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1  Re: Three Tiny Movie Things Gallery in The Swap Gallery by oxynitrate on: February 09, 2011 12:30:47 AM
I can upload the photos I took of them... though I'm sure your's are probably better shots.
The box I sent it all in.

Soot Balls from Spirited Away (seriously never again will I buy these fluff balls, I've been awoken by both the cats and the puppy jumping on the bed chasing them) (one of the cats keeps going into all my bags to see if he can find more now... I keep asking if he'd like to do my homework).

Necklace inspired by Casablanca

And the 28 Days Later inspired necklace (this one was my favourite. I honestly went looking for more of those pendents to make myself one but they sold out). (I noticed someone else used one in this swap as well).
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2  Re: Three Tiny Movie Things Gallery in The Swap Gallery by oxynitrate on: February 08, 2011 07:41:34 PM
Customs was being evil and kidnapped my package but here it is! It was well worth the wait and I love everything. Thank you so soo much invisiblecastle!!

First the preunwrapped image.

My awesome Amelie bracelet she painted for me. It's so so adorable!!

The Haku (river spirit) pencil topper which you can be sure will be my lucky charm in tests from now on. (Inspired by SPirited Away)

And last but certainly not least. The Mask she sculpted. Inspiration being MirrorMask of course!

Once again, thanks to my awesome craft partner.
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3  Re: Little Visitor Rd 13 (Signups close: Jan 13!! ; Sendouts: Jan 19) in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by oxynitrate on: January 12, 2011 10:32:15 PM
Yay Me and my new pal Tolee are in!
Apparently Tolee is from show I have never seen, But I bought him because he was so darned cute and is wearing panda slippers as well as a panda hoodie.

He no longer has the TY tag. Man beanie baby collectors from the 90's would kill me.
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4  Panda? in New Swap Theme Ideas by oxynitrate on: September 21, 2010 12:31:54 AM

Panda Yu is anxious for a new swap. Is anyone up for a panda swap?
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5  Re: She Blinded Me With Science - Gallery in The Swap Gallery by oxynitrate on: May 07, 2009 12:35:50 PM
Through a bunch of calamity with having my camera at one place the card reader and computer at another, I've finally got things right and have everything in the same area. Sooo without further ado, here is the super swank package from Spicytaco!!

First a pick of some of the "insides" as I'm calling them. I love pop rocks! I'm guessing they were included because I said my fave chemical (or maybe it was molecule)... is oxynitrate (like my name Wink ) because it's explosive! (explosive, unstable, it's all relative).  Also pictured, some cute/awesome stickers, two pendents I have better details of. The very great card.

Skull!! I'm big on the anatomy.

There is no end to my love of this. I adore anatomically correct hearts. As a matter of fact I was almost going to get a clone of the shirt I'm wearing right now for Spicy, but then I realized that that was my passion and not necessarily hers so I'd go with something more oriented to her. My shirt is a take off of those NYC shirts only it says "I <3 Anatomy" and where the heart is is a diagram of an anatomically correct heart. This is my second of it's kind, the first was made via printer iron on and had a spelling mistake, "anantomy" (which was pointed out to me 2 years after it was made and caused the singer from the Philosopher Kings to draw an ant on my shirt after he complimented me on it and showed it off to his bandmates). Anyways, that's neither here nor there, I just love anatomical hearts and adore this pendent which I've already strung and begun wearing.

Hehehehehehehheehe my newest friend! Spicytaco named him "herbert" which is funny because I name everything Herbert, Cuthbert or Nigel. I actually have a bracelet with a dead beetle in it I named Herbert, I reasoned that if he's dead on my wrist he should have a name. Also in bio lab last year, people seemed disturbed by my naming me amoeba. So this is Herbert and he is awesome! Note the Nucleus and Mitochondria! Spicytaco = incredible!

And the finale. If you were my brother you'd be eating your heart out right now (where did that expression come from, it's rather disturbing).

I am going to have to post a link so that you cats understand how awesome this truly is!
"Water, or chemical H twenty on the periodic table" BAHAHAHAHAHAHA "What are birds really? We just don't know!"
That's all I'm going to say about this bag because it's extreme coolness speaks for itself.

THank you Thank You Thank You Spicytaco, you kick butt!!! Everything is so neat and appreciated! I just hope you like your package as much.

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6  Re: Tree Swap Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by oxynitrate on: January 20, 2009 06:36:55 PM
It came! It Came! It Came!!!  I am so so stoked!  (still worried about the one I sent but this has given me hope that it will be there soon). 

Okay this package is so so extraordinarily wonderful and I would first and foremost like to thank barefootlinzi for being so brilliant (and so patient).  She has been nothing but marvelous. Prepare yourselves to be jealous!!

Onward to the Pictures!

I love this card so much I'm thinking I'll frame it and hanging it in my craftroom (which I've declared to be my tree room).

The wonderful purple tree goddess for luck and love. I think I may hang her in my craftroom next to my sewing machine because god knows I need most my luck when using it Wink

These Stuffies are adorable!  There's one for each season and they're all made out of different materials.

Check out the incredible embroidering she did on this shirt.  It's so comfortable. I'm wearing it as I type this and will take advantage of the warm weather we've been having here (seriously frighteningly warm) and wear it tomorrow so I can show it off.

Hello Adorable notebook!  I better think of some awesome stuff to write in it.

In this picture (a group shot to stop taking up so much space): Ultra neat leaves I can craft with (they made it all in one piece I can only hope my package will), A wreath made from the branches of her favorite willow tree (the thoughtfulness honestly made me tear up a little with gratitude, as lame as I sound that is ridiculously amazing of her).  And the tote! The Tote! I love it. I've been coveting this tree tote that a girl at my school has, it pales in comparison to this tote. Now it's my fellow classmates turn to be jealous.  Oh oh, and apparently this is Barefoot's first tote. I think there's going to be a long career of making totes in the future for her. 

Okay one last picture.

Again, I nearly cried when I found this (I nearly missed it because it was wrapped so well).  She crafted this after a painting I had wisted.  Who needs that painting when I have this incredible charcoal and chalk drawing done just for me?! 

I am so so so thankful for everything I received. 
Thanks again Barefootlinzi, you rock!!  I hope my package for you comes soon and hopefully you love everything in it as much as I loved this package!

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7  My first silversmithing Project in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by oxynitrate on: January 15, 2009 10:47:56 PM
I started a silversmithing class today! It's so much fun. We started with rings.

Though it's really plain I am so proud of the ring I made. My friend who is taking the class with me is jealous because you can't see the seam at all on my ring.
I really wish you could see how mirrored and shiny it is. 

It is huge on me because I'm making it as a 2 year anniversary and birthday ring for my boyfriend.  Though I was wondering if I should etch anything on it? Suggestions are welcome.

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8  Re: Tree Swap - COMPLETE! in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by oxynitrate on: October 07, 2008 09:11:22 AM

I love the trees in Stanley Park in Vancouver BC.

I have plenty of other favourite trees, just no pics readily available.
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9  Re: Make-a-Friend Swap Round 2 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by oxynitrate on: July 26, 2008 04:05:50 PM
The ultra cool last package (I'm sad to see this over)

the allrything

Slingmomma's Faves:

cuts from her favorite fabrics, I have to figure out what amazing thing to make from them. Her fave herb is garlic, I love garlic too but understand why she didn't want to include a clove of garlic, instead she made me this cute magnet which I promptly stuck on the fridge door for holding up important photos and notes saying I'm out of garlic again.  Her favorite chocolate bar (she's a chocoholic). 

Slingmomma spoiled me with these beautiful handmade items:

A very pretty necklace that fits wonderfully.

This was the first pendant of this kind that Slingmomma has made. I love it! (I love trees and was originally the organizer of the tree swap but had to back out of doing so due to mass amounts of school work). I love how she used some of the beads I sent her in the last package.

This embroidery piece is so wonderful. I've decided to make my craft room a tree sanctuary this beautiful tree is going to be the first hanging.

Some detail (sorry about the shadow)

The Ever Amazing First and Second Package combined from Slingmomma!

Everything came wrapped nicely in bright pink tissue paper with little instructional notes written on them.

The Where I am From.  A Super Awesome keychain and newspaper.

She made this ridiculously cute/awesome mini scrapbook.  And she loves frogs so I received this cutie handmade by her.

Between Taoj and Slingmomma I have no excuse why I shouldn't know how to crochet. These two fantastic ladies have set me up for success!

A knitting kit... I love the hedgehog needle book and pincushion (complete with instructions), and the quilt tutorial/ fabric is incredible.

What Slingmomma does best!  I love love love love this bag.  So does Panda Yu. He says it's his overalls.

I was very spoiled and love everything!
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10  A tutorial on the muppet I made for the Jim Henson Swap (pic heavy) in Toys, Dolls and Playthings: Completed Projects by oxynitrate on: July 22, 2008 08:32:39 PM

So this was a long process and caused me much grief but the end product was so worth it.
As I couldn't find one tutorial to settle on when making her I pieced together a whole bunch.  

The first step (after finding a foam ball, which, in my case was a nerf ball because they're cheaper than going to an art store and finding an alternative ... atleast when it comes to travel time) is to hollow out a cylindrical shape in your foam ball big enough to fit your hand in, make sure to keep atleast an inch of foam between the outside and the inside for stability purpose.  You could theoretically hollow out the entire ball, I pretty much did.  This is time consuming, and foam gets everywhere, so I recommend a good movie.

Next step is to cut the mouth.  It should be approximately in the middle of the ball (up and down) and run for half the ball (left to right), I used an exacto knife.  You're going to want to play with the ball (put your hand in and give it a try as a puppet head, this way you get a feel on whether the mouth should be extended.

The "skin" was ridiculous to make.  There are templates out there that you can print off for this, but muppet heads very and the templates are kind of useless unless you have the standard measurements of the head they were covering.  This is the gist of what it should look like.  You'll want to make sure you have lots of the material you're using as the skin.  If you can pin the fabric onto the head and make a template that way all the power to ya.  I couldn't so I ended up doing this part twice.  Note, you'll need the darts on the back part of the head because of the shape. I actually ended up cutting more darts as I went.  They were all hidden by the hair in the end.  If you're using a fun fur I'm sure you could hide these darts in the fur.  I attached the "skin" (which was this weird polyester dishtowel I picked up at the dollarstore... if it doesn't fray and isn't too thin anything will work) with a hot glue gun.  You can sew it apparently, according to other tutorials, but I'm not sure how you'd go about doing so, and I'm guessing it'd take forever.  Oh and the way you attach the hair, if you have hair, reinforces the skin even further.  You can also dye the foam instead of adding fabric, there are a bunch of googleable tuts on that.

The mouth (which I stupidly didn't take a pic of before gluing into the head) is made out of thin sheets of foam which you can find at most dollar stores and craft stores.  The biggest part are the lips which you can make to any specification you feel like making sure when placed folded inside of the mouth it extends for an inch or two to outside the mouth.  The next part is the black inside of the mouth, to make this, fold the foam in half, stick in the "mouth" and cut it out so that the foam is flush with the outer rim of the ball. After that I made a tongue and uvula out of red foam.  These pieces I hot glued together. I then hot glued the entire mouth to the ball, coating the foam ridge and the outside where the lips sit.  The outer lip can prove to be difficult to glue, you do have to glue then hold down in sections otherwise it pulls away.  The lips are very good at hiding the end of the fabric ("skin").  

The hair was sewn on with clear thick jewelery string.  Basically you cut a whole bunch of strands to twice the length you want the hair to be, fold in half and sew in in clumps.  Keep in mind that if you sew the clumps in in a straight line it will create a nice part.  I made the part to be on the side of the head.  

I had the dardest time figuring out how I was going to place the eyes on.  At first it all just looked so silly, placing the foam on the head, trying to find a place where they looked correct.  Then I figured I'd do them Beaker style so I took two pieces of foam, drew on the eyes with crayola fabric markers and glued them to the lenses of some glasses I picked up from the dollar store.  These I hot glued to the head.  You can make your eyes however you want.  There are some tutorials out there on how to make blinking eyes, moving eyes, the works but I was working with limited time so I went with the easy fail safe.

I attached some fabric to the inside of the head by gluing and sewing it in place. (I used satin back crepe because it feels nice and is easy to slip your hand in and out of) Sew the piece into a funnel shape.

For the body I used baby clothes.  I cut the baby jumper in half and cut off some of the length in the arms, then I sewed it all together leaving a space in the back between the shirt and the pants for accessibility to the mouth.  Feet were proving to be difficult so I merely decided that the pants were "long" and sewed two pieces of fabric into each pant leg which were attached in the middle to create a circle for a more fuller look when stuffing.  The hands were also tricky. Remember to make the thumb wide enough that when flipping right side out you can do so easily. I had to make a few hands because of this.  Also when sewing them on to the arms try not to sew the sleeves together.  
From here I sewed the "body" to the neck, I also hot glued it for extra strength.  Make sure the neck fabric is inside the shirt.   This is when you'll want to stuff your muppet.  I actually stuffed the arms and legs before attaching the head. THen I stuffed the "bum" and torso, making sure to define a bit of figure.  

The final step was to cut the satin back fabric to be a bit longer than the opening in the back of the pants/shirt when pulled through it.  Bundle in and sew the upper part to the shirt and the lower to the pants making sure that the stuffing is not accessible any longer.  The fabric should be puckered and bundled in, well I'm sure it doesn't have to be, I just think it feels more like the puppets I played with when I was a child.
Then that's it you're done. You have your very own muppet.  

(Note the body does not have to be done this way, you can make it from scratch, you can make it dress up able, from a reconstructed doll body, it's totally up to you)

All comments are welcome. Plus I'd love to see what you guys make if you are inspired by this.

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