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Title: Canada Bound
Post by: kiwimum on April 05, 2006 02:18:11 PM
I have no idea whether I am in the right thread, but this is definitely 'miscellaneous'

My daughter (28) is moving to Canada.  To a northern, backwoods part of Canada.

What sort of things might be useful for me to make for her to take with her?  I can knit & sew Ok.

I am wondering about useful 'travelling' bags/tidies/organisers, or if any Canadian readers could give me suggestions of things useful way up there, bearing in mind she cannot take anything big or heavy!

  I live in New Zealand, so this is definitely W-A-Y up there from here!

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: beans on April 05, 2006 02:26:12 PM
Where in Canada is she going? There are so many different climates in this country, it's crazy.
How long is she staying? Will she be there for at least a year, living through all 4 seasons?

I'm pretty far north, in Arviat, Nunavut and for the winter blizzards you need a really warm hat (ie. not lacy and pretty) and a good scarf. I'd have to say that fleece is my friend! Oh, and a jacket with a hood for sure. Some places can get pretty windy.
In the summer, long sleeves, long pants and socks in breathable materials are fantastic, because of all the bugs.

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: kiwimum on April 05, 2006 02:50:38 PM
Yepp, she'll be there for more than  a year... probably  many years, actually (there is a man involved!)

She will be in British Columbia, quite near the Alaskan border.
Thanks for the suggestion re the insects.  I never would have thought of that! (long sleeves??? She will find that hard!)

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: fruithead on April 05, 2006 05:32:49 PM
you could knit her some nice warm socks/slippers. i find these canadian winters turn my toes to icicles.

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: BlooCanoe on April 06, 2006 10:32:44 AM
Wristwarmers probably a good idea too, they're more useful than you'd think. I second the sweater/warm hat/scarf/sock/slipper ideas. What about an afghan or quilt? And it does get very hot there in the summer, so she'll still need a good sunhat etc.

I remember once when I was in Australia and explaining to someone that in Canada, it is normal to be -30C in the winter and 30C in the summer, and he exclaimed, "Why would anybody want to live there?"   :D  But it's okay, she'll get used to it I'm sure. She should be prepared for significant changes in hours of daylight though, since she'll be quite far north. Lots of daylight in the summer, not much in the winter. That may be harder on her than the temperature differentials.

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: cataway on April 06, 2006 10:51:37 AM
I'm willing to bet her favorite comfort foods might be hard to find here, some examples of dearly missed foods from your region I have heard others crying about would be vegemite and tim-tams.  I am going to assume her new sweetie will take care of essentials like sorel boots and parkas but you can never have enough mittens, toques and scarves plus long underwear and socks (feet wet from sweat chill FAST) but spring is here now so bug spray,sunscreen and sunglasses will be the rule coming up. 8)

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: beans on April 06, 2006 03:40:47 PM
Oh, definitely the comfort food, even if that's not crafty! In most northern stores, you can barely get things that are staples in Southern Canada, let alone things that are from abroad. If she's crafty, she might want some crafty supplies, too, or a list of online stores where she can get food or craft stuff.

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: knittinggodess on April 06, 2006 04:25:09 PM
Hi hear in northern ontario canada,

She deffinetly needs
-LONG JOHNS!!! this is a nesessity for the winter months LOTS OF LAYERS
- I second the BUG SPRAY the misquitoes  and black flies are bad in the summer, i mean bad!
- Wool  Wool Wool socks and sweaters
- a good pair of boots you pay a little extra but its soooo worth it

she is going to one of the most beautifull parts of canada, if she likes nature she will love it!

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: kiwimum on April 12, 2006 03:39:59 PM
Thankyou for all your replies.  I had posted this on the wrong board apparently, and when it disappeared off there I didn't know where it had gone.  Never thought to look under the 'Canada' section! DUH!  However, the trusty searchh engine found it for me.

BlooCanoe... you are right, the lack of daylight hours will be a huge shock to her!.
In NZ we are used to lots of sunshine!

The insects will definitely be a shock , she is not a fan of creepy crawlies!..and she has allergies, so that could be interesting! 
The concept of shopping for long underwear  will challenge her a bit too! Good thermal underwear... 'Great Outdoors' we come!

Thankyou for all your suggestions... I will copy them for her to read herself, & in the meantime, out with the knitting needles!
(One thing about NZ... we do produce good wool!)

What are sorel boots?

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: cataway on April 13, 2006 09:20:46 AM
Sorel is a brand name of boot that can take you through some very cold weather mine are good to -35 C  and my husbands are good to -73 C.  They are not gonna get you any marks on the fashion runway but who cares when your toes are warm!  PS  You have WAY creepier crawlies than we do so I don't think she will have any trouble with our bugs who are small in stature but big on aggravation! (and only around for 3 months the rest of the year is mostly bug free except for the odd housebound spider)

Title: Re: Canada Bound
Post by: kiwimum on April 20, 2006 09:48:23 PM
Just to let all you lovely helpful people know that this last weekend I was in the city (We live in a very small country town, far from decent shops) and found that a big camping/outdoor stuff shop was having an Easter Sale. Thermal underwear 'three for the price of one'!
With your advice about longjohns ringing in my ears I dived right in & bought a stack of stuff!
So thankyou, because if you hadn't mentioned them I would not have been alert enough to grab them... and now my daughter is really well set up in the 'warm underwear' department!

And I have just finished a woolly hat!  Mittens next I think.