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1  ORGANIZED CRAFT SWAPS / New Swap Theme Ideas / Re: 2019 Ongoing One Tiny Thing Swap Discussion Thread on: July 21, 2019 09:52:29 PM
I just might do this! I already see stuff I could make off of the lists. Smiley This seems like the perfect way to get back into swaps!
2  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: Re: 50 PROJECTS 2019, sign ups open all year. on: July 19, 2019 03:07:43 PM
Thank you everyone! Much appreciated! I love stamp carving dearly.

I will go back through this post and comment about all of your crafts when I have a moment where I can take dedicated time to fully appreciate. I feel like I have 50 things in my head right now. haha

now I am sad that the Staedtler gouges aren't available anymore, because that v1 looks like the size I was looking for the last time I did some stamp carving. 
I know, bummer right? I got mine secondhand. It is actually a modified 1V dubbed 1V "miniaturized". It is ground down for max visibility and ability to take tighter turns. It was made by a fellow letterboxer. It is so hard to get your hands on (I have known people in the letterboxing hobby longer than I who still can't get it), so I recommend getting a 1V secondhand and modifying it yourself or finding someone to. It also pays off to keep sharpening the old ones to keep them alive.
3  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Re: Re: Famous Libraries of the World Rubber Stamp Series on: July 19, 2019 10:35:48 AM
Congrats! This has been chosen as a Featured Project! Smiley
Oh my goodness! Thank you all! What an honor! Cheesy
I appreciate all of the kind words, everyone. They are humbling! I really love this form of craft and it is support like this that keep me going and challenging myself more and more.
Oh my, these are great!  I'm trying to get a job at the Chicago library but unfortunately I have no relevant experience (well, nothing that I can put on a resume).  When I vacationed in Toronto, I went to a few libraries there.  Also always on the hunt for Little Free Libraries wherever I am!  Your cutting work is great, so clean and precise!  Maybe you can get a library somewhere to commission your design or a stamp for them, help you make some $$$?
Ooooo! I hope you get a job there! You may be surprised what they consider a valuable skill! Smiley I too go on library hunts! My old library was lacking terribly (maybe 15 craft books and the newest one was from the 80's). I was frustrated and knew libraries couldn't all be like that, so I went to visit a new one weekly. Luckily I moved and belong to a better one with interlibrary loaning and ebook/eaudiobook loans, FINALLY. I want to own a Little Library so bad, but I live in an association and I am not sure how they would feel about that. I also thought about having a portable one. Like a bike with a tiny trailer on the back that I brought around to parks, but I have no safe access to those by bike and loading them into a sedan seems like a bit much. I will keep it in my dreams for some day! The hard part about selling stamps is that I could never get back even close to what I put into them. These stamps took around 9/10hrs each. At the end of the day, as much work is put into them, people just look at them as rubber stamps. They can get them done by a machine much cheaper. And I get it. However, I am into it for the process, so I keep making them regardless. I have toyed with the idea of making simple ones and putting them online, though. One friend inspired me to use them to make prints or cards. In that case, the extra work on the stamp could be worth it. Make it once, share it forever! Smiley

Oh my word, the precision and detail is astonishing! I've done a few carved stamps but never anything this detailed, my goodness. I make mistakes that either have to be incorporated into the design or else given up on. I would have cried like a baby if I'd messed up anything this intricate.
Would you tell me what the tools you are using are called? I have a cuticle trimmer for teeny cuts but it's nowhere near as fine as your smallest gouger there...
As time has passed, I rarely make such a big mistake that I have to give up, because I kind of make "visual notes" onto the rubber. But it happens! I was once carving a silhouette that had cursive words on it. Accidentally started carving around the words (which were to be white) and ruined it. I just decided to finish that part, cut the words out, then save the words for a project in case it ever came up, and restarted. Haha. The Trinity College stamp is an example of a stamp I made a mistake on and just incorporated it. The main railing along the second floor was suppose to have individual rails?dowels?, but I goofed, because of late night carving. I just decided to make them solid instead of start over.So the tools are a #11 Xacto blade (I honestly use other brands too. Whenever this blade show up on a clearance I grab it, because as soon as that tip is broken off, which is easy to do and not notice, it is not as good.) I use a Speedball gouge for getting larger areas away, or just cleaning up those large areas to look cosmetically better. Nothing to do with the image at all. But I have been known to use them for carving certain parts from time to time. The teeny gouge is a modified Staedtler 1V dubbed "1V Miniaturized". Staedtler retired their gouges years ago, which is a shame. I have been in contact with them hoping they will reinstate, because I don't think they realize that they are in such demand. At this point, people have been resharpening theirs. The gouges can be found secondhand from time to time. Check ebay! The reason they are top notch is because The Staedtler 1V is much more of a V than the Speedball 1. It has a very defined corner when Speedball's 1 is more of a curved corner. What makes mine "miniaturized" is that the top of the gouge is ground down for maximum visibility. I use this tool for tiny lines in shading or for the "books" on the shelf, for instance. It is very good for very shallow lines. This was made for me by a letterboxer. I know letterboxers in the hobby longer than I who have still not got their hands on them, but they can be made for sure! Smiley

That's great info already! Definitely will keep an eye out for any process photos or tutorials you might post in the future. Smiley I totally went and joined AtlasQuest (SkeletonHime, also my Geocaching handle), and will have to look for you on there soon!
I will make a note to keep a tutorial in mind. I get asked about my process a lot by gouge carvers in the letterboxing world, so I would also have a way to direct them to Craftster! Smiley I will find you and send you a message on AtlasQuest! I haven't logged most of my finds in years. I am terrible at that. hahaha I recommend events. I spend most of my time on those these days. Especially for carving.
4  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: 50 PROJECTS 2019, sign ups open all year. on: July 16, 2019 12:25:47 PM
I am late to the game and have been struggling to keep up on this list in the past several years, but I am going to attempt again! Smiley

*Knit Socks with Pocket (WIP)

*LBing donations
*PT for Woodstock Event
*Event Box

1. Puppycat Cup Cozy (I may redo to get the face a bit more to my liking)

2. Library of Congress Stamp

3. The Great Library of Alexandria Stamp

4. Library of Celsus Stamp

5. Trinity College Stamp

6. National Library of St. Marks Stamp

7. Library of Parliament Stamp

8. Woodstock 50 Stamp
9. Green "Leaf" Crocheted Bookmark

10. Purple "Fan" Bookmark
5  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Re: Re: Famous Libraries of the World Rubber Stamp Series on: July 16, 2019 11:21:15 AM
Thank you all! Such kind words! I appreciate it. <3 Sometimes I forget just how much support Craftster has when I have been away for so long.

I got exhausted after 6

I'm exhausted vicariously just looking at all the detail! All those windows, the tiny ladder on the Celsus (I think) oneamazing.

Haha I know that feeling. I look at what people do with crafts and I am like "well, I need a nap!". The ladder was from Trinity College. It was one of the easier parts of the stamp, but I chose to keep it from the photograph, because I felt it added to it. Little work, bigger impact! Smiley What you don't see is where I was sleep deprived, made a careless mistake of carving something away I wasn't suppose to, and then had to reinterpret that part with less detail. I need to learn to stop doing these 10 hour binges and actually take breaks! I wouldn't be so exhausted, but noooooo my ADHD wants to hyperfocus. Tongue

I would LOVE to see a post on your carving process some time. I've wanted to try stamp carving for a long time, and amusingly, Letterboxing is why! I currently have a self-logo that I hand-draw when I go geo-caching, but I need a personal stamp to match for branching off into letterboxing.

I will see what I can do! I carve a bit different than most letterboxers (who use gouges). I mostly use a #11 xacto, but use this modified Staedtler (it is a 1V that is pinched tighter, then the top is ground down for maximum visibility) for tiny lines (like the books on the shelves). The SpeedyCarve gouges are mostly for cleanup of larger areas, etc. But I mainly consider myself a knife carver. More time to take a chunk of rubber out (as it requires two actions, usually), but I don't feel like I can achieve the same results with gouges. Though some feel that way about an xacto. So you may find my way to not be a good fit, or you may! Smiley I was a geocacher before letterboxing! That is actually how I morphed into being a letterboxer. I never did a hybrid, but I looked into it based on the name. I eventually abandoned geocaching for letterboxing. If you (or anyone reading) get onto AtlasQuest, I am there under the same name.

What exquisite work!  Thank you so much for sharing!  I really need to get back to carving
If you are anything like me, you forget how much you love it until you do it again! I usually exhaust myself, take a break, exhaust myself, break, repeat repeat repeat. hahaha, but honestly, I think that is because I don't always have stamps lined up after the ones I do and I also don't stock up on rubber.
6  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Other Image Reproduction Techniques: Completed Projects / Famous Libraries of the World Rubber Stamp Series on: July 15, 2019 09:01:24 PM
I have found myself hiding my work and not sharing it with the world. Well that is not the spirit of Craftster, now is it?! I am going to try to make an effort to share and appreciate the work of you all more.

So I start here. This is a series of stamps that I donated for use to a letterboxing event held at a library. I tried to select a range of libraries from various areas and various times in history. I got exhausted after 6 and also had a time limit, so I stopped, but I have so many more library stamps that I would love to make that I may add to the series some day. Especially since they are going to another event next year, so I have time to add in some!

Shown: Library of Congress (top left), The Library of Parliament (bottom left), The Great Library of Alexandria (middle), Library of Celsus (top right), Trinity College Dublin - Long Room (middle right), National Library of St. Mark (bottom right)

7  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Re: Re: Karisma Hat on: July 15, 2019 08:35:55 PM
Congrats! This has been chosen as a Featured Project! Smiley

It shows how lost I have been in life and how little I have been on, because I had no idea! Thank you so much!!! <3

Thanks guys Cheesy
8  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Re: Karisma Hat on: January 03, 2018 07:25:23 PM
Love that cabled edging, and the lovely gray.
Thank you Smiley The yarn is from Sublime. A nice merino that I found a big bag of for $2 at Goodwill! I was ecstatic!

Looks toasty! Thank you for sharing!
It is! Merino wool and is knit thick, so wind doesn't have a chance! (this statement is not legally binding and has not been tested out as it was a gift, so please do not sue  Wink )
9  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Craftalongs / Re: 50 Projects 2018-Reach for Your Crafting and Creative Goals! on: January 03, 2018 07:15:37 PM
AlishaMisha!!!!  Missed you!

Everyone's list looks so "stealable"!  I can't seem to get started...I think the bitter cold has frozen me...I did pull out some fabrics, but I think I need to clean up my craft room first...

I missed you too! I was so excited to come back and see that you still have this running! Cheesy Seeing some familiar faces around makes me feel like I am at home again.

Some of the best part about this craft along is getting inspiration from other's lists! (well the other stuff too, of course). I used some from my past lists to inspire me. I also hit up my pinterest boards. What was funny was that after all these years I still have many of the same projects that remain WIP! >_< I am trying to change that though.
10  KNITTING / Knitting: Completed Projects / Karisma Hat on: January 02, 2018 09:24:11 PM

I haven't been an active member on Craftster for several years now (not because of a lack of love!), so to help get me back into the groove I figured I would post my most recent completed project.

This hat was designed to match the Karisma Mittens on Ravelry (Mitten pattern not easily recommended. It was translated from Finnish. I had to modify it quite a bit to get it to fit and had to design the cables at the end different to lengthen the mitten). Pattern of hat can also be found on Ravelry).

Yarn: Doubled up DK yarn or Bulky

Cable Band
Size 5 needles
Guage: 20sts

Using Cable Chart used in Karisma Mittens:
Cast on 28sts
Right Side(rows with cables): sl1kw, p1 (place stitch marker), work chart, (place marker) p1 k1
Wrong Side: sl1pw, k1, (st marker) work chart [but have the knits be purls and purls be knits], (st marker) k1, p1
Keep doing this until the chart has been fully repeated 11 times. This allows for no breaks in the cables pattern. Stitch the ends together to form a band. (to make seamless, use a duplicate stitch)

Top of Hat
Size 8 needles
Guage: 17 sts

Pick up 84 sts behind knit border of band to preserve the border. Knit all sts in the round until it measures 5.5 including cable band.

Rd1- *k5,k2tog* repeat around
Rd2- k all
Rd3- *k4, k2tog* repeat around
Rd4- k all
Rd5- *k3, k2tog* repeat around
Rd6- k all
Rd7- *k2, k2tog* repeat around
Rd8- k around
Rd9- *k1, k2tog* repeat around
Rd10- k all
Rd11- k2tog around
Rd12- k2tog around
Thread yarn through stitches, pull, then weave in ends
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