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1  My first pair of culottes! in Clothing: Completed Projects: General by toribird on: August 06, 2013 05:30:06 PM
I've had this fabric for over a year now...inspiration finally hit! I wanted to be able to bike in a skirt without shorts or leggings underneath, so I made my version of culottes.

How they look on me:

How they look on my dining room table: (sorry for wrinkles, took these photos after wearing them)

They were super simple to make! I sketched up a really rough pattern (without measurements, sorry) to show you:

I made the front piece a bit wider than depicted there so I could add in little pleats.
Forgot to include waistband in the picture, but that was just a long rectangle with darts added after sewing. Added on pockets, belt loops, and a belt sash.

I think the original piece of fabric I bought was 2 yards. I used nearly all of that, but I was trying to keep the pattern directionally correct - could easily be done with less fabric given strategic cutting. Also used <.5 yards of contrast fabric.

If you're interested in making your own pair and have questions, I'm glad to be of help!
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2  Time Turner pendant in Trinkets and Jewelry: Completed Projects: General by toribird on: March 01, 2013 09:27:58 AM
I took a jewelry class this weekend and made a time turner from Harry Potter. I stamped "NO GOING BACK" on it and after the picture was taken decided to leave it disconnected at one point, so it hangs broken.

For the curious, here's what the process was like: (I'm really new to this, so forgive me if I go into too much detail and use the wrong terms).

I started with a flat square of bronze, which I heated to red hot to anneal. From my understanding, this helps the atoms in the metal align, making it softer and easier to work. This annealing process is undone after some hammering but it can be repeated. Then I cut out the pieces I wanted to use - for the circles, I used a shaped cutter, I freehanded the outer octagonal edge. I stamped letters on the outermost piece then went over it with a hammer for texture. On the middle piece, I repeatedly stamped a star as a texture. For the center piece, I formed an hourglass shape out of wire, taped it to the piece, and stamped that. Then I stamped letters and sand inside of the hourglass. To finish I sanded the edges, polished the faces, and my instructor drilled holes for jump rings.

I really enjoyed my first proper foray into metal stamping and will hopefully be taking more classes in the future!
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3  I made a Victorian Ball Gown! in Costumes: Completed Projects by toribird on: April 29, 2012 12:48:38 PM
After playing a lower class character at Dickens Fair and lusting after the fancy ball gowns all season, I decided to make my own for the Gaskell Ball. I decided this about two weeks before the ball and, as such, threw all of my free time into making this dress. I finished last Tuesday, put it on, and realized the skirt would look so so nice with proper underpinnings. So I made a hoop skirt too!

Finished dress:

Eight hand-sewn buttonholes! They don't all look this even...I photographed the best two.:

I didn't realize how well the fabric would match the bird in my tattoo until I tried on the bodice for the first time:

I also made a braided hair piece, as my short hair isn't exactly period accurate. I braided some fake hair, sewed it to a headband, and made a bun at the back. I don't have any good pictures of the back, but you can see part of the braid here. I decided to make the hair piece hours before the ball, as I couldn't get my hair to look nice... So glad I live a block away from a beauty supply shop!

Details on production:

For the bodice, I drafted a corset pattern with 10 pieces, reduced it to three pieces with darts, and extended the top lines to sleeve holes. The sleeve holes and sleeves I drafted without too much planning and without looking at any other patterns, so I'm quite pleased they worked on the first try. I drafted the collar basically by tracing the neckline onto a piece of paper and making the pattern from there. I wanted the dress to have a sense of being off-shoulder without actually being so, which I feel I accomplished with the shape of the collar.

I used this tutorial http://steamfashion.livejournal.com/791377.html as inspiration for the skirt, but honestly I have no patience for following a tutorial step-by-step, so I looked at the basic construction and went from there. I ended up making the skirt wider, didn't add the ruffle (I tried, but it looked a bit too flamenco), and did a waistband.

I used this tutorial http://www.deathbychutney.com/hoopskirt.htm for the hoop skirt and did follow this one to the letter. I made the bottom hoop about 130" circumference (I don't remember exactly, but it started out at 145" and I cut it down a fair amount) and just cut each consecutive one a bit smaller, cutting more as needed after trying it on.

I'd love to answer any questions or read any concrit you might have! Thanks for reading.
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4  Alice in Wonderland...with creative liberties in Halloween Costumes by toribird on: November 03, 2011 12:54:09 AM
Kazel and I started gathering excitement for Halloween this summer.  I would say that's when any enthusiastic crafter should start thinking about Halloween costumes but given some of these posts, that might be a low estimate. 

Anyway, kazel decided she wanted to be the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland.  But what's a Red Queen without people to boss?  So we got together some of our closest friends (read: anyone we could talk into dressing up with us) and set out to make costumes...starting about a week before Halloween.  Hey, I said we were gathering excitement, not actually crafting.  To be fair, we did have ideas floating and sketches drawn, but very little actually made. 

That said, here's the finished product:

From left to right, we've got the White Queen, the Mad Hatter, Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Red Queen.  Our Cheshire Cat unfortunately decided to not show up. 

The White Queen is me - for the costume, I made the crown, corset, skirt, and underskirt.  The crown is made from lace dipped in a glue/water solution and let dry while stretched over a can of the appropriate size.  The corset was made from a pattern I drafted (with help from kazel, who is a corset queen) and is boned with zip ties!  The skirt and underskirt are a basic circle skirt worn over a no-sew tutu.

The Mad Hatter costume was thrown together very last minute.  The black lace cuff was actually made by midnight, I received it as part of a steampunk swap.  The white lace cuff I made.  The hat band is pieced together scraps of black and white fabric.

The Alice costume was almost entirely purchased, save for the apron, which I made from my own pattern.  (read: I cut out pieces of fabric without measuring - though I did hold the main piece up to myself before cutting - or drafting and hoped that they'd all work together well). 

Nothing in the White Rabbit costume was handmade. 

The Red Queen is kazel - she made the corset and we both worked on the skirt.  We painted the checkers on the front skirt panel.  This required two tries, as the first try taught us that watered-down acrylic just wasn't going to dry soft enough.  I believe the skirt is three trapezoidal pieces plus red strips for the borders.  Kazel drafted the patterns for both the skirt and her corset.  The other side of the corset is black and the whole thing is reversible for maximum costuming utility. 

Here's another picture of kazel and me:

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5  Re: Back to Hogwarts Gallery in The Swap Gallery by toribird on: October 19, 2011 01:04:19 PM
I received from SaralaAnne today!  Unfortunately, I can't find my camera, so webcam pics will have to do. 

Here's what the box looked like before I tore it open:

(SaralaAnne told me not to make fun of her too much for the box...I cracked up in my house's mail room when I found this)

Large item: Slytherin crest cross-stitch!  This is amazing and is going right on my wall.  I love it so much!

Medium item: Honeydukes jars full of candy.  The Honeydukes logo is etched onto the jars...not sure if the picture shows that so well.  There were three jars, one full of gummy bears, one full of Good n' Plenty, and one full of Atomic Fireballs.  I guess the Atomic Fireballs truly were atomic, as that jar was shattered =(.  (still tasty though ^_^, haven't had these since I was a kid, I forgot how hot they are!) 

Small item: a Transfiguration-inspired embroidered bag.

And an extra: Luna's scarf!  I'm wearing this right now...even though it's pretty warm outside.  (I wrapped it around the candy jars to show off the gorgeous pattern)

Thanks so much, SaralaAnne!
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6  Re: Small Steampunk Swap Gallery in The Swap Gallery by toribird on: June 15, 2011 05:25:01 PM
Here's a sort-of action shot for the elbow cuffs:

The idea is that they go around the arm on the end of a sleeve to dress up an outfit. 

Wulf: The tie-dye cake was very easy!  I made a rainbow cake and then piped different colored frosting in a spiral pattern.  Then I took a toothpick and dragged it across the frosting, pulling the different colors of the spiral into each other. 
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7  Psychonauts cookies in Dessert by toribird on: June 15, 2011 01:00:04 AM
At the end of last semester, I helped my boyfriend make cookies for a video game decal (class taught by students) he was taking.  His project was on Psychonauts, so he wanted to do cookies based on the badges and arrowheads from the game.  We used a basic sugar cookie recipe with decorator's frosting and put different shades of food coloring in both.  Check out the pictures!

We made so many cookies!
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8  Re: Small Steampunk Swap Gallery in The Swap Gallery by toribird on: June 14, 2011 12:37:18 PM
My camera talks to linux now!  ...I handed my camera and computer to my linux-genius friend and he got it working in about a minute.  Sorry for the mega-delay, but pictures are here now!

Midnight sent me an amazing package containing tapestry samples, a gorgeous bronze scarf (that doesn't photograph very well but it's definitely gorgeous), a potion bottle necklace (it actually is a very small bottle!), an ID tag, and elbow cuffs.  Check out pictures and more details below:

In my questionnaire, I mentioned that I love tapestry fabric.  I want to collect a bunch of samples to make a patchwork belt pouch.  Midnight definitely delivered!  Tapestry fabric and package summary:

Check out this scarf!  It's a perfect summer scarf and I've been wearing it almost every day.  I love scarves, but all of my others are very wintery.  I couldn't get a good pic of it, so here's a picture of me wearing it.  (It's also a picture of my linux-genius friend and a tie-dye cake I made for his birthday!)

My steampunk character is a medic, which is why this potion bottle necklace is so appropriate!  Incidentally, I'm also a proud Slytherin and Snape is one of my favorite characters!  Grin  You can also see the really cool card Midnight sent along, which will have a proud place on my wall once I get to decorating.

My medic character works on a bounty hunting ship, the Iphigenia, which specializes in monster capture.  This ID tag definitely fits in with that look and I'll be adding it to my costume (and probably every day outfits as well).  The glue on the back is still a bit tacky though, which worries me.  I'll secure it with some hot glue just to make sure. 

And finally (whew!), I received these really awesome elbow cuffs.  They're meant to pair with 3/4 or elbow-length sleeves to dress up and steampunkify shirts.  Love these!  They're a layer of a chiffon-type fabric with a layer of lace sewn into velvet cuffs.

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9  Re: One Tiny Thing Miyazaki Swap Gallery! in The Swap Gallery by toribird on: March 16, 2011 06:53:54 PM
Okay, prepare yourselves for a long post about how amazing drakiame is.

She couldn't decide on just one thing to craft and neither could I, so we agreed on extras.  I wasn't expecting to be quite this spoiled though!  
Here's the whole haul together:

Miyazaki related things: Calcifer stamp (the first stamp drakiame has carved, he turned out very well!) and stamp-pad, Howl inspired needlebook, and Howl inspired charm bracelet.
Other awesome crafted stuff: paper star earrings, perler bead Slytherin crest (you stalked well, drakiame  Grin)

Here's the Howl's Moving Castle stuff:

The needlebook is wonderful.  I've been meaning to make myself one for awhile so I'll stop sticking my needles into my pincushion and losing them, but now I don't have to make myself one because drakiame made this amazing one for me!  Howl is one of my favorite characters and I love the outfit that inspired this, drakiame rendered it perfectly.

Close up of the charm bracelet:

I've been wearing this pretty much non-stop since I opened the package.  The orange beads are for Calcifer (one of my absolute favorite characters).  Going left to right, here's what the other charms mean: the dark purple/black beads are for the Witch of the Waste, the next is turnip-head and his top-hat (this one's really clever, drakiame), then one with the colors of Howl's outfit (the same outfit that inspired the needlebook), a wing for Howl's monster-bird form, then a heart with a flower above it for when Howl gave his heart to Calcifer, the next one is for Sophie's braid that she fed to Calcifer, next beads in the same colors as Heen's fur, and finally beads representing Markl's green outfit with bow-tie and coin purse.  
I love the feel of charm bracelets and I love how colorful this one is.  The charms are really creative too.

Here's the non-Miyazaki stuff:

The earrings are great for me because I love dangly earrings but I don't like how heavy they usually are.  The Slytherin crest is absolutely perfect!

In addition to all that wonderfulness (as if it wasn't enough!), drakiame included chocolates (some of which have been gleefully eaten) and a butterfly notebook that's just my style.  

Thank you so much, drakiame, I've definitely been spoiled  Grin
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10  Re: OTHPT2 Gallery in The Swap Gallery by toribird on: March 09, 2011 08:59:58 PM
I received my package from h-chan today, it's glorious!  She sent me a miniature of Luna's dirigible plum plant, complete with "KEEP OFF DIRIGIBLE PLUMS" sign.  It's perfect, check it out:
I had to use my camera's flash to get the sign well in focus, so the colors aren't totally spot on. 

I put the plant in my tortoise's tank, it really brightens up Euclid's (my tortoise) living space.  It's really subtle too, I'm looking forward to watching my housemates notice that Euclid now has dirigible plums in her tank.

It looks huge next to my little baby tortoise, but it's actually quite small. 

I couldn't get a good close up of one of the plums.  h-chan, feel free to post more pictures, I don't think these quite do your handiwork justice.

Bonus pic of Euclid being adorable (hope you don't mind, I couldn't help myself!)

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