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291  I've been up since 6, had to do something with my time in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 25, 2008 03:05:43 AM
So Soph's taken to getting me up at 6am. not too bad I suppose but I hate mornings so I sat on my sofa this morning and appliqué'd a toddler Tee by hand to cheer myself up. not so easy when you can barely see through bleary eyes!

going back to Asda (WalMart) this afternoon for some more Ts I think lol! It was her idea to wear it over a tunic top and jeans. omg such taste for a 2 year old!! hey, at least it's not being worn over her fairy outfit or zebra suit.

Hearts all came from old t shirts, and one from the blanket which I used to make the sleeves of yesterday's fleece hoodie and binding for the inside of the hood. the bits of material behind the hearts are tea towel offcuts, a bit of a cotton scarf and some fabric from another old hoodie (canibalised for the ribbed cuffs and separating zip which will be seen in another entry lol!!)

soph likes the Tee.
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292  Sorry, another hoodie! (5 pics) in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 24, 2008 10:45:38 AM
After clearing out miniflibble's wardrobe and finding a couple of moses basket blankets I was inspired. So I dug out yet another beaten up old separating zip which I'd cut off something else a while ago and set-to...

firstly I had to find something to do with this:

thankfully it decided itself what the course of acion was; and promptly fell asleep on my front. After a really difficult journey up the stairs and across her mega-block littered floor she was finally in bed and out of my way!

Enter the birth of the Pixie Hoodie.

My own hoodie pattern with a little twist; a pointy hood.  intend to hang a bell on the end at some point but presently, I can't find my bell collection.

front shot, with hood up... and yes she is wearing underwear. A rarity, but necessity lol!

Back shot

very active action shot

great news is the reaction to it was fantastic. "oh wow, fowfer! poticks! rainrain!" * translation from Sophiespeak to English: "oh wow, flowers, pockets, and a hood!"

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293  baby goth/hippy recon dress, img heavy! in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 23, 2008 03:55:49 PM
Before anyone asks, no I can't do a tute 'cos I'm really not sure how I managed it!!!
And sorry but i forgot to take a before shot of the dress it's made out of. I've just spent a half hour trawling the net for an example but can't find the right one; it was by a brnd called Rapp. they make hippy/goth clothes and I've had it in my wardrobe since I was about 19. I'm no longer a size 10 (uk size, dont know what that is in US) and never will be lol!!!
here's a gratuitous action shot to start with which shows my hall carpet, barefoot baby and the awesome power of the Canon redeye prevention flash - otherwise known as the convulsionator:

back action shot, plus daddy's keys phone

being a pest (omg she's got so much hair!!!)

another one, think she's munching a cadbury miniegg

another shot of the dress


the bow

front on hanger

back again

anyway, I am so proud of how this turned out. There is a lot to be said for cutting something to bts and then holding it up againt a toddler to see if it fits!!!

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294  Reversible dress now with hanger shots in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 23, 2008 05:02:03 AM
hanger shots:
yellow side

purple side

action shot:

again I couldn't get minime to stand still long enough, so here is the best I could do!!!

the front is Simplicity 3853 with a little shaved off the shoulder bits, the back is the same but with some length added to the shoulder bits. 1 of each i one colour, 1 of each in the other colour.

my modification.

the dress and its lining are joined around the arms and the top part, but are free hanging from just below the armpits.
yellow side has 2 pockets, the purple side has just one.

she picked the buttons. for once she picked ones which go lol! they're little plastic daisies.
I am so proud of this dress. It's so versatile and 'cos it's made of polycotton sheeting it'll wash soooo nicely.

I'll add more pics when I've washed it 'cos she got chocolate down the front this morning.
added!!! and yes, it washed tremendously!
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295  Failed dress in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 21, 2008 11:07:42 AM
Failed 'cos she doesn't like it. And I never make her wear anything I've made which she doesn't like. So I took it apart and used some of the bits on something else...I thought it was cute but she had other ideas.

it's made from tea-cloths. probably for the best that it's gone to the bits-box in the sky really lol!!!

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296  Geek Tee for my girlie in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 21, 2008 11:03:28 AM
more of a recon than an actual crafty piece, but what the hey.

Asda, the uk branch of WalMart have started doing 75p Tshirts for little people. That's US$1.50 ish. Shocked after my initial shock at the price, I loaded up!!! I have one in littleone's wardrobe awaiting inspiration or a good quote, and another in my sewing box waiting for me to come sew hearts on to it.

The one below was written and fixed this morning. it says "there are 10 types of people in this world; those who understand binary and those who don't"... if you understand binary, you will probably almost giggle. I hope. I did. if you don't and are thoroughly perplexed "10" is 2 in binary. hence the joke. anyway, my little bro (total nerd) gave me the idea while we were on googlechat last night.
I couldn't get minime to sit still with the slogan on show, so here's a shot of her looking annoyed.

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297  wonderous knitting patterns of 1970s-1990s in Vintage Craft Projects by mrsflibble on: March 15, 2008 03:07:05 PM
I once owned a knitting machine which I found on freecycle.
it has since been re-freecycled due to lack of space/interest on my part.
i scanned the magazines which came with it before I sent it on its way though, they're classic.

1. guess where these children have been?

2. oh, so nice to see a boy playing with his care-in-the-community sister/neighbour/girlfriend/imaginary friend... sorry for wierd bit of paper on the scan there.

3. mmmmm, pink. tasty. swish. mmmmm.

4. they appear to have switched to garlic shampoo, and sweatervests.

5. southend united? are you kidding me boy-o?!

6. finally this one is my fave. most of the patterns would still fit in now, but I just love the centre baby's expression; he seems to be saying either "gottapoopgottapoopgottapoopgottapoop" or "get the gloves off me or I will freaking EXPLODE". incidentally, wtf is a baby who can sit up and is therefore over about 5 months old doing wearing scratchmitts anyways?!

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298  BabyWearing Poncho in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 10, 2008 05:34:39 AM
link to my mai tai: https://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=228966.0

It's cold here in the uk. after seeing the price of babywearing coats online I decided I could do better; or at least do similar for less money!!
One cold day while visiting my mum I picked up a fleece poncho in a charity shop. with the help f my mum and a pair of cheap scissors we created my babywearing poncho. a straight cut was made about 4 in below the main head hole. the cut is about 6 in long. it hasn't needed hemming as it's a fleece poncho and wont fray. as you can see, soph's incredibly happy about being toasty warm; so happy she went to sleep on my back while we were visiting Glastonbury this weekend. she likes the poncho, she flaps her arms and says she's a bird.

total outlay for poncho: £3.50 (c. US$7 ish)

and here she is awake and eating lol!!!

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299  Toddler jeans and pillowcase top in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: March 05, 2008 08:03:18 AM
My little squidge has had a growth spurt recently and I have been doing my best to keep up.
here's the latest:
jeans and pillowcase top. the jeans were once a pair of uk sz 18 marks and spencers ones which had a worn through crotch and the patterned accents on it came from the same pillowcase as the top.
Soph is really pleased 'cos it matches her bed set (duvet cover and pillowcase- job lot from a charity shop!!) she keeps stroking it and saying "pretty fowfer" (flower).

and this is her being mummy lol!!!

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300  My Mei Tai thingummy (inc a very pic heavy tute) in Clothing for Kids: Completed Projects by mrsflibble on: February 21, 2008 10:44:26 AM
I decided to make a back carrier to put my squidge in because she gets bored in the buggy, but she still has very little legs and gets tired easily. I figured, even if she hated it it'd keep me sane for a while AND I've just found out my uncle and aunt are expecting so there'd be someone for it go to!
I liked the tutes I'd seen on other sites, but thought  could improve on the design/ease of making a little. It's taking ideas from Scandis and Mei Tais mainly, with a little bit of me thrown in to boot lol!!!

Select your materials, a decorative outer, a heavy duty inner (it will eventually be folded double) and some medium heavy material for straps. I used home tye-dyed cotton, cotton based upholstry canvas and calico. Plus a little decoration in the form of a flower.

I made the straps according to another tute I found online, 12" x 90" for the shoulder straps and 10" x 90" for the waist ones.
For the body piece I used inner material (the red canvas) which was the same size as a standard UK/US pillow case.
the cotton was slightly larger for seam allowances. This body piece will be folded in half and end up double layered and about 18" x 12" approx.

I started off by covering a stain on the dyed fabric with a flower and did my first bit of machine appliqué.

it's a bit wonky but not all that bad.

Place the canvas on the cotton so it is centred. fold over and tack all edges. check it's all even with no rucks or creases, then sew. I sewed all sides first, leaving about 1/2 cm gap where corners were, then folded them in and sewed them separately.

you should have something like this:

I then set about hemming the shoulder straps. I originally tried to use my hem rolling foot on the machine but it's not keen on frayed fabric and raher than painstakingly trim it, I decided to make a feature out of it by using decorative but structural sewing, and a double needle on the machine.

Now take the end of the shoulder strap which will be attached to the body piece and fold it like this:

then sew to hold. I used a triple running stitch. which is incredibly strong.

Now do that again with the other shoulder strap. once done, put aside, have a break.

fold a waist strap in half lengthways. sew along long side.

do this with both. Now to get them the right way out, I was going to use my normal trick of concertina-ing it all down onto a surgical clamp... but there was just too much material so I had to resort to something else...

my kitchen roll holder.

if you knwo a better way to do this, or don't have a similar holder, don't panic- this is just what I did.
I inserted holder into waist strap thus:

concertina'd waist strap down onto holder, pinned the two sides together and pulled.....

then I pressed them flat and hemmed one end of each.

to attach the shoulder straps, position them against the top corners, put them against the side of the material which will be the INSIDE of the backpack... Sew an X box (not the console lol!!! if I could do that I'd be the best wife in the world to my hubby lol!!!) ok so mine turned out more of an X Trapeziod but you get the idea.

I did my X box in the really strong triple running stitch again. bugger to unpick if a mistake happens, but it rocks on safety.

surgical clamps have many uses

now you should have a rectangle with cut off corners and 2 long ties attached to one of the short ends.
fold up the other end until it matches the end with the ties sewn on. I do hope this makes sense, my camera batteries started to die!!!

place a pin  or mark with chalk where the fold is on both edges and unfold.

line up your waist straps with this mark so that what will be the bottom edge of the waist straps is in line with the marks. overlap the straps, and pin in place. tack, again making sure they will be sewn to the INSIDE of the carrier.

I overlapped my waist straps and sewed a couple of centimetres of just straight stitching to hold them in place a bit more.

Sew an x box on each side just before the edge of the body material.

you should now have an oblong with blunt corners which is this shape, including the straps:
(my camera gave up the fight for battery life and died...it takes 45 mins to recharge)

if it looks like this you went wrong somewhere:

fold up the bottom (strapless) half to meet the top, align and overstitch. This time I only used the double running stitch rather thn the triple. still strong.
this is what shape it should now be.

you're ready to try it on... I used these instructions: http://www.freehandbaby.com/wear-baby.php

this was just a quick tie and Fluff's feet were tucked under her 'cos she didn't want to be photographed.
please ignore mess and flabby arms lol!!!

I love this thing. already today we have been for a walk and Princess's really happy in it.
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