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11  FIBER ARTS / Dyeing: Discussion and Questions / Tips for Creative Color Theory & Dyeing Roving? on: January 01, 2011 09:05:40 PM
So I'm a big fan of the color wheel. I could play with that thing all day. I know all about complements, split complements, analogous colors, etc etc whatever.

My problem is, I'm really -crap- at implementing them. At least creatively.

I'd like to do more dyeing. Especially because now my mother got me 5 pounds of wool for Christmas and I'd love to do something interesting with it. Perhaps even start selling on Etsy like I've been meaning to. But I always seem to find myself using analogous color somehow, and while they can be quite pretty, after a while they get boring. Not very interesting at all.

So for people who do a lot of dyeing, especially roving/yarn, do you have any tips? Where to do you get your inspiration? Do you maybe even just throw random colors together and see what happens? I don't know if I don't understand how to implement color theory, am not creative enough, or I'm just too darn afraid to take some chances.
12  FIBER ARTS / Spinning: Completed Projects / Fiber Friday - Friday the 13th Edition! on: August 13, 2010 06:54:10 AM
HEY THAR my lovely spinners, how goes things?

It's been all summer and I finally have some yarns to share with you. The past two weeks I've been sharing my time between knitting, spinning, innernets, shopping, and fambly time, but I've managed to squeeze out two yarns for your approval. Or not. (just kidding)

This is silk that I received in the Summer Fiber Club swap from SciFunk. First time spinning just silk, and it was definitely an experience! I'm probably going to try to do some more finishing on it later, because I skeined it on a chair back and it turned out really uneven and kinky (you can't tell in this picture!) and not very shiny. D: I think it's about 300 yards, laceweightish.

The previous stuff took me about a week, and so for a change of pace I finished this baby up in a day! I believe it is about 100 yards bulky. It's corriedale I got from Feeling Sheepish, although I bought it from her in person at a local Fiber Fest. LOVE LOVE LOVE these colors and doing these kinds of 2-plies. Expect more from me later. Tongue

Happy Fiber Friday peeps! Let's see those yarns!
13  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: General / When reading your favorite Dr Who fanfic online is a bore, bind it into a book! on: July 27, 2010 05:38:20 PM
I made this a year ago but have never posted it...I post way too few projects on here! I guess that's what happens when I just hang around Fiber Friday and the swap boards!

I've been into a few fandoms online over the years, (first Sailor Moon, then Harry Potter, now Doctor Who) and have never been a huge fanfic reader, but every now and then I have an occasion to read something longer than most blog posts...a lot longer. From my days on the internet I've run into a few really long stories online that I just love. The only thing I don't love is reading them on a computer screen. The constant scrolling makes my head hurt! Also, before I had a laptop, there were much more comfortable places I'd rather be reading. Back in my Sailor Moon days I used to print my favorite story out as I went and take it with me on trips.

Now I'm super into Doctor Who. I still read hardly any fanfic, but I ran into a story a while ago and I love love love it. Doctor Who Season 4 is AMAZING for anyone who is interested....anyway. I was messing around with some software I got with my school laptop last summer, and having finally found a way to print out booklets, taking folding/signatures into account, I felt it was finally time to try my hand at bookbinding! Much more fun than just printing out pages and stapling them together.

Some making-of shots:

I used these instructions here. They're great! They're a really good compromise between sturdy/professional looking and easy to do with no special supplies.

The outside fabric and interior paper are supposed to be reminiscent of the Time Vortex. I've got some remnants of the brown fabric with blue pinstripes from Joann that's a good fit for David Tennant's brown suit, but I'm still thinking I may make something out of it so I didn't want to use it up. I still may though. After all, the same author also wrote the equally excellent Doctor Who Season 5....

I never actually read through the story in the book after I finished it, but I did lend it to a friend who was apparently too lazy to read the story online, but would be more likely to read it in book form. Luckily for him, I did have it in book form...he found that amusing. Turns out I messed up a few pages (I spend way too much time trying to format this thing, and probably could have done it in a much simpler way than I did), and the formatting was a bit off - it cut off a few characters on the side of some pages. But mostly successful!
14  FIBER ARTS / Spinning: Completed Projects / Fiber Friday 2/19/10 on: February 19, 2010 07:03:31 AM
It's Friday!

I have one yarn to show you guys. This thing is oooooold but lazy oddacity is lazy.

This is about 200 yards fingering weight, chain plied.

Bahhh I hated spinning this. >_< The wool in the batt (which was custom carded for me, yay?) was really greasy or something because after not too long my fingers would feel like I'd been rubbing them on wax for a while. Really unpleasant experience. I shouldn't have started out spinning for a 3-ply fingering weight, but I didn't realize what I was in for! Also I washed the yarn in like 10 baths and the color of the water never got lighter from a sort of navy blue so I just gave up. gah. It doesn't feel as waxy any more which is good. I think I call this yarn "Fail" lol. I don't know what I'll make with it, if anything. :\
15  FIBER ARTS / Spinning: Completed Projects / Fiber Friday - June 26 2009 on: June 25, 2009 10:05:08 PM
So yeah, I'm bored and it's technically Friday where I am....so! Let's get on with this week's fibery goodness. :]

I haven't been spinning a lot this month because I've had lots of knitting projects I had to get done for gifts and such. BUT I've got some things from a while back that I've not yet got around to sharing with you all yet. :]

Sail Away - merino/viscose, both skeins together are 115 yards. Fiber from studioloo @ etsy. This one gave me problems, because I was going for a smooth bulky single but I'm pretty bad at spinning consistently anything thicker than laceweight. :\

Untitled - 50 yards. Super bulky! This one is for a project for the Harry Potter Knit & Crochet House Cup on Ravelry. My goal is to knit enough to make a small-sized sweater out of by the end of July. I did this in may and haven't done any more, so my progress is pretty bad...but I've got the wool soaking to dye for the next batch right now!!

"Bloodlust" 190 yards fingering weight, Corriedale. Roving from FairyDesigns @ etsy. I've been listening to the Twilight audiobooks so I can talk crap about them and have the actual authority to know what I'm talking about, but despite my best efforts I was briefly intrigued by the whole vampire concept. And I wanted to spin some vampire-esque yarn to make a neato vampire-inspired cowl/neckwarmer thing. I found this fiber, and it was perfect! I LOVE the way the yarn turned out. Despite horribly, horribly, HORRIBLY tangling my single when I andean plied it, it managed to come through. I'm winding it into a ball right now to begin working on my neckwarmer! Cheesy

Happy Friday everyone!
16  FIBER ARTS / Spinning: Discussion and Questions / Setting twist with acrylic? on: February 26, 2009 01:25:40 PM
So, due to some gross miscalculations on my part I have something like four or five superfluous skeins of Lion Brand Homespun from a project someone commissioned me to do. By the time I was done [knitting two hat, fingerless gloves and scarf sets] the favorite yarn of my newbie days had become my LEAST FAVORITE YARN EVER so I don't foresee myself using this stuff ever again.

As I was trying to detangle some of this horrid yarn from some of the other detritus on my bedroom floor, it snapped, and my newbie-spinning brain finally noticed that if you remove the string and thread the rest of the fiber is plied with (totally more trouble than it's worth, but I'm weird like that), you've got something quite spinnable.

So my question is, how on earth would you set the twist with acrylic? Does my logic that you can't block/felt acrylic knits carry over here (I would assume it does)? Obviously it's not something that would be done very often, but I'm curious if it can be.
17  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) / Harry Potter - Hogwarts House ATCs on: September 07, 2008 04:33:40 PM
Oh goodness, I made these FOREVER ago. Well...3, 3 and-a-half years? Mmm, a long time.

I used to be a member of Hogwarts Elite on livejournal, and there was a quite short-lived "school club" we started up where we intended to send scrapbook-y, papery things to each other through the mail. ATCs was one of the ideas. No one ever got around to sending anything, but I made these...

Just some origami paper cut into strips, glued onto cardstock. I am obsessed with heraldry, so this is one of the first ideas I had...the animals are all traced from a 1930s book on the stories and meanings behind animals in heraldry.

Poor Hufflepuff, looks like some sort of construction sign. :[
18  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Pottery, Ceramics, etc: Completed Projects / Teardrop Bowl, Sailorvenus Yunomi, Rainbow Egg, Mottled Hand on: August 16, 2008 03:05:56 PM
These are all pretty old. I used to take art lessons with a Japanese woman who lives in town (she went back to Japan for a while to take care of her father, and I haven't heard from her in about ten months, so I assume she is still there or came back to a big personal mess and couldn't really get back with me. I had a great time with her, and I really miss her, but she has her own issues to deal with), and towards the end was doing a lot of ceramics with her. I LOVE ceramics. I haven't done any in forever since our school started providing separate ceramics classes and clay projects were removed from the other classes, so I miss it a lot. T_T

Anyway, here are the things I made. The last one was made outside of my class, and all of them were glazed at school because my private art teacher's glazes were all dried up, lol. xD

I call this a "teardrop bowl" because I don't really have a better word for it. xD It's kind of teadrop shaped? I guess it's kind of inspired by a wave, though. My teacher asked me to draw out a concept on paper before I made it, and this is the first idea I had. It was much more dramatically shaped in my drawing.

My teacher wanted me to make something with a lid and a handle, so I made this. I spent ages and ages and ages making it as perfect as I could. xD It's basically just a yunomi (handle-less Japanese teacup) with a lid added on as an afterthought. I didn't glaze it for a while, but decided to do Sailor Venus as I LOVE the little graphics from the Official Sailormoon Channel website. SO CUTE. I just traced it. The characters beside her read "Aino Minako"

The "assignment" here was to make a hollow ball of clay w/paper inside for structure. Again, I glazed this forever after I made it and the concept was random. I love rainbows, so HERE WE ARE. The front reads Rainbow (Er, Reinbo) in Katakana, and the back reads "Hajimemashite," Japanese for "Nice to meet you," in Hiragana. There is no significance to me writing hajimemashite, just that it's the only word I can write in hiragana (because I am horrible at memorizing the characters!)

This one is kind of my pride and joy...my teacher gave me some clay to just have, and I decided to undertake the epic project of making this hand based on a very stylistic drawing I had done some time before. There was originally a 3-inch or so wrist, but OH YES the damn thing exploded in the kiln. I was DEVASTATED. Luckily the hand survived. I decided to turn it into a 3D depiction of Samara from the American remake of The Ring, crawling from the television, complete with a for realz gutted television, but this idea has yet to come into fruition (I am lazy). Anyway, it's got that glaze because I thought it could work for er...Samara's waterlogged flesh. Ugh, I know. hahaha

19  IMAGE REPRODUCTION TECHNIQUES / Stenciling: Completed Projects / 4 Shirts: Sailormoon, Old Gregg's Love Games, TARDIS (sort of), Scissor Sisters on: August 16, 2008 02:28:47 PM
The Image Reproduction Techniques Forum is way too flippin' quiet! I plan to change this. I'm concentrating on shirt designs in AP Studio Art: 2-D Design this year, so YOU BETTER WATCH OUT!

Over the summer in AP Studio Art our assignment was to do four pieces. As I am a lazy ass, I did three of my four projects on Thursday and Friday. School starts Tuesday. Do the math! xD We weren't required to do them in our concentration (we don't even have to know what that is yet, but I have picked mine already because I am SUCH A BADASS), but I did, so there. I needed to make sure I was pretty comfortable with freezer paper, although I recently bought some photo emulsion for a project I did with some friends (maybe I will post this later), so I shall probably be returning to my first and one true love a couple of times over the year. :]

My first design. The idea to do a picture of Sailor Moon in some cool pose and sans outlines just kind of came to me one day, and this is what I came up with. I had a much cooler looking pose in my mind, but my drawing skills are sub par when it comes to perspective and dynamic poses and such, so this the closest thing I could muster up to what was in my head (senshistock on deviantART is my best friend). Obviously she is based on newschool PGSM-style Moon which dearest Naoko has given pink instead of red on her fuku. :] I am considering making this a series, doing the rest of the inner senshi in this same style.

I originally made this one for my swap partner in The Mighty Boosh Swap round 5, but remade it for myself. (The one in the picture is the one I sent to my swap partner) The original idea I had was to do Old Gregg's tutu, legs, and boots, but when I started drawing it out, not only was I confronted with the fact that I can't draw masculine legs, but what I was sketching just seemed bizarre and somehow vaguely sexual. I dunno, lol. So I just did his boots. I regret that there isn't much significance to the boots and the phrase "Love Games" but there you go. You can just barely make out the pearlescent pigment I dusted over "Love Games." I did this on the boots too, but for whatever reason when I washed the shirt the ink flaked off on the boots, and I didn't reapply the pigment when I repainted it. The remake I did for myself is doubly shiny though. xD

I wanted to do a Doctor Who themed shirt, since I am absolutely obsessed with that show, and figured the TARDIS would be good subject matter. I considered doing a picture of the thing itself, but I didn't feel like drawing it out and didn't want to use the stencil I've seen around the net a few times, since I'm supposed to be doing this for art class so I should be coming up with my own design. I started thinking about what TARDIS stands for, "Time And Relative Dimensions In Space," but that would look lame on a shirt. So instead I started thinking of a phrase that I could pull the letters of TARDIS from, and eventually this is what my brain created. It's not particularly significant, just there so it makes a little sense and you can see the letters T-A-R-D-I-S. My dad, though, saw the shirt after I made it and asked, "What is that a quote from?" Upon hearing that it was just something I made up willy-nilly, he was rather impressed and called it "poetry." Word. xD

I am rather obsessed with Scissor Sisters at the moment...I recently downloaded "Ta-Dah" and would say I have easily listened to it about 20 times on repeat whilst crafting in the past week...I'm addicted. So thus I had to make myself a shirt. This is simple, I just pulled a B&W image of their logo of the 'net and mixed some white ink with pearlescent pink pigment. Then layered oodles more pigment on top. SHINY!!! This obviously isn't for art class, just for fun.

So there you go, another one of my novels. :] Expect many more from me over the next year!

Thanks for looking! :]
20  CROCHET / Crochet: Completed Projects / Rainbow Granny Square Throw on: August 16, 2008 01:55:23 PM
I made this AAAAGES ago, around the time I actually started posting on Craftster, but never got around to posting it until now.

If you stalk my posts long enough you will see that I am obsessed with rainbows. Heehee. So I had to make a rainbow throw! It's just a ginormous granny square, each color done for six rows, except for red, which has three, so the widths will be nice and even. Of course, I had to use two different kinds of yarn since for whatever reason I couldn't find flippin' rainbow colors in Red Heart *grumble* so green, blue, and violet are a bit off. OH WELL.

I might make a second one someday but start with purple in the center. I don't know why I didn't do this in the first place, because I much prefer ROYGBIV to VIBGYOR...(wtf lol?) Still, I love this. Rainbow is so pleasing to the eye. xD
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