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Post by: javastain on February 23, 2006 11:24:45 AM
Swap name: Birthday Month Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: javastain (organizers change every month)
Sign-up date range: 2/24/05-3/31/06
Date to send item by: 2 weeks after you claim someone
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): no!
Non-U.S. participants allowed? yes!
All ages allowed? Or 18+? all ages!
Organizer meets the 4 conditions for swapping and will make sure that every participant meets these conditions: YES

Details of swap:  This swap was organized so everyone can get something crafty for their birthday!  Please read the guidelines carefully.

If your birthday is in March, please think of a list of things that you would want to receive.  The more you think of, the better.   The last wish you will post is "a surprise."  Then you will post a bio about yourself, including where you are from and what your birthday is.  As soon as you've decided, PM me with your information.
Once I PM you and let you know you have been approved, you may post you list and bio on this thread.  Please post lists only.  No discussion on this thread please
Everyone will then go through the lists and choose a craftster they want to send a birthday gift to.  Your birthday does not have to be in March for you to craft for someone.  If you want to choose someone, just PM me with your info (including your address, please), who you want to craft for, and what item, and I will send you their address.
If you chose to craft for someone, you have 2 weeks to get the item out the door.  If two weeks pass, and I don't hear anything from you…you guessed it, negative feedback!
Each person can be chosen unlimited times!  HERE'S THE CATCH- if you get chosen, you must send the person who crafted for you a thank you note in the mail.  You will get negative feedback if you do not send a thank you note (it can be a postcard even).  I think this is a fair trade for all the crafty goodness you'll be getting!
It is super important for everyone to keep good communication.  When you send, let me know, and of course, don't forget the DC#.  When you receive, let me know and publically announce in the gallery (even if you don't have pictures).  Also, let me know when you send off your thank you note (no DC# required, you're on your honor!).

You can choose to craft for as many people as you like, but you cannot "owe" more than 3 things.  If you are a newbie and this is your first swap, you must successfully send once before choosing again.
Original idea thread and discussion located here-

If you have any more questions or suggestions, you can post on the link above, or send me a PM with "Birthday Swap March" in the subject line.

If you want to participate, information to send to organizer:

Name of swap- BIRTHDAY MONTH SWAP- March
Craftster username
Email address
Your real name
Mailing address
Your Birthday


Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.
 Ok, I have given up on the color coding! I did not make it up one of the other organizers did and it is too hard to follow!!!!

Happy Birthday to;
gerbilonwheels-received 2 birthday wishes, granted 2 birthday wishes, 2 thank yous sent
lexbean- received 4 wishes, 3 thank yous sent
potatovixen-granted 1 birthday wish, received 1 birthday wish, 1 thank you sent
writer78- received 1 wish, sent 1 thank you, granted 2 wishes
quincy134- received 1 birthday wish, owes one thank you
Non-birthday wish granters;
RobynLisa-granted two wishes
rainysummer- granted 1 wish

Post by: javastain on February 23, 2006 11:30:43 AM
Here's the gallery when we need it!

Post by: lexbean on February 24, 2006 09:28:14 PM
my very own birthday month wish list:

i <3 DIY kits. so i would love one for any of the following:
stencilling on clothingQUINCY134 made the best diy kit EVER!!! thx!!!
a specific sewing project (on the easy side:))
knitting (although this may be a lost cause; i could be allergic or something. and i have some supplies, i just can't figure it out. so pm if you want to take on this challenge:))
anything else. really. i love me the diy kits!

also, i would love
stuffies  ;D---kristina=SO sweet! love my stuffie, pin backs, and the best card ever!!
handmade dolls
art for my naked wallsthank you raindrops--i love my random crazy art!
leftover beads, head pins, hooks, etc.
small shirts with stencil/screen print/weirdness on them:)

and surprises are the best. i love anything off the wall. you cannot offend me, so bring on the weirdest crafts you make.  ;D----thank you writer78! gorgeous altoid tin recon!

i'm alexis and i'll be 28 on march 29th. i am from seattle but i'm in grad school at peabody in baltimore. i'm a violist and a public school music teacher. my style is eclectic and funky. i wear huge earrings (not while playing viola, obviously) and bright colored clothing. i love e.e.cummings; hildegard von bingen, bach, stravinsky; vintage anything; coffee. PM for more info, k?

thank you so much. :-*

Post by: gerbilonwheels on February 25, 2006 06:44:23 AM
Hi! My 22nd birthday is March 27th. I'm a college student in Chicago, Il, but I'm originally from South Carolina. I'm vegetarian, a liberal democrat, and a bike-a-holic. You can check out my myspace page if you want to get to know more. I just got a tattoo which I think sums up a lot of things I like- really cute with a hint of evil (

For my birthday I would love:

A homemade stuffed virus like one of these guys ( (I'm a bio/nursing major and a research assistant for AIDS research.)

A stenciled girly fit t-shirt (I prefer v or scoop neck.) White would be nice because then I can wear it to work (I waitress at a pizza place.), but any color or design is fine. I really like Johnny Cupcake type designs. ( I'm a Medium with a slightly larger bust and longer torso.

A cozy for my laptop, Balthazaar. Right now, I carry him around in hat that I've strecthed out, but perhaps a personalized cozy would be better? It's a 12" ibook. felt/sewn/knitted/crocheted/whatever

A little journal type book with lined paper inside. I like using these instead of notebooks for notes in class. Here's a link to a journal swap gallery for some inspiration. (

A little collection of your favorite vegetarian recipes and maybe some agar agar powder for me to make veggie marshmallows with? Thank you RobynLisa!

Enough handspun yarn to make one project with.

A knitting needle holder. I can make these myself, but it would be nice to get one as a gift.

Some 1" buttons for my bag. My favorite I <3 *ball of yarn* fell off my bag yesterday +_+ Cute fabric, prochoice, democrat, vegetarian, band ones would be awesome. Another knitting related one would be perfect to replace the one that fell off.

Any cute (so subjective a term, sorry) homemade clothes. I can give you all of the measurements you might need if you PM me. I really love pastels and cute designs. I would adore a long sleeved shirt that had- oh dear why is the term escaping me now?- not a cowl but where the fabric falls downward like ))) so it's low backed with a lot of fabric folds. I'll think of it in a moment. ^_^ But like I said ANY type of clothing is awesome.

I know art is hard to send, but some folk art something for my wall.

Some felted beads.

An instuction guide on making knitted bobbles that doesn't confuse me to no end

some crocheted earmuffs or flowers (I really like the crocheted fried egg earmuffs in Knitorama (Oh why do they tempt us knitters so with things we can't make?)

VERY THIN homemade pads

a mixed country cd or oi cd- I haven't gotten one in so long. I listen to all music (really), but I'm not up to date on a lot of new country or new oi so those would be great cds to get. Thanks for the country cd PotatoVixen! hehe I love that screen name.


I've made suggestions next to each category of specifics I might like, but like I said, ANYTHING you want to make in those categories is fine. It doesn't have to be what I suggested. I'm pretty easy. ^_^

Post by: potatovixen on February 25, 2006 11:02:57 AM
here's my wishlist:

~ some sort of cozy for my iPod shuffle.

~ a kittyville or devil hat (or anything with earflaps.) ^_^

~ a mix cd. any kind of music, i love it all.
thanks, gerbilonwheels! Country and indie just happen to be my two favorite kinds of music!

~ handspun yarn

~ something with the Swedish Chef from the Muppets. (he's my role model.)

~ anything Harry Potter-related.

~ a messenger bag or hobo bag

~ a shirt like this one:

~ a dino hoodie

~ a surprise!  ;D

My name is Molly and I'll be 20 on March 7th. I spent my first 18 years in Virginia, but I now live in Florida. I'm in the culinary management program at the community college. I play the saxophone, but I haven't practiced in over a year. I love all music, but I have a particular fondness for country and indie stuff. My favorite color is red. My favorite movies are The Wizard of Oz, The Princess Bride, and To Kill a Mockingbird (which is also my favorite book). I love Augusten Burroughs. I think that little Domokun guy is the cutest thing ever.
I guess for more info, PM me. thanks!

Post by: star69 on February 26, 2006 05:04:15 PM
Wish List: (Mind...its LONG)

1. A pair of chandelier earrings with blue/red/purple beads

2. A "learn how to knit" kit - beginner needles, yarn, and maybe a book or pattern

3. Some fake fur - tiger striped, zebra, and leopard, fuzzy, whatever!

4. A pair of pill earrings! (I've always wanted a pair)

5. Anything that has lovely referencing merchandise to any of my favourite listed bands

6. Some 1" pins! Gah! Wants: an Interpol pin, the Coheed and Cambria dragonfly, skull and crossbones, an "I Love Music" pin, a Pisces pin, a bleeding heart pin and a monkey or penguin pin.

7. A sock monkey, or anything else monkey related - fabric, a journal, a stencilled t-shirt. Thank you so much RobynLisa!

8. One of those broken keyboard, or scrabble tile bracelets that spells out "Kathy" or "I Love Me".

9. A little plushie of Kuroneko from Trigun! I love that kittie!

10. A pin up girl tote bag or playing cards. Those are snazzy and sexy.

11. Some guitar pick earrings. Here is some examples: (

12. A Bright Orange Tie!

13. A "Welcome to the Dark Side" T-Shirt

14. A Monster iPod Mini Cozy - you know, with teeth and eyes and everything, with a strap as well. Like this one: (

15. Earring like THESE!!!: (

16.  Tulle! Black and White Tulle! I must make a petticoat!

17. Some knee-high polkadotted socks - black with light blue dots. Like hers:

18. A Bleach Pen! They don't sell them down here...

19. Gah! I love this bracelet too! I think Polymer Clay would make it nicely! I would love you! (

20. Anyone willing to part with some old t-shirts? Ones with nice designs and not smelly..;)..I want a number of them so I can make this jacket!

21. Some lovely swirly, patterned fabric - cotton is sufficient

22. A Screened or stencilled messenger that has any of the motifs I have above.

23. A shirt that says "gamer." Or "geek".

24. A zip up hoodie and a kangaroo pocket with kittie ears!

25. Anything that involves Domokun!

26. A skirt like this one...maybe a bit longer though..

27. A bracelet like this one. It's made of hemp I believe.

28. has some lovely jewellry. I'm always loving what's over there.

29. I like gamer/geek pride shirts as well - and

30. I also have a punkish side - I want a black tank that has lacing in the front.

31. I love this skirt!!: (

32. Shirt...: (

33. Another skirt I like: ( Thank you gerbilonwheels!  

34. And the surprise! I hope I've given alot to go on. I tend to give alot of details. Email or PM me for measurements or whatever.

This is alot. Yeah, I know. I'm always a wanter...hahaha...I think that's all I can come up with for now though. Not minding any late presents.

Post by: Writer78 on February 26, 2006 06:14:35 PM
I'll be 28 on March 29, and I live in Illinois, USA.  I'm a Christian; I'm single; I'm a writer (business writer by day, fiction writer by night).  I paint and draw, and I like to sew, embroider, and bead.  I'm crazy for peppermints and renaissance faires.  I like Victorian and historic Old West styles; I can't stand "cutesy."  I love to wear muted colors, but I really don't like neons, and I haven't yet found a shade of yellow that I enjoy wearing.  I'm uncomfortable with sexy/edgy/provocative stuff, but I like clever humor, when it's not mean.  I'm not comfortable with CDs of copywritten music, so I would rather not get mix CDs.
1. Little pinback buttons.  I would love to have: a classic old-fashioned typewriter; melodramatic/out-of-context quotes from comic books; anything creative writing; Star Trek: The Next Generation; conservative politics; quirky/weird.
2. Hair holders of any kind.  I have long, straight dark blonde hair.  It doesn't have any curl to it, so if I clip/pin something into it, it needs to be really tight/secure, or it slides out.  I like to clip the top back with a 3" barrette, but I'll try just about anything you want to send!
Received three from superstitch!  Thank you!
3. Bath and body anything!  I am nuts for peppermint, and I also love almond and apple.  I don't care much for blended scents, but any single-scent (preferably a food scent) will be much enjoyed.  I'll use absolutely anything from soap to lotion to shampoo to anything b&b that you can make!
4. Notepads.  I go through these really fast, at home and at work.  4x5 inches is ideal, but any size is fine.  I prefer paper with a pale design, easy to write on.  I also prefer sheets that are easy to peel/tear away.
5. Binder pages.  I carry a full-size, hard cover 3-ring binder with divider tabs for my creative writing projects.  It has sleeves on the front and back covers to insert decorated, inspiring pages.  I would love some thick/sturdy cardstock pages, whether they be collages, printouts of your artwork, anything.  I love such themes as medieval, historical Wild West, writing paraphernalia (feather pens and ink pots, etc.).
Received two from gerbilonwheels - thank you! 

6. A mini journal.  I greatly admire those who have book-making skills.  I don't tend to need full-size journals, but I love to carry mini (approx. 3x5), sturdy journals in my purse.  It's a great way to catch a story idea when I'm on the run, and it fits comfortably into my purse.  I get weak in the knees over the journal that lasandri posted in this swap gallery:
Received one from princessblueberry - thank you!!

7. A birthday surprise!

THANK YOU to javastain for generously running this!

Post by: lexer on March 06, 2006 03:43:20 PM

My name is Alexis and I will be 24 on March 15th. I live in Dallas and I work at an animation studio. I love to make things in general, but am currently obsessed with knitting. I have schanuzer named Izzi, I'm a Mac person, I collect little plastic toys and old film cameras. I love cool t-shirts, earrings and purses. Thanks for sending me birthday goodies!

My wish list:

yarn (preferably in solid colors)
handmade knitting needles
circular knitting needles
a hobo purse
indie rock mix CD
dangly earrings
long loopy necklace
cool t-shirts
hand lotion
anything hedgehog or owl themed
anything green
cereal bowls
a birthday surprise!


Post by: Quincy134 on March 08, 2006 01:49:03 PM
I’m turning 23 on March 23rd.  I’m a PhD candidate studying in Cambridge, MA (right across the river from Boston).  I grew up in western NY state.  As for my hobbies, I knit, watch way too much TV (ER, Judging Amy reruns, Law and Order, Law and Order: SVU, Gilmore Girls, Scrubs), read (historical mysteries; I am currently working my way through Stephanie Barron’s Jane Austen mystery series), and watch lots of movies (both new and old, I love 1930s romantic comedies, and I really liked some recent releases like Good Night and Good Luck, Pride and Prejudice, and Munich).  I am currently learning how to crochet, and I wish I had a dog (I grew up with a bossy Pomeranian).  I don’t have that much extra time to listen to music, but I have loved Green Day and Oasis for years, though I am beginning to like The Killers too. 

My wishlist:
-Those cute crochet cloches (,,

-Silverware bracelets (

-Purses made from neckties (,

-Belts (

-Record purses (

-Sewn clutches (,, THANK YOU WRITER78!!

-1” buttons (I have these all over my purse.  I would love Star Wars themed ones, or ones that have to do with comic books, ie Batman, Catwoman, Daredevil, Black Canary, PM me for pics)

-A sewn newsboy type hat (

-A circle skirt

-A knitting needle roll

-A surprise! 

Post by: kidcompassion on March 15, 2006 01:34:12 PM
hi, i'm in canada and will be 26 tomorrow! woo hoo! i love bright colors, robots, anything fun or pretty.
i watch a lot of television - i love the office, arrested development and sex and the city... some of my favorite music includes bikini kill, sleater kinney, modest mouse, death cab, franz ferdinand.

i would love to receive...

fun hair pins

a cardigan or a zip up hoody with appliques or embellishments (i'm a medium or large)

a homemade top of some sort

arm warmers!

a really cool robot themed tote bag with lots of pockets!

a hard to get into coin bank

fun fabric or yarn

cookies! seriously! bake me cookies!

any kind of jewellery except earrings ( i don't have pierced ears)

a "working out" mix cd that will motivate me to not be so lazy.THANK YOU GERBILONWHEELS!!!! this cd totally gets my butt shakin'!

a surprise !

thanks for reading, and thanks in advance if you choose me.

Post by: LiN on March 23, 2006 05:38:21 PM
Hi! Im Lin from Singapore.  Im turning 28 this 29th March.  At work I culture bacteria and mix chemicals (ie Im a Lab Technician) in a Secondary School (High School-as u may know it)

I love all sorts of craft.  But if the project takes up too much time and effort, I get bored.  I guess I am impatient.  Currently, Im crazy about wearing brooches.  That explains my collection of 30+ brooches.  Every outfit of mine has a matching brooch.  And when I cant buy a matching brooch, I make them.  I love all things cute and pastel colors.  Simple things in life makes me happy, like cherries and whipped cream after a long day at work.

And a big shout out to all Marchies - Happy Birthday!!!

My wish list:

1. Fabric: in pastel colors with flowery prints/ Kimono fabrics scraps
2. Sequins and beads of rainbow colors
3. Buttons!  Lots of buttons!  All sorts of buttons!  Of all colors and sizes!
4. Felted beads
5. Felting needle: to replace the one I broke
6. Felted flower brooch
7. Vintage button brooch
8. Crochet pin
9. Boho-inspired corsage pin
10. Kanzashi brooch
11. Fabric flower brooch
12. Learn how to crochet kit with yarn, pattern and needles
13. A Birthday surprise! 

Thank you! 

Post by: Writer78 on March 23, 2006 06:07:15 PM
I hope you all will forgive me, but I MUST make this off-topic comment:  LiN will have to join lexbean and me so that we can be long-lost triplets!  *ALL* three of us will turn 28 on March 29!   :o  lex and I already discovered that we have the same last name.  In LiN shares our name, we will all have to take up permanent residence in the Twilight Zone. 

Post by: LiN on March 26, 2006 09:07:50 PM
I hope you all will forgive me, but I MUST make this off-topic comment:  LiN will have to join lexbean and me so that we can be long-lost triplets!  *ALL* three of us will turn 28 on March 29!   :o  lex and I already discovered that we have the same last name.  In LiN shares our name, we will all have to take up permanent residence in the Twilight Zone. 

OH MY!  :o OH MY!  :o In 28yrs, I have yet to meet anyone with the same birthdate as me!  Dear lexbean and Writer78, Yes! I am your long-lost triplet!  Well, except for the fact that I am rooted here in Earth while you in Twilight Zone....

Post by: ambraqi on March 27, 2006 09:03:09 PM
Hi!! My name is Beth, I'm from Little Rock, Arkansas, but am at school in Fayetteville, and my 19th birthday was March 1st, but it was not such a great birthday as my mother passed away two days before it.   :'( Hopefully I will get some crafty goodness to cheer me up!  ;D I love the color green, British stuff (where my mom was from), camels, whales and owls!, listening to music (especially the Clash!!!), ummm sailboat designs and I love anchors! (weird I know) and clovers!!!, hearts, stripes, and polka dots, postcards.....

I would like to receive:

1. stationary
2. postcards
3. sewn pouch - Thanks Eva (Writer 78) !!!
4. cute fabric
5. stuffie
6. a yoked shirt or style like a supayana in medium (hard request I know)
7. yarn
8. earrings
9. bracelets
10. patches or appliques
11. something with a robot, owl, whale, penguin or camel
12. a handmade journal - again thanks Eva!!!
13. knitting needle roll (maybe with heart fabric?)
14. stencilled or screened shirt possibly with an anchor on it?
15. Buttons, I love them!!!
16. Bath products that smell or contain mint or eucalyptus or a combination!

Thanks and Happy Birthday to everyone in the swap!!

Post by: javastain on March 27, 2006 09:28:09 PM
Ok guys and gals... we are nearing April... I have not seen anyone start the April birthday swap, so I am officially asking for an organizer! It is not hard to organize, the swap runs itself, all you have to do is keep up on the feedback part... you can copy all the verbage on the fron page of this one, that is what I did, and just change all the dates and put your name in there. I'd be happy to answer any Q's or help in any way needed...
anyone game?

Post by: javastain on April 06, 2006 03:00:15 PM
Ok everyone this is where I am with stats... if you have anything different PLEASE PM me, I have sifted through the PM's and gallery and believe I am current in the activity of this swap... Yay! Hope everyone had a great March birthday!
Craftster             Wishes sent         wishes received          thank you's owed
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'ambraqui.......................1...........................1.................................1')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'gerbilonwheels...............4...........................3.................................2')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'kidcompassion.................1...........................1')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'lexbean.......................................................4')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'lexer...........................................................1................................1')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'potatovixen....................1............................1')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'princessblueberry...........................................1')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'Qunicy134.......................1...........................3')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'star69..........................................................2................................2')
preg_replace('/(.{49})/', '$1 ', 'writer78.........................3...........................2')

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PM me if you have something different!!!  

It was my pleasure to help you all to have a FANTASTIC birthday! I hope you all had some extra joy in March!  :-*  :-*  :-*