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1  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: 12 Days Of Christmas 2008 (Send Out 12/01/08) on: November 27, 2008 04:45:00 PM
Finished 5 smalls tonight. Smiley

In other news, my room looks like it's been ravaged by craft-monsters (or something), and some items for Day 7 have gone missing.

Either they're in my room, or someone took them. :|
2  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: 12 Days Of Christmas 2008 (Send Out 12/01/08) on: November 17, 2008 04:47:59 PM
Checking in. Smiley

I've had a pretty pad three weeks in school. :|

Craft related: I'm probably sending half and half. Smiley I looked at my list and my current finished items and realized that I didn't have anything Christmas-y in it, so now I have to substitute some days with Christmas-related stuff. :| Oh well. Smiley
3  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / The Swap Gallery / Re: 12 Days of Christmas 2008 Gallery on: November 11, 2008 06:30:54 PM
Sorry for the late posting! Cheesy Neighbor got my box by mistake. Cheesy

Group Shot: Days 12-6

On the 12th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...12 buttons!

DBSK, House, Calvin & Hobbes, Twilight, robot, iKnit, panda, polar bear, and 'Stuck on Canada' (which features a person with a tongue stuck to a pole. LOL.)

On the 11th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...11 book themed items!

L-R: book plates, romance novels (train reading!), Peter Pan journal, bookmarks, and a book sleeve.

On the 10th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...6 magnets and 4 fair trade items!

Fair Trade items: chocolate chips, dark chocolate, coffee, and cane sugar (More yummy for my tummy. Cheesy) The website is: www.transfair.ca

Magnets close up shot: panda, sushi, twilight, DBSK, and Santa. The 'K' didn't make it... D: But I think I can repair it. Cheesy

On the 9th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...4 handmade soaps and 5 ornaments!

Soaps: cinnamon, peppermint, 'tranquil' soap, vegan scrubby soab; Ornaments: Santa, cinnamon stick Santa, polar bear, tree of life, and the Christmas pickle.

On the 8th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...4 hand drawn and painted cards and 4 movie night items!

Cards: Christmas owl & snowman and birthday pandas; Movie Night: movie(s), popcorn, M&Ms, and a rating book.

On the 7th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...4 items from Cranbrook and 3 of his favorite things!

Cranbrook: Pita chips, soap, honey candle, and blueberry tea; Favorites: recipe book (which will be put to good use. Cheesy), Yogi tea, and "Hundreds and Thousands The Journals of and Artist" by Emily Carr (boywonder's favorite book by his favorite author. Cheesy)

On the 6th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...6 handprinted postcards (with some extras!)

He does watercolors beautifully! When I try to do watercolors, I end up with soggy messes. Cheesy

On the 5th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...DBSK plushies!





Yeah, I'm completely in love with my plushies. They will have a special place of honor next to my giant teddy bear. Cheesy (And it was my big wish too! Cheesy)

On the 4th day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...4 DIY kits!

L-R: Record Bowl, Soap, Stencil, and Polymer Clay. Cheesy

On the 3rd day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...3 warm-ups!

Toque, Scarf (It's actually a lighter shade of green than the picture suggests), and Mittens. Cheesy

On the 2nd day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...a Road Trip Frame and a Travel Gnome!

It's the travelocity gnome! He says I should take Gnome along with me when I travel and take pictures of him in different locations. I will, don't worry. Cheesy And! Sadly, the road trip sign and the arrow sign didn't make it...but I have most of the pieces, which means I can glue them back together. Cheesy

On the 1st day of Christmas boywonder gave to me...a Stocking Filled With Treats!

A stocking, stamps, Disney molds, mittens, gift tags, and two pills (I'm not really sure what they are... o___O), and a vanilla scented candle. Cheesy

THANK YOU BOYWONDER! Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy I had fun doing this swap with you! Cheesy (And) I hope you like the stuff I sent you as much as I liked the stuff you sent me! Cheesy
4  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: 12 Days Of Christmas 2008 (Send Out 12/01/08) on: October 27, 2008 03:08:06 PM
I made some _________ and they turned out pretty okay. Smiley They will be for one of the small days--I'm just not yet sure which ones.

Started on one of the large days. Smiley

Still drawing a blank on the medium days. Smiley
5  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: 12 Days Of Christmas 2008 (Send Out 12/01/08) on: October 20, 2008 02:00:23 PM
Don't worry, 2711, practice makes perfect. Smiley

I passed my written exam, but I still have to go through the road test and then the highway test before I am fully licensed. Sad

Crafty note: Ah...yeah. *hides*
6  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: 12 Days Of Christmas 2008 (Send Out 12/01/08) on: October 17, 2008 05:39:13 PM
Ditto on the ear wax problems. When I was a kid, I had an impacted serumen (or something which meant that I had hardened ear wax in my ear) and the EENT told my mom to put some kind of serum in my ear, then scoop it out with a small wooden spoon-like thing. When it became bad, they had to flush it out. That was traumatic.

It might not be the kindest option, but go see an EENT before it hardens, because it hurts all the more. Really.

(Although I'll be crossing my fingers and wishing it just falls out. Smiley)

Gah. Should craft.
7  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: 12 Days Of Christmas 2008 (Send Out 12/01/08) on: October 16, 2008 09:06:28 PM
Popping in just to tell you guys I'm alive. Smiley

I want to just lock myself in the house and craft for two weeks, but everyone I know will probably kill me, and then I'd be dead before I turn twenty, which would be really sad.

(That's just my rambling way of saying: ohmyholyflyingcowsi'msobehindcrapimayjustbescrewed. The good thing though, is that I have day one, and I have ideas for everything else save days 5,6,9-12. Great. D:)

(But I will persevere! *plays dramatic music of some sort*)
8  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / The Swap Gallery / Re: Twilight Series Swap, Round 4 GALLERY on: October 10, 2008 09:04:55 PM
I received from iggy.boy.

Good timing, actually. I just found proof that my instructor dislikes me and I'm cramping like hell. Imagine my surprise when I found the delivery notice on my door. Smiley

I'm grinning from ear to ear, and you're all gonna see why. Smiley

(Some of the pics are dark because all you can see is white when I have the flash on) Smiley

(This is going to be a looooong post, because I am camera-happy) Smiley

Okay, here we go!

Box reception:

My dad wanted me to just tear off the package right away, but I wouldn't let him because my partner told me to look for something that USPS covered...(I'm good with a blade. Smiley)

Jasper = <3

So, I ripped the paper open, opened the box and found...

FORKS! Smiley And a chess piece. Smiley (I'm kinda slow today, so I spent a few minutes wondering why the heck there were silver forks inside. Then I picked one up and realized they were plastic. Smiley And then I got it. Smiley)(<-- I actually was afraid that the post office broke something, because I shook the box around and there was tinkling. Smiley)

There were stuff on the side, and I took them out one by one...

...and another...

There's actually two more pictures of the layers being removed, but I seem to have lost them, which sucks.  Undecided But onward to more pictures! Smiley

The item under the cloth was Bella's photo album.

(Sideways, sorry. Smiley)

(Text says: "As if I never existed.")

I don't know if there were meant to be no pictures or something... Smiley

Under the photo album was...

Bella's birthday card for...

...Renesmee. Smiley

Under that was...

Then under that was...

I went: AWW~ when I read the note on top.  Cheesy For those who wonder, it's...a box with a magnetic flap on the side which keeps it closed. Smiley

And then there was something inside, which I conveniently lost the photo of. Smiley I'll let you guys guess what it is. Smiley Under that something was...

iSquee. Cheesy


Switzwerland! Smiley This is all going to make sense after I post all the pics. Smiley

Under the box was a wrapped item that said: "Open this first" (This picture got lost too. Which irks me, really. Dang computer.)

And under that was the rest of the chess pieces (and more forks Smiley) and this:

Okay, on to the first item! Smiley

A Twilight inspired messenger bag! Smiley (I know you said this was easy Iggy, however, as someone who cannot sew for her life, I am motherofallflyingcows-amazed. Smiley)

Close up of the hands and the apple...

...which turned out to be a button! Smiley

And then inside I found...

...which is going to be the new home of...(I was going to say stethoscope, but they might steal it at the hospital. Sad) I'll think of something. Smiley

Close-up detail of the zipper:

Intermission: Go on and take a bathroom break or something. Smiley I'd just like to inform you that I actually opened the items first before the photo album and the box. But since I don't have the other pictures to fill in the gaps, I just posted it in the order that they were placed in the big box. That's it. Smiley Thanks for reading all this way. Smiley

So, now for the second item:

A dreamcatcher (Iggy probably didn't know, but I've always wanted a dreamcatcher, and for some reason, I've never bought one for myself. So now I have one. Smiley My partner's Alice-ness level has gone up! Smiley), a bracelet with a wolf charm (did you make it yourself?), and a wooden stick.

Close up of the wooden stick...

Which wasn't a wooden stick but a hidden compartment! Smiley It had a letter inside, from Jacob to Renesmee. Smiley

Okay, on to the third package!

More birthday cards from the Cullen family (and if you haven't guessed it yet, yes, the theme seems to be Renesmee's coming of age birthday. Smiley)

"Hey, Ness. I wish you a blissful coming and halting of age. You know I won't be around all the time to watch over that tempernamental pet of yours, so please do me a favor and make him wear what the humans call a mood ring. We all love you. P.S. I wasn't trying to offend Jacob, but if he did find offense in what I had to say then that's his own personal issue."


"Hey, Nessie! Sucks that you stopped aging at thirteen. You would just loathe taking middle school over and over again; and I didn't need my visions to see that. Well, hope you enjoy the beginning, and well, the end of your teenage years! I love you so much!"

"My dearest Renesmee, nobody in this world could be more beautiful than all of us combined. I love you."

"Nessie, please do us all a favor that your parents forgot to accomplish and save us all the trouble; use protection. We wouldn't want another hybrid of a hybrid. You know I love you."

"To our dearest Renesmee, A pair of voucher tickets for you and Jacob. Part of being one of us is that you get to experience the world to its fullest. So why not start as soon as able with the person you love? Our deepest love on your special day."

"My Renesmee, no inanimate prensent in the world is enough to show you how much I love you, but since your unongrinal mate thought it'd be the greatest idea to get you something your mother already acquire, I thought I should do the same. Your father and friend."

And this is what he gave Renesmee:

Which, combined with what Jacob gave Renesmee, forms:

A Bella's bracelet! Cheesy

I don't have an action shot... Sad But, rest assured I'm wearing it when I go an watch the movie. Smiley

Okay! Group shot! Smiley

Okay, Red is for/from Bella, Blue is for/from Jacob, and Green is for/from the Cullens. Smiley Am I supposed to be Renesmee?  Huh Not that I'm complaining.  Wink



It's very well thought out, and there's a story to it (which I appreciate Smiley).

I got very spoiled, and I love everything, and I'm still grinning from ear to ear.

I'll probably write you a longer letter in a PM, but now I'll stop because this is a waaay long post. Smiley



(and again and again and again and again...and again...)

You are most definitely getting something for Christmas. Seriously.

*virtual BIG HUG and  Kiss Kiss Kiss*
9  Craft Swaps / ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED / Re: Twilight Series Swap, Round 4 (SIGNUPS Closed, MAIL BY 10/3/08) on: October 10, 2008 07:09:48 PM
I received. Smiley Will be posting pics in gallery. Smiley
10  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / The Swap Gallery / Re: Twilight Series Swap, Round 4 GALLERY on: October 07, 2008 05:44:56 PM
Here's my teaser for iggy.boy Smiley

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