so need a wheel...and a jumbo flyer, lol) from many different fibers from many different sources. All but the 'air' were spun on a crochet thread core. I carded up the batts and went to town...wow is it bulky, lol! I decided to spin the 'elements' separately, if it were to be knit there would be four large stripes, lol. Enough chatter let me show you what I'm talking about...(warning, pic heavy)

FULL spindle, lol! I refused to make two skeins and join them later...I wanted a continuous skein and I'm stubborn!

The whole skein (hmm, still need to check the yardage)...twist not yet set

Air - white mohair with a worsted(?) white commercial yarn as the core. So soft!

Earth - All sorts of fiber..romney, angora, locks of some sort, maybe mohair..and I added in small stones like tiger's eye, jade and some others I can't remember the name of, lol. Pic is kinda poor and dark as you can't see the dark greens bits very well.

Fire - Again, many different fibers...locks tail spun to represent flames and of course some gold sparkle

Water - This one I added locks but instead of tail spun with the majority of the lock sticking out, I tail spun, then left a 'wave' of lock out, covered a bit with the other wool, left a 'wave' and so on. I also did some twists (there's one at the top of the pic). The blues and greens are a little washed out in the pic.

Some of the techniques I used were new to me, like the twists and adding in the stones and the tail spun. I used Lexi's book Intertwined to figure those out...except the stones, Jazzturtle's youtube videos helped me with that! It's chunky and funky and I love it!
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7  Fiber Friday February 5, 2010 in Spinning: Completed Projects by WMA on: February 05, 2010 02:19:34 PM

5pm here and no FiberPorn?!?! Egads, I hope you're all just saving it up for one big bang this evening! lol

With that said, I only have one to show off today, lol.
I got the roving from The Arts at Eagle's Find on Etsy. It was called Olivine in the Rough, it's a wool blend and I had to have it (not to mention 1 lb. of mill end rovings and 1 lb. grab bag from SSS, another 4oz. of dyed falkland roving from The Fiber Denn (Etsy) and an 8oz. bag of random fibers/colors etc from another Etsy seller...ok, I went a little fiber happy). It's got this gorgeous sheen to it...each fiber looked almost metallic as I was drafting it. Excuse the flash pics but all the snow we're getting today is completely blocking out the sun!
Enough chatter, on to the pics...
The roving and the roving after drafting (just another look at drafted fiber for those following along with the Learn to Spin 2010...

I did Andean plying (using a paperback book instead of my hand). It was my second time with Andean plying and I think I quite like it because you don't have any leftover bits of singles.

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8  Re: Decorating a scraggly tree? in Winter Holidays by WMA on: December 17, 2009 06:49:30 AM
I think the tree is adorable! I love it! I've picked out some scraggly trees in the past and I like the less is more approach...lights and family ornaments from years past. The lights I usually lay on the wider branches and then wrap on the trunk as the branches get too short higher up.

As for the tree catching on fire or something...  The only real worry you need to have is if there is a short in the electrical stuff. So don't overload one outlet or that sort of thing. I'm not sure if you're familiar with the show Mythbusters on Discovery but they did a Holiday special and that was on of the myths they tested (and busted). They kiln dried Xmas trees and put a different type of lights on each (little twinkle lights, LED lights, those big old ones, etc). Then they left them overnight with the lights on (supervised, just in case) and none of them caught fire. When they created a short, the spark caught the tree and it went up in seconds! So be sure to check your wires and don't overload the outlet or powerstrip, etc.

I think you should continue with the scraggly trees for Xmas! The fat, fluffy ones are overrated, lol....and praying mantis egg cases can hide in them really easily, lol!

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9  Fiber Friday - November 6, 2009 in Spinning: Completed Projects by WMA on: November 06, 2009 06:31:26 AM
Hello all! Happy Fiber Friday!

Wow, it's been a while since I've posted on a Fiber Friday much less started one! I only have one photo but 3 yarns...

Ok, from left to right:
Poor little squishy no-name - 136 yds, 3.6 oz. of soft squishy Rambouillet from roving that I dyed with Tinfix acid dyes. 2-ply...one single is various light greens and the other is various blues. I still have a couple ounces each of the blue and green roving that I think I'm going to corespin.

Au Naturel - 85 yds. 3.6 oz. of some natural color wool that I got in a grab bag from Sheep Shed Studio a while back and finally carded it up on the drum carder. Once I had the single spun I decided I wanted to try Andean plying but was afraid it would be too much yarn to wrap around my hand so I used the paperbook with a pencil in it method...it worked quite well! http://rosemaryknits.blogspot.com/2006/08/andean-plying-bracelet-simplified.html

Naughty and Nice - 195 yds. 5.3 oz. Rambouillet from roving that I dyed with MixAde. Nowhere near as good as Kool-Aid, I used 3 different flavors...strawberry, cherry and black cherry...they all turned out nearly the same color with not enough difference in them to really tell them apart. I'm sticking with Kool-Aid from now on...their flavors come in different colors, lol. Anyway...I carded the reddish-pinks with some white then plied it with some black crochet thread.

Now, on with the fiber porn!
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10  Fiber Friday - Aug. 7, 2009 in Spinning: Completed Projects by WMA on: August 07, 2009 07:20:17 AM
10am and no fiber-y goodness?!! What's a girl to do!? lol

I haven't posted any yarns for a while...I haven't had much time to spin! It's been a busy summer and yet I feel like I've been busy doing nothing =/

So here are my contributions this week...

My first corespun! 143 yds - I got the lovely cormo roving at the Maryland Sheep and Wool fest, put it through the drum carder with some green and purple sparklies and some uncarded white tencel and spun it on a crochet thread core. Spun on a dropspindle...one of these days I'll have a wheel...

Next up... 215 yds - this is also spun from some lovely cormo roving I got at the Maryland Sheep and Wool fest...also put through the drum carder with some gold sparklies! As I was spinning I added in some novelty yarn and made my first attempt at coils. Plied with a dark green thread that has a pretty sheen to it.

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