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41  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: December 27, 2016 11:10:10 AM
Oh my Pygmy puffs everyone's projects are so amazing! I don't have time right now to comment on each one but this has been one of my favorite terms because of all the inspiring work I've seen so far!

Major project dump ahead!!!

Class/challenge: defense against the dark arts
House: Slytherin
Project: cookie decorating demo
This project fits the assignment because cookies require the application of heat to bake an also if the icing is too stiff to work with you apply a subtle amount of heat with your hands to soften it up a bit.

Class/challenge: Floo: treehouse
House: Slytherin
Project: weird cat drawing
This project fits the assignment because I set out to draw a regular cat but ran into difficulties and made a weird cat, but instead of giving up I exercised my independence from the norm by go with the weird and completing a wonderfully weird cat drawing.

Class/challenge: house pride
House: Slytherin
Project: dinosaur dress
This project shows house pride because it's largely green, but also it showcases the T-Rex one of the fiercest reptilian creatures, Slytherins get a lot of inspiration from reptiles, may we channel the fierceness of the t-Rex! Raaaaawr!

This dinosaur dress also leads me to show off another "project" I've been working on for two years: I've lost 100lbs

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: star
House: Slytherin
Project: post modern textile art mask
This project fits the assignment because it lets my talent for theatrical design shine. I studied theatre design in college and I haven't applied it that much to my life until now. This mask is one of many that will follow that will be a part of some music videos I will be making to go with my music project.

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: angel
House: Slytherin
Project: a holiday dress for my mom
Working at a fabric store lends to all kinds of desire to have whimsical seasonal clothing and I made myself a fun holiday dress which will be pictured further down. When my mom saw it she wanted a fun seasonal dress as well so I made her one too. She is definitely an angel in my life because she allows me to use half of her house as an art studio and supports me while I make music.

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: Lights
House: Slytherin
Project: embossed ornament ATCs
These fit the assignment because they hopefully lit up the hearts of the people who received them inside Christmas cards.

Class/challenge: Hagrid's trees: Ribbon
House: Slytherin
Project: cookie decorating demo
This fits the assignment because every time I get to demonstrate cookie decorating the resulting cookies are then shared with my coworkers which ties us all together as a community.

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42  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: November 15, 2016 07:05:06 AM
I haven't been around as much as I'd like this term because I'm currently trying to figure out my work/life balance, I will go back sometime soon and look at everything people have posted. In the mean time I have some homework to drop off before I rush back to my undercover work at a muggle fabric shop.

Class/challenge: alchemy
House: Slytherin
Project: Troll kids craft example.

It's not everyday that I get to get paid for coloring but on the day I made this I got to lead a free paper craft event for kids at my work. I had to make an example of each of the crafts and then lead the kids in the one they chose as they walked up. This fits the class because sharing creativity with others gives me fire. Whether it's sitting in a group and crafting together, teaching, exhibiting, or performing, it's what I live for!

It's a peeking troll desk buddy.

Class: care of magical creatures
House: Slytherin
Project: little halloween coloring books for trickortreaters

This project fits the class because increasingly the arts are being cut from children's school days and are being discouraged by society in general. This is of big concern to me so I try to find ways to infiltrate the lives of children and people in general with creativity in unexpected ways. We made 75 of these little coloring books and gave every one of them away to a happy trick or treater. (We didn't skimp on the candy either) these color books include drawings I have previously turned in so technically speaking this assignment is just the cover illustration.

Class/challenge: flying
House: Slytherin
Project: fabric sorting and project assignment

This fits the prompt because before I made this list I had a stash of fabric I have collected since beginning work at a fabric store and I hadn't written down how much of each kind I had or what I planned to do with each one. Also I had tons of new patterns that I had gotten on 99 cent pattern sales that I hadn't planned on what to do with. So I underwent a major organizing effort by taking an afternoon and measuring each kind of fabric and assigning it to the pattern I wanted to make with it and writing it down in a list of projects to execute. I don't really have a before picture because everything just went back where it was but I do have the list:

Class/challenge: history of magic
House: Slytherin
Project: Knit Print tunic dress

This project fits the class because it's part of an ongoing effort I am making to use my job at a fabric store to allow myself to make clothing that better suits my personality than the clothes I can find at the store and also more affordable than the store. The personal transformation for me has been great since making an effort to dress for the life I want. I have more confidence and I feel like I can be the fun quirky person I am on the inside when the outside is more in line with that.

Class/challenge: transfiguration
House: Slytherin
Project: christmas apron for work

This project definitely required precise calculation and following of a pattern. It also required a firm and steady hand to see those hearts correctly with the curves and everything as well as sewing on the ricrac
I made it because during the holiday season we can wear a holiday apron instead of our normal aprons at work.

Class/challenge: November detention
House: Slytherin
Project: pink and grey punk slash shirt fail

So I'm gonna say right up front this project was a fail. The neck band and sleeves look atrocious and it fits me like a refrigerator box. It also turned out lackluster on a design level. All of that said, I DID finish it and I did learn from it. I also designed it myself. So I'm considering it a first prototype. It's a wip because I started it a while ago and then left it aside while I made other things. So I'm going to try and make another one now that I've practiced up on some sewing skills. I took a lot of costume design in college but sleeves were never my strong suit and I am a bit rusty with my garment construction but I'll get there! My goal is to be able to make more unique fashion than I can buy at the store. Here is my fail pic lol!

43  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: October 21, 2016 10:53:26 AM
Class/challenge: potions
House: Slytherin
Project: inktober drawing collection of felties
Description: I couldn't decide if my bogart would turn into a spider or one of the people I look up to the most in a disappointed at me state but either way I think I would turn them into a cute little felt doll of themselves because how could I be intimidated by a cute little feltie?

Class/challenge: study of ancient runes
House: Slytherin
Project: inktober drawing: spooky accordion player
Description: something that a put a great deal of thought into every single day is music. I'm currently in the process of completing a huge musical project and it is literally a turning point in my life. This drawing of a skeleton accordion player goes a long with all those thoughts.

Class/challenge: house unity
House: Slytherin
Project: inktober cupcake drawing
Description: what better to unite the houses than to offer your classmates some nice cupcakes? But make sure they are actually nice cupcakes before taking a bite lol.....

Class/challenge: october detention
House: Slytherin
Project: inktober sad monster drawing
Description: for this drawing I just sort of started with a big curve and when from there with no pre determined plan and came up with the monster you see. (It's a sad monster because the inktober prompt I was doing at the time was "sad")

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44  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: October 21, 2016 10:35:50 AM
I have been away with some special undercover muggle studies work at one of their fabric stores to investigate how muggles make their robes, and also working on a special project making music, but this term I'm putting in more of an effort to pop into the castle and keep up with my assignments so here is all the homework I have to turn in:

Class/challenge: Floo: New Zealand
House: Slytherin
Project: Spirit guide horse inktober drawing

Description: I have been participating in inktober this year. I don't expect myself to do all 31 days, but if I get several in I'll be proud of myself. For this ink drawing I drew a horse spirit guide because I have been seeing these clouds perfectly shaped like magical sky ponies as I commute to work during sunrise. I looked up the symbolism of a horse omen or totem and I was very inspired! On my horse drawing you will see some spiral shapes and that's where the prompt comes in. That shape is referred to as Koru in Maori symbolism and refers to a new shoot of a silver fern. This symbol means going back to the beginning as in a fresh start, rebirth, and new life. This symbolism is perfect for me right now in my life and goes right along with what a bright magical sky horse means as an omen or spirit guide! Here's my pic:

Class/challenge: Arithmancy
House: Slytherin
Project: football tailgate party cookies
Description: these cookies were really fun to decorate they weren't very complicated but I thought it was super cute how the two types of sprinkles really did make it look like a field and the crowd. I'm sure these cookies could be easily altered to look like Quidditch instead of muggle football. These fit the prompt because it is my ambition to become a certified wilton instructor.

Class/challenge: charms
House: Slytherin
Project: halloween cupcakes
Description: more decorating demos! This time cupcakes! This fits the prompt because of the blood represented in the decorating and I gave them both to family members.

Class/challenge: herbology
House: Slytherin
Project: cookie decorating demo
Description: Erin and I absolutely love having afternoon tea and tea parties, we make a big deal out of it! So pretty seasonally decorated cookies remind us both of tea. Also these are floral inspired pumpkin designs and the teas I like in general have floral notes to them.

Class/challenge: muggle studies
House: Slytherin
Project: inktober monster race car drawing
Description: this inktober drawing was inspired by the muggle saying "like a bat out of heck" (slightly altered for politeness) meaning really fast.

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45  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: October 11, 2016 09:53:29 AM
Class/challenge: Floo Powder Ankh Morpork

House: Slytherin

Project Name: Decorating Demo

Description: so I have recently been tapped at work to become the cake decorating instructor - for which I am NOT certified- this will be remedied over time but as of now I'm kind of winging it and doing it wrong aka uncertified so it fits the prompt. Here's a pic of the cookies I decorated for the demo:

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46  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: October 01, 2016 06:30:20 AM
Study of Ancient Runes

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47  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*Harry Potter Craftalong Yule Term 2016/2017*~ Join anytime! on: October 01, 2016 06:29:52 AM

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48  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*HP Craftalong - Midsummer Semester 2016*~ on: September 09, 2016 01:19:48 PM
Subject: August detention
House: Slytherin
Description: quilted hello kitty coasters for my house.

This prompt includes two of the coasters pictured. The other two were turned in for a different project.

Subject: apparition
House: Slytherin
Description: hello kitty skirt and matching bow.

I enjoyed this hello kitty fabric so much! I was able to make this skirt and bow as well as the coasters that were previously posted. This project fits the class because the skirt and bow are a set of things that are linked by the matching fabric and are meant to be worn together.

Please note that the small bow in the above picture is not included in this prompt as I will be turning it in for another class.

Subject: astronomy
House: Slytherin
Description: warm orange halloween bow

This bow reminds me of the warm orange sun on beautiful autumn days. It also matches my new halloween skirt that I turned in earlier.

Subject: Flying
House: Slytherin
Description: Small bow for Erin

Erin has much shorter hair than I do so a smaller bow was in order for her. She wanted a matching bow for her skirt too. She made one just like mine Smiley This bow can be seen in the picture with two bows earlier in this post and fits the prompt because it is small and is under the "3x"5 inch limit.

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49  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*HP Craftalong - Midsummer Semester 2016*~ on: September 09, 2016 01:00:42 PM

Owl subject: Transfiguration
House: Slytherin
Description: crocheted afghan

I have always enjoyed crocheting but I have never stuck with a larger project so for my OWL I would like to work on my focus and ability to see things through by transfiguring a large amount of yarn into an afghan for myself. I plan on make the giant granny square type and am not aiming for a particular bed size just be plenty big for me to curl up in. Definitely a blanket not just a throw size.

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50  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: ~*HP Craftalong - Midsummer Semester 2016*~ on: September 08, 2016 10:13:27 AM
Subject: quidditch: bumphing
House: Slytherin
Description: Birthday cookies to enjoy during the match

Subject: quidditch: cobbing
House: Slytherin
Description: a rockstar welcome poster

My friend came to visit me on his vacation so I made an excessive sign to give him a rockstar welcome at the airport, I mean you should be your bff's biggest fan, right?

Subject: quidditch: Flacking
House: Slytherin
Description: cityscape skirt

Another example of what happens when I get a job at a fabric store! I made this skirt without a pattern just using my measurements.

Subject: Quidditch: quafflepocking
House: Slytherin
Description: Altered and stenciled tshirt

This project is the shirt in the picture posted for my previous post and it fits the prompt because I altered a plain t-shirt to better fit my needs. I freezer paper stenciled it using tulip color shots fabric spray paint and I love how it turned out. The glitter I layered on top of the spray paint kind of looks like sparkles in pavement which goes perfectly with the city theme of the outfit.

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