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1  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Discussion and Questions / Spray Adhesives? Help Finding the Right Glue on: July 03, 2011 01:57:27 PM
The Task: Securely adhering transparency prints* (or clear vellum) to paper scrapbook style without getting that gross dried milk smudgy look. *You know those overhead transparencies from grade school... I've been following the tips of other scrapbookers and printing cool designs and images on them for my layouts. It's a really neat effect, if only I could attach them.

The Problem: Many glues have issues drying due to lack of airflow (well it is plastic after all). White glues especially don't work even if they swear they'll dry clear because in the end you just get these gross smudges that look like dried milk scum. This is a problem since the transparency is... well transparent. I don't want these icky smudges ruining the effect!


After some trial and error (and a mess of glue types) I found some things that work ok and some that don't at all, but I'd like to go further and find that PERFECT glue and figured all your paper crafters would be the best source of knowledge. (Plus I'm sick of wasting money on experiments... glue isn't cheap!) So far I've tried...

White Glue (Elmers and Tacky): This was the first thing I tried, since it SAID it would dry clear and obviously a huge NO as stated above. It dries in time, but it leaves behind a gross milky smudge look on the transparency.

Diamond Glaze/ 3D Crystal Lacquer: We had a bottle of this laying around in the craft bin so I gave it a shot. Now this might have dried clear and wonderful.... but it had a weird reaction with some of my papers since it was so much thinner. Warping and crinkling. D: No thanks.

Clear Glue (3&1 Craft): Went out and grabbed the best looking clear glue. This works! It dries 100% clear without the filmy scum, adheres fast, dries eventually and will be my fallback if nothing else works. The ONLY problem I have with this is that, since it gets tacky so fast (when they say fast grab they mean it! It's literally seconds before it tacks up), I don't have much time to smear it thin and micro bubbles form in the tacky goo mess. It's not a huge deal if this is the best I can do but if I can avoid it, that would be amazing. *I have yet to try a non-fast grab/ plain ol clear glue, but I'm considering it*

So then I thought- Hey maybe a spray glue would be better since it would go on super thin! I headed out to the store and when I was standing in an aisle of glue, staring at about 6 different spray adhesives I was like.... uhhhh *scratches head*. Krylon...a name I know. I was about to take this one but it didn't say clear anywhere and I was unsure. So I picked up the first one I saw that said CRYSTAL CLEAR. Ok so which? I guess I should go with the one that blatantly says it's clear. (I should have known better since it was Aleene's and that brand already failed me ;-;) I get it home and spray on a test sheet..... WHITE?! ugh. Pretty much tacky glue in thin spray form. No good.

So my good people, does anyone know of a good 'starts clear, ends clear' spray glue (or any good glue for adhering transparent films) to paper?

Thank you in advance Smiley
2  JEWELRY AND TRINKETS / Trinkets and Jewelry: Discussion and Questions / Resin Dipping/ Coating Project - Advice Needed on: February 22, 2011 12:10:27 AM
Ok, I've been trying to research this as best as I can but with so much information out there it's a little overwhelming. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction...

I'm looking to coat some things with resin (Sealant spray won't do because I want the items to have a much thicker coating, so don't bother suggesting it.) I've decided that this is the easiest solution, as casting them in resin would take custom mold making, release agents, etc. But I digress. Anyway, I'd like to mix up some resin and dip the items for a coat or two or three (with drying time in-between, of course.)

This is my criteria:
- Completely Clear
- Will Not Yellow (But if it may, suggest something to seal it and cut the UV rays)
- Waterproof
- No shrink/ warp
- No tackiness

What brand/ type do you guys suggest for this project? And is this the method I'm looking for or am I overlooking an easier material/ solution?

I've looked at things like: Envirotex Lite, Ultra-Glo Polymer Coating, EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy , Crystal Sheen, Crystal Sheen Casting Resin, ICE Resin....etc.

And I just don't know which I should be using! And input would be great Cheesy
3  CROCHET / Crochet: Completed Projects / Seriously Cute Crochet BJD Hats *image attack* on: September 02, 2010 07:56:22 PM
I've been crochetting random projects on and off for about 2 years now. Alot of the obsessively adorable fluffy stuff I LOVE to crochet, I just can't wear (for some reason wearing cute animal eared hats isnt seen as professional these days D: ). Since I'm still a few years away from having little ones to torture with obnoxiously cute outfits, when I got my first BJDs the big lightbulb over my head lit up. Cheesy

For a few weeks I worked on a base pattern and a bunch of different ears and now I have plenty of adorable hats and tiny little mittens. They've become somewhat of a "hit" around here and now my neice is screaming for a hat and little coat for her webkinz hamster, haha.

It all started with a Dino...

But I couldn't leave out mighty Dragons!

Or adorable bears and all their cousins.

And kitties are always cute...

Then my boyfriend suggested moogles, being the gamer that he is.

I highly recommend to anyone with BJDs to take up crochet because it's really fun to work in this size! I hope you all enjoyed my work, despite the image spam. They really make me smile, so I hope they brightened your day a bit. <3

4  MORE ART, LESS CRAFT / More Art, Less Craft: Discussion and Questions / Old Photo Restoration and Scrapbooking on: July 13, 2009 02:48:51 PM
Backstory: My mother is one of three. Being the youngest, it seems (atleast to her) that she was kind of the forgotten child. While there are plenty of professional photos, family photos etc. of her two brothers, there are very few of her. One of the reasons for this is that the professional photos done of the brothers were done by a family member who passed when she was very young. So most of what she has from her childhood are Polaroids taken by her father. These are black and white, and many are in terrible quality (mold, scratched, fingerprints during development, creased, some extremely under or over exposed, writing on the back affecting the chemicals and "seeping" through to the other side)

I was taught by a photographer (film/ digital) a while back, all the tricks of digital photo restoration and I'm currently (and slowly) working on restoring these photos, as tough as it is with the low quality and size of the images.  I hope to restore all the best photos, if not all of them, no matter how damaged and create a scrap book with them for my mom (for possibly christmas if I can finish...if not her birthday or mother's day next year). I know she'll love it. If I find the time, I'd also have photo books made up through my printing service for her brothers since many of the photos are group shots (and she has all the photos since boys don't care as much when they are in their early twenties/ thirties). I know now that both of their parents are gone, they'd also love having the memories. (Seeing my grandmother so young is amazing btw!)

My question is this....
The photos from her first Communion (and there were only like 4!...polaroids...in the backyard. This devastates her since she is deeply religious and an avid lover of photos. She bombarded our childhood's with them to make up for a lack in her own haha) are extremely overexposed. I can bring out everything no problem, but the white dress and veil have no hope. There is no data in the bright white. It literally looks like the dress and veil were completely cut out with a razor. You have background (flowers, fence) , face, arms, and legs.  Now, I don't know what her dress looked like, other than general shape, and the white is blinding compared to the rest of the photo. Leave it as blank white, or use my leet digital art skills to add in some cloth textures/ folds in order to tone the white down and give a more natural appearance?
5  CROCHET / Amigurumi: Completed Projects / Rupert the Jellyfish (Slightly Image Plump- 5) on: May 28, 2009 11:25:33 AM
Well, hello there little guy. Aren't you a cutie...


Don't be afraid! Meet Rupert- Hes a sophisticated gent.


How dramatic you look in the high contrast lighting, Rupert.

Unfortunately, when people spy his very feminine hue, they have a tendency to immediately assume he is, in fact, a beautiful madam. In order to combat the general populations ignorance for his radiating masculinity, he spent three years scouring the seas until he came across a quite suitable top hat. Dont be afraid of his seemingly dangerous tentacles, though; Hes a quite proper and will probably offer you a spot of tea. With a gentleman such as this, youll be sure to enjoy the company, even if you cant stand the salty flavor of the tea.

And just for fun...since looking at his picture was screaming at me to do a little editing....lol


Now for the technical part.
He was made during pattern testing for EssHaych, here on Craftster. It was a darling pattern, so props to her! Smiley I used a G hook and some Bernat Satin in Sea Shell (How fitting!), as well as a 'tiny bit' of random ww acyclic in rose that I had lying around. After working with EssHaych, we got all the kinks worked out and he came out beautifully. She's absolutely wonderful to work with.

After getting him put together, my boyfriend demanded that he was, in fact, male, regardless of his pinkish hue. [And to think I wanted to add a little bow!] So we decided we couldn't make him any more sexually confused, and made him a little top hat out of a black sheet of fun foam and a little hot glue. He's much happier now. ^_^

If you want to check him out on Ravelry, his page is located HERE

Thanks for looking!
6  CROCHET / Crochet: Discussion and Questions / Seeking Yarn Suggestions! on: May 20, 2009 09:35:09 PM
After looking into some yarns, I found a good deal on Bernat Soft Boucle/ Bernat Baby Boucle. I like the fluffy look it works up since this will be a very untraditional ami (aka hugeeee and cuddly). Has anyone had any experience with either of these yarns? If all else fails, I will be sticking to a simply soft ww acrylic.


Now that finals are over, I'm looking to start some new projects but I'm at a loss for what yarn to use. Since I have yet to learn to knit, I'm going to be working up a decently large ami (my big project of the summer to soothe my frustration in between attempts at learning to knit haha).

I'm looking for suggestions for yarn that will give me a nice soft Amigurumi. If possible, something plush that will hide the stitches but isn't super 'furry' (but it doesn't need to be! Any nice soft yarn suggestions will do).

Thank youuu <3
7  KNITTING / Knitting: Discussion and Questions / Crochetter Interested in Knitting on: May 20, 2009 09:21:24 PM
I've been crochetting for a while now but I'm quite interested in learning how to knit because when it comes to clothing, I like the look of knit stiches over crochet >_> (I crochet Amigurumis, Hats and Bags mostly). It looks so complicated though! Basically I'm wondering how hard it is to pick up without a teacher, mainly using circular needles...dpns look even harder x_X, and if I do manage to pick up the techniques, how hard is it to produce consistent stitches (non-wonky items, haha).

Thanks guys!
8  CROCHET / Amigurumi: Discussion and Questions / Seeking pro suggestions for doll/ amigurumi hair on: March 02, 2009 11:44:24 AM
While I have seen countless dolls and techniques to putting in hair, I'd like a little help...or maybe it's support XP from those of you who have haired countless dolls...or even just one and atleast sort of know what you're doing (because really who does).

I'm a little hesitant to jump in like I normally do because, as of this moment, I'm quite proud of my achievment. I spent countless hours planning during classes >.>, working out patterns, and working it up in actual yarn and cloth, and I'd hate to start and later realize I could have done it better this way or that way. (It really bugs me to not have it just that perfect way you want it). Anyway, enough ranting like a proud mother...it's just yarn XP (god, I'm lame). I'm making a "doll" per sey, or rather a yarn embodiment of hundreds of hours spent on warcraft haha for the boy. It's a male character, with longer hair. I drew a crude diagram of how the hair is/ where the part is/ the way it lays.

Is this the best way to do it? Horizontal latch hooking on the hair line (1) and vertical throughout the rest to follow the part(2)? Also...I've seen hair caps done, as I haven't done the haired section of the head in the hair color would that be a better way to make it look better/ easier to work with...or would it just distort the head shape. As you can see I am anxious to start yet nervous XD. Until then I will continue with the other parts and the ungodly amount of gear he wears.

Any help, affirmation, support would be much appreciated.
/end geek moment
9  CROCHET / Amigurumi: Completed Projects / Cute Otter Madness on: February 25, 2009 06:21:15 PM

My best friend Rich asked me to do him a favor and make an otter ami to include in his valentines day gift, since he can't crochet and all. Being the nice friend that I am, ahem XP, I whipped this up over the span of two days when I was stranded in Springfield for my brothers award ceremony with nothing to do. I think he's pretty adorable. ^_^

I got the pattern here: http://www.crochetkitten.com/patterns/amigurumi.html Edited the paws and added a muzzle. Overall, it was a great pattern and it came out super cute! I wish I got better pictures before giving it to Rich but I was finishing it up just as I had to leave for the day and the lighting was horrid. Hopefully he comes through for me this weekend when he goes to visit her (LDR). This is *technically* my first finished amigurumi... finding eyes was a pain in the butt.

10  CROCHET / Amigurumi: Discussion and Questions / Help With Amigurumi Parts on: May 28, 2008 12:38:36 PM
Hey. I'm new to crochet but the problem doesn't lie with stitches or the actual act of crocheting...and maybe I'm totally dense but how exactly do attatch the parts?

My first ever project is Chimuchimu's Crocheted Monkey pattern. Everything is finished and entirely perfect (in my opinion XD). Since I was pretty excited, I went ahead and attatched the pieces with the yarn tails like it says. It was just very difficult to stitch the pieces on, and I'm wondering if maybe there is an easier or more specific way to do this. I just kind of winged it and it looks alright but if pieces are, in fact, this difficult to put on, it might slow my excited obsession with making these cuties. Yarn with a tapestry needle is just so big compared to the normal thread and needle >_<.

Do you use the yarn tails on every piece? Including muzzles? Or do you use heavy duty thread?
Do you sew them shut and attatch them on as door hinge joints? Or do you sew them on around the pieces?
Do you sew the whole thing or just at points to keep it on?
Do you just...sew them on, sewing through the yarn or only sew through the stitches?

Maybe I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be but I'm somewhat of a perfectionist XD. 
Pictures of the monkey to come on the completed thread...He's awaiting eyes. Thanks in advance for any help. I'd love to know the secret of attatching! Cheesy <3
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