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Title: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on January 31, 2006 10:28:33 PM
There are a few changes!

Swap name:
Unconditional Swapper Swap
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: L (Organizers
will change every month)
Sign-up date range: No closing date
Date to send item by: Must send out item within 2 weeks of picking a
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): NOPE!!!
Non-U.S. participants allowed? Of course!
All ages allowed? Or 18+?  Sure, but make sure your parents are fine with
Organizer is aware of current list of "suspended traders" list and will not
allow those members to participate:

For those of you who joined this swap in January, if:

    * Feel free to post any 3 wishes you please, they do not have to been the
same as last month!

Please remember to send in the form even if you had a list in January, I
am a new organizer and i don't have your information!

You must PM the organizer when you repost your list, so she knows that you
have done so and can check it. PLEASE DO NOT post anything other than your
wishlist and a little bit of info about you, any questions or comments can go
here: (


  • Each person interested will post a list of maximum THREE items they want.
    (Try and list items that you cannot make, but would like to have). These items
    must be reasonable; it must not be ones that would cost someone a truckload of
    money to make for you!
  • Once you have given your three items good thought, reply to this thread
    and post your 3 wishes, along with any other information that will be helpful
    for those looking to craft for you. (Color preferences, style, size, design,
  •   Those coming along this thread will scroll and read all sign ups, and
    decide if they want to craft for someone. Those who sign up as well are free to
    craft for another.
  •   The catch to this is you cannot expect anything in return for your
    efforts except THANK YOU!!!. That is why it's called an Unconditional swap. You
    can hope that someone else or maybe that same person would want to make you
    something as well and then craft for you. And knowing the great craftsters here,
    I'm sure everyone will receive something.
  •   Each month the organizer will change. All information of the swap will
    be transferred to the next organizer. An announcement will be posted about this
    change. This month (Jan. 1st to Jan. 30th is seaofstars) From the first of every
    other month, a new organizer will be in charge.
  •   Each person can be picked 2 TIMES! This means that only 2 people can
    send to someone. Within those 2 people, the person may receive all 3 items. I.e.
    "A" and "B" are sending to "X". A chooses to send 1 item off the list, while B
    chooses to send the other 2 items. Therefore fulfilling all 3 wishes of "X".
    Now, it is not necessary to fulfill all three 3 wishes..."A" could send just one
    item and "B" could choose to send one item thereby fulfilling two wishes on
    "X's" wish list.
  • When you post your wish list be sure to mention the country you are in
    on that post. For example:

    I am in India.
    Wish 1
    Wish 2
    Wish 3

  •   Once you have been picked twice your name will be crossed out in red on
    the list. You can be on the list again the next month, when the organizer
  •   The crossed out names can be back on the list once the organizer
    changes (Every month)
  •   As soon as anyone picks a partner, you have to ship them, their stuff
    within 2 weeks.
  • If more than one person picks a person and wants to make them the same
    item, then the person who Pm’ed the organizer first will get preference to make
    that item.
  • I would appreciate if you could PM me with the
    DC number or scan the receipt and email me a copy.
  •   All in all this is sort of a good karma swap. Give unconditionally is
    your motto my fellow craftsters.
  •   All regular swap rules do apply for this. All of you who sign up will
    be screened to see if you are eligible to join the swap. Including Newbie’s.
  • Positive and Negative feedback will be given for this swap. Your
    feedback will reflect the number of people you send to that month.
  • When you pm me your wish choices, please include their craftster name,
    wish # and wish.
*** NEW ***
 I will be posting who has chosen who. There's been a lot of talk about flaking
and since this swap has a higher potential for flaking than others, I've taken
the suggestion to post who is taking who's wishes in a format similar to the
Ongoing Wish Swaps. If you really want to keep it a secret, thats fine,
just let me know when you pm with your choice(s). I am just giving this a try to
see how it goes, the next organizer may choose not to do it this way. My
intention is to cut down on the amount of flaking that is happening with this

Feel free to post your lists after you send me your info.

When you have been picked PLEASE crossout and change the colour of
your post accordingly. If you need help with that, feel free to PM me.

Thanks for bearing with me!  ;D


Name of swap:
Craftster username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address:

if you change your wishlist in anyway please pm me with your new wishlist..

Available Craftsters
sweetie pie press
Princess Dukki
Butterfly Grl
the noodle princess

Picked Once Craftsters
L(Princess Dukki)
craft t chic(apandalee)

Unavailable Craftsters
tamar(mjadams)(Princess Dukki)
lucy van pelt(redheadedali)(kika62)
mjadams(hertrigger)(craft t chic)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on January 31, 2006 10:35:28 PM
ok ill start
im from new jersey
1.a cute shirt something for Lindsey.(in girly colors)  Something like this, (
2.How to Felt Guide (again handmade instruction book) or (old books, magazines)
3.A valentines surprise!!! since i dont have one Thankyou Princess Dukki :-[

i figured id change up my wishes.
im lauren and im 23-proud mom of a 5 year old little Linds. Craftster has taken over my life, how bout yours?

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: seaofstars on January 31, 2006 10:43:04 PM
Thanks L for organizing this month!!  ;D

Da Listo!

1. my boyface says i eat like a grandma and a little girl.. he teases me about it all the time, so if you could come up with some funny tshirt about it, it would make him (and I) die of laughter. Maybe a t-shirt with a plate of veggies (my "grandma food") or with mac and cheese or carrots (little girl food) .. something on it, that would be SO awesome. you can surprise me with the image/saying. i'll love it! mens large.

2. Your old crafty mags or books! 'd love some knitting books or mags, but just anything in general would be awesome! :)

3. Surprise!!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: girlofdashboard on January 31, 2006 10:46:04 PM
- a messanger bag for school;topicseen
example of style id REALLY REALLY LIKE
i need to hold books and yarn and a crochet hook or two or three of four  ;D
(if you make this for me... basiclly id love you forever, i REALLY need something to carry my crap in for school... carrying books and a purse just isnt cutting it anymore!!!)
for colors i think a black outside and maybe a bright pink or bright blue... or purple ooo or some really neat patterned fabric (cute) that would be cool!
thank you SO much kmsmaverick!!!

- stationary with something crafty on the outside and blank on the inside (and envelopes), maybe something that has to do with crocheting or even better jewelry making (specifcilly earrings) (i want them to write messages to fellow swapers on)

- i really want a charm bracelet perhaps blue and green like this one...;topicseen
) yay! thanks sarahjayne

thanks in advance if you pick me  ;D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: sweetie pie press on January 31, 2006 11:21:18 PM
i live in canada.

a) i would really, really love a fabric wallet that could hold biils and cards. something vintagey would be amazing.

b) something screenprinted - art for my walls, a shirt, patches, a stuffy...

c) your zines/local zines from your area. i especially like comic and graphic zines but i'm sure i will enjoy all sorts of your creations.

this is all!

i am a young lady who can't be easily offended. i like things that people make. i like images and various esthetics from the 20's-70's. my tastes are pretty eclectic - from grandma, to indie, to librarian, to crazed housewife hallucination. i like to read and write and draw and make things.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Minusxl3lindfold on February 01, 2006 12:40:42 AM
My name is Katelyn, I'm 19 and from Massachusetts.

1. ART! I would LOVE it. I like trees, nature, fairytale-ish, fantasy, modern, vintage, japan-ish, chinese, "dark".. etc.

2. Beads or bead supplies! beading wire, seed beads, glass beads, connectors.. Thank you soo much!  :D

3. Sewing stuff. Zippers, LACE, Ribbon, Buttons, Thread, Interfacing, Fabric. Solid colors, animal prints, japan-ish, polka dots..

About me: I like girly things and non-girly things, Japan-ish stuff, I'm obsessed with the video game series Suikoden, I love art, I will try ANYTHING related to crafting. I love black, white.. pink, red, orange.. purple, green, blue.. hearts, lace, ruffles, polka dots, skulls, leopard, vintage, fish, cute animals.. I really love color combos of rubys, purples, pinks, oranges.. and color combos of red, black, and leopard. I also love the rockabilly/psychobilly/punk/lolita look.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Pink_Dinosaur on February 01, 2006 01:40:51 AM
hello everyone. i can't believe its february already!
here's my list this month! thank in advance!

I'm in california!

1. hair accessories.
clips, headbands, bobbypins, hair ties. i love them all. im always looking for things to put in my hair. i could especially use bobby pins since my bangs are growing out and i use them to keep my hair back. my favorite pair of hair clips i have are ones in the shapes of spiders and bats. i also adore my crocheted headbands, especially the pink ones. i like and wear all sorts of styles. i have my girly days with pink and flowers and lace. and i have my "hardcore days" (as my bf likes to call it) with dark colors, black, and simple. and i have my casual jean and shirt days. i will LOVE anything you send.

2. Fabric and/or craft supplies
fleece, knit, yarns, glue, glitter, lace, buttons, paper empherma, anything!

3. surprise me!!

about me: I'm 20 years old. i love pink. I love country music. i own a brand new 04 tundra, which im always looking for accessories to pretty it up some. i prefer silver to gold. I like dinosaurs, stars, pink, black, grey, earthy/creamy colors, Elvis, cowboys, TOY STORY-woody's my favorite, Nightmare before Christmas, Alice in wonderland, Pinocchio, and weird stuff. my style is very simple and casual. i wear dark colors mostly, but i love girly things too. I wear a M/L in junior sizes. I am tall (5'10") so my shirts are Never long enough to cover my stomach or back, i'd love you forever if i got a pretty casual tee i could wear that fits me nicely.

thanks again to anyone who chooses me. and thanks to everyone who took the time to read my list :) have a nice day!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Writer78 on February 01, 2006 08:03:06 AM
I'm in Illinois, USA.

1. A Valentine surprise, in time to open on Feb. 14.  I would enjoy a beautiful Victorian-themed valentine card (or medieval/renaissance, or a "hang in there, chin up, single girl!  you'll find someone!").  I would also appreciate having a tiny something to open with it.  It needn't be anything big - in fact, if you want to make a valentine and throw in a little pre-made something-or-other, that suits me fine.  Ideas include: candy (peppermint! or chocolate!); soap (peppermint! or almond! or apple!); a strong/laminated bookmark (Victorian decoupage highly encouraged!); a pair of button earrings (non-dangly).

Porfiry, you are turning a bad-mood-day (V-day) into a day I'm looking forward to!  If your packet reaches me before 2/14, I will save it to open on the exact day.  THANK YOU for making a single girl feel better!

2. Notepads.  I can't ever get enough of them.  I use them at work and at home.  I like them to be about 4x5 inches, white or very pale paper, easy to peel/tear away sheets.  Themes I like include medieval, historical (non-cutesy) Wild West, Victorian.  Would really like to receive more than one, if you have time, but one nice, thick notepad would also be greatly appreciated.

3. A "wordless bracelet" - updated and elegant.  When I was little, we would make these at church daycamp - it was a leather string with a knot, then five pony beads (yellow/gold, black, red, white, green - these colors and this order is very important), and then another knot.  It was secured at the other end such that you could adjust the fit.  The idea is to be reminded of the story of Jesus and salvation according to the color of the beads.  I would love to have a prettier version than just pony beads!  I'm picturing five strands of glass seed beads, one for each color, enwtined and secured at each end, then with a clasp of some kind.  (I really dig magnetic clasps!  In fact, I cannot overemphasize how much I love magnetic clasps!)  My bracelet size is 7 inches.

THANKS, mjadams!

I'm 27, single, Christian.  My taste tends toward simple/elegant; muted colors; historical; clever but not cutesy.  I'm not into sexy/edgy styles or bright/neon colors.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: hertrigger on February 01, 2006 08:19:18 AM
- a messanger bag. im about to go back to school.. and i need something STURDY! id like something with a zupper closure and then a flap with some pockets to put pencils and such in it.. decorated really cool! (here are some examples of some i like:, (with velcro instead of clips))

- hoodie.. im obsessed with hoodies. zip up or pull over, doesnt matter, black mens M.. embelished, stencilled, doesnt matter

-surprise with any of my likes! yay writer78!

a little about me.. im 21. i live in southern california.. i work at a bakery in a grocery store and im about to go to school to become a pharmacy technician. im dont really have a "scene" but i love anything "punkish" i dont consider myself punk.. my favorite colors are hot pink and black.. im obsessed with cows. i have ALOT of things cow. im also obssessed with gerard way and my chemical romance. i like skulls, hearts, stars, checkard fabrics. i sew, i love making journals, earrings, shrinky dinks....  

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: rainbow_art on February 01, 2006 09:00:36 AM
Im in the UK  :)

My wishes are:
1. a diy kit on how to make candles/soaps  ;D
2. 1" buttons/badges  :) Thank you L for sending to me!
3. surprise of one of the things i like!  :) Thanks Nushy!

Im 17, 18 on the 20th of this month  ;D :D I love penguins, monkeys, cows, rainbows, stars and music and films!  I enjoy doing art and learning how to make new things!  :) My favourite colours are purple and blue  :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: bracelet_girl on February 01, 2006 09:03:28 AM
I'm from the UK.   :)

My wishes are:-

1. Beads and findings (chain, clasps etc.)

2. Charms or anything kitschy that can be made into charms (domino pieces, lego etc.) THANK YOU HAPPYCHICK!  ;D

3. Surprise Me!  ;)

I'm 17 years old, 18 in May.  :P I work in a book shop and I love reading. I love art too. The craft I do primarily is jewellery making although I can knit a little bit and i'm learning to crochet.  :)  My favourite colours are green/blue/purple. I like anything to do with penguins and monkeys. I also like stars  :) oh and I LOVE earrings!!  ;D  If you need to know anything else feel free to pm me  :D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: classycrafter on February 01, 2006 09:09:11 AM
Hello Everyone! Here is my wish list:

1) Norweigan Stockings like these -,

2) Glass beads, beads and more beads - something unique but mature

3) A cute, STYLISH handbag to take out with me when I go out with the girls - im hoping for a hobo bag

A little about me: I am located in St. Louis Missouri. Im 24 years old. Colors I like are Cranberry, Black, Silver, Gold, Pink, Red, Blue. Thanks in advance to the lovely craftster that pics me!   :D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: KerriedAway on February 01, 2006 09:16:49 AM
I live in the US-Nevada

1. Travel goodies: My boyfriend lives in the UK and so i travel quite a bit.  I have my next trip coming up feb. 11th and would love something before my departure. As to what, i'm not quite sure exactly.  Im trying to finish knitting my little passport pouch.  Some ideas perhaps: Things to make it more enjoyable, something to do, something with a cute travling theme, vintagey travel stuff, Parisian, and so on and so forth.  

2. Purse. Old reliable is becoming just that, old, and well, rather gross since its a simple fabric type.  Longish strap(s), not too tiny nor too huge, and nothing neon please.

3. Pineapple/fruity stuff for my kitchen.  I've only been here a few months, so i need more to make my little apartment more cheery.  I love the pineapples, but fruit in general is nice too. Maybe something to go on the kitchen walls..?  Thank you thank you!

Thank you ever so kindly in advance.  Have a gorgeous craftster day!

Title: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: tamar on February 01, 2006 09:38:20 AM
I'm from the Netherlands!

These are my wishes for feb.:

1. A necklace. I just bought this one: ( and now i want more stylish necklaces! I love these: ( ( ( (


2. (interior) decorating / craft magazines for inspiration!

3. Any souvenir from your country/state/city, like: magnets, snowglobe, keychain, postcards, candy and things like that. surprise me!  

About me: I’m a 22 years old elementary school teacher/student from Amsterdam. I love to craft, crochet, sew, make photos and collages, travel, I have 3 cats, my favourite colors are turquoise/green/blue, I collect koalas, monkeys and sheep.



Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: apandalee on February 01, 2006 09:42:59 AM
I'm in the US, NY to be exact

1. Something Bob the Builder and/or robot themed: I am doing my school's robot competition, and I think my team is going to be Team Bob in honor of Bob the Builder, (motto: We can fix it yes we can!). As one of 2 girls doing the competition I would love to celebrate it in a cute and crafty way, so a Bob, we can fix it, and/or robot themed T-Shirt, bag, or some other kind of cute thing I could use to display my roboteer pride would be really cool.

2. Yarn: I would love enough cool yarn and the pattern to knit your favorite project! I would say I am up to medium difficulty knitting levels and I love quick patterns that don't take that much yarn. Can't beat that instant gratification.   ;D

3. A surprise: Something you are dying to make but no one else asked for, knitting or jewlery making supplies, or anything else you can think of. I love surprises! Only thing is I have recieved a lot of scarfs recently, (which I  absolutely loved, yay craftsters),  so I don't really need anymore.
Thanks Writer78!!!
About me: I'm a college student who is majoring in Cognitive Science and Chinese. I love kniting, pandas, Meomi, jewel tones, candy colors, rainbows, my Nintendo DS (especially Animal Crossing), and other cute things. I'm not very hardcore, although I do like urban things, (graffiti, city skylines, etc), but not goth things.  PM me for any other info. Thanks!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: handlethis on February 01, 2006 10:25:39 AM
three wishes..

1. handknitted scarf...i would really like it to keep me warm...cables are a plus! even with a matching hat would be cool but not neccessary

2. craft supplies...[such as jewelry making stuff, card making stuff, sewing stuff and/or....random buttons, embroidery stuff] ty pengwend!

3. handspun yarn....haha ok thats a big wish but crosses fingers.....OK OK...regular yarn..i love it all!! also.......left over yarn a plus....nothing less than 10 inches...

I live in texas and i love it! 19 [almost 20!!] really girly...i love all things girly...i love pearls....lace....all shades of the non-jeans kinda girl...i wear skirts and style is classy but edgy....trendy but not to trendy......glam but not to blingish....random things i like: hearts, yarn, the killers<333, nirvana, grass, bunnies, flowers, roses, the 20s, all decades except the 90s! haha...i love magazines...all a really big FASHION a college student[business Admin and fashion design]...i love it..
'i live for fashion' is my saying! fav song is 'Indie RnR'- the killers!!

thanks for picking me [in advance]!!haha

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: daydreamer13579 on February 01, 2006 10:38:36 AM
I am in WV, US

1. Fabric for quilting- cotton or cotton blends at least 5 inches square

2. A bag to carry my yarn/latest project in

3. a journal with blank pages, I received one in another swap and it is full. I really like this ( or a bunch of great paper to make my ownl. THANKS!!!!

I love blues and purples. The ocean is my favorite place to be. I spend a lot of time either crafting or on craftster. If you have questions PM me.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: redheadedali on February 01, 2006 10:42:38 AM
I'm Alison. I'm in Texas. Here are my wishes:

1. A tinafish bag ( ( In dark red, black, or tweedy brown on the outside with a fun print on the inside - maybe something like what they have at Reprodepot ( (

2. A newsboy cap in a dark and/or tweedy fabric. I tried crocheting one for myself, and it was a *disaster*. The only thing is, I seem to have a really large head and most commercial hats don't fit me (not knit hats, but, like fedoras and stuff), so if you're working from a pattern, you may have to tweak it. I can send you a measurement if you need it.

3. A needle-felting starter kit.

My favorite colors these days are hot pink, black, orange, brown, and green. I like pretty much anything vintage, particularly anything from the Twenties to the Fifties. My style is pretty casual, with rocker girl and boho tendencies. I do lots of crafts, but, as you may be able to tell from my wish list, I am sewing-deficient. I guess that's all the relevant stuff I have to share.

I was on swap overload last month, but this month, I hope to chip in a bit more. Yay, Unconditional Swaps!


Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: redpopsicles on February 01, 2006 10:47:44 AM
Hello!  I'm in Texas.

Here are my wishes:

1.  A necklace of some sort, preferable silver colored, that I can wear with lower cut tops.  Here are a couple I have seen and liked that can be used for inspiration: ( (I like the first one) (

2.  A tote bag of some sort.  A gal can never have too many totes.  ;)

3.  A surprise based on my likes below.  :D

I will be 27 on the 26th of this month!  My favorite colors are blues and greens (think of the ocean), although I have been liking pinks and reds and oranges and purples all together lately (think Moulin Rouge eccentricity).  I also like combinations of brown and pastels (brown/pink and brown/blue).  I really like the rockabilly/psychobilly/punk look and the music that goes along with those subcultures.  I also rather consider myself an aging riot grrl (although I'm only 26).  I like nautical stars, old school tattoos (Sailor Jerry), pinups, astrology (I'm a Pisces).  I like polka dots, stripes, stars, cherries, dragons, and fish, martini glasses, and whatnot.  I also love Dorothy Parker, the 1920's/Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Harry Potter series, and Stephen King's Dark Tower Series.  My favorite bands/artists are Elliott Smith, Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, The Clash, The Ramones, and a bunch of others that I can't think of right now.  If you have any other questions, just shoot me a PM.  

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: porfiry on February 01, 2006 12:06:33 PM
I’m from Ohio, USA

My wishlist:
1. Candy from the UK or Canada (like coffee crisp, big turk, yorkie, smarties, you get the idea) or if you’re from the states, some kind of candy that’s only found in your region.
WOOHOO!  Thank you sarahjayne, I can hardly wait!!!  ;D

2. A sock creature/reconstructed toy thing.  I love funky stuff.  I love funky toys that I can name and anthropomorphize even more.  If you send me a homemade sock creature I will love you forever and ever. 

3. Surprise me based on your interests or mine!  :D

About me:
I am a 26-year old married tomboy.  My husband is a tomboy too, but he's a man, so I'm not sure how that works.  We have no kids, instead we have adventures two cats.  I love being outside, using my imagination, plunging my hands into a project, and traveling to all corners of the globe.  I have just re-discovered skirts and like the kind that are punky enough to allow me to climb trees while wearing them.  I like to be reminded how everyday life can be quite surreal, and I love anything and everything from distant and foreign cultures.  Oh, yeah, and I’m a twin!  So something from another twin/or something pertaining to twin culture would be super-cool.     

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: knottydottie on February 01, 2006 12:57:19 PM
I am in Portland, Oregon.

My Desires:

1........Earring organizer, like an old frame with wire mesh on the back, something at least 11x14 that i can hang on my wall 

2........Science/Biology themed necklace or earrings.  Equations, charts, anatomy, periodic table of elements, uber nerd stuff. I'M SO EXCITED! THANKS BOBOLINK  ;D

3........A valentine/birthday surprise.  I am turning 30 on the 12'th  :(  so something to keep me from spiraling into deep dark depression!     THANK YOU WRITER78  ;)
I am 29, a photographer, and native oregonian.  I wear a lot of black, a lot of scarfs, and nothing very girly girl. (no pink)  I like quirky, eclectic things, and vintage fashions.  Currently I am really into tweedy fabrics and embroidered stuff.  Weird=good. I LOVE old road maps, and charts and graphs of random things or long scientific type equations, typewriters, all animals (especially horses), robots and satellites.  I don't like pastels, but I love bright greens and blues, all shades of red, and of course black and gray.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: XbelovedXoneX on February 01, 2006 01:18:57 PM
I'm excited for this round! I'm way more confident in my crafting skills, so I hope I can find some things to make for others!

I live in the USA... Michigan to be exact.

1. a cute animal japanese styled plushie/stuffed animal! or even an amigurumi animal... all the ones i've seen are so adorable! I'm so jealous that I can't make them. By sewing skills are barely beginner, and i can't afford a pattern book right now.

2.a 'learn your craft kit." I'm really interested in learning how to knit, needle or wet felting, make kanzashi flowers, and book binding.

3. A journal/mini book to keep track of all my crafty needs. I'd love for it to be small enough to fit inside a purse too!

Thank you all soo much for looking!
Here's a lil info on me: I'm Miranda, 23 yrs old, married. I'm also straight edge, which means i dont drink, smoke, or do drugs. i looove all animals. I love cool colors especially blues and greens. I also like dark earthy colors like deep greens, burgundy, etc. I'm into tattoos and suspensions. oh, and I LOVE books too! Some of my interests/fave motifs are pinup girls, ani difranco, puppies, sewing, embroidery, tribal cultures, crime scenes, etc etc etc! The crafts I'm into right now are embroidery, felting, recon clothing, decoupage, etc. Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Radioactivecrafter on February 01, 2006 01:34:42 PM
I live in the land of Virgina and the following things would bring me joy:

1. A bag for my knitting that does not have flowers on it
2. knitting supplies- knitting and being poor do not go well togeather, especially if you do not like acrylic/ novelty yarn; so if anyone is up for a little stash busting I would appreciate it (if you have any extra needles that need a home too, that would be great) mjadams is fabulous human being
3. A necklace, or really jewelry of any sort I enjoy 20's style, chain maile, and really anything shiny.

I am geeky 19 year old college student, majoring in English, who loves sparkles, french and music of the indie rock persuasion. Actually the last one is not quite true, I do like some indie rock (woo! Ember Swift), but really I just had to take that opportunity to make an odd 10 things I hate about you reference. I am what some people would call "weird," although I perfer the term awesome. My favorite colors are purple, green, and black; my current heroes are Joss Weadon and Neil Gaiman; I think robots are neat looking, dragons are too; Star Wars is awesome, and Batman would totally beat Superman in a fight.

Thanks a ton to the person(people) who pick me, and sorry if my info is a bit nonsensical, I am a bit sleepy.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: TheRehn on February 01, 2006 01:44:48 PM
I am in the UK

A panta (this appears to be an ongoing theme!) I think i may have a slightly larger than average head - if you want I can measure it hehe - all my family has large heads!

Anything polkadotty - journal, clothes, belt, anything! - I love polka dots - as a heads up though if your going for  clothing or a scarf or something else wearable then I would prefer polka dots as accents or little polka dots, rather than big dots all over. Plus it's a bit anal, but I like my polka dots evenly-spaced 

A 'That time of the month' care package LOL! I get sick and achy and my whole body gets soo tired! I'm not gonna give any ideas cos I don't wanna limit you amazing crafty people!! I will love whatever you send

I'm 20, I live with my parents and 13 yr old bro and15 yr old sis, I LOVE craftster, and I love to bake. Clothing size - I am a large medium or a small large (basically depends on the shop to which one I'm in!!) UK size 14-16 (again depends on shop/ material!)  Oh I just cos I'm happy about it - I got a digicam for christmas! (So I can post pics of whatever you make )

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: lucy van pelt on February 01, 2006 01:49:03 PM
Hi! I'm in Florida and I'd love:

1) Any used Charles Dickens paperbacks. I'm on a Dickens Kick (lol) and would love to curl up with one or two of them....if you're finished reading them of course! Thank you redheadedali!!!!

2) A small kitchen apron or kitchen towel with "Kristi's Diner" embroidered or stencilled on it - i can do both crafts but haven't the time, and I'm sure I'd like yours better. My kitchen colors are retro red and orange.

3) A baseball-themed necklace or bracelet. I work in professional sports and would like a little feminine piece of jewelry (something real simple), like a baseball bead or charm on a ribbon,  to wear on game days.  Thank YOU kika62 !!!!

I'm a young 39, live with my family and two cats; and love the beach, the colors black, grey, dark blue, persimmon, cream and turquoise; a 1940s vintage style; fiesta ware; flowers, pearls, ribbons cats, the BBC, and thrifting! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! - lucy

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: nushybum on February 01, 2006 02:04:36 PM
I live in England, and I would love love love:

1) A hoodie! Oh, PLEASE, I'm begging you, thou with hoodie-making skills! I really, really want one, a hoodie with cute appliques or stencils on. Oh, please! Hearts, stars, skulls, playing cards, trees...Oh, I can't think of anything else, but I would ADORE a hoodie! (Women's size small, or possibly medium.)

Note: I do mean just a bought hoodie, decorated. You don't have to make it from scratch!!!

2) Some hair candy. :) I'm growing my hair and it's very long and THICK and unruly, so I can only pin it back. I'd love some kanzashi or crochet flower clips (like THESE!!! ( especially.

3) Some stationary. I seem to have acquired a LOT of penpals recently, and my stationary is skanky (and I'm sure that they'd agree.) I can't think off the top of my head what to put ATM, so PM me and we shall talk!
thank you sassyword!

I'm fourteen, at school, rather arty and have no time for science.
I play the cello and the piano.
I love hearts, skull-and-crossbones, stars, trees, flowers (but not drawing landscapes), painting people, food, writing, Amy Tan, Jane Austen, pink, purple, black, grey, sea green and the ocean. :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: simplysara on February 01, 2006 02:13:31 PM
I'm in California:

1.  A bag to store/carry my knitting stuff.  The larger the better, but I won't be too picky.  Needle case would be great in addition or instead of the bag.  I'm a new knitter but have accumulated lots of stuff already!

2.  An iPod cozy for my brand new iPOD.  Its a 30gig video iPOD (not the nano)

3.  A surprise... after you read my interests below, figure out what you think I "need"!  Yippee!  Thanks!  I can't wait to see what it is!

I am 29, a native Californian (and San Diegan).  I like simple designs, I'm not real girly or into florals and stuff.  I like black, grey, red, deep purple, jewel colors and silver.  I am an English major, obsessed with music, particularly Jeff Buckley and I have three turtles all named after musicians (Buckley, Dylan, and Simone (as in Nina).  I practice yoga, am a vegetarian and I go to Burning Man.  I love ethnic designs and fabrics, especially Asian and Indian prints. 

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: dontlookback on February 01, 2006 02:18:48 PM
Hi, I'm in New York...

1- Any kind of supplies that you have laying around- particularly fabric, yarn, pretty paper, knitting magazines, glass beads, did i mention fabric? Hehe.

2- DIY papermaking, stencil, or embroidery kit.
Thank you so much XbelovedXoneX! I can't wait  ;D

3- A clutch like this one or this one: [its on page 15]

About me: I'm 22 and I'm going for my masters in early education. I work at a daycare center in a classroom filled with four year olds. I love to knit, crochet, cook, and sew. I want to broaden my crafting horizons though so I want to learn some new things. I love dark gem-like colors, especially blues, plums, and reds. I love geometric, amy butler, bold flowers, and kimono looking fabric. I don't like picture pictures on fabric [I hope that made sense, ha]. I'm a simple girly-girl. I think this picture best sums up my style:

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Madmatigan79 on February 01, 2006 02:46:27 PM
I am in Saskatchewan, Canada.

I would love:

1. some cute cloth pads ( and, if you're especially ambitious, a pouch to hold both the pads and my Diva Cup

2. a screened or stencilled shirt (women's size L) along the lines of  this one ( - my friends tease me about being a member of the "grammar gestapo", so this shirt would be highly appropriate! If you know some French, then something bilingual would also be fun, OR something with a retro-americana/vintage style that says "SuperMom" OR whatever. :) THANK YOU!!!

3. a crafty surprise for my husband - he is 27, loves soccer (plays for an indoor team called "The Speedbumps"), hockey (favorite team is the Montreal Canadiens). He crochets (my grandma taught him last year) and is really into film & video editing. He wears a lot of t-shirts and drinks a ridiculous amount of Dr. Pepper and is kind of dorky in a "marches to the beat of his own drummer" kind of way. Does this inspire anyone?

About me? I am a 26 yr old university student (french major, history minor). I have a 23-month-old daughter and three "fur babies" (cats). I love things with a retro/vintage/kitschy flair, clean lines, bold colours (teal, fuschia, orange, green etc).  

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: sarahjayne on February 01, 2006 03:15:13 PM
I am Hull, England

My three wishes are..........

1. I would love someone forever if they could make me a roll for my needle files, this is the same as a knitting needle roll but my needle files are all between 16 and 18 cm's long and less than a cm wide each. I have about 25 of them though at the moment. As I said I would adore you forever and ever!

2. Crochet flower hair slides, in block colours if possible! I have learnt to crochet squares, but as yet can not do anything but straight even lines! My brain just won't take it on!

3. Anything with natutical stars or skull and crossbones on, stationary, jewellrey, clothing, anything!! Thank you so much Hertrigger!

A bit about me, I love five pointed stars, especially nautical ones, I also love pirates and tattoo fabric. My favourite colour is green but i like hot pink, black almost as much.
I like punk music and especially psychobilly and rockabilly styles.
I'm at college training to be a jeweller, hence the needle file roll!!
I love getting surprises!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Bobolink on February 01, 2006 03:25:16 PM
Ok- here's my list.
I live in northern California
1- I've changed this one- cause I'm getting lots of forest stuffies now from other swaps.
Food stuffy! or just funny food themed item, where the food has a face / personality etc..
I love meat, sushi, sweet stuff and I think toast stuffies are adorable.
2-2- Anything needle felted / wet felted. [/s] Thank you Veludo- you're the best!
3- A journal with different colored funky pages inside.  I don't need a blank one for writing, but I'd love one I could put photos- scrapbooking- in or use as a knitting journal.
like this:

About me: 28 year old grad student who spends way too much time on craftster at my desk, instead of where I should be- at my bench doing experiments. I love all animals and animal motifs. Owls and all birds, forest animals, cats etc.. Nature stuff and city artsy stuff too. I love all colors, but probably bright ones over pastels, but earthy ones are great too especially for a nature theme. I also prefer off colors to primaries- ie turquiose over navy blue. I love any old, vintage, retro and mod looking stuff and patterns- but I really like modern stuff too. I love old vintagy stuff like adds ie- fruit crate labels and pin ups. I love when prissy crafts are mixes with racy stuff ie an embroidered pin up- I think that really represents what us awesome craftsters are up to. I also love food stuff, sushi, meat, sweet stuff etc.. probably cause I love food! And I love stuff from other cultures, like asian fabrics and all that amazing Mexicana stuff I've been seeing in the galleries.
Dislikes- just cut up books, and I really don't need any more journals. I just have too many and I'd hate for you to work on something I just can't use.   

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: smrfchic on February 01, 2006 04:14:45 PM
I'm in Southern California (USA)...

My wish list:

(1) A cute little zippered pouch or something to keep in my purse for receipts.   I am using an envelope now, but they tend to get ratty and ugly.  I keep the receipts for a week until we do our weekly accounting/budget, so that we can track our expenditures on food, gas, clothing, etc. Thanks so much, akredhead!! :)

(2) Magnets for my fridge to match my kitchen. It's Folkart Roosters and Cows.  I have a few Laurie Korsgaden Rooster prints, a cow print on tin, a huge ceramic rooster on top of my fridge, and some framed farm/pastoral scenes. The colors are a sagey green and a dark rose. (the sagey green extends into the living room, but the accessories in there are a mix of milk glass, blue&white china, and cranberry glass, with an emphasis on the Blue Willow pattern)

(3) A hook roll, like the knitting needle rolls, but for my crochet hooks. I have about a dozen hooks, from the tiny ones used for lace & beading socks, to a size K.

I'm a 26y/o SAHM to 5 kids, a girl scout leader, and a catholic.  I don't drink/smoke/do drugs. I listen to country music, oldies, and a bit of alternative. I like zebra print, some paisleys, corduroy, and jewel tones (emerald, sapphire, garnet, etc.) I have a dog (outside), 3 noisy parrots, and 10 spoiled fishies.

Thanks so much for reading!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: zenochka on February 01, 2006 04:31:59 PM
Hi there! I'm from NJ
1) A t-shirt for my oldest son that says "I'm the Bigger Big Brother" or something along those lines in a youth size 7/8, kind of like this
it doesn't have to be embriodered though or have a stick figure on it
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
2) some kind of Celtic themed decoration for St. Patrick's day that can stay up year round if I wanted
3) something for the baby girl to be! I love getting crafted stuff for her! I only have 9 more weeks to go! Thank you!!!!

About me, I have 2 boys and #3 a girl is due April 6th, thank goodness only 2 more months to go!!! I love the colors purple and blue. Anything you'd really like to know pm me! I am very easy to please! Thanks!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Krysta on February 01, 2006 06:09:37 PM
I sent my info in earlier, so I'm gonna post my info now. :) Thank you in advance if anyone picks me!!

I am from British Columbia, Canada

1. Beads, charms, wires... any sort of beading supplies! I am just getting into beading/jewelry making and you can only buy so many Wal-Mart beads before it gets repetitive. I'd love ANYTHING! :) thanks vegbee!! ;D ;D

2. A new bag/purse. I have a large hobo bag from Old Navy that has been great but the zipper is starting to go on it. I'd love something new! Some styles/fabrics I like: <--- LOOOVE <--- LOOVE

3. A surprise! Anything really. Something for my home, craft supplies, jewelry... anything!

To see info about me go here! livejournal swap info page:

If you need/want any other info just ask me or if you want to keep your identity a secret, ask someone else to ask me. ;D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Ember77 on February 01, 2006 06:55:39 PM
Thank you for your generosity and time in the January Swap!  Honestly, I’m floored!  :D

I’m in Toronto, Canada.

1.   I dragonboat in the summer and we’re gearing up for this season. I would LOVE a cute bag or tote to carry around my gear/spare clothes.  Any sort of dark sturdy fabric lined with something light and fun would be fantastic!!!!  (I'm addicted to bags)

2.   Lined zippered pouch in a light, fun, flirty fabric – about the size of a small make up bag or pencil case.

3.   A “Let Me Be Your Grasshopper” Kit! I would be so grateful for a diy kit on bookbinding or stenciling.

I'm 28 and I spend my days in front of a computer. I volunteer my spare time to working on community theatre musicals (currently 50 kids in Beauty & the Beast – aish!).  I love japanese fabric and I'm itching to learn how to use a sewing machine. I'm a beginner knitter, dabble in wet & needle felting, beading, wire art and paper crafts.  I think I'm addicted to STUFF in general. My favorite colours are black, blue, and silver. I'm also drawn to cranberry red, rich chocolate browns with bright blues

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: gyouko on February 01, 2006 07:03:59 PM
Hey guys!
I'm in Canada.

Wish #1: You're probably so tired of these but Kanzashi hair pins would be so nice for my hair.  With a neato button in the middle or something.  Thanks so much, madmatigan79! :D

Wish #2: A cd player cozy/pouch.  It seems like I'm one of the few people who are still using cd players.  The least I can do is make it look cool ;]

Wish #3: SURPRISE!  Just one small thing! : D

Soooo, I'm currently 14 (fifteen in two months!) and in high school.  I really like vintage, Japanese, Chinese, British, bold, classic things.  I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter, Gene Kelly, & The Beatles.  I spend my spare time (not that there is much nowadays anyway) reading, drawing, dancing, and attempting to make things.  Ohh, and owls fascinate me for some odd reason.  I don't like gross-eye cancer-neon colours and gray.  Although I like bumblebee yellow just for some pazzaz.  I also like greens, golds, peach, turqouise, brown, black, and white.  Please PM me for further info! Thanks!  :D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: lasandri on February 01, 2006 10:23:35 PM
i'm in california!

1. a hoodie -- with whatever! stencilled, embroidered or anything.

2. felted beads in any color
-- thanks handlethis!!!

3. a surprise!

about me: i'm 28 and a grad student. i sleep sometimes. but mostly i study! anything you want to know about me:

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: craft_t_chic on February 01, 2006 10:39:27 PM
Let me throw my list into the mix too! I'm in Ohio, USA.

1. A wallet. I have one now that my mom gave me that is kinda old lady flower-ish. It's a great size and it's functional, but I'd love one that's cuter. Funky fabrics would be fabulous! A zipper to hold coins would be nice, but not a necessity.

2. Anything with Wonder Woman on it for me, or Batman for the boy. Something functional that we can show off at work. OH! Or Batman buttons so he can wear on his name badge holder thingy! He just got a cubical too, so he's pretty pysched about that. Something functional for his desk would be neat...

3. Surprise me!

A little about me...I dabble in all crafts...I like to try anything once. I love pink and green together, and black too. I like stars and polka dots. I hate blue and purple. Not hate...just don't really like, but they are okay in small doses. I don't really have any kind of specific really depends on my mood that day. If you have questions, feel free to PM me!  ;D Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: akredhead on February 01, 2006 10:47:06 PM
Hi! I live in SNOWY and FREEZING Anchorage, AK...


1. A funky but glamorous clutch...something fun and colorful would be great!

2. A monster messenger bag. I think they are the cutest ever. Thank you!
3. A t-shirt or tank top (size L-XL i have big boobs) that says "Jack Nasty <3 You"

Info: I'm 27 years old. I love animals specifically: otters, hedgehogs and bumblebees. My favorite colors: dark purple, teal, chocolate brown, dark red, dark green, grey and black. Email me if you have any questions. Thanks so much!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: veludo on February 02, 2006 04:29:46 AM
hi, i'm in portugal

my wishes are:

1- handmade soap. my favourite scents are coconut, cinammon, strawberry, ...

2- kilt pin brooch (something like this one,[email protected]/50351402/in/set-990515/) thank you L :)

3- stationary, anything that involves letter writing, i am always running off things, letter sets, single envelopes, single sheets, stickers, pens, etc (my favourites are japanese/korean stationary, especially pool cool kawaii girl, q-lia little angel, sanrio hello kitty, q-lia riceball..., i also love miffy) thank you happychick :)

something about me that might help people that eventually pick me:
- i'm 26 and i am  a graphic designer
- my favourite colors are pink, some shades of green, red, yellow, orange, black and i love grey
- my favourite color combos are pink and green, green and orange, red and yellow, black and dark orange and dark brown,...
- i like vintage and retro things
- i like cats, food, knitting, yarn, beads, buttons, japan, cactus and succulents, stamps, stickers, snail mail, paper, pompoms and felt beads,and more and more and more
- some of my favourite cartoons/caracthers/whatever are miffy, hello kitty, alice, smurfs, miss piggy,
- i do not like gaudy things, golden things, bright pink (i am getting tired of it).

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Kristen81 on February 02, 2006 02:49:58 PM

I'm in Winnipeg, Canada. 

My wishes are:

1. A Bust Magazine (can't find one here)  Thanks SO much redheadedali

2.  Coin Purse closures (  Just the closure/clasp, not the purse itself.

2.  camoflage craft felt (even one piece is fine!)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: mjadams on February 03, 2006 09:23:18 AM
Hi!  I am 26, and live in cold, snowy Ohio.

Wish #1. I am copying this from dont look back, but i love this bag! Its amazing . Id love an orange one, just nothing to cutesy, for some reason i love ugly fabric!

Wish #2. A surprise! id love whatever you like to make. craft-t-chic you rock! i love your stuff!

Wish #3. a robot pin! knitted, decoupaged, shrinky dink, i dont care! I had one on my satchel and my dog chewed it. Id love a replacement, a girly robot would rock!

Thank you Hertrigger! I am sooooooo excited!!!!
About me: I am 26, becoming more girly everyday! I love pink and green, black, and orange. and purples! I am addicted to hello kitty, robots and ribbons! Ia m very easy going and love anything hand made ! you guys rock!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: penguino on February 03, 2006 01:12:54 PM
Hi, I live in CA, USA.

1.  A reversible swing bag.

2.  Surprise.  Your speciality would be great.  I love all of my surprise items.

3. Crochet Clover Scarf
  Thank you tamar. :)

About me:  My favorite color is purple, but I like most colors except neon or bright colors.  I love penguin.  And I don't wear any jewelry.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Happychick on February 03, 2006 01:17:49 PM


Mkay, i'm in the UK, and my wishes aarreee *drum roll* (i'm in a very theatrical mood right now)

1) Anything potter or cutesy. I would loove a marauder's t-shirt, saying 'i solemnly swear i am up to no good', or any sort of potter/cutsey tshirt. Preferably not people-stencils though, quotes are good ;D Or if shirts are too biiiggg then buttons would also be very groovy ;D By cutsey i mean little kiddy-ish, my little pony, get the picture. Oh, or a scarf. A Gryffindor or slytherin scarf would rule ;D So, to summarise that wish, anything Harry potter or cutsey. Oh, and I dont like men's style t-shirts (sorry :-[ i'm so fussy!) I'm a ladies small, or a UK 8.

2) A mix CD. I'm not into hip-hop/rap/pop or heavy metal, but pretty much everything else is good. I usually listen to soft rock, stuff is good! So yeah, a mix CD of your favourite songs.

3) This isnt a very crafty wish, infact it isnt crafty at all, but if you're in the states, i have a LONGING to try hershey's chocolate kisses. Everyone on here talks about them, and i dont know what they are!! I gather
that they are sorta like big chocolate chips...but...whats the fuss?? Also my american friend drools at the mention of big red gum?? (i think thats what it's called) so...that would be nice to try..but my main concern is the hershey kisses!!

About me, I'm 14, and I have cfs right now, so i'm being home educated, and i'm not very mobile, so crafting keeps me sane! I love HP (could you guess ;D ) and cutsey stuff, to a lesser extent. My style is changes with my mood pretty much! One day i'll be uber girly, the next i'll be the polar opposite of girly! My favourite colors are combinations of black and pink, black and red, and black and blue.

PM me if you need any more info



Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on February 03, 2006 01:26:54 PM
i got word that someone has sent already!!!
so i started a gallery, so here it be yo, haha (

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: aschnebly on February 03, 2006 02:05:07 PM
Wow, I realized I sent my info for the swap, and never posted my list!  Ok here I go...

1. Huuuuge wish but, I would love you forever if you made/embellished me a hoodie/long sleeve-thermal type top/tunic style tank top (longer)! For hoodies I love zip up or pullovers, I am a womens L or a mens M.  I love the styles of Great China Wall, like at this link: (

But who's going to pay over $600 bucks for a hoodie?  Anyways, I love the style though, and I'd be so happy to get a hoodie or otherwise!

2. A cute pair of crocheted slippers! (

3. Craft/knitting/sewing magazines you no longer want, I love looking through them at the different craft ideas.  Even pages from them would be fine!  Also fashion or craft magazines from other countries.  I would be in love! thank you sarahjayne!!!

Ok, I know these wishes are a little out there this month, but I had to try--I am a wife and mother, I live in a suburb of Las Vegas, love to hang out with my husband, our little girl, our kitties, and our chihuahua.  I'm 24, very laid back... ummm if you need more info PM me or look at my blog below to get a better idea of who I am!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: jaami on February 04, 2006 07:57:40 AM
it's too tempting NOT to sign up...

I'm in New York

Wish 1 something Neutral Milk Hotel themed - anything, just not a mix cd because I have just about every recording known to man
Wish 2 a "Learn to Crochet" kit - I'm dying to learn! Thank you DontLookBack!
Wish 3 a surprise! bag, stuffie, stationary, earrings, knit stuff, I don't care, surprises are GOOD Thank you vegbee!

About Me
I live in unseasonably warm New York at the moment, while trudging along trying to make my small crafty business work. I love surfing and the sea, crafting, knitting, and creating big messes, Neutral Milk Hotel, Earth, animals, love, and cute stuff. I'm not into the whole pin-up girl, cowboy, skull, cherry, gothyglam thing. I have a "swap info page" if you're maybe thinking of a surprise idea (hint hint), found here:

Thanks in advance!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: infeatheredeyes on February 04, 2006 08:39:07 AM
I sent in my application about 20 minutes ago, so I'm assuming I can post... (first swap ever...!)

I'm in the USA. Florida, to be more precise.

Wish 1: a cabled scarf. i live in Florida, so it doesn't have to be thick and warm, but I love the look of cables but rarely have the time to work on one of my own.

Wish 2: A How-To Tat book. I really wanna learn, but I can't find any decent books anywhere.

Wish 3: A funky journal. That's the size of a composition book, or smaller. Preferably un-lined pages.

About Me: I'm 15, a vegetarian, and I go to a school of the arts for creative writing.
I love: giraffes, the Goo Goo Dolls, faeries, YARN, pictures of trees, anything Rennaissance Faire related, purples and reds.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: xamiexnicolex on February 04, 2006 01:49:28 PM
Hi!  ;D  I'm in South Carolina


1.    A Learn to Knit Kit -- My sister knows how to crochet, but she's left handed and could never teach me. I just love all the things that people post on here and I want to learn how to do it too! Seriously, I want this BAD.=)

2.    Knee Knocker Socks -- If you don't know, they are those really long socks that come about up to the bottom of your knees.  I'm a pole vaulter and it gets pretty chilly outside, so I would really like some that would match my track uniform.  I like the sort of 'traditional' kind, with the two stripes at the top.  School colors are red and white. PM me for measurements.

3.    A Hoodie -- I know this may be a long shot, but I would really like a screen printed/embellished hoodie.  I like cute dinosaurs and skullies.  My favorite color is pink and I wear a youth large to an adult small. I can never find hoodies that I like! So this is super important to me too. =)

Thanks in advance for everything. =)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Kasie on February 04, 2006 02:00:08 PM
Here's my list:
I thought I had posted already, but I guess not.

- A pouch like the one here.. the poptart one!

- Cute barrettes. I just got my hair cut and I need some cute barrettes to keep my bangs back. These are great:, Thank you!

- A surpise.. ^^ Thank you Penguino!

About me: My name is Kasie. I am 20 years old and I live in upstate New York. I <3 animals! I am currently going to college to become an exotic animal trainer and my dream is to work with tigers. I love pink, red, black and gray. I love cute things, expecially cute Japanese things. I love sports, especially hockey. I love to read and write as well. Crafting has become a new passion of mine. I am having so much fun about it. I will love anything anyone sends to me. Thank you in advance!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: laraebay on February 04, 2006 09:21:24 PM


Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: ERPilly on February 04, 2006 11:06:49 PM
I'm in Texas, US~

1. I would love for someone to do a photo frame for me.  I have tons of pics I'd like to put up, and only three on the wall.  A small (or big ?!) frame to put on my desk would be lovely.  Maybe mosaic or handpainted?

2. Ribbon scraps... Grosgrain preferred, but any and all would have a loving home here!  I love working with ribbon but can't find grosgrain with neat prints.  Please please clean out your ribbon stash!

3. Something for my daughter to sport about town... An embellished/stencilled tee, flowy skirt, an outfit (for those really ambitious and oh-so-generous craftsters), anything appropriate for a 3yo!  PM me if interested for ideas.  She wears a 3t.

Oooo this is fun.  I'm scanning the list to see what I can send someone...

I am 26, married, one sweet little girl, in Texas.  I like: hockey, kitties, and staying up late.  I like handmade/recon/embellished clothes or at least for it to look that way (although like doesn't always translate to wear).  Fave color is blue, fave styles are mediterranean and renaissance.  I LOVE all things Russian, especially old world style.

Pick me!Pick me! ...And Thank You!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: polkadotgraffiti on February 04, 2006 11:52:30 PM
I live in Alabama
my wishes are:

1. a pattern draping book, I have been dying to know how to drape so that I can make my own patterns (I wanted to take classes this summer but I wont be old enough to attend any of the pre-college courses because I have a late birthday and wont be 16 until the end of July :-\)
2. a panta
3. stationary that I plan on using to write notes to mail with swap packages

about me: I am still in highschool, homeschooled (fist year homeschooling) I love anything vintage, I play the acoustic guitar and I just started playing the electric this year, colors I like are jewel tones, true/bold colors, some pastels, , I like polkadots, stripes, batik Type stuff, tyedye, geometric stuff (some) .. pretty much anything you send me I will be happy with

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: kittykill on February 05, 2006 09:32:15 AM
Here we go again!  ;D

1. Surprise me! I love surprises!

2. amiguri animal Thanks michellecooley! ;D

3. Resin jewelry. I love rings or bracelets.

About me I'm 35 years old, live in Portland Oregon, I have 3 jack russells, I'm getting married in November (actually on the day of the dead). I love sad eye girl paintings, black, pink, kelly green.  Vintage stuff (1920-1950's), bad horror movies. cute japanese toys, hello kitty. If ya have any other questions, you can always PM me.

Thanks!!!!! :D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Princess Dukki on February 05, 2006 06:25:28 PM
Hi there, I'm from Manitoba, Canada.

My wishes:

1) A sock monkey. A stripey one. Pink. Or one of those ones made from those socks with the red heels... you know? The 'original' sock monkey... LOL OMG Thank you night_owl!!!!

2) Some super cute stationery (for letter-writing). Preferably with bunnies. Cute ones, lol. And, uh, preferably pink...

3) Pink lego earrings or a necklace. I have a few bracelets, now I need to coordinate.

About me:

I'm 19 years old and from a teeny little "city". I love taking pictures and getting random photos in the mail. I make TONS of simple (er, dainty, lol) earrings and necklaces with beads and chain. I also knit and crochet. My favorite color is... well, *looks up* I guess you wouldn't believe me if I said anything other than pink.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: raindrops on February 05, 2006 06:44:44 PM
Since two of my wishes have been fulfilled in other swaps, I thought I'd repost a fresh list, in case anybody wanted it.  If not, that's cool, too.

1) I would love some tote bags to carry on the weekends.  Jordy, easy-peasy tote, slouch hobo- anything along those lines.  Not complex or large, just sturdy and big enough for wallet, keys, phone, a book, etc. I would love some summery prints (stylized butterflies in sherbety colors, birds, etc.), a black and white pattern with a black panel down the middle, geometric prints or stylized flowers in pastel colors on a tan background, or plain colors (pale blue, pale pink, etc.)

2) Thanks Redpopsicles for the shirt.  If anyone else wants to make one, check with her first to see what she is doing. Stenciled t-shirts based on the following designs (PM for colors/size)
       - “I solemnly swear I am up to no good”
       - one with cute elephants going around the hem
       - “So little to do, so much time.  Wait, stop, reverse that.”
       - “European Union- It’s the cutting edge of politics in an extraordinarily
         boring way” (I can PM you a design for this)
   - one I designed with Shakespeare doing the Vulcan hand sign that says,
         “May the bard be with you”

3)yarn is always appreciated (handspun, Noro (we don’t have any around here), Rowan kid soft, Madil Kid Seta,  Red Heart worsted weight in blonde, white, tan, and brown for making dolls, boucle for scarves, interesting textures in creams and whites and tans and lavender, pale pink, cream, tan, and sage ribbon  for the Rapunzel scarf I am making, neat textures for scarves and other projects; basically, anything you can get)

I'm 21, an English grad student, and I live in North Carolina.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: lamamarco on February 05, 2006 09:42:41 PM
Hello! :) California here!

Three things I would love to have:
- Hello Kitty hat (
- Crocheted cupcake (except bigger) (
- One inch buttons, well actually doesn't have to be this size (pretty paper, owls, dogs, vintage looking paper/fabric, Hello Kitty or other cute characters) THANKS SOOO MUCH TO HANDLETHIS!!!!!

I'm 15, live in Cali and love vintage and cutesy things. I just want to thank anyone who picks me, and you can PM for anymore info.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: simplyfussfree on February 06, 2006 01:48:15 PM
I'm in England

1. Forest themed pillow or pillowcase ( owl, deer, tree, etc. )

2. Corderoy messanger bag in green or burgundy

3. Forest/tree themed art for my walls

To anyone who crafts for me, thanks in advance

My name is Jana. I'm 25 years old. I'm leaving for England tomorrow where I'll be living with my boyfriend for 4 months, I'm from Los Angeles. I like green and browns and pink when paired with those two colors. I like Victorian looking things. I like forest themed things. And books. And tea.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: PenGwend on February 06, 2006 01:59:43 PM
I'm in Virginia, USA!


1)  A pasha knitted penguin.  I love penguins and have taught myself to knit, but am still not good enough to do anything more than rectangles for Warm Up America...
2)  A fabric wallet that I could stick cards and bills in... I don't have many cards; so I probably could do with 6 slots or fewer...  I usually keep change in a little pouch, but if you're skilled enough to make a change part, that would be extraordinarily awesome. Thanks gerbilonwheels!
3)  Supplies, a surprise, anything penguin-y, etc!   Thanks Daydreamer13579!!

I'm fairly preppy (I was one of those two year olds who went to school in a polo with the collar popped...), I like girl-ish plaids and ribbons etc.  I've just taught myself to knit (and really do want to get better) as well as crochet.  I sew, scrapbook, make paper, make journals... I do a whole lot of stuff.  I want to learn to spin and I really want to learn how to needle felt, or wet felt, or both.  I love penguins.  I have a GUND bear named Chocolate, because he's a dk brown colour that they don't make anymore (he's a Snuffles)... Uhm... I'm graduating in May and may become a teacher (pending interview this Friday) that's basically it!  Feel free to ask me questions!


Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: megaknits on February 06, 2006 03:11:40 PM
I'm in Florida, USA.


1. A knitting tote - suggested themes: STARS, hearts, something vintage. THANKS ASCHNEBLY!!

2. A stenciled maternity shirt (size XXL) that says 'Premiering in July' (please check my spelling) - preferably black with white wording.

3. Stitchmarkers - especially for larger (sz 10.5+) needles

I'm a 26-year-old, stay-at-home mom with one more kiddie on the way. Thanks for looking and hopefully picking me.  :D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: kika62 on February 06, 2006 05:26:34 PM
Okay I'm in.

My three wishes are:

1. A fabric wallet, tri or bi-fold, big enough to hold bills and 6 slots.  I just love, love, love this fabric design by Castorella: (

or something similar and vintagey.

2. Vintage or vintage inspired fabric (specially with tiny designs) or felt squares (any color).

3. Stationary or scrapbook papers I can write on or decoupage with - can be Japanese cute like Pucca or Hello Kitty, etc. or Asian, French, Spanish design.Thank you craft t chic!

About me:

I live in Denver, Colorado, 43, and I'm a work-at-home medical transcriptionist, wife and mom of a 10-year-old boy, love vintage fabric and Japanese Zakka craft books, beaded jewelry, free-form and pattern embroidery, decoupage and felt crafts.  I love the artists Matisse, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Monet and Renoir.  Also, love the colors red, pink, blue, yellow, black, brown, raspberry, lavender, turquoise, rust, avocado and olive green.  Thanks for looking!  :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: vegbee on February 06, 2006 05:32:03 PM
I'm in Canada.

1) any day of the dead type craft

2) toddler size sun dress - thank you erpilly!

3) knitted or crocheted kneesocks for camping

My tastes tend to run towards the browns and neutrals (except, obviously, requst number 1).  I really like vintage fabrics and I seem to be into 'pretty' lately, although mature (but not old lady).  I also tend to keep away from cartoon characters, although my daughter is into nemo and monsters, inc if any one goes for the dress.

Thank you!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: brena80 on February 06, 2006 08:57:00 PM
I'm in Florida, USA!!!!

1. A needlecase for my knitting needles!
2. An amigurami animal...
3. soap... help me stay clean (my friends will appreciate it).   I love food smells, but not really floral smells.

I'm a girly girl who likes pinups and Wonder Woman.   I adore anything with lace.   I especially love cake and sundaes.   :-*

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: michellecooley on February 06, 2006 10:10:50 PM
I think iam OK to post  

Iam in Cali  

1.   a sock monkey  I have allways wanted one


3. a stenciled shirt with  roller skates or roller derby related

Iam 32 stay at home mom of 3 love the colors red and green  stripes  or polkas!!  recently back on my skates and starting my own roller derby team ( my new passion!!)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: snowflake on February 06, 2006 10:46:23 PM
I stay in Singapore.  My wishes are:

1) Beautiful japanese fabrics

2) I love this wallet -
  (it would be great if i could it made in denim, coudroy or printed fabric)

3) A clutch like this!

About me:
I'm a lover of earthly colors.  I love brown, beige, gold or anything in that tone.  I'm not really a fan of blue and I hate green.  ^_^

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: padray on February 07, 2006 07:35:56 PM
I am in the US (in SC).
Here's my wishlist:  (now edited)

*  A learn to stencil kit <3 I know this is a lot to ask for, but I really wanna learn! (A stencilled tee would be great, too!)
*  This amazing sweatshirt blazer! ( (Mini tute on page 2) I would squeal with the happies!
*  Something "days of the week" themed.  Maybe coasters? Stationery? Earrings? Underwear?  :D J/K
A little about me:  I like and wear black, green, and blue a lot.  I don't like gold or pastels; I like yellow and orange in very small doses.  I like: coffee, turtles, monkeys, pirates/sailors, 80s cartoons, 50s style designs (housewife kitsch), stars, and skullys.  For anything else please PM or e-mail me.  Thank you in advance!     

---PS: I don't have a digital camera yet, or easy access to one.  So if you pick me, please take pics of your work before sending!---

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Morning Star on February 08, 2006 10:47:29 AM
yay! i'm in.

I'm in Florida.

Here are my wishes:

1. Lasandri's notebook. she's so talented.

2. I want a couple tats, but I can't draw. and i'd like something to go in with. PM me for details.

3. mix cd. PM me for details.  

i'm so happy! sorry i didn't change the color sooner, i just noticed that i was picked twice! :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: night_owl on February 08, 2006 11:03:42 AM
My turn!!  I am in the USA (UT).  My 3 wishes are:
1 – candle making kit.
2 – earrings.  Not pretty earrings that you would wear to a fancy dinner; I want fun earrings.  A couple kinds I have been drooling over: guitar pick, dice, tea cup (like these ( Thanks mjadams!!
3 – point protectors.  The other day my knitting bag was sitting just in front of the couch and minding its own business; when my dad sat down and nearly skewered his leg.  You see, I had a pair of US8 straight metal needles in there…points up.  He was quite angry (he's fine now) so I promised I’d start using point protectors.

A bit about me:
I like most colors although lately I’ve been leaning more towards blues, silver and black.  I was diagnosed w/celiac disease about 6-7 months ago.  I love knitting, yoga, soccer, cats, reading, mountain biking, Totoro, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, traveling, anything and everything UK, playing video games, and music (I play the violin; some of my favorite bands/artists are: HIM, Frou Frou, Hot Hot Heat, Joshua Bell, Matchbox 20, Jason Mraz, Hoobastank, 4 Strings, Radiohead, and Daniel Bedingfield).

Thanks for taking the time to read (I know it's long, sorry!).

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: gerbilonwheels on February 09, 2006 01:38:16 PM
I live in Chicago, I am from South Carolina originally. I'm a student studying nursing and biology who should be studying instead of crafting all the time O_o

I would really like it if someone sent me:

-enough handspun yarn to make something with- any color, any weight (although I do <3 single ply yarn a lot)

-a white t-shirt with a cute stencil/graphic/screenprinting. I have to wear white shirts at work (they can have anything on them, they just have to have a white base) so I'm always looking for new cute ones. I'm a medium.

-a cozy (knit/crochet/sewn/felted) for my iBook (12"), Balthazaar. Balthie's feeling a bit cold and unprotected in these Chicago winters...

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: fadeawaydream on February 09, 2006 02:30:07 PM
I'm in IL, USA (also braving the bitter Chicago cold).

1. A button necklace ( in brown, green, white, or black. Perhaps adjustable? Thanks craft_t_chic! (:
2. Make-up/travel bag: something lined with a vinyl-type material so spills are easily cleaned. A rectangle bottom would be great or even something like this ( or
3. A tote! I can make my own (and I have), but there’s not enough time, and you can never have too many! I love everything about this tote (, but anything will work! Something rather large, as I tend to lug around many teacher’s editions of textbooks.

About me: I'm student teaching in a third grade class currently, though I plan to become a children's librarian instead of teacher. Crafting restores my sanity after a long day with the little ones. I love everything corduroy and small floral print. I like earthy colors--brown, green, blue, orange. I hate pink and black and white. I like grey not gray. I also do not like checkered patterns or polka dots. I can deal with certain kinds of stripes. I'm fairly simple; I'd prefer solids or the little flowers. Anything else you need to know, feel free to ask.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on February 10, 2006 06:14:27 AM
ive done some feedback for those who have picked and sent out
let me know if i missed you

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: flrtingwdisaster on February 10, 2006 08:45:55 AM
I am in New York, USA.

[1] hobo bag

[2] stud earings

[3] anything related to the teen girl squad (mittens, stationary, pillows/pillowcases, cards, wall hangings, etc)
Thank you, kidcompassion! :)

About me: I like all colors, except I won't wear solid yellow or purple. I love polkadots and my bedroom has a polkadot theme going on. I love earings of all kinds, but I have soo many dangly earings. I really want to start gettng more stud earings. Anything cute and girly will do. I like dinosaurs and robots. I like the Teen Girl Squad, and thoroughly enjoy making jokes about teeny bopp'n girls. I enjoy writing in journals (online and off), but the lines have to be college ruled or close to it. I love sharpie markers and calendars. Yeah, I like to ramble. I don't wear rings, but any other matching jewelry is fine. I like long necklaces that can be wrapped around two or three times. Oh and I have small wrists. I know this is a lot of random info, but I did say anything related to Teen Girl Squad, so I wanted to let you know what I'm like.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who chooses to craft for me!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: squidtrick on February 10, 2006 06:34:05 PM
I'm in the US (upstate NY)

My wishes!:
1.  A how-to embroider kit (I need to learn! I love the look of embroidery!)

2. A t-shirt (or hoodie?) with a "squid trick" theme stencil/silk screen/whatever. 
I came up with the name during a drunken scrabble game, I have no idea what it means.  Knock yourself out with interpretation.  (For record, I like t-shirts with images on the front, and hoodies with images on the back.  Writing can be either place.)

3.  A strap for my electric bass.

My favorite colors are blues, sage and olive green, bluish purples and dark brown.  I'm not girly, and don't like outrageous attention-calling things.  I love squirrels, octopi, squids (surprise), and kitties.  I'm a sucker for anything eastern bloc, and anything surrealist/magic realist. I love traveling and languages.
I wear a medium t-shirt, sometimes a large, and I'm a large in hoodies.   I'm 21, a senior in college and I write and draw comics when I'm not working on my undergrad thesis on literature in communist czechoslovakia.


Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: MyrnaLoy on February 12, 2006 03:57:26 PM
I"m in Portland, Oregon

1) a decorated altoids tin. Or something to that effect... Something that I can keep my iPod headphones in

2) A stencil. I'm no good at making them, but I've had ideas for the following lately:
                  one that says "rock n roll pest control" and has a picture of a dead bug... I'd put it on a work shirt
                   one of Ray Davies (who was the lead singer for ) or the Kinks (I love them!)

3) pretty stitch markers... I tend to use needles that are size 8 and under thank you! I'm so excited!

thanks for considering me!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: RockinRobyn on February 12, 2006 11:13:46 PM
I'm in Arizona, USA.

1. A Hat like this:
2. A hat like this:
3. A super skinny wallet.

Im Robyn, I'm 20. I like light pink, white, black, and red/maroon. I am a theatre major, and graduating this year. I like simple things, nothing busy/crazy/bright, think urban outfitters meets gap :) I love vintage inspired fabric I dont wear leather, silk, suede or angora, so none of that please :)

edited by morning star to make pictures links. it's easier for dial up users and things. :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: sassysword on February 16, 2006 05:52:53 AM
hi I am currently living in Oklahoma.

(1.) I would like to get a soft eye pillow with soothing herbs(not lavender)

(2.) a cute soft outfit for a new born baby boy.

(3.) My nephew lives in florida he is 7 monthes old, and we are going to visit him for his birthday and I,m stuck on what to make him, so anything would be great but he is a little bigger than a 7 I think he wears a 9 to 12 month size.

        any of these would be wonderful I hope I get picked.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: the noodle princess on February 18, 2006 11:06:09 AM
hi! i'm in B.C.,canada

1. a handmade journal

2. a roll-up crochet hook case thanks cheekymama!!!!

3. a Liger t-shirt(it's pretty much my favourite animal)

i'm 28, i'm a gardener. i like retro and vintage stuff, florals, nature themed, mexican and indian stuff. i like all colors especially greens.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: kidcompassion on February 19, 2006 11:01:31 AM
Hi! I'm in Edmonton, Canada.

My wishes are

#1 - A cute knee length skirt - i love (my measurements are 31" waist,  39" hips) THANK YOU GERBILONWHEELS!!!!!
#2 - Interesting fabric/notions i can use to make bags and tops
#3 - Anything that you make that you're proud of! I love surprises, and though it probably makes me sound like your mom, I really will love anything you make for me - no matter what it is.

I'm 25, and I work for a TV news station. Some of my favorite music includes Sleater-Kinney, Bikini Kill, Modest Mouse, Mirah; my favorite shows are the Office (UK and American version), Arrested Development and Sex and the City; favorite movies Ghostworld, Run Lola Run. I like bright colors, black, and any combination thereof.

I hope that helps anyone who chooses to craft for me.  If you do, thank you in advance!

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: cheekymamaof2 on February 20, 2006 08:43:13 PM
Crap. I totally forgot to list my wishes. LOL I'min Oregon, USA
Here we go:

1. I would love a bag of some sort...I really like the hobo style bags, or something similar. I love those sort of retro stripey fabrics that are so cool right now...or polka dots. I also love gothy lookin stuff.

2. A Noisy Bracelet, in a red or red/orange combo, (with little silver or gold goddess figures and spirals would be a plus)

3. something naughty. (a pinup girl embroidered pillowcase, a vulva coinpurse, a vibrator cozy, a stencilled tshirt (ex large) that says something naughty on it...anything clever. :P) *squeeee thank you!!!
about me:
I am 30, married with 2 kids and looking for a girl on the side. :D oh wait, this isnt a personal ad. Ok, I love gothic culture and dress, as well as punk rock DIY style. I love naughtyness and cheeky humor. Thank you. :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on February 21, 2006 11:52:15 AM
more feedback done!!!
let me know if i have anything wrong
alot of people have not contacted me on sending out
remember you have 2 weeks to craft if you need more time pm me and let me know, communicate  ;D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: veludo on February 21, 2006 11:55:02 AM
i'm afraid i am one of those people.  :(
i should have sent last friday but we had to go out for the weekend and i hadn't the chance to finish everything and post before leaving.
everything's ready now and will be posted tomorrow :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on February 23, 2006 07:57:05 AM
its nearing the end of the month, heres some fellow crafters that havent been picked
the wishes are fairly easy ones, lets pick away and make this a swap where everyone gets picked!!!

sweetie pie press-->c) your zines/local zines from your area. i especially like comic and graphic zines but i'm sure i will enjoy all sorts of your creations.
classycrafter-->2) Glass beads, beads and more beads - something unique but mature
redheadedali-->3. A needle-felting starter kit.
XbelovedXoneX-->3. A journal/mini book to keep track of all my crafty needs. I'd love for it to be small enough to fit inside a purse too!
TheRehn-->A 'That time of the month' care package  LOL! I get sick and achy and my whole body gets soo tired! I'm not gonna give any ideas cos I don't wanna limit you amazing crafty people!! I will love whatever you send
Ember77-->2.   Lined zippered pouch in a light, fun, flirty fabric – about the size of a small make up bag or pencil case.
infeatheredeyes-->Wish 1: a cabled scarf. i live in Florida, so it doesn't have to be thick and warm, but I love the look of cables but rarely have the time to work on one of my own.
xamiexnicolex-->1.    A Learn to Knit Kit -- My sister knows how to crochet, but she's left handed and could never teach me. I just love all the things that people post on here and I want to learn how to do it too! Seriously, I want this BAD.=)
laraebay-->3. A learn to crochet (or knit) kit. Maybe with drawn directions or any illustrated directions you print out, it'd be awesome if you included a needle other than a size F and some yarn!  Smiley
Princess Dukki-->2) Some super cute stationery (for letter-writing). Preferably with bunnies. Cute ones, lol. And, uh, preferably pink...
simplyfussfree-->1. Forest themed pillow or pillowcase ( owl, deer, tree, etc. )
megaknits-->1. A knitting tote - suggested themes: STARS, hearts, something vintage. thanks to aschnebly!!!
brena80-->1. A needlecase for my knitting needles! thanks again to aschnebly!!!
michellecooley-->3. a stenciled shirt with  roller skates or roller derby related thanks to thenoodleprincess!!!!
snowflake-->1) Beautiful japanese fabrics
padray-->*  A learn to stencil kit <3 I know this is a lot to ask for, but I really wanna learn! (A stencilled tee would be great, too!)
night_owl-->2 – earrings.  Not pretty earrings that you would wear to a fancy dinner; I want fun earrings.  A couple kinds I have been drooling over: guitar pick, dice, tea cup thanks to mjadams!!!
gerbilonwheels-->-enough handspun yarn to make something with- any color, any weight (although I do <3 single ply yarn a lot)
squidtrick-->3.  A strap for my electric bass
RobynLisa-->3. A super skinny wallet.
sassysword-->(1.) I would like to get a soft eye pillow with soothing herbs(not lavender)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on February 25, 2006 01:07:22 PM
anyone willing to take over this beast? for march?

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: veludo on February 25, 2006 01:09:39 PM
i would like to organize it. :)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on March 02, 2006 07:06:50 AM
heres the new march swap;topicseen (;topicseen)

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on March 22, 2006 04:40:52 AM
hey guys
could everyone please check your feedback, make sure everything is correct and up to date.
And if you have been picked but havent recieved anything, please let me know also.
if you need an angel we will have to get that started.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: akredhead on March 22, 2006 09:40:36 AM
I sent out the zippered pouch to my partner well over two weeks ago and she hasn't responded to my PMs.

hey guys
could everyone please check your feedback, make sure everything is correct and up to date.
And if you have been picked but havent recieved anything, please let me know also.
if you need an angel we will have to get that started.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: craft_t_chic on March 22, 2006 11:04:33 AM
I sent more times than it says, but it's positive...that's what counts!!! ;D

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Madmatigan79 on April 19, 2006 01:54:19 PM
I sent more times than it says, but it's positive...that's what counts!!! ;D

Ditto. Also, was wondering if a swap angel had been found for my wish yet...? If not, no big deal - it was, after all, an unconditional swap.  :-[

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Krysta on April 19, 2006 04:13:09 PM
What were you flaked on for Madmatigan79?

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Madmatigan79 on April 19, 2006 06:22:42 PM
Something stenciled - onesmallinstrument was going to stencil a t-shirt for me but she messaged me mid-March to say that there had been some kind of family emergency and she hasn't been online since (hope everything is ok!!!). I think that L was going to post for a swap angel, but I haven't heard anything for awhile. But, like I said, it is an unconditional swap, so not a huge deal if I don't get anything back (in fact, I feel like kind of a whiner bringing it up at all), but I was curious what was going on with the whole situation.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: L on April 19, 2006 10:26:00 PM
im so confused, i thought i found you someone, now i must investigate!!
i feel super horrible im so sorry.

Title: Re: Unconditional Swap February
Post by: Madmatigan79 on April 20, 2006 02:57:09 AM
im so confused, i thought i found you someone, now i must investigate!!
i feel super horrible im so sorry.

Don't feel bad...I was mostly curious. I remember seeing your request for an angel on the Swap Angel board, but didn't know if anyone had replied...and now, I can't find the post at all (but then I could just be having a moment...  ), so thought maybe it hadn't been filled.

If no one volunteered, don't sweat it - it is frustrating to be flaked on but it was, after all, an unconditional swap - I would have sent the two packages that I did anyway, whether I was going to get something back or not. (plus it has been almost two months since this swap ended...kind of like beating a dead horse, maybe...)