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11  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / Mechanical Birdie v.2.0 on: June 26, 2010 12:37:39 PM
I made a newer version of my mechanical birdie - this is version two-point-zero! Smiley

He's got more panel detailing... tail feathers... LED eyes... detailed wings...

I made another one, which is slightly different in his details, without legs and gave him a wire nest. I took some photos of him outside in his "natural" habitat. Smiley

He's made from polymer clay, but finished to look like metal.
12  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / Lots and Lots of Polymer Clay Creations! on: March 27, 2010 10:04:39 PM
Well, it's been awhile since I last posted anything here in the polymer clay forums, but I have been checking back once in awhile to read up on all the awesome artists and their work, around here. Here is some of my newer polymer clay stuff. It's quite a very miniscule portion of what I've made, but these are some of my personal favourites! Cheesy

This lil' guy is my crack bunny! Hehehe. I was in a weird mood and wanted to make something more tormented and demented than usual.

This is Mischief, the second of four bunnies I was working on. He's pretty creepy, if you ask me... and look at those slanty black eyes and big white chompers just ready to tear your face off! :O

Mmmmm... cherry cheesecake! Cheesy

My Antique Brass Heart! It's a lot tinier than my Industrial Hearts, that's for sure... has a few veins, a few gears, a winder... and all the components of an anatomical heart. Smiley

This is supposed to look like worn wrought iron beginning to rust. I have never really tried to replicate rust before, so I had a lot of fun making this. It's inspired by the art of decorative iron gates, and it's got some rhinestones to give it a jab of colour. Smiley

Those two hearts are my two favourite Industrial Hearts, so far... especially Barbed Rosette, namely because I got to make barbed wire. Smiley

That's all for now, I think. I hope all of you are well!

13  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / Waddle See, Waddle Doo! on: May 24, 2009 12:00:18 PM
One of my most favourite games of all times would have to be good old Kirby's Adventures for the NES. But pretty much any Kirby game for the NES or the SNES floats my boat! I don't know - I am a total sucker for that lil' pink blob.

These Kirby games are a total treat for the eyes. It's bright and vivid, and even the enemies are such tear-jerking cuties! It makes me want to squeal with delight.

One of my favourite Kirby enemies is Waddle Doo. He is extremely similar to Waddle Dee, except he has one giant eye and two lil' hairs on his head. He shoots fireball beams from his eye, and if Kirby catches it in his mouth and swallows it - he gets the "Beam" ability.

Waddle Doo has been made from polymer clay, and is in a "jumping" position. Standing at about 1" in height, he is totally colourful and vivid! He is bright tomato red in colour, has little stubby arms, yellow-orange feet, a big black and blue eye with some lovely white sparkles to make them gleam, as well as two little black hairs in his head.

He has been finished with several layers of high-quality polyurethane gloss and than re-fired for maximum shine and durability. He looks as good as candy! Of course I do NOT take ownership for the design - he is a character of Nintendo!
14  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / Two new Industrial/Steampunk inspired anatomically correct heart pendants! on: May 23, 2009 11:40:42 PM
Oh my, it has been so long since I last posted!

I last posted some of my first Industrial Hearts - well I have been hard at work, and now I have 31 Industrial Heart designs! I didn't think my brain would allow me to think of that many ideas. Haha!

This one is called "New Dawn Fades" and it was made in memory of Hurricane Katrina, it's victims, and the fading of the dawn, of course. In case you didn't know, that's a title of a Joy Division song. I made it for a lady in New Orleans, and this piece has the Fleur De Lis, a lot of intricate Victorian "iron work" like their city is known for, and an X on the brass locket...



X's were painted on the doors of peoples houses after hurricane Katrina. In the spaces of the X's would be numbers which would signify which rescue team came to that house, the date, and how many bodies were found - dead and alive.

The next piece is my 31st Industrial Heart design entitled Annihiator. I just saw Terminator for the first time with my partner and the idea of glowing red LED's and cyborgs were in my head. Haha! It's a lot more technologically advanced looking than most of my designs. Smiley



Is it just me, or has the polymer clay forum been a little slow lately? I haven't seen much stuff around!
15  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / My Brain Is In The Cupboard... Above The Kitchen Sink. on: April 22, 2009 01:52:44 AM
Hello there, kittens!

I have some cuppycakes to show you - all made from polymer clay. These aren't just any cupcakes though, these are the ultimate gourmet treat for zombies! Oh yes. They shall be pendants for necklaces! And are glazed for that slimey off-the-operating-table look.

These are lovely pink cupcakes oozing with bright red brain secretion. Delicious.

Than, there are these lovely snacks.

Bad zombies. Leaving food to waste...

That is what happens when you leave your food out on the counter, too long. Moldy things happen. The zombies think this adds flavour, however, comparable to the aging of a good quality cheese or sirloin. Yes, a little aging is good.
16  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / SEVEN New Industrial Hearts??! Oh YES. *Many many pictures* on: March 20, 2009 02:43:50 AM
Okay, so I have put up 14 of my hearts so far, but what if I told you that I have 7 more different ones to show you? Well... I do. Have a looksie, and let me know what you think! Cheesy

ALL of these are made from polymer clay, made to look like metal, with panel and rivet detailing as well as all sorts of lil' findings and such that I got my hands on!

#15 - Internal Mechanism

This one is one of my favourites! It has a brass locket that can be opened and closed that reveals the hearts "clockwork innards". It also has brass piping and some gears on the front and back.

#16 - Reakt0r

This piece is meant to look a bit radioactive, with it's blue and black LED's and variable resistor with yellow transparent plastic cover. It also has a thermal fuse in the back as well as a piece of an exposed circuit board. Oh yes, there is a stick of glowing "uranium" stuck in the side, too! Hehe.

#17 - Which Wire?

This piece is meant to look like a ticking time bomb! There is 59 seconds til the three sticks of TNT stuck to the side, explode! With lots of colourful curly wires and a black framed red LED.

#18 - Factory Condition

I've gone back to the 1940's and this entire piece is old technology. There are black coils and a tube in the side, gears, and knobs.

#19 - Nobody's Perfect

This piece is full of red bleeding gashes fixed up with black stitches, as well as brass patches to fix the holes and broken springs coming out the back.

#20 - Dark Cell

A ton of empty dark spaces with lone golden gears - it reminded me a lot of being in a prison, with those lone faces looking out of their cold dark cells. Along with silver and gold knobs.

#21 - Loves Fire

Made to look like a burning inferno behind black wrought iron furnace doors. It's bright red metallic like fresh forged metal, still glowing hot, white hot rivets and a heart shaped pressure gauge in the red zone. Lots of brass piping and a vent in the back glowing underneath.

What do ya think???  Kiss
17  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / SIX New Industrial Hearts?! NO WAY! *Img Heavy* on: February 14, 2009 12:28:32 PM
I think a lot of people expect that you really can't come up with anymore designs for an Industrial Heart, but I indeed DO have 6 more designs to show you. I hope you aren't getting sick of them! Smiley

This is Industrial Heart #9 called "My Industrial Lover", and it was indeed made for my lover! It was his birthday and he is really heavy into Industrial music and art, so I made this for him! It is HUGE! About 4 times bigger than my normal hearts. It's got a Fuse, Coil, Jacks, lots of stray wires, Gears, LED's and all sorts of stuff!

This is Industrial Heart #10 called "Tangled Mess", and it was made for someone who wanted their initials hidden in the heart. On the back you can see "R J" in the pattern of the panels and rivets. Hehe. On the front there is a tangled mass of wires and stuff. On the side is a fan vent, as well.

This is Industrial Heart #11 called "Do You Love Me?" and it has a little lie detector on the front that you can flick the arrow with your finger and it will land on "True" or "False"... hehe. It's fun to play with! Cheesy It's got brass panel patches all over it!

This is Industrial Heart #12 called "Tuned Into You" and it is actually two hearts but it is for two lovers. Hehe. There are tiny little speakers on the front as well as a coil on the back, and on the side of one is a FEMALE jack and on the other one is a MALE jack. The hearts connect together! So they are made for eachother. Smiley

This is Industrial Heart #13 called "You Make My Heart Soar" and it has teensy weensy little wings on the sides! It's a bit smaller than my other hearts but I wanted it to be more dainty than the others. It's also got loose and broken springs coming out the front to give it that malfunctioning look!

And FINALLY, this is Industrial Heart #14 called "Turbulent Romance". Coincidentially, I made it on Valentines Day, it happens to be my 14th heart, and it was made for a lady named Valentina. Bahahaha! It is inspired entirely by a Jet Engine! I made the turbine from sheet metal and tin snips after many many attempts I got this! Cheesy The turbine is cased in a solid steel ring which is actually a jump ring opener. There are fuel lines and stuff going all over it! Smiley

That's it. *Takes a breath*
18  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / Four New Industrial/Steampunk Inspired Anatomical Hearts! *Lotsa Pics!* on: January 28, 2009 12:42:39 AM
Hey everyone!

A bunch of people have been asking if I have made anymore hearts lately, and I DID! I made about four more, actually. Five if you include the big one I made tonight. It was my partners birthday today and he is real heavy into the Industrial culture, so he LOVED his heart.

This is my FIFTH heart that I called "Repair Job"

Basically, it is an old piece of machinery that wears through time and needs to be repaired, so there are old and new parts, shiny and worn pieces, and plenty of repair work done on the aeorta on the heart as you can see with the souldering look. The weird thing about the person that I gave this to, and I had no knowledge of this, was that she actually DID have an operation on her aeorta when she was really little - so this has a lot of symbolism for her. Haha!

The next one is my SIXTH heart and it is called "Love On, Love Off"

I wanted to make something a little interactive so I added a switch. Sometimes I think we all wish we had a switch on our hearts so we wouldn't ever need to get hurt...

The next one is my SEVENTH heart and it is called "Rodent Power"

I made it for a girl who wanted it to match the steampunk blue gold and silver wings she has tattooed on her back. When she got her tattoo, the tattooist told her "You're just going to love this hamster on the wheel that I added to your design" and she was very startled. Of course he was kidding. But when she told me about this, I wanted to add that memory to it... hehe. So there you have a little mousie on a wheel! The wheel is actually made from one of those jump ring opening rings you wear on your finger when you chainmaille!

My last one for the night is my EIGHTH heart and it is called "Double Jack"

Why exactly is it called Double Jack, anyways? Well. It is called Double Jack because in the side of the heart is two RCA Connentors, otherwise known as a Jack.

This piece was very inspired by the person a certain person I was making it for. She wanted a heart for her sister, because her baby has hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and will be going in for his 3rd surgery in March. The thing is, he isn't even one year old yet.

The babies name is Jack, but they call him Jack-Jack, hense the name Double Jack and the two Jacks on the side of the heart. I took his name and applied it literally to the heart.

I thought it was kind of clever, actually.

But yes, this is a polymer clay heart with a coil on the front as well as a black vent to provide "circulation of the heart". Hehe. On the left side is a red LED inside of a grommit frame, and out the bottom is loose black wires.

In the right side is two RCA Jacks and in the back are a bunch of gears as well as a silver transistor. I really like this piece for both its components and its meaning.

Anyways. What do you guys think?

19  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / My Bloody Heart *Pic Heavy, Lots of Blood & Gore, Not For The Faint Of Heart* on: January 24, 2009 10:35:04 AM
What better way to celebrate Valentines Day than by making gory bloody hearts and giving them to your lover? That's what I do, atleast... I have never been into the so-cutesy-it-makes-you-puke theme of Valentines Day, so I aim to start a new trend. Bahahaha! It should be a day for horror and macabre mixed with lots and lots of love. Cheesy

This heart I made with lots and lots of chunky blood clots and some heart strings coming from the bottom. I couldn't very well take a picture of a fresh bloody heart in a well cleansed hand, could I? SO I bloodied up the hands of course.

I made this one for a friend. They wanted a bloody gory heart with some sort of creature inside. So, I made her a weird amoeba creature, all black and oily with boils and many eyes. He's taken over the heart, and he has poked his ugly black tentacles covered in boils through the surface and his black oozy secretion is leaking through the arteries. Yum yum. With lots of intertwining veins and blood blood bloooood.

I really like this one because I have a thing for eyeballs - their fun! This one is All-Seeing and it has plenty of blue eyes, blood, veins and all sorts of gory fun. After the picture was taken I decided to give the eyes a bloodshot look so there are now red veins on the eyes, too. Hehe. Cheesy

And that is all for now... too fun!
20  POTTERY, CERAMICS, POLYMER CLAY / Polymer Clay: Completed Projects / LOTS of Bright, Colourful, & Vivid Things By Monster Kookies! *VERY Pic Heavy!* on: January 15, 2009 12:56:16 AM
I have been SO busy lately with my clay making, and a lot of it has been really bright and chipper things. So I wanted to show you a bunch of them! Yeay! Grin

This little guy right here is a Gallbladder! He's got a rather mean and sour look on his face. Wouldn't you be a bit irritated if YOU were full of bile? I know I would be!

This is my little killer cupcake. You better watch out, because he has a bit of attitude. He'll take a bite outta you!

These are some very bright and slimy looking tentacle pendants. All wiggly and in the shape of corkscrews!

This is a BIG scoop of chocolate chip mint icecream in a chocolate waffle cone topped with whipped cream and a cherry!

This is a cupcake I made in a swap with Porge Creations. I wanted to make something that reflected her personality, and I really thought this cupcake yells "Porgey Cake!"

This is a blue raspberry and cherry slushie. I know slushies don't usually have whipped cream and cherries, but... aw well! Cheesy

This is Roofus, my candy snail! He traded in his plain old shell for a spiffy looking shimmery candy swirl. I plan to make more with other candy swirls like peppermint swirls and campinos!

...And finally! Some sour watermelon candy earrings! Loaded with sour sugar! Whhhhhheeee!

Are you hungry, yet? Cheesy
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