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21  Re: mini 12 Days of Christmas 2015 GALLERY send outs 11-23-2015 in The Swap Gallery by Ratfinkz on: December 06, 2015 05:42:00 PM
Argh am I the last to claim my spot? Here are all my parcels waiting to be opened!

On the first day of Christmas my partner sent to me....

A beautiful lapis lazuli TOL pendant and pretty earrings to match Smiley

On the second day of Christmas my partner scared me!

I have a book I read in the toilet (sorry for TMI!) my husband has kindly leant me one of his two bookmarks as I don't have one.

I love notebooks but haven't been able to find one I love with plain paper (ie not lined) but have been looking for one to sketch jewellery designs etc.

Edel didn't know any of that. But never the less I received....

More lapis on the bookmark which I still love, and beautiful magical mushrooms on the notebook, which led to a hilarious convo with my husband

Backstory: although I love magical mushrooms/toadstools I am phobic of them as a foodstuff. (Yes I know it's a crazy phobia!)

Me: wow it's mushrooms
Hubby: oh I better have it then
Me: no I love mushrooms
Hubby: sorry?
Me: NO I don't mean that, I love magic mushrooms
Me: No, I don't mean that either!

(Don't know if it's the same worldwide but here in England Magic mushrooms are an illegal drug)


Anyhow, thank you Edel I'm well chuffed with both days so far Smiley

On the third day of Christmas my partner sent to me two awesome tree decs that I love, they are SO clever! And I love buttons!

On the 4th day of Christmas my partner sent to me a lovely hanging heart ornament and something that I think smashed in the post Sad was it a button wreath? I have a glue gun so will have a play at fixing it!

On the 5th day of Christmas my partner sent to me, a fab Ratty stamp(?) which I love Smiley and a wonderful Arsenal pouch for my amazing husband Smiley Chris loves his new pouch and asked me to pass on his thanks. I love receiving things for him as I always struggle with what to make for him!

On the 6th day of Christmas my partner sent to me......omg.....beads! And earring hooks and beads and charms and beads! (I am slightly bead obsessed and love these, thank you, thank you!! Smiley

On the seventh day of Christmas my partner sent to me:

Heart shaped LED lights! Love them Smiley

On the 8th day of Christmas my partner sent to me, the most AMAZING ratty tote bag that I will be using regularly! I can't tell you how much I love this! I love handmade or unusual bags, I love and collect ratty things but struggle to find much, for some peculiar reason they're not very popular! And I am totally addicted to purple, so this bag is SO me! My husband took one look at it and said "wow that's very you"!!! Thank you so much Edel Smiley

It even has a pocket inside -look

On the 9th day of Christmas my partner sent to me, a stunning labradorite and (carnelian and Aqua marine???) pendant. I am seriously obsessed by labradorite and this is a particularly amazing one! Smiley did you make the setting for the stones yourself? It is so perfectly shaped for the stones!

Showing some of the amazing colour play in the labradorite

Every time I open a present I think wow Edel has made me the perfect item, nothing else can be as good as this, and yet, somehow everyday is just that little bit more perfect than the last!

When I knew I'd got Edel as my partner I hoped and wished she would make me a Top, she made one for me and one for my husband in a previous swap and we both loved them, mine grew tatty through over wearing but my husband wears his to this day (it was a good few years ago we swapped!

Anyway, without further ado my partner sent to me...

I love, love, love it! Thank you SO much Edel! Tomo I may even take an action shot!

Action shot as promised, though my husband didn't do a good job of capturing the rat!

On the 11th day of Christmas my partner sent to me, an amazingly awesome messenger bag! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this! Like many women I have a thing for handbags, but luckily for my husband I don't love expensive ones but quirky and/or hand made ones! This again is so me, I can't believe how well Edel got me this swap!

I can't believe I only have one present left! Anyone up for a 366 days of Christmas swap starting Jan 1st?

A pic of inside showing two pockets

I can't decide whether I am happy or sad about today's present! It is THE most amazing thing I've ever received in a swap so that makes me happy, but it is also the last of the two days and it has been an amazing swap - Edel,  I really hope I get to swap with you again, thanks for being such an awesome partner!

So, on the 12th day of Christmas my partner gave to me......a kick A quilt, a big quilt, a big purple quilt, a big purple kick ass quilt! It completely blew me away! I love love love love it! Thank you SO much! My husband couldn't get it all in the shot so I will take a better one over the next couple of days, but here is a picture so you can all see the awesomeness and the smile on my face!
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22  Re: Sweat Shoppe ORNAMENT Swap Round 6 (green by 11/12, send by 11/17) in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Ratfinkz on: October 27, 2015 07:06:58 PM
My finished trees Smiley
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23  Re: Sweat Shoppe Swap Round 36 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Ratfinkz on: October 21, 2015 04:38:15 PM
I received my last package Smiley some lovely crocheted tea towels and a couple of extras .thanks koalascout I love them all Smiley

My cat also loved the tea towels, black cat and ghost, how very Halloween Smiley

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24  Wire wrapped lapis lazuli+ tutorial, VERY pic heavy! Completed (phew!) in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by Ratfinkz on: October 20, 2015 05:31:12 AM
I was asked on one of my previous threads to make a tutorial for wire wrapping a pendant, so I spent yesterday making one, taking pics all the way, spent some time this morning sorting the pics (although they are not all great quality, sorry) and now I'm going to write it up. If you follow along I'd love to see what you create, please share pics Smiley the pendant isn't the best I've ever made, taking so many photos interrupted my flow,  but I hope, even if you don't want to make the exact pendant, it will help you with some weaving techniques.  If anything is unclear,  please ask and I'll try to clarify. This is the first ever tutorial I've ever made, so apologies if it is not up to the usual Craftster standards! Are you sitting comfortably?  Then we'll begin!

First things first,  this is the pendant we are going to make:

Here is everything you need tool wise to create it:

I forgot to add round nose pliers and masking tape to the photo. Hope you all know what masking tape is, these are round nose pliers:

1) Using the flush cutters cut 4 pieces of the 1mm wire, mine tend to be about 50cm (I work organically as oppose to measuring everytHong,  but each piece should be able to go around the perimeter of your cabochon at least 3 times and 1 for luck Wink (much better than to have too much than not enough.)

2) holding one end of your wire run along each piece a few times using the nylon jaw pliers,  this will straighten them. Run right from one end to the other and in same direction. Don't worry about them bring perfectly straight as they will curve a little, but get out any kinks/sharp curves.


3) lie the ends side by side on a piece of masking tape, and wrap them together with the tape. Use the nylon jaw pliers and/or your fingers to get them lying nicely side by side, they won't be straight all the way, but make sure none are overlapping each other etc.

(Saved so as not to lose progress, will carry on shortly xxx)

Ok my apologies for the delay!  I'm not in the best of health and my concentration for things like this is not brilliant, so it may be written in several stages Smiley

4) find the middle of  the  strand (roughly, doesn't need to be precise) and making sure the 1mm wires stay side by side,  wrap fairly tightly (tight enough to keep them in place, but not too tight to make them go on top of each other) with the 0.4mm wire. Make sure both ends of the 0.4 is on the same side (this will be the back) of the 1mm and that the wire on the opposite side (the front) of the 1mm is neatly next to each other. I've wrapped 6 times, but I'd say you can wrap between 4 and 8 times. Remember how many 0.4 wraps show on the front of the 1mm

5) holding the back of the 1mm wire, (where the 0.4mm wrap is) against your finger, begin to bend the wire in half. Then roughly shape it against the cabochon so that the 0.4mm wrap is in the centre at the bottom of the cabochon.

6) bend the top of the wires around the top of the cabochon, then using the flat nose pliers bend into a right angle so they are again pointing upwards, but in middle of top of cabochon and sitting next to each other. Then wrap tightly with 0.4mm wire. Don't worry about this being neat or the same amount of wraps as your other wraps, as it will either be covered up or removed. I do a lot of wraps as it holds it better

7) fit it back around the cabochon and do any extra moulding needed

Cool take cabochon back out and turn wire frame over. Holding the wraps with your flat nose pliers fairly securely pull the single wire at the top (technically bottom but we're upside down) into the middle of the frame as flatly as possible.

9) do this all the way around, so that all 4 sections are pulled into middle. Pop cabochon back in. The back of the pendant should now look like this

And the front like so. Use your fingers to mould it again if needed

9b) move t
10) find the two wires towards the front of the top bunch and splay them slightly. Bend the rest down behind the cab to get them out of the way.

11) now we get to the fun part! Weaving Smiley starting with your 0.4mm wire at the back of the 1mm wire, wrap 3 times round the left hand wire standing up at the top. At the third wrap as you bring the 0.4mm up through the two take it over the right hand wire and wrap 3 times, at the third wrap take it up through the two again, over the left and round three times. Make sure as you are going around the wires the 0.4mm wire sits neatly next to itself each wrap. It should now look like this:

When you have got a bit built up you can use your thumb nail to push each wrap down to the previous to keep it neat:

12) continue doing this until you have built up enough to make your bail. This is of course a matter of preference, but remember it needs to be enough to go up, round and back down again. Using your bail making pliers gently grip the top of your weaving and roll your wrist towards the front of the piece.

13) reposition the bail making pliers half way into the weaving and continue rolling towards you, until you have a nice shaped bail (mine went slightly squiffy-I blame losing the flow by stopping to take pictures!) Take the unwrapped 1mm wire end of the bail either side of the bail

14) wrap the legs round the bottom of the bail a couple of times, 1 leg in each direction, stop with them at the back, but don't cut them.

15) bring three of the unwrapped 1mm leg up and out to the left of the pendant. Have a look and make sure it's the three that look most like they should come to the left. Wrap the 0.4mm wire 5 time around the leg closest to the back of the cabichon

16)a) this weave is tricky to describe, so bear with me. You should be coming from the top of the leg you have just wrapped, bring it down between the wrapped leg and middle leg, go under the middle leg and up between the middle and front leg,

 16b) go around the middle leg once,

back up between middle and front then over the front and wrap twice. On the way back you are coming from under the front, so go over the middle, but don't wrap, down between middle and back and then wrap the back leg twice. Let me know if you need more clarification of this. (I appear to have stopped taking pics of this step, oops!) This is how it will look when it has built up a bit

Each time you wrap the three legs you should have 2 wraps on the outer legs and 1 wrap/wire over the middle. Obviously the middle builds up twice as fast as the outer wires hence only having 1 wrap. You can alter this and do for instance 4 wraps on outside & 2 on middle, as long as the ratio is 2:1

17, continue this way until the wrap covers approx 2/3 of the height of the cabochon, then stop wrapping the front leg, and without cutting the 0.4mm wire work on back leg and middle leg the exact same way you wrapped the bail for the remaining 1/3 approx of the  cabochon. Finish wrapped around middle leg but don't cut the 0.4mm wire

18) bring the wrapped legs to the front of the cabochon, shape them a bit so that they follow the curve of the cabochon

19) take the back leg to behind the cabochon, cut shorter and using your round nose pliers bend it around one of the wires at the back to anchor it.
Cut as short as you can, but ensure the cut off end is facing towards the cabochon or it will irritate the skin of whoever is wearing it.

20) now onto the first spiral, begin to coil the 0.4mm wire solely around the middle leg, ensuring each wrap sits neatly beside it's predecessor. Do this for about 2 inches.

If you find it easier to space your wraps out you can do and then push them together, but ensure you wrap straight like this.

and not diagonally like this:
If you do it diagonally when you push them together they won't be neat.

21) cut the leg leaving a few mm between the final wrap and the end of the leg. Also cut the 0.4mm wire. Using the round nose pliers grip this bare bit of leg and begin to roll into circle, you should initially roll until it's a 'U' shape, then cut off any more leg you need to

22) reposition round nose pliers into the centre of the 'U' and continue to roll wrist until it touches back onto the coiled leg. If you need to space the coils so they cover more of the end of the leg, do so now, then gripping the circle with your nylon jawed pliers gently bring it round on itself until you have a coil sat right against the weave.

23)attach 0.4mm wire to the front leg right at bottom of previous weave, and begin coiling again. I cut the 0.4mm into a long length, and when I get under the spiral I have just created (which you can initially bend up so it sits away from the  cabochon,  allowing easier access to the front leg)

 I feed the end through the outer loop of the spiral and pulling tight over the top and back to coiling the front leg. This gives some sturdiness to the spiral and stops it bendingif it get snagged on clothes etc. Create amother spiral, slightly bigger than the first spiral and sit it in the centre of the bottom of the cabochon.

24) Do the same with the remaining three legs on the opposite side of the cabochon, but this time just make one spiral with the middle leg.

25) Anchor to the back in the same way you did the first side, and bring the front leg down, under the spiral you have just made, and tuck it away on the back. Remember to keep all pointed ends facing up to the  cabochon so as to avoid skin irritation.

26) back at the top with the spare legs left from the bail bring one around to the front and make another coiled spiral in front of the bottom of the bail, covering up any messy bit around the bail.

27) flip to back again and ensure all wires are finished off. If you have any bits of 0.4mm wrap then around the 1mm a couple of times,  cutting them off as close to the 1mm wire as possible and facing towards the cabochon. Tuck the remaining bail leg into the back of the bail and cut it off.

Hey presto you should have something like this: Smiley

Please point out any errors/ask any questions Smiley only silly question is one not asked Smiley

I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. Now you have learnt the weaves, play with them, make your own designs,  use them in different combinations. Please share your results I'd love to see Smiley

I plan to do a similar tutorial in a couple of days for making a ring.


Sarah x
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25  Couple of wire woven pendants in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by Ratfinkz on: October 13, 2015 04:23:00 PM
Here are a couple of pendants I've made lately,  hope you like them

Copper wire and rose quartz

Purple agate and silver coloured wire. This is a big beast!

The colour in next image is a lot more realistic

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26  Re: Sweat Shoppe ORNAMENT Swap Round 6 (signups end 10/17, send by 11/17) in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Ratfinkz on: October 06, 2015 08:14:36 AM
I've changed my design, If people prefer my first I can still do
 those though, so can you let me know which you prefer please Smiley
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27  Re: Sweat Shoppe Swap Round 36 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Ratfinkz on: October 06, 2015 07:54:30 AM
Today I received a beautiful fabric basket from AIMR which will be (and is already being) well used.

I also received my very pretty key fob Smiley

 Thanks both

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28  Re: Sweat Shoppe ORNAMENT Swap Round 6 (signups end 10/17, send by 11/17) in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Ratfinkz on: October 05, 2015 05:07:27 PM
I will be offering 6 of these christmas trees, they look a lot better IRL! Smiley

Hope you like them Smiley
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29  Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2015 (sign up 7-26-17 to 8-10-15; s/o 11-23-15) in ARCHIVE OF SWAPS THAT ARE TOTALLY FINISHED by Ratfinkz on: October 05, 2015 03:10:41 AM
My hands would agree  Cheesy

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30  Re: Sweat Shoppe Swap Round 36 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by Ratfinkz on: September 30, 2015 04:24:42 PM
I received from thimbles71 too Smiley thank you x

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