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11  PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS / Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General / "KeTing Wallet" TUTORIAL. (INSANE amount of PICTURES!!!) on: March 03, 2008 10:37:57 PM
I finally got to cropping all the pictures and everything. I made that by night, so some of the pics are a bit dark, please excuse that as well as the smudgyness of my table. It's very old and several generations seem to have used glue on it ;-) - it looked much worse when I got it, but it's just perfect for sewing and crafting.
Also please excuse my rambling.
And I've got to add, I am a real beginner, so I would love to work out easier or better ways to make the parts together with you. Have mercy on me ;-)
If the amount of pictures is a problem, please let me know, I could also make a pdf file and send that out via email.
Please post your pictures if you made one! I'd love to see them.
This was the one I've made for the Tutorial (I'll give that to a friend). I used different fabrics deliberately, so you'd see the different parts better in the pictures.

Okay, here we go:
The wallet consists of 6 parts:

1a) The part which holds your cards
1b) Background material of the insides
2) The plastic pocket (see-through)
3) The paper money compartment
4) The coin purse
5) The outside with velcro closure.

1) The part which holds your cards/background fabric
I made the card thing first because the size of everything else will relate to its size.
First a shot of the material being folded very losely, just to give you the idea how to make it:

Use your cards and pins to make it fit well!

Back will look like that:

Sew the first line, put cards back in, mark the second, and so on. Make sure the part in the middle won't be wider than the tape/fabric band/bias tape/whatever you use. There needs to be a part in the middle, though, because you won't be able to fold it well otherwise. 

Done all seams, it should look like this:

Trim the sides.

You can now fold it like that:

My version was about 13 cm long. Choose fabric for the background, measuring 2 times the card things width plus seam allowance plus fold allowance. You can see the size mine had to be.

Cut tape/whatever you want to use like this. Glue down the card part on the background part. Sew tape on, hiding the ends on the back side.

2. The see-through pocket
This is quite easy. Make a rectangle a bit less high as the background fabric and as wide as half of your card thing. Just don't make it too wide or it will bend when you fold the wallet. Sew down on three sides. I made one of the longer sides the open one, so nothing will fall out on the open sides of the wallet (know what I mean?)

I recommend vinyl... which I didn't have. Wink

3. Paper money compartment
Quite easy.
Take a scrap, a bit bigger than your usual notes, add seam allowance for all four sides. Fold back the seam of the sides which will open later so it won't be seen. Sew.
Fold the whole thing in half, right side on right side, pin, sew the short sides together. Again use a bit glue to hold the thing in place (easier than using pins, but you can also use pins), sew to the upper middle of the background material (only one line up there, you can fix the lower edges with glue). If you find that confusing, just look at them pikchas!

4. The coin purse
I tried different versions for that, none of them I found satisfying until now. You can just make it any way it suits you.
This time I made a hose with fusible interfacing in between, pressed it flat, added velcro and used glue and the sewing machine to adhere to background fabric.

Now it looks like that:

5. The outside with velcro closure
First make the little strap. I think the pictures are quite easy to understand.
Make a little hose: Take two fabric strips,  attach velcro to one of the right sides, sew together, clip edges, turn right sides out.

Cut fabric for the outside: A stripe twice as long as the background material PLUS seam allowance. Fold in half at the short side, like in the picture.

Sew closed in three sides, turn right sides out. Tuck the ends of the open side in, mark the middle, pin closure strap in place, sew. Find out where to put the other part of the velcro closure (by placing everything like it will be in the end, folding it together and pretending to close the strap. Mark the spot.)

Sew velcro in there.

Now place background material with all innards on the inner side of the outward fabric. Use glue or pins to keep in place.
(BTW, always let the glue dry before sewing over or you'll ruin your needles!)
Start sewing around the whole thing next to the left side of the paper money pocket and ending next to the right side, to leave it open.

Finally sew the other side of the paper money thing and the outside fabric together (you can also use glue to keep in place plus sew along the upper line.)

Enjoy your new wallet!!

12  PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS / Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General / 1st ever wallet from scratch (& bags) on: February 29, 2008 07:17:21 PM
I made something else from that nice red fabric... please applaud for my new wallet which is getting ready to strip for you!
*curtains lift*
*music turned on*
*husky female voice sings*

Ain't it sexy? Smiley

Then I had scraps and decided to make a little pill "pouch" or however you'd call that, just a plain little pocket with velcro closure.
(Boring. But Convenient. I have to have Medication with me all the time, and I hate those ugly pillboxes...)

And some more bags. The one with white and black lining is for me, the one with the green lining is a gift for my dear granny. Smiley
(Jordy's again)

Hope you liked... if anyone would like a tute for the wallet, please let me know, I just have a borrowed camera around and could make one.
13  CLOTHING / Clothing for Curvaceous Craftsters: Discussion and Questions / Ever sewn a chenille pullover smaller? on: February 25, 2008 10:51:30 AM
Hey fellow curvacious ones Smiley
I've got a pullover I love, perfect color, perfekt collar - it's just that it is too huge for me (which is hard to believe as I'm actually quite huge myself and usually don't find clothes that fit.)
I had this pullover for two years now and wore it anyways, because I love it. But now that I am a bit more skilled on the sewing machine, I thought I could give it a try and change it.
What I would like to do is, to make it a bit less wide, make it shorter and also more like a sweatshirt at the bottom (right now it's straight to the rim and has slits at the end), by which I mean, make it fit a bit closer around my ass. ;-)
The sleeves are also a bit wide and I would like to do the same thing with them as with the lower rim - make them a bit narrower.
I hope you get the picture? Sorry, English isn't my mothertongue, so please ask if I used weird words...
I don't have any pics unfortunately, and no camera at the moment. But if you don't get what I mean I could make little awful paint drawings on the computer...

Now my questions: The pullover is chenille (I hope it's the same in English) and I am very much afraid of cutting anything up and apart. I don't have a serger unfortunately, just a normal sewing machine. Has anyone ever done anything like that to a knit pullover and could give me some advice on how to sew without the whole thing falling apart afterwards? Is it possible to do that at all?
Would be so lovely if you'd answer.

Edit: ah, google just helped me.
This shows how I'd like the ends of the sleeves and the lower end of the Pullover to look like:

And this is about my chenille pullover, although mine is much bigger and has a much more beautiful collar. It's the same color anyway, which is the least important information for you, I guess *g*
14  MISCELLANEOUS TOPICS / Completed Projects / Old mousepad & empty honey jars to pincushion with bobbin yarn container :D on: February 20, 2008 07:56:04 AM
I thought hard about where to post this, but really didn't find a place, so I hope it's okay here.
I've got to say that the idea was NOT originally mine. I saw that months ago somewhere on the internet, maybe even here, I can't recall it, I'm sorry. I did it a bit differently, though.
(if you want to know how, scroll down below picture. very easy indeed.)

I had two empty glasses I liked and actually wanted to do this to them for quite some time. But didn't find any rubber foam or however you call that in English. Then, after a while, I realised while plucking pins out of my mousepad where they regularly end up congregating for some reason I've yet to find out (ahem!), that a mousepad, cut up, would be a perfect pincushion. It's one of those very cheap ones, 50 ct at Ikea. Made of a thick layer of sponge rubber (?) and thin fabric on top, I think they're sold in black and white. The fabric came off mine long ago and I thought I might as well get a new one and do something with the old.
Okay... I don't want to bore you, so very quickly:

I took the jar lids and made three circles per jar on the mousepad and cut them up carefully. glued them together, one on top of the other, cut out a piece of fabric big enough to cover the mousepad-circle-pile completely and glued it to the bottom of the pile. Took a stripe of fabric, folded it twice so no lose ends would stick out, glued it around the pile and fabric (fixing it with a pin while it was getting dry). It would be much easier with hot glue, I guess, but I didn't have any. Then glue everything on top of the cap, et voila! Get your needles out of the wall, wood of the table, pick them up from the floor and remove those in the candleholder and stick them all in ;-)
In the smaller one I added some of this IKEA neon-color-net-thing you can get very cheap, too, in the kids department.

Hope I didn't bore you! Don't you love recycling?
15  PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS / Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General / New Jordy-ish bag with flap and her zipper child! on: February 16, 2008 06:50:49 AM
Flap open:

Flap closed:

First time ever I tried a zipper - I will have to do it again, it's a mess... I didn't find the zipper foot, too, until I was finished...

Hope you like!
16  HOME SWEET HOME / Interior Decorating: Completed Projects / Shades of Grey on: February 16, 2008 06:43:55 AM
I moved some months ago and first thing I did was painting the formerly jeans-blue (!) walls white/grey with a black stripe.
Now I bought cheap carton boxes at Ikea (Pappis, 50 cent) and spray-painted them dark grey. And finally I took some cheap Ikea-frames, printed out some pictographs I liked (I would love to have a sewing-machine-pictograph, but the one I found and liked was blurry when I magnified it for the purpose Sad ), added neon-yellow net-something from Ikea as a background and voila... I really like this corner of my small room now. Smiley
Hope you like, too!
17  COOKING / Dessert / Mohawk cake! Most yummy. on: February 12, 2008 05:43:47 AM
I've made this cake for my flatmate's birthday. He's got a mohawk himself (though not dyed) so I thought I might as well add one to his cake so the both of them would fit together. ;-)
I'm sorry for the crappy picture quality, it was taken by phonecam...)

The mohawk is made with food colored marzipan, very simple. I basically took a box of ready-mixed chocolate cake, added a glass of cherries, added lots of chocolate topping and -sprinkles  and put the colorful thing in the midst of it.
It was both fun to look at and delicious.
Was the first time I did anything like that to a cake. I'm not too much in the cake department, I'm afraid...
18  PURSES, BAGS, WALLETS / Purses, Bags, Wallets: Completed Projects: General / Bags#4&5: Two Jordys with flaps (4 IMGs) on: February 03, 2008 01:11:12 AM
One great and one awful thing happened this week.

Great: I went into winter sales at Karstadt where I usually never find anything useful for a reasonable price and found ... tadaaaa the fabric in which I will marry. I didn't even look for it. I didn't even know it when I took it home. I woke up the next morning, threw a satisfied look at the very cheap yet beautiful fabric (its ivory with light blue .... errrm it's not exactly dots... bit irregular) and the first thought that came into my mind was "I'm gonna marry in this!"
Now I don't even have a partner. But I will keep it in a bag until the day has come. ;-)
(maybe I am crazy, but I just know it will happen...)

Awful: My sewing machine broke. I don't know what's wrong exactly and the good thing is I've got a repair workshop right one house down the street, but I don't have any dime left this month to spend on anything inedible. Anyway. I am gonna fast for two weeks if needed. I can't live without the thing anymore ;-)

What I made with the last life in the sewing machine:

(it looks a bit naked under the flap, doesn't it? maybe I should take the flap off again and dye the bag "base" pink? opinions?)

The color of the bag itself was an accident... it was meant to be dark chocolate brown. Well. The good thing again was that I had an old chemise/shirt of my dad which fit perfectly:

with flap opened:

I had another Idea... I don't know whether it makes sense.
If you had a bag which was unicolor but has a very colorful flap you might want to take the flap off when you wear colorful things. so maybe a zipper could be added (one of those which part completely) a bit down inside the back. Or one and a half - one half in the back, one half at the flap, and one half in the front so that when you take the flap off you can close the bag with the zipper.
Does that sound good or completely foolish? I am still sort of a Newbie...

Anyway, thanks for looking!
Have a nice sunday!
19  MORE ART, LESS CRAFT / More Art, Less Craft: Completed Works / Two Color Pencil Drawings (Portrait & Figure) on: January 30, 2008 08:27:46 PM
I've made those some weeks ago. I try to improve my skills, but am very easily discouraged when something is wonky etc. (Like the face of the model in the 2nd picture)
I drew this in my sketchbook for practice.
(The "blue" person is a very close friend of mine who has had a very hard past... she really looked like that years and years ago... by now received much healing and looks much better Smiley no sleepy eyes etc. anymore ;-) - what I am trying to say: Even though it's not her best side on the photograph I used as a reference, she really had this expression... it's no drawing accident ;-) )
I still find it very difficult to draw hair...

(sorry if my English is wonky, too ;-) )

my blue friend:

copied from a page from a zara catalogue:
20  PAPER CRAFTS, SCRAPBOOKING & ATCs (ARTIST TRADING CARDS) / Paper Crafts: Completed Projects: General / Huge fake-book on: January 29, 2008 11:41:52 PM
I am sorry for the thing being so dusty in the pics, I don't have a camera usually so when a friend came by with hers, I just took the opportunity but didn't have time to clean up (and believe me I wasn't aware of it being so dusty! It usually lies around looking good ;-) I store some cassettes in it)

Last week I thought I could as well store my fabric leftover scraps in it - then I could call it a scrapbook  Grin

Anyway, here we go!

Thanks for looking!
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