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I want a baby, perferably a girl because there's too many boys in the family now...but I love them all! I doubt anyone could fullfill that wish, but I thought it would be fun to post!  Wink  Of course, if there's anyone out there with an unplanned pregnancy that doesn't know what to do...my doorstep is a good place to come...hehe! lol...just a little wishful thinking  Wink
2  Halloween / Halloween Costumes / Re: help with Lava Lamp costume mechanics? on: September 25, 2005 07:27:18 AM
what if you got fabric that changed color when light hit it, and use it to make a body suit and fix a light in the costume so when you walk the light would swirl around your body with the movement and give the impreshion of the lava flowing! That's all I can come up with! Good luck!  Wink
3  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Discussion and Questions / Re: Writing a book- a differant kind of paper craft ;) on: August 16, 2005 02:31:43 PM
hows the book writing going?? Smiley

at the moment it's tangled up with all the chaoses of life and I'm quite certain that I'm going to end up rewriting most, if not all of what I have so far!  Tongue *sigh*
4  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Re: Attempt #2 at the vegetarian t-shirt on: August 06, 2005 11:07:31 AM
That is so great! There are differant types of vegitarians, and I have fallen into every catagory at some point in my life! Currently, I do eat fish on occassion because I need the nurishment. I was vegan and I was extreamly sick and malenurished because I was on a clear liquid diet for a long time, and they told me I needed to get some protien in me and some other nurishment! It took me 3 more months before I could actually put a piece of fish in my mouth! Although I can eat fish now, I could not bring myself to eat any other type of animal! And when I eat fish, I thank the spirit of it for sacrifycing it's life so that I may be nurished from it!  Cheesy Just thought I'd share that!
5  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Re: My heart is just a muscle t-shirt - (pics) on: August 06, 2005 10:56:19 AM
  That shirt is awsome!  Cheesy I love it! I want it!  Wink
6  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Discussion and Questions / Re: Writing a book- a differant kind of paper craft ;) on: August 06, 2005 10:51:14 AM
i think drugs are overrated... kind of like highschool.

Yes, I think you hit the nail on the head with that statement! What is the point of high school anyway? I think at 15 you should have a choice to get a job or go to college because, from my personal experiences, I really didn't learn anything in high school! It was a total waste of time! Not to mention the fact that I was the school freak, which turned out to be a good thing in college! (Art major!  Wink )
And capitanjen, I got drunk once, at age 24, mainly to prove my point (more so to myself than anyone) that it's just not worth it! And I can say from personal experience, that it's not fun! When your laying on a bathroom floor and trying to figure out how your going to get up on the torlet to pee, you gotta ask yourself, who in there right mind would want to go threw this every night of their life?...or every weekend or how ever often they drink! That was definitely a low point of my life and I will proudly say that I will never drink again! I really shouldn't have drank that night either because I have chronic pancreatitis. Talk about adding insult to injury! If you have health concerns, even if it's a mild seizure disorder, alcohol can really affect you and make your condition worse! Yes, I was stupid and yes, I learned my lesson! And this should be a lesson to parents as well, because no matter how smart you child is, they will do stupid things because that's part of growing up! And all the young people, it's ok to experiment as long as you do it in moderation and with some sense of responsibility! When I decided to get drunk that one time, one of my closest friends was with me the whole night and she did not drink at all because she was there to make sure I was safe! It was kind of funny because I've always been the sober one, and I've always been proud of that! Anybody can follow along and do what everyone else is doing, but it takes courage and responsibility to say you want to stay sober and be the safe ride home!  Wink I personally have always liked sparkling cider! It taste great and it has no alcohol in it so even the kids can have some!  Cheesy
7  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Discussion and Questions / Re: Writing a book- a differant kind of paper craft ;) on: August 03, 2005 12:38:55 PM
Pink Hula, I'm glad that your parents are working things out and I hope they communicate more and more with each other as well as you and your siblings! You make a lot of good points and I appreciate all that you have shared. I'll be 27 in a month, and although I'm still able to reflect back on my teen years fairly clear, it's a lot differant when your experiencing it! It can get confusing when your able to see both sides of the coin, so I do like hearing from teens and parents/guardians because there is a big difference in perspectives!

CraftyChef, I do see your points and I do agree that children and teens should have respect for their parents and be conciderate of their feelings, however, respect and consideration goes 2 ways! Growing up my mother would continuously promise me things and continuously broke her promises! Changing your mind once in a while is disappointing but if it becomes a habit, it not only affect the parent/child relationship but also affects that child's development and abilities to fiction normally in society! As a parent, if you can not afford to buy something or you feel it's unsafe for whatever reason, that child deserves to be told the truth! Saying next time or for your birthday or Christmas, and then not getting it is not only unfair, but also damaging to their psyche.

If Pink Hula's mother changed her mind about her going driving with her friend, Pink Hula deserves an explanation as to why! If the explanation is that three teens where recently killed in a car accident and as your mother I worry and feel that your friend needs more experience driving before you go out with her, well ok, that's reasonable and I'm sure she would understand that! But the main problem is that her Father said it was ok after a couple weeks, and then her mother changed her mind after her father allowed her to go out with her friend! So now you have both parents saying ok to a couple weeks, and then one says ok you can go, then after the fact, the other parent comes back and says no you have to wait longer, which isn't just confusing to the child, but also causes arguments between the parents who should have discussed it in the first place! Pink Hula sounds like a very respectable young adult, she's just confused about what she is and isn't aloud to do because her parents lack communication skills!

A lot of teens do seem to have the attitude that they know it all! I was one of them! They thing is, when you know it all then your not able to learn anything new! I learned that the hard way! And I know back when I knew it all, I was really just a scared little kid underneath it all! Teens act like they know it all because they want to be independent and have a freedom of choice. They don't have enough life experience to base their choices on and therefore make many mistakes! Mistakes are how we learn! As parents, we want to protect our babies, because to us they will always be our babies, and it's hard to let them go and become their own person! But the teens are a very special point in life in which each of us make the transition into adults. If we do not have the chance to experience the world and make mistakes under the love of our parents, then we are destined to fail!

You don't have to have sex or get drunk or high to know how it affects people! Go to a nursing home and your sure to find a lot of younger people in a perminant disability! My mother works at a state funded nursing home, where people who can't afford a private nursing home end up, and as a child I'd fill water pitchers and talk to the people. You want to scare some sense into a wreckless teen take them to a nursing home to visit the younger residents! A man who got drunk and tried to dive off the roof into the pool, missed the pool and is now a quadriplegic. A heroin addict who got so high he believed he could fly, fractured his spine in 3 places! And that's only 2 of them, there are many more! Most of them are very angry and bitter! Seeing people like that made me think twice when someone offered me a drink or drugs. Every time I was tempted or curious about trying a drug I read everything I could possibly find about it! All the scientific data as well as personal stories and experiences people wrote about. The only drug I've ever used is marijuana, and I personally believe it to be a medication! Tylenol, that anybody at and age can buy over the counter is far more dangerous and harmful than smoking a j! And that statement is backed by scientific facts and research! I would not recommend anyone try to drive while stoned because your reflexes are delayed! Marijuana is a natural narcotic, and it helps in relieving pain, increasing appetite, and it helps a lot of people sleep. As a recreational drug, basically it makes you feel more calm and relaxed, gives you the munchies, and can make you find things funny. Most people I have known, self included, tend to get really philosophical and discuss really deep thoughts! I personally believe the plant should be used for medical and spiritual needs, however, it is the most harmless drug that anyone could use, and I personally would prefer catching a teen smoking a joint rather than sniffing glue or drinking cough syrup or shootin heroin into their veins! The problem with cough syrup is that it can cause serious breathing problems, and so can huffing! Kids have died from that stuff! Heroin is so potint it can actually kill you the first time you use it! Ecstasy is another popular drug among  teens and early 20s. It's great at first because it makes you feel like you love everyone and everything and everyone and everything loves you, but when it wares off you go into a deep depression that is so bad that you want to die! Many kids take their own lives or at least attempt to! If you have a history of depression, especially if your taking an antidepressant, you should not use any drugs because it can interact with the antidepressant and actually cause you to feel more depressed! If you are curious about drugs, as most teens are, talk to your doctor about how it may interact with any medications you may be taking. Doctors are not allowed to discuss things with your parents if you ask them not to. They will try to discurage you from using any drugs especially if your on medications or have health concerns. If you choose to try marijuana, make sure you get it from a reputable source that you can trust because some people lace it with other drugs like LSD or Ecstasy, which can make you really sick or even kill you if you ingest too much of it! Also note that smoking can cause bronchitis, especially if your prone to infections or have asthma. If you choose to try any type of drug, especially the really dangerous ones, make sure there is someone with you who's not using that can get immediate medical attention in case of an emergency or protect you from yourself in case you need to be! I knew a kid who had a really bad acid trip and truly believed his hand had turned into a dragon and was attacking him. He cut his own hand off!

Alcohol is a drug too! Many young people die from alcohol poisoning! It's ok to pass on a drink and it's ok to have one drink to see what it taste like. Don't go crazy and see how many you can drink! 2 or 3 drinks are more than enough! Drink some Gatorade to prevent a hangover and make sure you have a safe ride home or a safe place to crash for the night! And Girls, please be responsibly aware of your drinks and who your with because a lot of young girls are taken advantage of! A close friend of mine went to a party a few years back at a friends house. It was basically her and her one girlfriend and 2 guys that her friend had basically just met! All my friend remembers is having a beer, going to the bathroom, coming back and finishing her beer and talking to the one guy and then waking up in the morning with her underwear on the floor and her shirt was on backwards. The guy told her nothing happened and all her friend remembers is the 2 of them going into the bedroom. Both of them where drugged and they are sure that something happened! They didn't talk to each other after that incident for over a year because they where both so shook up over it!

As parents we want to protect our children from the mistakes we've made and the problems we've faced as young people. As teens we just want to experience life and have some freedom to make decisions for ourselves. Most teens who are rebellious are so because their parents are too strict. It's ok to want to protect your child from harm but they have to be given a reasonable amount of space to grow and learn, and mistakes are what gives us life experience. We can not expect our 14 year old to make a choice based on a mistake that we made and learned from at 14! All we can do is tell them what we know and stand by them and try to comfort them when they come home crying.

Forbidding something without explanation is not justifyable! For example, telling your daughter she's not aloud to have sex just because your the parent and you get to make that call is just as childish and immature as her saying I'm going to have sex just to spite you! Sitting down with her and explaining to her about your personal experiences and trusting her to make good decisions is a more effective and less frustrating approach! Maybe you got pregnant at 16 and had an abortion or gave the baby up for adoption and your embarrassed by that and think your daughter will hate you because of it. In actuality, by sharing your secret with her, your making that mother/daughter bond stronger and giving her a relavant reason to cross her legs and say no!  Wink
8  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Discussion and Questions / Re: Writing a book- a differant kind of paper craft ;) on: July 31, 2005 02:32:30 PM
Thankyou all for your replies and comments! Seems we're all agreeing on the video game issue!  Cheesy
Pink Hula, you've made a lot of relavant points! Often times parents try to prevent you from making the same mistakes they've made. The problem with that is that we need to make mistakes in order to learn! As far as the parents not communicating with each other, often times people grow apart and I know many couples who say they are just trying to make it work until the kids are grown. As children, and even as adults, there are a lot of things in our parents personal relationship that we are not aware of. Some people just fall into a routine and become stuck...they figure this is how it is and make no effort to change anything. It's sad but it's a reality. You may be able to help your family "get their groove back" and in turn make your life a little easier! Perhaps you can set up a day and time every week where the whole family can get together and discuss things. You can propose things that you would like...stay out later than usual, increase your allowance, get a part time job, whatever is relevant at the time...and then give your parents time to discuss and agree on something...say an hour, and then you return to the room to discuss with them their decision(s) and try to negotiate for what you want. Also, because couples often grow apart, you should propose to your parents that they set a date night...once a week or once a month depending on what they can afford...and they will go out on a date, just the 2 of them, so they can have time alone and talk about whatever they want to share with each other. They may be resistant of the idea at first, saying they have no time, but you can either set up a nice candle light dinner for them and go out with friends so they have the evening to themselves, or get them a gift card to the nicest place you can afford  and tell them it expires at the end of the month so they have to use it! If they get in the habit of getting together at least once a month, they will communicate more with each other and grow close again, and then ideally, your life should be a lot less complicated! Hope this helps!  Wink
9  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Discussion and Questions / Re: Writing a book- a differant kind of paper craft ;) on: July 30, 2005 09:37:44 AM
Yes, I definately think todays youth is growing up faster and faster!
I've heard and read a lot of reports about teen violence recently, and one issue around that that concerns me is the defence that video games caused the teen to commit the crime! I personally do not believe that a game can cause someone to commit a crime! I'd like to hear thoughts and comments about this issue and any others that teens and/or parents may have. Thank you all and take care!
10  HOME SWEET HOME / Interior Decorating: Discussion and Questions / Re: folding screen ideas? on: July 22, 2005 09:04:55 AM
there's a book, I'm pretty sure the title is hardware style, and it has a pretty cool looking room divider screen in there that you can make out of metal parts you can get pretty cheep at a hardware store. I also recently bought one of those photo dividers from walmart for about $35! I also want to make one with bamboo and canvas. I have a bunch of bamboo sticks I've bought from craft stores and a huge sheet of canvas, but currently no space to work in! hope these ideas help you get started! Good luck!  Cheesy
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