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Title: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 26, 2006 07:48:12 PM

Swap name: The 2006 Wishlist Swap ROUND 2
Craftster member who is organizing this swap:  hertrigger
Sign-up date range: No closing date
Date to send item by: Must send out item within 2 weeks of picking a partner
Limited to a certain number of people? (optional): No WAY!!
Non-U.S. participants allowed? Of course!
All ages allowed? Or 18+?  Yes, just make sure its ok with the parental units!
Organizer is aware of current list of "suspended traders" list and will not allow those members to participate: YES

This is really different from the unconditional swap, so PLEASE read all the details before you join.. this is a wishlist swap. Do you REALLY want something to start the new year off craft-tastic? Post a list and you may receive it! :)
FIRST: You will look through the list's of the people who have already posted.  You will THEN pick someone from there to craft for.

SECOND: As soon as you have messaged me telling me who you would like to craft for I will tell you you can post a list.

Sounds easy right? Not THAT easy.. heres how it goes
- to beable to post a list you have to craft for atleast ONE person
- you may put as many items on your list as you wish, but there must be ATLEAST 5 on there.
- there isnt a number of times you can be picked.. you can be picked 10 times (if you have 10 items on your list) if you wanted.
- if you have been picked 3 times, you have to pick one other person to craft for. then you can picked more.. so heres an example:

i post my list. person A wants to have their list posted so they PM me and tell me they want to make person B _____.. i will then PM person A, give them person B their address, and they can then post their list. Person C wants to have a list up, so they choose from A OR B, let me know and i send them address, and they post your list.

say person A has been chosen 3 times. for them to be picked a 4th-whatever times, they have to pick one more person to craft for. and i will let you know when you need to pick someone else if you want to recieve more items.

The unconditional swap is not expecting anything in return for what you have made. Alot of people post their lists without even making anything for someone, so to beable to post your list (and receive) you must craft for atleast ONE person

Name of swap: the 2006 wishlist swap ROUND 2
Craftster username:
Email address:
Your real name:
Mailing address:

if you change your wishlist in anyway please pm me with your new wishlist..

Below is to keep track of the people!

Available Craftsters
the noodle princess - NEWBIE: ONE WISH ONLY

Never been Picked Craftsters
the noodle princess - NEWBIE: ONE WISH ONLY

Need to Pick Someone Before They Can Be Chosen Again, Or Because They Are A Newbie


Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 26, 2006 07:50:38 PM
my list, i know its REALLY long, but i want to give some variety!

- dashboard confessional cds! (COPIES, I DONT CARE)

- a messanger bag. im about to go back to school.. and i need something STURDY! id like something with a zupper closure and then a flap with some pockets to put pencils and such in it.. decorated really cool! (here are some examples of some i like:, (with velcro instead of clips))

- a bath kit, anything having to do with baths! (soaps, salts, pillow, relaxing stuff)

- a "that time of the month kit". i get really bad cramps! (i like everything pretty much but i dont drink tea)

- a slouchy hobo bag: pm me for fabric preferences

- bloomers, pm me for colors and sizes!

- a mens medium shirt (black) that says: I'd walk through hell for you. Let it burn right through my shoes. These soles are useless without you.

- a panda stuffy, IF possible can you make it where its holding a flowerpot with some bamboo sticking out of it. or with bamboo in its mouth

- a black shirt with this image on it (mens medium!)

- i would love you forever and ever and ever if you could make me something like this!!! OR this

- a pillow like any of these ones here:

- hoodie.. im obsessed with hoodies. zip up or pull over, doesnt matter, black mens M.. embelished, stencilled, doesnt matter

- ANYTHING gerard way or my chemical romance

- a surprise!!!

- ANYTHING with this stencil:!

- learn to crochet/knit kit, id love you forever!

- an amigurumi giraffe, penguin, pig or bumblebee (i already have a cow, i need a farm!) or skull, is that possible?

- i looove stencils.. so make me anything with any of these stencils. im sure all you craftsters can come up with something awesome to do with stencils!
 -- shirts should be black, mens medium
 -- if its a purse, nothing too large.. big enough to hold a checkbook, keys, ipod, cell phone
 -- LOTS of stencils i love (,,, (i want angel wings on the back of a shirt!!),,

- reconned shoes! PM me for sizes and preferences!

- anything giraffe.. ive collected all the cows i can collect and now i want to collect "cute" giraffes.. not regular ones, but cute ones :)

- something robot.. i really would love a robot stuffy with a broken heart or something!

- snacker sent me a really cute ms valentine pillow. she now needs a husband, here is a picture of the girl: id love for him to be blue! with maybe a cute tie or something, i can give you measurments

- im going to school to be a pharmacy technician so anything crafty relating to that.. maybe a penicl holder that looks like  pill, or pill buttons, or something that you can think of.. im know you guys are awesome and can come up with something super creative! :)

- this is a weird request, but i want the perfect boyfriend.. make me a stuffy of the perfect boyfriend! :) (my perfect boyfriend would have blue eyes, skater clothes and black spiked hair. maybe some peircings and a tatoo with my name in a heart <3)

- a blanket like this: that is super hot!

a little about me.. im 21. i live in southern california.. i work at a bakery in a grocery store and im about to go to school to become a pharmacy technician. im dont really have a "scene" but i love anything "punkish" i dont consider myself punk.. my favorite colors are hot pink and black.. im obsessed with cows. i have ALOT of things cow. im also obssessed with gerard way and my chemical romance. i like skulls, hearts, stars, checkard fabrics. i sew, i love making journals, earrings, shrinky dinks....

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 26, 2006 07:58:03 PM

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: handlethis on January 26, 2006 08:27:28 PM
My list:
- A PANTA!! haha yea i requested one in round one but I haven't received it and here in texas....our cold weather only last for so long..haha....i really want please!!! awesome!! thanks.

-Shrinky dink paper!! I have the tan ones..and it sucks!! i want clear..just one sheet will make me thanks!!

- I really like BIG purses... like

- Wool ... I really want to make some felt beads.

- Fabric paint

- Any kind of fabric...with prints on it...or cool designs...I LOVE different styles of different colored fabric would be cool! vintage style is a plus!

- knitting needles and yarn!! please no eyelash/furrrry yarn...I have some and i hate it!! hahah

-Long loopy necklaces...big beads are best....seed beads can be used but not the WHOLE thing in seed beads.

-a hobo bag would be awesome so busy sewing for everyone else...i dont have time to make myself one!!

-I really like this....but it doesnt have to have the flower cutouts...

-i would love some fingerless gloves too!!  ;D

-handmade notebook ..small or big size doesn't matter [in this case...hahaha]

-anything rock[music] related, stenciled guitar on make up bag, hard core ipod case, want to throw some 'bad' language on a purse...go for it!! I will take it! Song lyrics on something? Fav bands.....the killers[indie RnR fav song!], my chemical romance, nirvana, acdc, postal service, hawthorne heights, ......anything but green day..hahah....

-any crafy kind of magazines....or books....i would love a snb one!  ;D

and A SUPRISE!..... -thanks vanessa!! cant wait to see what it is!

ohh anything baby boy related....knitted hat, knitted booties....stenciled onesies!! My nephew will be born late feb ..... or early march.....Im so excited....!!!his mom and dad are fun young anything goes...

About me: 19 years old ...I live in Dallas[Tx] I LOVE FASHION....I love lace...I love pearls. hahah....I love any shades of pink......I do like black...but not with pink.........I knit, I sew, ....Umm..Im not into cartoons..or characters but I love random pins!! I love stars, hearts, swirls, paislies. I dont like anything asian print or hawaiian print or anything related to those! Im open to anything.....I like all rock music.


Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: michellecooley on January 26, 2006 08:41:18 PM
1.a cute wallet

2.a crochet hook case  I love this one

3.  ribbon  zippers  sewing stuff

4. a mini bowling purse

5. a necklace  since I dont own even one.  has to be silver w/ stars or something cute thanks so much!!!!  whoo hooo

6. a purse surprise me

7. I love beanies I have a cute hello kitty one (thanks lasandri)  but i would love more kitty style mabey w/ ties

or a cute one w/ a flower

8.  FABRICwhatevr you have to spare...thanks so much!!

9. a stenciled shirt that says BULLSHIRT

10. fingerless gloves  thanks soooo much!!!

11.  leg warmers

12. a tool belt for my sewing stuff


14. some of those cute BLOOMERS i have been seeing!!

15. some yummy smelling homemde soap

I live in CA

I am a 32 yr old mom of three..I love  green, black and red   FROGS  stars  pinup girls  tattoos  and all kinds of band and music  you can check out myspace for more info

I LOVE ANYTHING PLAID  OR POLKA DOT also  vintage style fabrics... 

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: snacker on January 26, 2006 08:46:04 PM
~~~a surprise!!!! anything you want! 

~~~pillows, large, small, size doesn't matter, just colorful!

~~~embroidered pillow cases

~~~a men's XL shirt with a guitar stenciled on it
~~~a women's XL shirt with anything stenciled

~~~handspun yarn.  it is like candy.  i want candy.

~~~handmade soap.  i love lavender; grapefruit; scents that are cleansing (eucalyptus)

~~~random yarn.  i love the stuff and i am crocheting a random afghan and need more random yarn (lots!)  I can't wait.  I wanna make a afghan with random pieces!

~~~necklaces or bracelets---thanks a lot!!!!!!

~~~a small piece of wall art
~~~a small needlepoint piece

~~~a panta (i never get around to making my own!!!)  wow, thanks!!!

~~~fingerless knitted/crocheted gloves   oh, my gosh...these will be awesome for crafting and craft searching!!!

~~~a stuffie

~~~fabric--like small prints or organic prints or Asian-themed prints---I am working on a quilt that has dragons; bamboo; lotus flowers and I am looking for fabric that goes with these things.  Since this, I have started to sew so send me anything!!! 

~~~handmade note cards (thank you; thinking of you; plain)  thank you!  thank you!

~~~anything with skulls and/or hearts

~~~anything mexican themed

I live in California but I am a midwestern in the fact I love the snow and cold (and originally from Iowa.).  I am 28.  I love skulls, stars, trees, snow, fish the way the skyline looks with no trees and a soft blanket snow, Newcastle beer, pigs, frogs, Jim Woodring, dark colors especially the jewel tones, and sparkly, shiny items.  I am at the point in my life were I feel like I am defined by my job not by life outside.  It kinda makes me want to craft more and more to balance out my extreme work life.  I love random, expressive crafts...

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Obsessed on January 26, 2006 08:56:02 PM
My list in no particular order:

Purses and sewing:
1) A small stylish clutch or purse I can use when I go out. Not too big, but big enough for wallet, keys, phone. Small handle or strap. must have zipper or secure closure. If you have a large fabric stash, please send pics of your fabric.  one pic of everything piled up would be good, so I can pick something from what you already have.
2) A purse in the style of this dress. Even the colors are good, but maybe instead of the whites, you could use a golden/amber color since its wintertime.
3) a mini duffle!
4) a belt purse:  THANKS TALOOLA!
5) a ribbon scarf:
6) A tote purse like this, but it must have a zipper and be sturdy
7) A mini bowling bag!
8.) a CUTE roll up case for my crochet hooks and crochet accessories. 

Jewelry: (currently I'm awaiting earings from this swap, but I'm not sure which one on my list they decided to copy. So please dont pick earings for now)
9) Jewelry is always nice:) I got necklaces from craftyzary, and orange_sunset, and I'm expecting more to come, but a girl can never have enough jewelry! If you choose this, I'll be more specific in what I like. You can also see the list of things on the rest of my jewelry list to see my tastes
10) A felted bead necklace or bracelet. I think these are pretty cool.. I like it long, but it doesnt have to be all beads.. I like when there is a space between beads, or you could do little felted beads, and then a big felted bead, and then more little ones and then another big one, and use the little ones as spacers.
11) a jewelry making kit, and instructions would be cool.  Like not the beads and string kind, but more of the wire, chain, and fancy tools kind. Preferably not a store bought kit, but maybe if you put something together for me, like a how-to. Maybe you could start a piece of jewelry so I have something to work on, and instructions and supplies for me to finish it. I can never find anything I like in the store, so it would be nice if I could make them for myself and my friends.
12) this pair of earings---the style of the gold pair.. maybe silver chain with black/charcoal/grey or white/clear/silver beads...
13) This pair of earings:
14) This necklace:
15) This necklace:
16) This necklace:
17) "Noisy" bracelet. Maybe in aqua?.
18.) The necklaces seen here: I like the 2nd necklace, but I'm just not a big fan of the black and red color combination. Maybe sage and amber? or red wine and gold?
19) a black and white felted bead bracelet, just like the necklace on this thread.
20) Macrame knotted cuff bracelet seen here:  Let me know what colors of crochet thread you have.
21) The black one
22) "noisey necklace"

Other stuff:
24) One of those book clocks, and maybe a clock movement that doesnt have a second hand. I hate the tick tock sound. I'd like it to match my room, so I could send you a picture of my room so you can get some ideas.

25) a knit cabled belt. I saw it in SnB nation. Maybe in a creamy beige or off white?
26) an argyle headband:  The colors in the thread are pretty cute. but maybe cream and tan (with tan as the big diamonds with the X in them), or cream and brown (with cream as the big diamonds with the X in them)  or light pink and heather grey? (pink as the big diamonds, just like the pink in the picture. Please use fingering or sock yarn so it is thin like the pattern calls for. If you need any measurements, let me know

27) yarn. any color, any amount. just no red heart super saver and what I like to call "scratchy" yarns (cheap, acrylic, and rough). Also no fun fur or boa or feather yarn-IMO they're tacky. Oh, and no yarn from frogged sweaters, scarves, etc (just creeps me out for some reason. idk. I'm weird.. maybe its the whole I'm touching something that has been sitting for hours in a strangers armpit, or if its a scarf,then they've been sneezing and snotting on it all winter....icky)

Okay, about me: I'm 23, live in Jersey. I'm girly. Not lace and toole girlie, but I do embrace my feminine side. I guess my style is more classic and sophisticated, with just a hint of trendy. I've come to learn that trends change so quickly, so might as well stick with things that will stand the test of time. I like colors with warm undertones, I'd pick a cream shirt, over a white one.  Bold colors look best on me, as opposed to colors that look washed out. But, think of bold as a strong color, not primary or pastel. So for jewelry, maybe green  and amber, or warm pink. merlot. olive, sage, plum.  I dont like punk or vintage (except in the case of classic sophisticated jewelry) . If I had the money, I'd shop at arden b, and bebe.  I have allergies, so please keep things pet hair free.  Whoever claims me, please PM me with what you're making and any questions you have, and I'll try to be more specific.

To whoever picks me... THANK YOU in advance for whatever you choose to make for me!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: daydreamer13579 on January 26, 2006 08:57:47 PM
Here is my list.  I am in WV, USA (edited 2/17/06)

A spring bag/purse. Not too big...any style  (as long as there is an inside pocket)

a shawl like this one;topicseen  (;topicseen)or a shrug this one ttp://  (http://ttp://](in blue)

Something Betty Page-- like this ( or this (

DIY kit for making candles

DIY stencil kit

A mermaid doll

Yarn- any kind, I am just learning to crochet THANKS!!!!

a snowman (

Fabric for making quilts for kids---bright colored cotton or cotton blends solid colors are fine

Charms or glass beads- no seed beads please---I have about 1,000,000,000 of those

Vintage paper/ephemera

Stickers/paper/stamps for card making-collages-altered books-celestial, vintage, ocean/beach or vintage-pinup girls would be great.

I love blues and purples. The ocean is my favorite place to be. I spend a lot of time either crafting or on craftster. I am learning to crochet for the first time, I spend a lot of time at the hospital with my nephew and it really helps to pass the time.  I make quilts for the local Ronald McDonald house. If you wanna know more PM me

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: redpopsicles on January 26, 2006 09:00:30 PM
Hi!  I'm in Texas!

1. A Mini Bowling Ball Bag (

2. Laptop Protector Case ( You can PM me for dimensions.

3. A Roll-up Knitting Needle Case like one of these to acommodate my circulars. ( to acommodate my circulars.) THANK YOU!!!

4. A tote for my knitting projects maybe similar to the Jordy Bag ( in shape, but larger. (I really like courderoy!)  You could decorate it if you like with something based on my likes if you want.

5. Wig head forms for displaying my large wig collection

6. Zip-up hoodie with some kind of decoration (stencil, embroidery, screen print, etc.) based on my likes listed below.

7. A shirt like the first one here;topicseen  (;topicseen) (the one with the blue dots) in a material that corresponds with something I like listed below.  PM me for sizing info.
8. Knitting Patterns for stuffed animals or people.  There are so many for crochet, but since I cannot crochet to save my life, I am looking for some patterns for knitters. THANKS SO MUCH!!!

9. A sweet new guitar strap with some sort of images or something else cool.

10. A green and silver Harry Potter scarf for the Slytherin house.

11. A cardigan with some kind of embrodery or patches on it (on the front either on one side or both)

12. A learn to make dolls/stuffy people kit.  I really want to make some little dolls (probably some Harry Potter charachters or some other sorts of quirky dolls), and I really don't know where to start.

13.  A lap blanket or quilt.  It's too warm in San Antonio to turn on the heater, but I get cold in my living room at night. :)

14. A t-shirt with some sort of feminist (it can be politically related  ;) )saying on it or with a stencil (or something like that) with one of my likes on it.  Size Youth XL

15. Wool roving for needle felting.

My favorite colors are blues and greens (think of the ocean), although I have been liking pinks and reds and oranges and purples all together lately (think Moulin Rouge eccentricity).  I also like combinations of brown and pastels (brown/pink and brown/blue).  I really like the rockabilly/psychobilly/punk look and the music that goes along with those subcultures.  I also rather consider myself an aging riot grrl (although I'm only 26).  I like nautical stars, old school tattoos (Sailor Jerry), pinups, astrology (I'm a Pisces).  I like polka dots, stripes, stars, cherries, dragons, and fish, martini glasses, and whatnot.  If you have any other questions, just shoot me a PM.  

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: girlofdashboard on January 26, 2006 09:19:30 PM

okay i have a really important request for any knitter out there!!!
i know ive been picked quite a lot, but if someone could do this for me i would be REALLY greatful...
ive been talking to one of my friends little brothers... this kid gets into a lot of trouble doing stupid things he knows he shouldnt do... the other night i told him he needed a hobby... then decided he should take up knitting... i want to send him a "how to knit kit" only, i dont know how to knit... if someone could make him a how to knit kit that would be so wonderful!!!
your up for it, you can pm me ill give you his address if you just want to send it straight to him... if not you can send it to me and ill send it along to him!


-  GLASS BEADS!!! ( i got them but i always want glass beads  :) )

- charms... those bublegum charm things and other interesting small trinkets ... and id really like some dice charms too
yay thanks bunches!

- id like some yarn… all I have here in town is 100% acrylic… id like some yarn (in any colors) thats a bit fancier

- ive always wanted to try sculpey clay... so maybe like just samples of the clay and instructions to try it out  thanks

- silver colored wire 20 gauge... i got the stuff ive used in the craft section at walmart... so if you want to get some from there that totally works!l

- a few altoid like tins

- silver charms

-oragami paper!!! pretty stuff! i want to make earrings out of shapes and suchs yay thanks

- any crafty supply you may have to much of or may just want to get rid of THANKS!


- I would really really like a messenger bag for school, so I can carry my books AND yarn and hook so I can crochet…;topicseen  (;topicseen)
example of style id REALLY REALLY LIKE
(if you make this for me... basiclly id love you forever, i REALLY need something to carry my crap in for school... carrying books and a purse just isnt cutting it anymore!!!)

- stationary with something crafty on the outside and blank on the inside (and envelopes), maybe something that has to do with crocheting or even better jewelry making (specifcilly earrings)

- i want this picture on stationary, blank cards with that on front and envelopes...  (

- a hood ... black on the outside and a real bright color on the inside! (

- a knited or crocheted scarf... any color really thats light, not bulky and just all around super cute! (if it sparkles ill love you forever!!!)
woo thanks! i <3 you!!!  :D

- i found this head band and fell in love with its bright pink color... it doesnt need to be bright pink... but i would like some sort of bright color

- short sleeve or long sleve tee shirts in any color with this image on it  (

- soap that smells like eucalyptus like this stuff (more specificly vicks vapor rub... man i love that smell)

- scarfs or fabric that i can use as a head band in my hair


- earings... long, and sparkly

- i really want a charm bracelet perhaps blue and green like this one...;topicseen (;topicseen)

- a necklace that looks like this (the first one) (
  or this one (


- learn to knit

- learn to needle felt

- learn embroidery

- learn book binding!!!!

- learn to make soap

- learn tatting

- learn to make paper

- learn to make candles

- learn silk painting

- a relaxation kit would be so nice now that school has started and ive got a full load!

- AND…. A SUPRISE!!! awesome thanks!!!

About me: my names maura, and im 19 and i live in blythe california... the nearst town worth a damn is 100+ miles away and it drives me crazy not being able to get cool stuff from craftstores, and walmart (walmarts bad i know... but im completely in love with the store) so basicly if you want to throw in some random craft supplies in the envelope when you send out... FEEL free!!! more importantly i LOVE sparkles and shiny things.   ummm oo i love wolverine, and i love dashboard confessional very very much, and i also like pirates a whole lot too... oo and snow white is pretty rad too... i read TONS of web comics because... well im not quite sure why i do... hmm i like hearts and yeah i think thats it
check out my myspace to get a better idea of the kind of spaz i am...

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 26, 2006 09:21:44 PM
OK GUYS DO NOT POST YOUR LIST UNLESS I GIVE YOU THE OK. you must pick someoen to be in this swap. if the person was already picked im going to have to ask you to pick again, so DONT POST UNTIL I SAY

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: PinkMafia on January 26, 2006 09:55:10 PM

1. supayana inspired shirt. ( NO pastels though please
2. A line or pencil skirt with applique (sacred heart, day of the dead, geisha,fun geometric shapes, animals...)
3. stenciled tee. cupcake, penguin, anything cute, rockabilly or pin up. (picked once but can be chosen again)Thanks!
4. a handbag (interfaced please!) with a rockabilly or vintage flair. knit, crochet, sewn. Anything is fine!!!
5. hair candy- barettes (teeny for super short hair), head scarves...
6. belt(s) 2" or 3" please.


1. a butterfly blankie for my daughter
2. natural no perfumes (unless they are essential oils) bath stuff

1. a cover for my sewing machine and/or serger- fun fabric- rockabilly, contemporary...
2. wool roving!!!! (picked once but don't mind getting more!!!!!)Thanks!
3. fabric- day of the dead, polka dot, old skool cowgirls, japanese, indian, african, tattoo ( I have some with dice, flaming hearst, and tigers in black already).
4. felt or fabric patches to add to my jeans and clothing.

I am 27, married and have a 3 year old daughter. I live in Hawaii. I love all things retro, rockabilly, pin ups, modern, ethnic ( I especially love Brazil, India, Africa, Thailand and Mexican), day of the dead, tattoo's... If you choose to make clothing I like bright colors, no pastels or khaki.  I have an ecclectic style which is siimple but unique, urban/hipster/rockabilly/tribal/vintage flair. Thanks!!!!!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: ebeth on January 27, 2006 04:15:57 AM
a little about 28... i live in ohio (in an icebox for an apartment) with my husband and adorable 2 year old son...i love cutesy things esp. japanese style like hello kitty and tare panda... and that kanzashi stuff (that i just discovered through this site)...i also like retro/mod style stuff and colorful things (except kelly green nothing against any kelly's out there and oranges, greens and yellows in general are best for accents colors)...oh and i love not sure what else to put, pm me if you are curious about anything....and a pre-thank you to anyone who chooses me...i am so psyched about this, i have tried to get my out-of-state friends to do something like this with me for years and it never worked out...

so now the really fun wishes ...hopefully none too big...

*i would love a fun messanger bag style bag (flap helps keeps toys from spiling out) with some pockets to toss -n- take my sons toys in when we go visiting - something very not diaper bag looking   thank you! im looking forward to it!

*i would love a felted bag i am facinated by felting...

*speaking of ... i am dying to try felting a DIY felting kit would be awesome (and make you super awesome)...wet or needle...or the most awesome would be both so i could needle felt decorate something that i have wet felted (sorry if i didnt get the right terminology - shows my need for instruction)  thank you, i am so excited!!

*ive always wanted to try knitting socks and i have heard of some kind of self patterning sock yarn...ive never seen it (maybe it doesnt exist)...but a DIY sock kit with that type of yarn and an easy starters pattern would rock

*a big knitting bag of some sort to hold my current project would be great too, right now i use plastic bags...which between that and moving yarn is really more temptation than my cats can handle and makes life difficult

*a velvet scarf like this  ( ) with some kind of retro or cutesy theme would also make me very happy
*handmade journal...anykind...but i do like this(in case you need ideas)

*a surprise - i especially love glittery stuff

*random fun fabric

*your favorite yarn

this one will probably push me over the "too big for her britches" line...but it is a wish list...wishful thinking right?...

*i would love a shawl of some sort (preferrably black or white or gray)...i saw these post and just thought they were great...;topicseen

thank you so much for whoever picks me...i love getting stuff in the mail and am so excited to finally own homemade stuff that i havent made for myself  ;D

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: classycrafter on January 27, 2006 08:15:49 AM
Alrighty, I was just approved and picked my first person. Here is my wish list:

1) A purse - Something mature and stylish. A girl can never have too many purses! I am open to any style OR something like this -

2) Knitted socks - Some fun, warm, comfy decorative socks to wear to work

3) Postage Stamp Necklaces - I would prefer stamps from different countries. If you send me a postage stamp necklace with a stamp from Italy I will love you forever! 

4) Any Italian Decor would be great. I just love Italy, especially Tuscany. Something I can display around the house.

5) Kitchen Table Runner - Winery/Italian theme. My kitchen is in this decor

6) A big stylish bag to carry my school books in - mature please

7) Glass beads, beads and more beads!! - I like any color but I prefer the beads to be unique but mature

Paris themed bathroom stuff - I would like to decorate my bathroom in a Paris theme but havent gotten around to it yet. So maybe Paris wall hangings, hand towels, candle holders, anything really.

9) Lotions - I love Lavender and Sandlewood

10) Marble jewelry

11) Soap making supplies - molds, fragrances, melt and pour soap

12) Norweigan Stockings like these - or these

13) Necklaces like these -,,, - Not necessarily in these colors but the style  THANK YOU!!

14) Candles - Scents like Lavendar, Sandlewood, Euculyptus, Sage - very relaxing scents

15) Relaxation kit - saw that someone else got one of these and now I have to have one! 

16) Mosaics starter kit - I would love how to learn to tile/mosaic a candle holder or some type of winery or Americana style picture for my house

17) Purse making starter kit

18) CD's - Metallica (Black CD), Michael Buble, Monster Ballads, Goo Goo Dolls

19) Fabric and instructions - I would love some elegant fabric like Japanese or French Twal (dont know if that is how its spelled) with some instructions on how to make something new with the fabric you send

20) Scrub tops - I work in a hospital and am always in search of cute stylish scrub tops. I would like something that is cute but very girly and stylish. Something to make me look cute in my frumpy scrubs 

A little about me: Im located in St. Louis, Missouri (USA) Im 24 years old. Colors I like are red,green, blue, black, gold, silver and pink. I also like glittery stuff, how fun!! Styles I like are ethnic, italian vintage, winery, girly and fun. Thanks in advance to the person that pics me!! 

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 27, 2006 08:38:23 AM
im going out of state tomorrow until wednesday. my dad hurt himself really bad and i need to go take care of him. i will still be on, and i will email myself all my files so that i can make sure i can update but if it takes me a little longer to get to the updates please be patient!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: seaofstars on January 27, 2006 09:41:38 AM
Okay, Round 2, here we go!  ;D

My wish list:

* an amigurumi toy. i'd love a tree (if thats even possible)  a little doll like these: (
or just anything cute really!

* an owl or bird stuffie! yay! thank you!  ;D

* thanks to crafty_dame, i now want one of these too! : (

* handspun or handdyed yarn (just have to ask  :) ) or even a learn to spin kit!

* vintage, retro, cute or japanese-esque fabrics Thank you! I'm going to leave this open because a girl can never have enough fabric!

* I'd love a cloche felted hat!

* a mr. show stenciled t-shirt for my honey. size xl please.

*  the amelia hat in a deep plum, black or grey ( i already have a wonderul burgandy one  ;D and its so cute i need more!)

* a purse! I make my own all the time so I'd love to have one by someone else. I'd really love something nature or bird themed. - woohoo! muchos gracias!  ;D

* a knitting themed surprise

* knitted socks or felted slippers! I wear a size 9 to 9 1/2

* a learn to crochet kit! I'd specifically love to learn to make flowers or amigurumi animals

*  the boyface says i eat like a grandma and a little girl.. he teases me about it all the time, so if you could come up with some funny tshirt about it, it would make him (and I) die of laughter. Maybe a t-shirt with a plate of veggies (my "grandma food") or with mac and cheese or carrots.. something on it, that would be SO awesome. mens med. or large

* Mary Poppins Shirt!!! (

* a mix cd of worldly music.. inspired by lasandri's awesome mixes!

* a small or large sized handbound journal, with mixed paper preferably! and please, no spiral bound ones, they always break on me!

* some type of owl, bird, or tree themed stationary would be wondeful!

* roving! as i'm learning to needle felt!

There's a bunch of info about me on my blog, as well as a swapper info page too!

Thank You!  :D

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: redstar13 on January 27, 2006 09:44:58 AM
something pin up girl related. purse tin, cards, art, pillowcase....whate ver

a Tote bag - pref bigger - like....not purse size but 20' by 15'

Resin pendant or beads with cool kitchsy stuff in them (sacred hearts, sailor jerry stuff, lady of guadelupe, skulls, pirates, etc,,,)

a bookbinding how to kit! I have NEVER done any bookbinding and would love to learn

And this souls pillow case cause I’m a hopeless romantic, and your’re just hopeless….. sorry. ‘souls moment…

Anything souls or social distortion or Johnny cash inspired.

Kitschy charms

Anything with a sacred heart design on it!!

Maybe a new bass strap???

Pin-up girl swag

Rockabilly purse or brooch or other jewelry

Sailor jerry or similar tattoo flash, or just pages with those types of images as well as pinups

Funky rockabilly, skull, etc fabric thanks secret craftster! I'm not gonna cross it off 'cause you can never have too much fabric! :-D

Most anything pirate related

I'm borderline obsessed with bands like rancid, op ivy, social Distortion, the matches and h2o. NE thing musicy.

I adore bettie page. I adore Olivia's paintings of bettie! SO Bettie stuff

sacred heart stuff. I adore sacred hearts and would love charms, or fabric or basically anything sacred hearty.

I'm kinda obsessed with quirky brooches. My favorite is a rhine stone skull and crossbones.

Tattoo fabric or old school flash stuff.kitschy charms

Lady of Guadelupe fabric or charms or the like

funky/cool paper

random doo dads that can be used as charms or made into charms.

bubble gum charms ( like these. any style....

any sort of quirky/fun/sparkly/kitschy brooches or earrings

Anything relating to the MAtches (band from Oakland, CA - check them out they are rad!)

a learn to silkscreen kit perhaps?? I'm trying to learn

Fun, strange quirky or just a random stash of buttons

Again, stolen wish; vintage/retro or vintage/retro inspired fabric or findings to craft with!

Some fun colored jewelry chain. I have copper and silver and gunmetal, but I’d love more copper (and copper findings would be cool) but some fun funky colors would be awesome too (just no gold….not a big fan of it and it looks horrid with my coloring!!)

Old school vegas inspired stuff. Or like old school mobster inspired stuff.

Suprises are fun!!

I've started making jewelry so weird or peculiar or funky beads would be cool.

and because a little bird told me to add FABRIC!! to my list, so FABRIC!! I love fabric almost as much as i love music!!

ANY jewelry making supplies

a zip hoodie!?!?! (prob men's large b/c i like baggy clothes) stenciled, embroidered or anything! I'd love a sacred heart one or a bouncing souls inspired one! but anything rockabilly flavored or kitschy would be lovely!

perhaps some punk rock inspired stationary or note cards? that'd be cool

a learn to knit kit Thanks!!

buttons! fun weird funky random buttons.... i use them in EVERYTHING!!! THANK YOU!!!!

'bout me:
I'm 26 and live in socal. I love music more than anything!! uh..... I work like a million hours a week, but i love crafting so... yeh. I mostly sew and have started doing alot of stenciling - which i love! I love fabric. like REALLY love fabric. I keep buying it faster than i could possible use it, but it's all good! I'm a conundrum of personality.  I love music. My style runs along the lines of psychobilly-rockabilly/ 1940's classic, though I'm a punk rock kid at heart. I love black, and red. I like that pretty kelly-st. paddy's day green too. I love skulls. And pirates. I think I was a pirate in my past life. I guess I'm a cross between a pinup obsessor- a riot grrl and a dead girl!

My craft du jour is sewing. I love fabricy stuff. I revamp stuff for other people all the time

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: lasandri on January 27, 2006 10:17:50 AM
i am in California, and the first two are the things i would love the most!

1. a needle felting kit - i would love you forever!!! i'm dying to learn!! - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! you rock (and i know who you are!!!)

2. something to do with sushi. i don't care what! i'm on a sushi kick!

3. Wool Roving for spinning or felt bead making

4. any Handspun yarn -- any color, any texture

5. yarn you might not want -- except boucle, 'cause i just don't like working with it!

6. some instructions to make interesting crochet flowers! i love these and am learning surely but slowly!

7. books with cool knitting patterns! i have the snb set, but not much beyond that.

8. a stenciled shirt (kid's 12/14 or 14/16, or women's Med)  with a skull/crossbones but in a cute way, like the cupcake and crossbones or something else cutesy like that... actually what i thought was super cute was if there were skulls going around the sleeves of a long sleeved shirt as if they were an armband tattoo.

9. handmade knitting needles... any size with maybe some cool fimo ends!

10. of course AMIGURUMI!  any animal will do, but i looove dogs, and turtles.

11. a sock monkey! i have always and forever wanted a sock monkey!!! Can't wait! THANKS ms. hertrigger!

12. It's a long shot but a tudor rose purse:

13. a t-shirt with iron on letters that says ALPHA DOG. (kid's 12/14 or 14/16, or women's Med). HOORAY!!! Thank you!

14. a microscope slide necklace i love this one:

15. Something to do with llamas!

16. Something to do with guinea pigs.

17. a hipbelt. i am addicted -- i need the kind with the zipper on the inside to hide my money on the sly! :

18. i would love a journal with mixed paper. something that inspires me to write more than just boring old blank pages! please at least 8 1/2 x 11

19. something to do with harry potter. i love him. i admit it. my fave character is definitely Ron!

20. cabled armwarmers. i can make these myself, but i'd like to see what others come up with.

21. a mini duffel!

22. a hoodie with whatever -- stencils, embroidery, whatever. i love hoodies.

23.  purses! of any kind. i love purses... but i'd like them big enough to hold my knitting, so biggish!

about me:
i'm in california and i am a 28 year old grad student. i do nothing except study and knit. sometimes i sleep.
sometimes i eat. but anything and everything your heart desires to know about me (from fave colors to fave themes)
can be found in my swap info page:

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: meanbean on January 27, 2006 10:39:07 AM
1)   Norwegian stockings like these: ( (I adore these!)

2)   Genie bottle earrings like these (SO pretty!): (

3)   Resin magnets of vintage photos, something small, maybe large button sized?

4)   Martini ANYTHING – I’m a bit of a lush ;)

5)   Asian/Oriental fabrics – they’re so lush and rich looking, and make up into the most fantastic handbags ever!

6)   Jack Skellington themed items  Wahooo!!!

7)   I know this might be a long shot, but any purse hardware you have lying around, crying out to be used (ie. Handles, zippers, etc)

8)   PIRATES! (stole this from another Pirate-y fan)

9)   An argyle sock monkey – they’re SO STINKIN CUTE!

10)   Cute little animal stuffie keychain like this (type of animal doesn’t matter): (

11)   Sparkly, glittery anything – I’m akin to the raccoons that used to get trapped by their fascination for all things shiny…mmmm, shiiiiiiiiny….

12)   A “How To Applique” Starter Kit (preferably homemade, but store bought works too)

13)   Another long shot, but hey, it’s a wish!  A homemade soft bra like these: ( I'm not pregnant like the gal who created this, but it just screams "wear me!" to my eyes :)

14)           Lace up arm warmers like this (so SEXY): (

15)  A fabu skirt like this would rock my bobby socks (even though it's not a 50's skirt, it's damned hot) (

16)  Any fun, silver jewelry - I'm totally into retro/mod, geometrics.  :)Thanks!

A little about me – I’m just outside of Portland, Oregon.  I’m a customer service rep at a small company, and often have nothing to do, hence my craftster addiction.  I make handbags on the side, and it’s a blast   I have a 3 y/o daughter who’s also into pirates and monkeys, so the pirate-y and monkey-y things would probably wind up in her hands  unless they’re obviously adult-related, like a wallet or something.  I have a special affinity for geometric, graphic prints, retro looking things, 50’s space age futuristic styled items, Michael Miller fabrics, Michael Graves design, and Frank Lloyd Wright housing.  I don’t particularly have colors that I don’t like – everything looks great with the right compliments.  However, my favorite color is purple, followed a close second by black.  I’m a natural redhead who likes to dye her hair crazy colors (currently burgundy and black), and I’m pretty damned crazy.  Plus I’m a lush, and I like using the word lush to describe things   Like fabric.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: k8kre8s on January 27, 2006 11:04:44 AM
my list: (i live in canada)

1. an ipod mini cozy thanks!

2. a sock monkey (preferrably with non-traditional or striped socks)

3. a crochet hook case similar to this one:

4. cute/funky apron (with the upper bib part)

5. bird pillow/stuffie weehee 4 me!

6. brown or green or pink or turquoise *woven* or knitted scarf (no wool or itchies please) – craft_t_chick is knitting me one (thanks!), but i can never have too many! i even wear them in the summer.

7. a hip belt like this:

8. felted wool pouch/bag/purse

9. reconstructed book full of art

10. a tree scarf like aschnebly made for lasandri...;topicseen

11. a hipslinger:

12. fabric, cuz why not?! i like vintage, geometric, nature-themed, marine vinyl, old patterned sheets... thanks princess_me!

"about me"
i'm 27 and i live in vancouver, canada.  colours i like are greens (esp. limey or olivey), pink lately, blues and  turquoise, light blue/brown and dark purple/olive green combos and generally brighter stuff.  i’m kind of a hippie and like nature themed images like deer, birds, trees, owls.  i dig camping, photography, crafting, especially sewing and combining techniques/materials that don't logically go together. please pm me if you need prompting.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: beadgirl on January 27, 2006 11:10:55 AM
I'm in WA and here's my list............

~ DIY kit for felt beads (I really want to learn how to do this!   :D )

~ Beads &/or Charms

~ A roll up holder for my knitting needles/crochet hooks

~ Your un-wanted yarn

~ Slippers for an 18 month old boy who has chicken pox right now   :'(  (he likes terrorizing his brothers, getting into moms beads, barney, spongebob, etc...)

~ Something Superhero-ish that has to do with the alphabet or #'s 1-100 to hang on my 5 & 4 year olds wall.  (they like fantastic 4, superman, batman, teen titans, spiderman, hulk etc...)

~ Anything with the moon and sun theme for my Bathroom (I have shower curtain and two wall mounted candle holders so far)

~  Anything Seattle Seahawk themed for my hubby.  (He's a die hard fan.  ;D )

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: lemohm on January 27, 2006 12:26:01 PM
  • Shrinky dinks.
  • Freezer paper and a sponge brush (for stenciling).
  • Water brushes
    I lost mine and am so very sad ): I haven't been able to find where I live.

  • A journal (with different type of papers) like theses (I can dream no? I would love you forever.)
  • A looong earthy tone scarf (not too thick or wide)
  • A crocheted Jellyfish like this one
  • A roomy earth tone messenger bag, tree themed (roots and everything), with pockets and maybe secret pocket?
  • How to knit Kit. ♥ Thank you!
  • A cd of Celtic music.
  • The Beatles something.
  • A small vintage motif brooch, like a gramophone.
  • 1" buttons of pretty papers or fabrics.
  • Black wrist warmes with finger holes, um does that make sense? (not too thick)
  • Chinese take-out food boxes.
  • Cloth pads with waterproof lining like this (not very bulky and with a DISCREET pattern please! and a pouch would be awesome as well).
  • (I am going to copy hertrigger on this one) White, knee length bloomers (pm me for size!).
  • Personalized Labels (Pm me for for the design!)

  • Stamps
  • Vintage cut outs or old science book diagrams (side cut diagrams of plants, diagrams of organs etc).
  • Pretty fabric (maybe earth tones, greens browns)
  • Pretty paper! (too make a journal with different types of paper)
  • Reader's Digest Books! (or any book with a pretty cover)
  • Buttons
  • Old Keys ♥
  • A surprise that has to do with anything from my interests here

I am 17 years old from Chile. I am into old fashioned, vintage stuff and everything Cirque related. My favourite colours are earth tones and dislike bright flashy colours (bright pink, yellows etc). I DON'T wear any jewelery (except brooches). I have a hypersensitive skin, so please be carefull with the fabric or yarn you use if you make me anything to wear and really don't enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke. Besides that I don't have any allergies or other aversions, so no need to keep anything away of curious cats or anything (:

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: dontlookback on January 27, 2006 02:08:57 PM
I'm in New York and here's my list:

1- Kimono looking fabric

2- Soft yarn for a scarf [no fun fur please]

3- A fold-up needle holder for my crocheting and knitting that looks like this:

4- A bag like this:

5- A journal with mixed paper like this:
and how pretty is this

6- Felt bead necklace like the purple one in the link below.

7- A clutch that has the same shape and style as this one:

8- A painting inspired by Monet to dress up my bedroom.

9- A stress relief/that time of the month kit.

10- Anything Kenshin related. What can I say except for my boyfriend is an anime geek. Hehe.

11- I'm trying to save up money so a cool budget book. Maybe you could even add a couple of hundred dollar bills in there too...hehe.

12- A diy kit for sewing a specific project that you are good at. I'm a beginner sewer and I work well with patterns but I would love to learn some new projects. For example: If you're good at making Jordy bags or a certain type of skirt than you could send me a picture filled tutorial and some materials to aid me. I can make a lot of basic things so I would love learning something with more difficulty. If you need me to be clearer you can PM me.  :)

13- Paper! I just got this awesome diy bookbinding kit from Princessblueberry so I would love some more colorful paper to use to make my own book.
Yea! Thank you so much! I'm so excited :)
14- A mix CD of new poppy-punk/emo bands.

15- A wallet made of some big bold flower fabric [not paisley flower like]

16- A girly knee-length flowy skirt that isnt asymmetrical [those look weird on me] - I'll pm you my measurements. My test of a great skirt is if it twirls nicely :)

About me: I'm 22 and a grad student. I work at a daycare center with three and four year olds. I love dark, gem-like colors and I generally steer away from neon or yellow colors.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: umbrellamaker on January 27, 2006 03:22:58 PM
One time:
Something, anything, that resembles this: A clutch, a purse, a messanger bag, I don't care.  That design is hot.
A book about spinning/spindle. For the life of me, I can't figure this out.
Print making supplies/skills.
A wallet
Something with those Japanese folded fabric flowers (kanzashi)
A nice knitting needle/crochet hook organizer
Sock yarn/dpn's Thank you!

Dangly earrings (I have sensitive ears, so the hooks have to be silver.)
Any other jewlery. I'm kind of a jewelry minimalist.
Hair pins (I especially think a small kanzashi hairpin would be awesome)
Handspun yarn/roving
Good books. - They don't necessarily have be about crafting. Old books, new books, read books, blue books. Old kids books with great pictures, etc. I love them all.

About me:
I'm 22 and live in Nebraska. I work as an online designer for a newspaper. I have an undying love of NPR, John Stewart, Stephen Colbert, etc. I love to travel to random places. I'm not picky about color, but I lean toward earthy tones. Brown is the new black :) I love the look of screenprinting and hand embrodiery. I knit, sew, crochet, brew beer, and embroider regularly, and I've tried learning spinning and screen printing to no avail. PM with any questions. Thanks!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Minusxl3lindfold on January 27, 2006 04:06:18 PM
Hi everyone.. here's my list.

1. Purse or coin purse, matching ones would be extra cute! I only own one purse!! I'd love to get a new one, it's hard for me to pick out purses. I like purses with just short handles on them like a bowling purse. I don't really use the long handles that you put over your shoulder. Black, white, pink, red.. or combined, lacey, girly.. OR cutesy animals in a cartoon anime style OR Japanese style OR one of those monster bags that's all furry.. A jordy bag!

2. Pillow(s). I'd love to put some throw pillows on my bed to make it more.. plush and comfy.  I usually have black, leopard, or red sheets on my bed and my comforter is black and ruffley. Some ideas are black pillows, lace-y, little red or pink ribbon bows, or a leopard accent.

4. ART! I would LOVE it. I like trees, nature, fairytale-ish, fantasy..

5. Beads or bead supplies! beading wire, seed beads, connectors..<3

6. A lined zippered coin purse. Black, pink, green, purple, white, polka dots, hearts, lacey.. Yay.. Thank you.

7. A cute animal Japanese styled plushie/stuffed animal.

8. A knitting tote or just something with some pockets for knitting needles. I just started knitting and want to keep stuff organized.

9. Anything for my pet dog/cat/rats/turtle/fish. Collar, leash, treats, toys, rat hammack..

10. Bath stuff. I love baths. Something that's okay for sensitive skin would be nice.

11. Sewing stuff. Zippers, LACE, Ribbon, Buttons, Thread, Interfacing, Fabric. Solid colors, animal prints, japan-ish, polka dots..

12. Something with a Lord of the Rings theme! Love Aragorn and GANDALF! Could be on any of the other things I listed..

13. Something with a SUIKODEN 1,2, or 3 theme. I love Flik and Victor. Could be on any of the other things I listed..

14.  Jewelry. Necklace, bracelet, earrings.. I like silver, not to fond of gold. I like dangly earrings and stud ones. I like seed beads, pearls, stone/gem beads, lacey-ness, pink, black, red, green, white, purple..

15. Something Celtic or Irish themed.

16. Something for Valentines Day!

17. Something Japanese or Asian themed.

18. Surprise me.

About me: My name is Katelyn, I'm 19 and from Massachusetts. I like girly things and non-girly things, Japan-ish stuff, I'm obsessed with the video game series Suikoden, I love art, I will try ANYTHING related to crafting. I love black, white.. pink, red, orange.. purple, green, blue.. hearts, lace, ruffles, polka dots, skulls, leopard, vintage, fish, cute animals.. I also love the rockabilly/psychobilly/punk/lolita look.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Pink_Dinosaur on January 27, 2006 04:52:39 PM
YAY!! round 2.

i'm in southern California

1. A tee or recon. I like ballet style tops, tank tops, tube tops, halters, and shirts with wide necks. i like long shirts since i  have a long upper body. I can give measurements if you need them, i wear a juniors M/L
-i love this style:

2. a skirt. a like tiered skirts, pencil skirts and skirts with uneven hem lines (i think they are called assymetrical??). black or brown would be good. something simple tha i can wear with anything. i also like country-ish type skirts. like suede or suede-looking or just brown or tan.

3. a pencil skirt. i can give you measurements. any color, or design. i just really want one of these. i would love to have one to wear for holidays and special occasions.

4. hair accessories. headbands (knit, crochet, or fabric), hair clips, bobbypins, barrettes, or hair ties. my hair is so boring. not with anything too big on it since i wear a visor where i work. my hair has to be in a ponytail for work too so cute and/or funky hair ties would be great. i also use a lot of bobbypins since im growing out my bangs. 
-i like this headband (and got some from two swaps) but i just cant get enough, they are too cute:

5. FABRIC- ribbed knit fabrics-all colors. Felt-all shapes and sizes and colors. courdory-tans, browns. Fleece-Yellow and black (i want to make my nephew a pickachu). retro, solid, mod, bright, stripes, polka dots, black & white.  anything over ¼ yard would be great but remnants are good too, i like everything,  i'm just getting into sewing so any fabrics would be great

6. i would love love love you FOREVER if i could get a cable hat.  i would preferabbly like it in black or gray.
-i like these ones:

7. a country shirt-be creative. my favorites are kenny chesney, brooks and dunn, and Brad paisley

8. knit or crochet supplies. Im just learning so any simple patterns, instructions, or how to kits would be awesome

9. knit legwarmers. i have a pattern that i picked up, but i don't know how to knit very well yet. i could send you the pattern, or if you have your own
-i like this one without the pom poms:

10. craft supplies/sewing notions-glue, stickers, glitter, paper, cutouts, fabric, zippers, lace, ribbon, yarn, buttons, odd and ends.
i'm also looking for clear microbeads.

11.bracelet charms-plastic, metal, any little knicknacks that can be turned into charms

12. Pants like these with either a dinosaur, or star or heart on them
-these are cute:

13. Something WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE themed. this is mine and my bf's favorite book. what i would really like are some matching tee shirts. or just iron-ons would be cool. Anything with this theme would be totally awesome!

14. HIS/HER or BOY/GIRL themed anything. my bf named his ipod boy and mine is girl. my friend got us key holders in the shape of a boy and girl,( one for each of us. our phones (since they match) say his and hers on it. So anything to help add to our little theme like tee shirts (or iron ons) that say BOY and GIRL would be cool. or journals/notecards to write letters/notes to each other. we dont live together so something like hand towels wouldnt work (but the second we move in together i know what i'm gunna wish for  ;)) i'm sure you craftsters can think of something awesome!

15. home made stationary or a journal i would love either one of these. i use a lot of notebooks since im making a life-long list. and i would love stationary made just for me!

16. how to make stamps kit or if you could just send me a couple. i really want to learn how to make some. just letters and simple images.

17. how to embroider starter kit. i really want to learn how to do this too. i have some flosses and a few needles, but thats about it.

18. D.I.Y. tutorial craft book. a book filled with projects, tutorials, and ideas of different projects. can be print outs from websites, copies from books, anything! 

19. a lap blanket. My room is always cold because i don't have a heater. maybe in gray or pink. ooh, and i could use it to take to the movies, i'm always so cold, even with a sweater on.

20. pillowcases. i really like these fabrics:

21. DISNEY WOBBLES. i know its not a craft but im trying to collect these. heehee sadly i only have 4 so far.

22. a surprise!!!

about me: I'm 20 years old. i love pink. I love country music. i own a brand new 04 tundra, which im always looking for accessories to pretty it up some. i prefer silver to gold. I like dinosaurs, stars, pink, black, grey, earthy/creamy colors, Elvis, cowboys, TOY STORY-woody's my favorite, Nightmare before Christmas, Alice in wonderland, Pinocchio, and weird stuff. my style is very simple and casual. i wear dark colors mostly, but i love girly things too. I wear a M/L in junior sizes. I am tall (5'10") so my shirts are Never long enough to cover my stomach or back, i'd love you forever if i got a pretty casual tee i could wear that fits me nicely.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: dharma_rebel on January 27, 2006 05:44:55 PM
my turn!
i live in vancouver, wa. i'm 27 years old, graduated from the evergreen state college. i want to go to grad school but i'm confilicted about what i want to be when i grow up. i have a basset hound named daisy mae, i like to knit and sew and cut and paste and everything else. if i don't know how, i probably want to learn. enough about me. here is my list!

1. brown crochet hat with a flower on it.

2. your old (clean) fun knee socks for monkey making.

3. a retro apron. donna reed style.

4. fun or funky fabric (you can never have too much)

5. chunky wood bead bracelets

6. a roll up knitting needle case like this one or this one

7. mixed paper journal like this one

8. how to crochet book/kit - i want to make my own amigurumi

9. a handmade cookbook with all your favorite veggie recepies

10. reconned converse - women's size 8

11. felt eyeglass case with some kind of pretty embellishment

12. a flag with the knitting pirate on it (see discussion here ) i will proudly fly it outside my home!

13. foreign fashion magazines, well any fun foreign mags.

14. a shirt with a No SFSE stenciled or screen printed on it (like the no smoking signs, the circle with the line thru it - how do you describe that?) women's large

thank you, i say! xo dharma xo

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: jaami on January 27, 2006 05:46:05 PM
I'm in New York

a.TOTORO HAT!!!!!!!!! i need this. if you pick this for me, i owe you my soul. seriously. (
b. knit armwarmers with a thumb hole and half-fingers
c. knit legwarmers
d. a hoodie that says "banjos not bombs" or "menos el oso" on the back (sizing if you scroll down to the info page) 
e. amelia airhart cap! in a creamy colour, i'd be in love with you! (

Fun Stuff
a. anything neutral milk hotel themed that isn't a mix cd. i have just about every single possible recording known to man, so a mix is like, the last thing i'd listen to.
b. a dog torso (
c. i want an elephant SO BAD!!! ( Thank You!
d. i need a hot potato bag. or else, i will die (
e. another skipping bag in a neat fabric - retro mod would be nice (
f. a poketo-type wallet made by you! (visit to see what a poketo is if you're unfamiliar)
g. amigurumi something
h. an animal stuffie. no monsters/robots please
i. engrish and/or cute funny stationary - nothing with skulls or pin up girls please
j. a circular bag like this - nothing shiny/frilly/sequined please (
k. a couple mix cds of elliot smith stuff - i managed to lose every single elliot smith song from my ipod, which is what i store all my music in, and i'm bummed
l. some hairclips like these, with cute buttons (

Supplies & How-To Kits
a. a few skeins of pretty, soft (sad scratchies) bulky weight yarn - i love the hand dyed kind that is floating around out there
b. size 10+ knitting needles - bigger IS better! if they make em bigger than 10, i'm the gal who wants em
c. any print gocco supplies you don't want or need (ESPECIALLY any fabric items)
d. amy butler, aunt grace or munki munki fabrics
e. a "how to crochet" kit - i've taught myself to knit, now i want to take on crochet but have no supplies or instruction
f. some of these labels - i could really use some to put into my bags & pouches for my shop. if anyone was interested in making them, i have a logo i could send to you to check out (

check out my swap info page. if you think you could make something that would be up my alley, SURPRISE me! what girl doesn't like a nice surprise?

About Me:
i unfortunately live in new york. i pretty much live in an igloo and eat space food to survive. i love blues and pinks, earth tones and creamy colours. not a very big fan of purple, orange, yellow or gold. i love animal themes (especially creatures of the sea, see: octopi!), earthy themes (trees, mountains, the sea, etc.), and quirky stuff like munki-munki fabrics. i prefer cute to serious/chic or dark/gothy. not a very big fan of the pin-up girls, cowboys, or skull trends as of late.

i have created a swap info page to help you get to know me if you'd like, on livejournal, which can be found here:

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: irid3sc3nt on January 27, 2006 05:58:02 PM
Hi!  I'm from Iowa, USA.  I'm 22 (23 on April 30th), I graduated last May from the University of Iowa with a doublemajor in English and Art and a minor in Art History.  I live here with my boyfriend of seven years and my kitty, Caliope.  In July, we're moving to Denver! I love to craft since I don't have enough room in the apartment to make art!
Oh, and I totally dig thrift items or stuff you just happen to have in your home.  I buy most of my stuff from thrift/consignment stores anyway.
Thank you in advance to whomever chooses from my list!

snap holder for my purse---  something small and rectangular in a bright color so I can easily see it when I'm digging for my lip gloss, breath mints, all those things a girl needs.  Maybe 3x5?

regular ol’ thread---  I have bright orange, bright blue, and navy blue.  I prefer bright colors, but you never know when you may need a color!

Mini Duffle Bag

White Sculpey clayThank you, lamamarco!

Pencil Case

kitty crinkle bag ---My kitty would luuuuv you!;topicseen#msg57610


Knitted Hot Tamale Skirt--I would like it plain, no flames, and not black.

One bright blue sparkly medium Gelly Roll penThank you, classycrafter!  You're such a sweetie!

So-Fresh Carpet Cleaner---  This recipe is on page 55 of Jean Railla's book, "Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec"  I checked my copy out from the public library, but I don't have any essential oils to add to it.

essential oils- no fragrances or parfum/perfume (I already have lavender, peppermint, neroli, tea tree, citronella, and geranium)

Small Trellis for Indoor Ivy---  It just needs something wavy/zigzag/etc. to climb up.

seeds---  herbs, cacti, you-name-it!  Here's what I already have:  oregano, chives, calendula, mallow (zebrina), lavender, basil, catnip, thyme, mint, and german chamomile

Knitted Cleaves---  I would love, love, love one of these!  A brown or brown tweed.”>

Cat Sofa

stitch holders--- they look like giant safety pins

jewelry findings---  earring loop/pieces

Knitted Pumpkins

Mushroom Magnets--- How cute are these?! Your own interpretation would be cool.

straight knitting needles (metal)--- Here's the sizes I need, but don't feel you have to get more than one pair:  US  2, 5, 7, 9, 12, 13

leather or suede---I don’t need a whole lot.. a 12inch square piece would be plentyplenty.  I want to make some sweet embroidered thimbles.

Long Wristwarmers... Forearmwarmers?

shrinky dink-type paper

stuffy-toaster with toast--- Something similar to this cute lil item.  If it could fit in the palm of my hand/your hand, that would be even cuter.

tiny ink stamps---  One inch or smaller.  I have a flamingo that I adore

Felted Marsupial Tote--- from Stitch n Bitch Handbook in aqua and orange

bunch o grapevine---  I have a sweet tut for making a mourning dove bird nest and a skep  (a beehive), but I don't have any grapevine and I'm not sure where to get it.

Stencils—from the Jan 27th entry of:
Haruko--portrait print, 7 or 8 inches tall
knitting needles--6x6 inches (along with) jab!--4x4 inches
Racing Girl--portrait print, 6 inches tall
Preying Mantis--landscape print, 6 inches long
Catgirl--portrait print, 5 inches tall (along with) scientific cat scratch--landscape print, 3 inches long

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: anna-begins on January 27, 2006 06:15:51 PM
I was approved to post my list so here it is!  Thanks in advance!   

~Flapper-ish Hat (would love one in black or charcoal grey) I really like this one but any would be great!

~I would be your best 4-ever if you were somehow able to make a stencil out of my avatar   and stencil it on a t-shirt, bag, or anything really.  I stink at making stencils (me and an exacto knife don't mix well together....)

~Beatles themed tote bag  

~T-shirt (size large) with a Beatles, Alice in Wonderland, Mary Poppins, Dave Matthews Band, They Might Be Giants, Dick Van Dyke, Hawkeye from MASH or Amelie stencil. I love these:

~Handmade Notecards.  Woo-hoo!  Thanks! Can't wait to see them!   :-*

~Amigurumi Animals (An elephant, owl or a deer would be super cool)

~This cute elephant:

~A cute stuffie of some sort!  I need a little guy to sit on my desk at work to brighten my day.

~Jewelry, especially bracelets.Thanks so much!    :-*

~Makeup Bag Thanks so much!   :-*

~Change Purse.  I like this type of style:

~A purse like this one made by knottydottie

~Mullberry Paper

~Business Card Holder

About Me:
I'm 31 and live in the currently freezing cold state of Michigan.  I love the Beatles, Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, London, Jim Henson productions (Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, Sesame Street, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, etc.) birds, manatees, deer and Snoopy.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: thisisserious on January 27, 2006 07:51:36 PM
I know I'm going to end up adding stuff onto this. It is a wishlist after all! Haha.
Please include instructions in the DIY kits. I don’t know if that’s assumed, but I want to make sure.
If you need measurements for anything, just send me a PM.

1. Scrapbooking Supplies – ephemera; eyelets; brads; embellishments; stuff to put in a pet scrapbook
2. Jewelry Supplies - beads (not neon plastic); findings; pretty much anything
3. Shrinky Dinks Inkjet Paper – I can’t find it anywhere around here! =( Thank youuu!
4. Magnetic Snaps – any size suitable for making purses
5. Fabric - retro, mod, bright, stripes, polka dots, black & white. solid colors for lining, too. anything over ¼ yard would be great.
6. Grosgrain & Satin Ribbon - same as fabric
7. Sewing Patterns – I’ve always sewn from scratch and only used a pattern once six years ago, but I want to give them a second chance. I’d love patterns for dresses and skirts. 
8. Coin Purse Frames – not gold colored
9. Yarn
10. Colored Sculpey

Made By You
1. Mixed Media Art
2. Panta - black, cream, or light pink (Obsession was a doll and sent me a cream one, but I’m addicted.)
3. Polaroids - anything that makes you feel. write one emotion the photograph gives you in the bottom white space.
4. Lined Stationary – fun and cutesy designs; black & white elegant designs
5. Throw Pillow – to match the red, white, and black colors of my room. something retro and modern.
6. Pillow Sham – for a standard size pillow. gingham fabric. pastel lavender, blue, or green. no zippers.
7. Headbands – around 2” wide. not knitted or crocheted. fun patterns and colors. stretchy is preferred, but tied is fine. no green, yellow, or brown. 
8. Wrist Cuff – something really pretty like this one ( or the one lady---luck made ( no wider than 2”. my wrists are ridiculously tiny. 5 ¾” long would fit me perfectly. snap or velcro closure. pink, black, purple, white, gray, and blue. it doesn’t have to be all of those colors, but please don’t use any other colors.
9. Artist Trading Cards
10. Amigurumi – I would love a bear like this ( or anything else that’s equally adorable.

DIY Kits
1. Bookbinding Kit
2. Candle Making Kit

Anything To Do With
1. Pugs
2. Pekingese
3. Octopi
4. Yoda

Other Things
1. Surprise Me!

About Me:  My name is Jade. I’m sixteen. I was born in my favorite place, New York City, but now live in Connecticut. I like every color except green and brown. Seven things I love are photography, sewing, crafting, reading, writing, art, DIY stuff, and music. Six books I love are Cats Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Hard Love by Ellen Wittlinger, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Tithe by Holly Black, Blue Is For Nightmares (the whole series) by Laurie Faria Stolarz, and The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. Five websites I love are,,,, and Four bands I love are Stellastarr*, Tegan and Sara, Death Cab For Cutie, and Panic! At The Disco. Three artists I love are Kurt Halsey, Ansel Adams, and Diane Arbus. Two designers I love are Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson. One food I love is sushi.

Seriously, thank you so so so much in advance to anyone who picks something off of my wish list. <3

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 27, 2006 08:17:53 PM
ok guys im going out of state tomorrow, im going to take all my files with me so that i can update and such but i probably cant get to you ASAP.. PLLEEEEEEEASE dont assume that because you have pmed me that you are crafting for that person and you can post your list. sometimes the person isnt available, so please dont message the partner for sizes and such unless i actually tell you their address and tell you to post your list. please dont post your list unless i advise you to.. thank you!  

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Kristen81 on January 27, 2006 08:52:31 PM
Hi!  I'm in Winnipeg, Canada!  Oh, If you pick me I would love a postcard from where ever you live too! (Just jam it in the package...thanks!)

 Back issues of Bust Magazine

  Bloomers (surprize me with style and color)  PM me for size.

  Embroidered pillow case  Woo Hoo!  Thanks!

 Wool roving for felting

 A goldfish, Koi stuffie

  Amy Butler fabric pieces (any size)

 Clutch purse:

  Stencilled or Screened t-shirt...vintage tattoo / swallows pref.  Ladies xl or 1x (something with spandex or lycra if you can...oh I'm a jerk  )

 Hat like this (black, choc. brown, white, cream)

  Anything made from Kimono or Amy Butler fabric

Hi,  I'm 24 I live in Winnipeg Canada.  I love anything Vintage, Kimono pin-up or vintage tattoo inspired.  I have a full time job taking calls for FedEx ...shudder...and have been with my boyfriend for over six years.  My favorite colors are Chocolate brown, aqua, purple, and blue.   

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: greenveggie on January 27, 2006 09:03:57 PM
Mmm.. swapping is fun.  Though thinking of stuff is always hard.

1.  A sock monkey or other funky stuffie.  Please give it a name.

2.  Cool buttons. I have some retro shell ones from my grandma, but I can't find her other funky ones and there are times things just need odd buttons.

3.  Zippers, I don't have time to look for them cheap, and I really think I should make another attempt at zippered bags.  Maybe a tutorial on how to not mess up the zipper part... Thank you!  I found some fabric I really want to make in to bags, so this is going to rock.

4.  Small pieces of funky fabric I can use for lining felted bags.  At least 1/4 yd.

5.  Suprise me. I love weird stuff I can put on my desk, or in our office/library.  I like frogs, vegetable theme'd stuff (see previous gallery for why... ) and odd things.  

6.  A needle felted garden gnome.   Not for the garden, just cool like that.

7.  labels to put in my crafted stuff.  Is there a way to make your own? I haven't figured it out.  My crafty name is Happy Veggie

8.  Anything cool and unique from a country other than the US or Canada, even if its a silly postcard.  I love getting mail, especially if it isn't from here.   - Picked twice now for this - Once for Australia, once for the UK Yay!!!! Thank you!- Leaving it on here because I love the stuff and can always use more.

I'm 28, live in Minneapolis, and I am a Craftster addict.  My life is pretty nuts right now, and doing this swap is part of what is keeping me sane.  I love to see what people do, and I love the fact that you can craft for someone and not expect anything in return.  I dig the crafting Karma that goes with that. I hate pastels, I love vibrant things that make me forget it is brown in winter here.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 28, 2006 07:57:35 AM
we have a gallery kiddies:

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Duckie on January 28, 2006 07:58:02 AM
Hey-o! I'm in Ottawa, Canada.

A zip hoodie, plain or with a design.

A stenciled men's medium t-shirt, maybe with a design of Simon & Garfunkel, the Beatles, House (from the TV show), or BlackAdder.

A bag or shirt with Zapp Brannigan (from Futurama) that says "That blackish holeish thing".

A skirt like this (

A shirt like this (

A panta.

A bowling ball bag: (

A slouch hobo bag: (

A Jordy bag: (

A sewn knitting needle case, something like this: ]] ( but just for straights, or one just for dpns.

Yarn! Preferably natural fibres, but I am unable to get Caron Simply Soft here, so that would be nice to try. I am WAY into socks now, so some sockweight yarn would be wunderbar.

Handspun yarn! Oh pretty please. Or if someone dyes their own variegated/self-striping yarn, that would be amazing too.

Doubled-pointed needles in sock sizes. (US 2 and lower)

Any knitting or crafting magazines or books.

Quilting fabric - I am a total n00b so at least 4x4" please.

A DIY felting kit

A DIY stencil kit - thank you, mystery sender I do not know yet!

Something with a lime or lemon - stenciled or iron-on maybe some crazy amigurumi style crocheted one?

Something involving a mermaid - the mean kind of mermaid, the type that killed sailors. No Ariel here.

Anything involving Pirates of the Carribean or Jack Skellington (maybe something like this? ( would be very cool.

Handmade soap - I love citrus scents.

I know this is going to sound really odd, but it makes sense if you have read the (awesome, incredible, life-changing!) book House of Leaves. I would like something with an image of an ash tree and the words: "This is not for you."

Stationery, especially stuff you make yourself

A piece of embroidery or cross-stitch or needlepoint - I am not sure if these are all the same - to put up on the wall.

Vintage knitting paraphernalia, including patterns and such.

A surprise!

About Me:

I'm 18 years old and living mostly in Ottawa, but sometimes in Vancouver. I'm a history major. I'm way into knitting but I also do some bookbinding and quilting and random crafting. My favourite colours are green and blue. My favourite design styles are tiki, fifties and old (around the twenties to the sixties) children's illustrations. I am also slowly getting into tattoo art. I love old sailing ships and the stories around them - think Horatio Hornblower or Master & Commander. I wear woman's size XL or men's size M shirt. I'm a big ole book nerd, especially Shakespeare. I don't wear much jewelry. There is always more info on my blog, in particular this post about swap info (

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: sparkles on January 28, 2006 08:05:41 AM
Hello! This is exciting! Here is my list:

1. Any resin-ed jewellery
2. A long pale grey and pale yellow scarf with horizontal stripes. Oooh I would love this!
3. Vintage or retro print fabric
4. Japanese fabric with cherry blossoms and stuff like that
5. Any retro style clothing, especially 50s style skirts and dresses
6. Paper mix journal like this one:
7. Leg warmers
8. A supayana style top – (pm me for sizes etc!)
9. Postage stamp/microscope slide necklace. I tried to make one, but my soldering leaves much to be desired…
10. Altoid tins, we can’t get them in the UK!
11. A knitting needle case like this one:
12. Any kind of craft kit with a how-to, like crocheting, felting, soap making etc

About me:
Hello! I'm Tess, 22 from the UK. I pretty much love anything that's quirky and handmade! I love bright colours and bold prints, but I'm really not fussy at all! Any creative surprises would be wonderful :)

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: shiitake on January 28, 2006 08:55:16 AM
Hello dear craftsters,here's my list.

C r a f t e d    i t e m s

- -  a totebag or a purse (look at the end if this list to see my favourite colors,patterns etc.)
- -  kitschy jewelry
- - mittens
- - green,simple and long scarf
- - stenciled or recon t-shirt (I'm size S)
- - soap

T h i n g s   I  c a n ' t  f i n d  i n   m y  c o u n t r y

- - skull beads
- - Day of the dead - related items
- - Hello my name is - stickers
- - Mexican stuff    - - -  thank you so much!! :-)
- - funky fibres

O t h e r  s t u f f

- - glass beads
- - skull jewelry, skulls are neat
- - paper ephemera
- - vintage/retro/kitscy fabric
- - scrapbook supplies
- - candy/chocolate
- - green tea
- - surprise me :-)

My favourite colours are green,pink and black but other colours are fine too.I like vintage,retro,kitsch,dadaism and funky things.I study textile design,I'm living in Finland and I'll be 20 years after few months.I'm a vegetarian and I'm a green tea- addict.Themes I like : Mexican culture,skulls,street art,nature,romantic...Well I like weird combinations and almost everything in this world! Use your creativity and imagination :-)

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: mistress_batty on January 28, 2006 10:31:19 AM
 Okay...I put off putting my list up for so long that we're already onto round two! lol So here we go.....

a sewn journal (the kind where the the covers are fabric sewn to board (at the end I"ll list some likes so you can get an idea of fabric)
  ....I prefer journals around the size of....4"-5" long on the top and bottom and 7" - 8" long on the sides......and at least 100 pages

*   a nice thick journal with mixed paper.....either fabric covered or made from a hardcover book (recon of hardcover book into a journal with mixed paper)

*   handmade stationary sets  (i'll list things for themes at the end)

* fabric.....I love sewing...making bags / purses. I love new fabrics, trying out new things.

*   any neat yarn or HANDSPUN yarn....I would just dye if I could get some handspun yarn...with the gorgeous colors and the little things like ribbon and pom poms and sequins and all kinds of stuff spun into it

*   clothes for my dog (she's a size Medium....if you need actual measurements PM me) .....t shirts with embroidery on them would be great for her

a tote bag or throw pillows or a wall shrine of my dog (I have many pictures on my computer I can send you...)

*   an embroidered art piece of my dog (once again I can send pictures of her).....she's very old (she'll be 15 in July)....and even though I want her around for at least 100 more probably won't be I would love art pieces with her as the subject that I can hang up

a slik screening doesn't have to be anything too fancy. I would love to silk screen bags but have no idea where to begin, plus next quarter there's a silk screening class at my school but I need experience with it before I can sign up for the class.....

plushies - I love seeing all these great stuffed things people make...I'll list things I like later

* sushi or steak themed  things - I would loooove messenger bags or tote bags (straps at least 23" long), pillows (ah! throw pillows in the shape of pieces of sushi and a steak! lol), journals, dog clothes, stationary, etc)

back issues of 'The World of Cross Stitching" or "Cross Stitcher"...both are British magazines (any issues but....The world...I have the one with an elephant feeding a robin on the front....and for 'crossstitcher'...I have the issue with two elephants sledding on the front of any issues besides those two.) I would really like issue 101 of 'The world of Cross Stitching' has a bear baking on the cover...

*   something crafty with American Sign embroidered or something...cross stitch? with my name 'Danielle' - I'm taking ASL right now and it's really interesting...

*   Law and Order stuff!- I would love a tote or messenger bag (straps at least 23" long) with an image of Benson & Stabbler on it....the one from TV guide....where Stabbler's in a straight jacket...HOT. lol But anything Law & Order or Law & Order: SVU would be great!

birthday wishes and surprises! - oh oh oh! like a big felt birthday cake! or something. hehehe - my birthday is on Feb. 3 (ah next friday!) and it's another year I'm away from home with nothing to do or I'd love crafty birthday wishes and surprises!

If I think of more I'll edit the It's so hard thinking of things I want. lol

 My name's Danielle....turning 21 on friday (feb 3). I'm in Washington currently (a long way from home which is back in Vermont). I'm a student of The Evergreen State College.
  I have a dog, her name is Sara and she's a smooth fox terrier.
I love bats, images of - steak, sushi, cupcakes, cake. I absolutely adore kawaii stuff. I'm going to school to be a writer...a better writer. lol Typewritter images.
  As far as shows go....I like Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, Nip/Tuck, Married with Children (swoon), Aqua Teen Hunger Force, OZ.
  I also love the Sims & Sims 2.
 Favorite colors: blue (any blue but pastel, neon, and navy), burgundy / wine, pink (any pink but neon, magenta, and pastel), black, olive green or a nice deep tree green.
  Colors I DISLIKE: yellow, orange, white
 Any other questions feel free to PM me!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: animegirlie on January 28, 2006 12:18:48 PM
Hi Everyone!! I just got approved for my second swap! YEAH!!

So here's the wishlist:

Supplies –

1. yarn - any kind really I'm almost out!!
2. jewelry findings (all silver - I hate gold metallic stuff) Thank you Kasie! REPEATABLE
3. silver chain
4. fabrics of any sort – see below for colors, for patterns I like floral and geometric Thank you Kasie! REPEATABLE
5. zippers – and your own instructions for best way to use them
6. stitch markers for knitting

Crafted stuff –

1. A bag like this in blue or pink, doesn't need to be vinyl as long as it's cute.  (my sewing skillz are not good enough for this)
2. A zipper pouch (makeup bag size) think or (zippers elude me)
3. A set of hair sticks – I have long hair but these need to be short-ish not full chopstick length
4. Big chunky beaded necklace – PM me for length
5. Long chain earrings
6. Needle book
7. Stenciled shirt with a gun (walther ppk) and flowers (the S.O. knows how to stencil but damn if it's a little too much to get my head around) Women's Medium Please - but must be stretchy as I'm kinda curvy
8. Cast resin bracelet or necklace – I don't have space/ventilation to cast resin.
9. Any jewelry – I'm bored with what I have and the stuff I can make well bored with that too :P

Other non crafty stuff –

1. A learn to knit book ( I know how to make a scarf but I've never followed any patterns)
2. A mix CD of electronica/techno/dance/dub/house stuff
3. A surprise – see below for what I like.

About me – almost 33 y.o. living in Hollywood. I love dogs, anything ultramarine blue or cobalt, computers, technology, the internet, sci-fi, anime, anything Japanese especially hello kitty and san-x. I don't drive, but I take the train to work – subways ROCK! I'm pretty girly, but not lacey and froofy, think candy and pink. I love pink too….However, as an aged ex-goth/new wave chic I'm still addicted to black and all my techno style jewelry (think computer bits and lots of shiny stuff etc). My favorite designer style is Oakley, as in the sunglasses. Dragonflies are my favorite bug, but I'm not a nature girl – I love the city –pictures of tiny cute animals (like are awesome.  Dress wise, I do conservative but hip for work (I work at an internet company so I can't dress too stuffy) with mostly black, some grey, green, blue, orange, and pink. I'm a t-shirt and jeans girl at home. I hate aquamarine and turquoise.
 Wow that's long….

Oh and NO Disney related stuff

I'd consider myself REALLY lucky to get anything on this list - thanks ahead of time if anyone does send me something!!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: GoldfishGirl on January 28, 2006 02:55:34 PM
Whoo! List power!

>Stenciled teeshirt like this:
or one with shells on the boob area (like a mermaid)
or a deerboy teeshirt (from the fallout boy video)
(or any other stenciled shirt that seems like it would be appropriate when you look at my other interests) I'm a size Medium-Large :)
> Bloomers!
> Shrug (knit or sewn)
>Any sort of skirt:
   A-line, Gored, Circle, Pleated, Pixie, Tutu, Tiered, Flamenco, whatever!

>Fuzzy Feet
>Necktie Corset Belt (tute here:
>Japanese Belt things (Technical term: Koshi-Himo. As seen here: I really like the turquoise and red-orange ones:
>Panta (!)
>Dangly Raddish Earrings!>Knit Kitty hat Thank you!

>Tote or Messenger bag (big enough for a notebook and some other stuff)
>Swim team bag (Big enough to hold a towel and a change of clothes, with a pocket for goggles and swimmin' caps)
>Knitting needle roll case or Knitting bag
> Coin Purse
> Zippered pouches!

Thank you to everybody who has given me yarn. I'm not going to cross it off though, because it's sort of an ongoing thing. But thank you!
>Kool-aid Dye-your-own Yarn Kit OMG! Thank you so much!
>Non-petroleum based, Recycled, Handspun or Dyed or Painted Yarn

>> Also, as a deliciously nerdy project, I’m going to be knitting Ron’s Chudley Cannons blanket from the Newest HP movie.
Any yarn that you have in these colors (acrylic is probably the most rampant in these colors in this case) would be awesome.
....Yarn in burgundy, tans/browns, oranges of all shades, off whites, pea greens, whatever. I'd adore any older, crusty thrift store yarn in hideous 70's flourescent oranges and browns!  Please help the Weasley Blanket cause!

>Embroidered Beauxbatons Towels (I would love you forever.)
>Various Crafty stuff that’s useful in a Dorm Room
>Fairy Wings
>Harry Potter anything (Embroidered patch, minisweater cell phone cozies, jewelry, hats, batiked throw)
> Anything Boondock Saints / Pulp Fiction / The Last Unicorn
>Cutesy Japanese stuff
>Other motifs I like:
Mermaids, Centaurs, Fauns/Satyrs, Penguins, Stripes, Goldfish/Koi, Fairies, Weasleys, Delirium/Despair (From The Sandman Comic books by Neil Gaiman), Pirates, Renaissance Faires, Sailor Moon / Other assorted geekery.

A little bit about me:
I am 18 years old, a senior in high school and I live smack-dab in the middle of the Continental United States. I have 2 very part time jobs as a lifeguard and as a veterinary assistant.  I love unique and handmade wearables. I'm an avid knitter and sewer. I wear a lot of every color except yellow and my current favorite color scheme is bluey-turquoise and red orange.

Just in advance: Thank you to anybody who picks me! I really appriciate it!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 28, 2006 05:23:48 PM
just a little update. i made is to arizona in 4 hours, when the map said 5 hours and 6 minutes :)

im safe, and my dad and i are hangin out.. hes wearing a splint up his whole leg, and he also has crutches, its realy hard to see him this way but im here to help..

the keyboard for his computer really sucks so i probably wont be doing too many updates, sprry!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: classycrafter on January 28, 2006 08:25:13 PM
just a little update. i made is to arizona in 4 hours, when the map said 5 hours and 6 minutes :)

im safe, and my dad and i are hangin out.. hes wearing a splint up his whole leg, and he also has crutches, its realy hard to see him this way but im here to help..

the keyboard for his computer really sucks so i probably wont be doing too many updates, sprry!

You just spend time with your dad and help him mend. We will be fine without updates!!  ;)

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Cat-n-Caboodle on January 29, 2006 02:48:35 PM
My Wish List

1. Crochet hooks and yarn - I am trying to learn to crochet at the moment so any bits I can use to learn really.
- Wow Thankyou so much, I really appreciate it!   :)

2. Handmade soaps – I have no allergies that I am aware of.  I love coffee, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon but would love any interesting soaps since it is one craft that I don’t do.

3. Small felted coin purse or credit card holder thingy. 

4. A crocheted “vines” scarf similar to this one

5. A wristlet for the times when I don’t want to take a purse but still need to take my cell phone, keys and a little cash

6. A long, loopy necklace

7. A Slouchy hobo bag ala Tinafish 

8. A crocheted hat similar to this one or this one

9. A coffee bean bracelet

10. Ribbons, lace or any trim I can use when I make purses, wallets etc

11. A lacy knit or crochet scarf

12. Any yummy home-made bath salts, scrubs etc so I can spoil myself with a “Spa day at home”  Thankyou so much!!  I am so busy at the moment - it will be great to take some time out when I receive this.

13. Buttons and/or beads to embellish purses etc

14. Something Star Wars themed for my husband

15. A corduroy or faux suede tote with lots of pockets

16. A woven ribbon wallet/credit card holder thingy like this

A little about myself:  I live in Western Australia.  I teach Pre-School children, am happily married with no children and 2 cats.  I love to craft - sew, scrapbook, oil paint, make jewellery (basic).
My favourite colours are purple, black, red, pink, dark green, burgandy.  I like autumn tones but am not keen on yellow or orange on their own, only as accents.  I don't really like bright neon colours much.
I love cats, flowers, fairies, hearts, checks.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: faeriegirlie on January 29, 2006 10:36:21 PM
Reposting my list since I didn't get picked in the first round :-)

Wish list:

Wine charms - Thanks for picking me - I'm so excited!

Table runner in fun colors or patterns (around 70 inches long)

Really Big Pillows - as in large enough to be floor pillows

Leg warmers

Anything with faeries on it

Unique earrings Thanks for picking me - I can't wait to see!

Interesting necklace

Shirts with funny things about vegetables on them

A t-shirt with a treble clef on it

A smallish pouch in made from cool fabric Yay!

Yummy smelling candles

Recipe Cards

A copy of your favorite recipe for anything!

Handmade stationary - something with butterflies or pirates on it

Handmade soaps (in eucalyptus, rosemary, mint, lavendar or something yummy like that)

Stitch markers for crochet - woah! picked three times in one night - I love you guys!

A surprise!

A little big about me: I'm twenty-four and I live right out side Washington DC.  I work in a small health food coop and hope to have my own health food store some day.  I'm into a lot of role playing and video gaming.  I love to read - especially science fiction or fantasy.  I'm also really into music and have played the flute for most of my life.  I love to crochet, sew, make jewelery, cook, paint, decopage, cut, glue, draw and have just started making lace!  I am also part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which is kind of like the Ren Faire, but more for our own amusment then for profit or show.

I can't wait to pick people from this swap too!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Kasie on January 30, 2006 09:17:26 AM
Here is my list. ^^

- Armwarmers

- Legwarmers.. I <3 these:

- Wristwarmers

- A shawl or something to wear over my clothes

- Another panta! I <3 mine.

- Any kind of jewelry. I can't wear really heavy earrings though.

- Kimono fabric purse:,,

- A purse.. I love these: (only Ron),,

- A jordy -

- IPod carrying case (preferably with plastic on the front, but I'm not picky)... I have a video iPod. I love the way these are made: and

- Cell phone case. I have this phone:

- A kittyville hat

- A hip belt:

- Cute barrettes. I just got my hair cut and I need some cute barrettes to keep my bangs back. These are great:,

- A newsboy cap.. like;topicseen

- A scarf like the blue ribbon scarf in this thread.. Third post from bottom.

- A clover scarf..

- A handmade journal

- A pouch like the one here.. the poptart one!

- A sofa for my kitties..

- Tape Measure Belt Thank you!

- A cute choker. All my necklaces are long!

Anything to do with:
- Kurt Halsey
- Rent
- Tigers
- Dolphins
- Wolves
- 80s cartoons (Esp. Rainbow Brite and My Little Pony)
- Kitties and doggies
- Japan or Japanese things
- Happy Potter (I'm a Gryfindor)
- Sushi

About me: My name is Kasie. I am 20 years old and I live in upstate New York. I <3 animals! I am currently going to college to become an exotic animal trainer and my dream is to work with tigers. I love pink, red, black and gray. I love cute things, expecially cute Japanese things. I love sports, especially hockey. I love to read and write as well. Crafting has become a new passion of mine. I am having so much fun about it. I will love anything anyone sends to me. Thank you in advance!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: americandemockracy on January 30, 2006 12:56:29 PM
My Wish list
1.   A laptop covering case. I carry a briefcase, but I always have my laptop in a sleeve that can be taken out and carried around. It doesn’t have to have handles, but it’d be nice if it had a zipper or some other secure closure, and an internal pocket (with no zippers! No scratchies for my laptop!) for holding stuff like my usb cord. I have a huge laptop with a 15.4” screen… so it’d have to be big.  PM me for size!
2.   A “Learn to…” Kit.  I can knit and sew.  I’d love to learn bookbinding, shrinky-dinking, resin, felting (needle or wet), spinning, quilting, embroidery, Felt Beads… or whatever you want to teach me!
3.   A cute cardigan or hoody.  All these craftsters have totally awesome cardigans with mismatched buttons and kitschy embroidery… I want one too! I’d love it to be red or some other cheery color, because it’s winter.  Ick.  (Or a hoody, with a zipper.  I really like earth tones, gnomes, the earth/smiling moon…or cupcakes.  And math and science) PM me for exact sizes, but a unisex small… 34” bust.  But loose.
4.   Wall Art- Pictures or drawings, embroidery… what inspires you? What drives you? I’m a stickler for candid portraits and pictures, but… anything, really.  My room is a blue-y gray with cream, black and earthy accents…
5.   I’m a science geek.  I’d love a t-shirt or bag or whatever with a molecule (think caffeine!) or what-have-ye on it.  Periodic Table of Elements? It rocks.
6.   Knitting Needle Holder- I don’t use circular needles, really, so no worries on that front, but places for my needles (straight and dpn) and maybe some notions.
7.   Lunch Box- I bring my lunch to school everyday.  It’d need to be insulated, with enough room to hold a thermos and an orange and snacks.
8.   Hand-spun or hand-dyed yarn.  I want ya-arn…
9.   I have a chin length bob and no idea what to do with it. I’d love barrettes or headbands/scarves that are easy to put in… I’d rather they not be tying headbands because that requires a lot of hand eye coordination… and that’s kind of sketchy. On the topic of accessories, I also love plain sewn and knitted wrist cuffs.
10.   I’d love a summer skirt.  I start brainstorming my spring and summer wardrobe in February, because it’s now that the weather here really starts to get me down. Summer skirts are all about cotton and eyelets, lace… really light, and fun.  Knee-length-ish… happy colors or just neutral… but not black or white. Or neon. PM me for sizes.
11.   I’d love a bag made of kitschy fabric or kimono-esque fabric.  I dig bags with straps that can live on my shoulders with pockets… bags like this  (
12.   I’d love a wristlet with enough room for pencils and a memory stick, my graphing calculator, mp3 player… yanno.  Essentials.  I’d love it like this… (
13.   I’m part of my local SAGA (Straight and Gay Alliance) group and we’re organizing a raffle (to help us get to a conference! Yay! Although the reason that we have to fundraise to get there is sad because the school has no funding or part in the SAGA… L) so… if you’d like to craft something that could be raffled off- we have a bag, knit hat/scarf … so whatever you could think of.  It doesn’t have to be gay pride themed… but something raffley and appealing to high school students, like a stuffy or a cool pencil case or what-have-ye.
14.   A hip belt- with a zipper on the inside, to stash my cash and ID. Because I have an ID and carry enough cash for a payphone… so…
15.   A surprise, based on what you’d think I’d love and what you do best!

About Me:
My name is Katie and I’m a fourteen (almost 15!) year old freshman in NH, USA. I love earthy colors as well as jewel tones. No neon… I’m really loving things that are bright- I’ve turned into my normal winter state of anemic celery, and the immense amounts of snow, clouds and windy, cold weather are starting to take their toll… so bright, happy things.  Things I use are normally practical but pop with little bits of glamour…

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: juniperl13 on January 30, 2006 08:04:23 PM
*THIS!!! ( I cannot crochet to save my life and this is crochet and I NEED IT!!!*

1- A circular needle roll. I have lots of circs, so a nice big one, please.

2- Some kind of jewelry organizer I can hang on my wall. I have tons of necklaces and a moderate amount of earrings and bracelets.

3- Sock yarn, preferably in a colour I can use to salvage my stalled Jaywalkers. (picture on my blog)

4- I'd like to learn needle felting. I don't plan on making anything huge, but being able to felt little designs onto stuff would be a useful skill.

5- A clothing surprise.

6- Unique jewelry ( I like most of the stuff at

About me- I live in a very small city in Northwest Oregon and spend much of my time knitting, watching movies, reading, and mucking about online. My favourite colour is aubergine, although I tend to wear black more than anything else. I also rock jewel tones in measured amounts. My personal style is more or less "executive goth," so lots of pinstripes, tailored lines, fitted blazers, slacks, little lacy camisoles, stockings, and heels. Despite the predilection for silky camisoles and jewelry, I'm really not a girly-girl. At all. I'm also very pragmatic and don't like having things laying around for which I can't find some practical use.

I also love pie.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on January 31, 2006 06:39:55 PM
im still out of state guys, im going back home tomrrow.. i have about 50 PMs for this swap. if you have pmed me I GOT IT. no need to pm me 3 more times.. please do not contact the partner you want to craft for OR start crafting for them until i say so. if so, it might be a waste of your time or you are conversing with a partner your not even going to beable to craft for

i will send addresses out tomorrow night as well as notify people if theyve been picked.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: ebeth on January 31, 2006 08:34:22 PM
hope your dad is doing better...have a safe trip home  :)

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Faren on February 01, 2006 06:05:18 PM
Allright here is my list.


Knitting needles, the only size I have is 6 and 8 American, I would like some rounds too Yahoo!!!Thank you! ;D
Stitch markers like these
   The second set is more my style
Yarn! Any yarn, I have no stash! You are wonderful!  ;D
Hand dyed/ Hand spun   would be wonderful
Supplies to make a Gryffindor scarf , I’ll use the pattern from here:
Roll up needle case like this:
Handmade knitting needles
A knitted rat would be cool


Homemade soap, please no melt and pour
Bath salts, scrubs, or bubble bath


Would love these:   or this:
But since 90 hours is probably to much to ask…..J  how about a mini version or really any kind of needle felted critter, I like the mushrooms I’ve seen too

Homemade candles!

Pincushion that straps onto wrist based on my likes, or anything cute!
Needle book

Medical scrubs – pm for sizes,  anything based on my likes

Anything Harry Potter, I’m a Gryffidor Girl

Any Cross stitch or embroidery patterns fantasy themed


Zipper pulls based on my likes

Anything for my ferrets         or


Love Ralph’s stuff special something like the T shirts of Wash and Simeon


Color: love purple, earth tones, jewel colors, no neon
Fantasy, Scifi.  Lord of the Rings(books too!) Harry Potter, Pern books,
Fairys, Dragons, Unicorns, Pegasus, Griffons, Wizards,  Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
Futarama, Family Guy, Star Wars (original three)  Deep Space Nine, reading, Buffy the Vampire slayer, cool Quotes!

I am 31, married, no kids,  born, raised and still living in the middle of Kansas. 
Thanks in advance!!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Bigmouth on February 01, 2006 08:03:45 PM
Glad to be back for round 2!  Here's my list:

1.  A tablecloth for my dining room.  Something retrolicious to go with my orange/yellow/avocado vintage placemats.  About 60"x80" would be primo.

2.  A bag or purse made of something never intended to be a bag or purse.  Seatbelt webbing?  License plates?  Neckties?  Recycled billboard plastic (saw that one once & haven't forgotten)?  What's your creative idea? 

3.  A bag/purse that looks like something else.  Loved the baked potato purse dooney made.  I also love my purse that looks like a transistor radio, and one I saw that looked like a Chinese take-out carton.  Etc.

4.  Throw pillows!  I'd love Nancy Drew, or vintage exercise images (old pictures of groups doing gymnastics?  Jane Fonda workout?  Not the Tae Bo guy or something like that, though--I beg you), or something that would feel at home in the living room (maroon/avocado/camel--sounds odd, but it looks earthy and I love my old couch) or the bedroom (hunter green, deep red, and whatever), or something odd, or... surprise me.  I love quirky things.

5.  An "ironic tea cozy."  If you have a vision of what that is, then show me!

6.  Any retro ('70s or earlier) style purse Thank you, whoever you are![/b]

7.  A "professional" style of purse in a neutral color/style or with a geometric print. 

8.  A jewelry box with compartments, to keep things from tangling.  I don't care whether it has drawers, or stacked boxes, or little cubby compartments--just something to help avoid the tangles.  Oh, and no earring holders--I don't have pierced ears.

9.  And why not more necklaces to help me fill a box like that?    Bracelets are nice, too, but I have tiny wrists (5 1/4", I believe).

10.  Something to contain my paintbrushes, so I'll keep them all in one place more easily.

11.  Things to hold back my hair.  I have a small head and fine hair, so barrettes should be smallish.  I think I'd enjoy soft headbands, but nothing rigid (those give me headaches)--like something knitted, perhaps.  The only person on earth less "Paris Hiltonian" (yep, I made up that word... too tired) than I am is probably, um, Dick Cheney--but I like the hairnet thing she "inspired" on Craftster.  And the argyle one I saw recently.  Okay, enough with this.  Something to hold my hair back and make it look less ratty, and that won't give me headaches.

12.  Retro/kitsch decor for my kitchen.  The cabinets have funny decals from, probably, the 1940s.  I find them really charming.  I'd like a little help to decorate more in the kitchen with a 1940s/1950s kitsch style.  I'm working with some cookbooks and old advertisements and I have a clock shaped like a percolator coffee maker, but I'd love more help from a Craftster!  Could be something for the walls, or something for the quarter-round shelves above the stove, or whatever else would work in a small kitchen.

13.  Cool duct tape crafts.  I work with a student who is MacGyver-like in his skill making duct tape desk accessories.  I'd like to show him some other cool things people know how to do, because he really gets inspired by people's suggestions.  Wallet?  Purse?  Flowers?  Folders?  It would be great if they're things that he could look at and use as inspiration to make simple versions himself (and maybe I could, too! :)).  And maybe a few pointers for working with duct tape...

14.  OOH!  I have to edit to add that I'd love a second pair of fingerless gloves/armwarmers.  I got a lovely pair in crimson, periwinkle, and dark gray from knottydottie a while back, and I'd love to have a second so they could go in rotation.  Something in a different color or colors than those.  Neutral, black, wild, ugly colors--I really don't care a bit.  My wrists and hands are very small, so you can pm me for any measurements you might need.

About me:  I can't think of a single color that doesn't have its place in my life.  I'd prefer not to be overrun by pinks or pastels, but they work in moderation.  I'm vegetarian, and I'm not fond of leather.  I love retro styling (especially '70s and earlier).  And I'm tired, and I feel I've written enough for now. 

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: raindrops on February 01, 2006 08:21:35 PM
Here's my list.

My Wishlist
1.   handspun yarn or yarn that is plain old worsted weight (i.e. Red Heart) in skin and hair tones and colors for dresses for making dolls

Thanks for the laptop case, whoever picked me!

3.   a cozy for my cell phone or IPod like the little white critter one Janina made or a pale blue felted material with a little metal keyhole for the clasp
4.   knitted or crocheted fingerless armwarmers in a non-scratchy pale silvery gray or pale steely blue

Thanks for the brooches, whoever picked me!

6.   Stenciled t-shirts  (I would love one that said, “I solemnly swear that I am up to
no good”, or one with cute elephants going around the hem, or one that said, “So
little to do, so much time.  Wait, stop, reverse that.”)

 Thanks, BigMouth, for the collaged t-shirt!

7.   A bag; I’d love an easy-peasy tote, Jordy, or slouch hobo bag; look at my little bio for style/color preferences; nothing too small or too big; just a tote to carry around on weekends and wear with jeans and a tee
8.   A SURPRISE!!  Something functional (preferably wearable, but let your imagination go wild), maybe
9.   Necklaces like the following 3:
- the one here:
- here:
- and here:
   I really like to accessorize simply, and uniquely.  Any of the above necklaces, or
some similar to them, would be awesome! I really like neat pendants (like
Chinese coins or the nice carved bone pendant in the fat girl thread) and I would
love a cluster pendant (someone posted one somewhere that was like a beaded necklace with this long cluster of blue beads on tiny silver chains, but I can’t find it anywhere)

As for me, I'm 21, I am an English Literature major who loves Whitman (I actually have a mild obsession with Uncle Walt), Hawthorne, Poe, and Twain, and I have a dog named Huckleberry. Crazy fact about me: I worked with monkeys my first year of college, and miss them terribly. I am part Native American, and I also love Native American Lit.  I can sew and crochet, and do photography, mixed media, a little jewelry work, and paint.  I love the simplicity of how Angelina Jolie dresses, and the dainty 40's ness of Kirsten Dunst in Spiderman 2.  I like things that look like they're from the 20s-40s (think The Hours) and interesting (but professional-looking- I'll start student teaching soon) accessories.  My favorite animals are fawns, monkeys, and bluebirds (and of course, Huck).  Here are my wishes:

Surprise me!  I bow to the Craftster genius!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on February 01, 2006 10:58:45 PM
im back, after a super long drive and a huge migraine i did a FEW updates, if i told you to post your list go ahead and post it even if your name isnt on the front page. im going to try and do the rest of the udates tomorrow but i really need to go to bed.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Aphadon on February 02, 2006 03:26:17 AM
My list is really long... not cause I'm greedy, I just want to give lots of options.

Wish List:

- Anything cat-related - Amigurumi, hat, bag, clothing, anything! - Toadstool, I love the hats! Thanks so much!
- DIY clothing - skirts (29-30" waist), shirts (corset???) (34B bust), anything like that - I like purple, black, funky patterns esp. camo, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, anything like that (surprise me!) - a gothic lolita-style apron would rock
- Stencilled t-shirt - Size small/medium in a fitted style, use your logo or anything cute - A shirt that says "Crochet: My Anti-Drug" would be so amazingly cool!
- Anything related to Evanescence, System of a Down, Nirvana, or Hello Kitty
- Pillows... any kind, size, fabric, style, colour! I love them, and want to cover my bed with them!
- Stuff for my daughter - she's 4, wears a size 5, and loves Barbie, Dora, Hello Kitty, anything Disney, pink, purple, and blue
- Decorated/Hand-Made notebooks/folders - anything related to my likes would be really awsome, I collect notebooks and would love some handmade/hand-decorated ones
- These are so cute... if someone could make something like it I think I would die of happiness:
- Anything for my boyfriend... he's recently become pretty much homeless, and is lacking almost everything - screenprinted/iron-oned t-shirts/hoodies (size medium/large), with military, historical, or ninja-type images especially, but if you have any other ideas I'd love to hear them!
- Something nice for my kitty... a toy, pillow, a non-skid placemat for her food dish? She LOVES to drag her food across the kitchen, leaving a trail of food and water, so anything that can stop it would be awsome!

- Fabric Fat Quarters or 6"-12" quilting squares, remnants, yards... cotton, flannel, fleece, funfur, anything really, in licensed prints (Dora, Hello Kitty, Strawberry Shortcake, Pokemon, anything), camo, animal prints, cute kid's prints, or bright solid colours - as much as you like/want to send
- Grommet tape - any colour, 1-2 yards would be amazing
- Fabric appliques or iron-on/sew-on patches
- Clothing patterns needing a new home - Size 12/14 women's, 5-6 girl's
- Trims, fringes, ribbon remnants
- Yarn, scraps are awsome (I love making hippy/boho-inspired scrap scarves)
- Scrapbooking stuff - paper, stickers, die-cuts, 3D embillishments
- Buttons for clothing - anything really cute, although licensed characters would be the best, or military inspired

About Me:

I'm a 20-year-old university student in Ottawa, Canada, studying history and political science. I am really interested in 20th century history, and in various extremist political movements (Marxist communism, Maoist communism, National Socialism, etc.). I have a daughter who's four, and in french immersion kindergarten, and a cat who acts like a child. I love bright, cheerful colours, but also black and purple (No brown, though), and I love gothic lolita/punkish styled stuff. I love Hello Kitty, cute kid's cartoons, Disney, fashion, and cats. I love DIY clothing (I spend too much time surfing Ebay XD).

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: craftgirl_sampson on February 02, 2006 02:01:39 PM
hey my list
-   A surprise thanks!  ;D
-   Stickers
-   Fingerless gloves
-   Anything pink
-   Cd’(I like any music)
-   A change purse
-   I would love a tank top my bro’s race team logo
-   A wallet
-   Earrings thank you so much!  ;D
-   Any thing how to

About me- I’m 16 almost 17. I live up northern Ontario Canada. My favourite colours are pink, blue, and black. I love to be outside.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Ember77 on February 02, 2006 07:35:40 PM
Thanks, hertrigger! You're doing a lot of work for this swap and we totally appreciate it!

Okay, here's my list!  Thanks for looking, craftsters!  ;D

Among other things, my goal for 2006 is to buy (borrow/steal) a sewing machine & learn how to sew so I can up the ante on my craftiness! Here is my crafty wishlist! Eventually, I'd like to learn how to make these too!

Hermione Hat in red - I have the pattern I just haven't had the chance to figure it out yet.
  THANK YOU!!!  :D

Hello Kitty hat - I don't have a knitting pattern for this but I'd REALLY LOVE ONE!

a Koshi-himo - I'm totally drooling over these.

Pyramid Coin Purse

crochet cloche hat with flower

Drawstring pouch - If anybody can figure out the pattern, please let me know!

stenciled t-shirt or just the stencil– I’d love one that says “Something About Midnight” – my boyfriend’s internet radio show    WOW. Thank you, mystery Craftster!!! Do you need more details? Should I mail you a shirt?

Zoe necklace from Serenity/FireFly - i'm in love with it!

stuffie – dragon, wolf or anything cute!

handmade journal - with a dragonfly or fantasy or music theme!

fleece lap blanket - I'd love one with a solid colour and something appliqued on it

monster pouch for my ipod mini

cluster pendant necklace

I'd LOVE any one of these made up with a dark fabric on the outside and lined with a bright colour ie. chocolate brown with pink or blue lining, black with a pale delicate floral lining.

a. Tote bag - about 11" x 12" - big enough for a notebook/binder   THANK YOU!!!  Meanbean, I can't WAIT!
b. Zippered Wristlet - more rectangular than square
c. Zippered MakeUp pouch - I loves these! - any fun flirty fabric you have would be awesome.
d. Zippered Pencil Case
e. any other cute bag/purse - jordy, messenger etc.

DIY kits I just have this need to know how to do stuff! :D
e. crochet (I couldn't even learn from "Crochet for Dummies" as my friend pointed out)
f. Sewing ie. how to make a pouch!
g. Stenciling
h. embroidery
i. bookbinding
j. soap making

1. small/mini coin purse frames!!  I can't find them here! I'm dying to get some! Point me the way!
2. sewing notions
3. fabric - cotton, kimono, Japanese, silk georgette- whatever you have would be fantastic!
4. silver charms & star/leaf shaped beads
5. paper & ephemera
6. soy wax flakes
7. essential oils - do they have scents like apple, cinnamon, brown sugar, chocolate? I can't smell heavy floral scents without getting a big headache though.
8. paper casting
9. wool roving
10. yarn

I love anything related to Miyazaki movies, Disney movies and musicals.  I love fantasy & sci-fi books - so anything themed along the lines of faeries, monsters, elves, dragons, swords & majick would make me dance. I also love anything themed with cutesy flowers, animals, & dragonflies.  I like things simple, elegant and classic.  Thank you guys again for taking the time to look at all this shizz!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Antuanette on February 04, 2006 05:26:03 PM

Rock 'n Roll themed items for my boys' bedroom.  They are 10-12 and would love to have curtains, pillows, frames, a record clock, posters and anything else RnR to put in their room.

*Anything Frank the Bunny from the movie Donnie Darko. 
Here is a great stencil image

Soaps of any size, shape or fragrance.
Thanks so much!

Leather photo cuff (prefer black or pink) like this:

One inch buttons/pins made with fabrics, papers, etc.  Pretty much any theme or color.

Potholders like these, but made with some funky, retro or hip fabrics...

Candles...any size, shape, fragrance.

I can never have enough TOTE BAGS!  Would love one large enough to cart around my large paper supplies...they are at least 14"X14".

Any type of flower pin...made with beads, fabric, silk flowers, etc.
Thanks *so* much for the wonderful pins...they are posted in the gallery.

Jewelry...I wear necklaces, bracelets and pierced earrings of all types and styles.


A necktie bag like this awesome one...

I really need a wrist bag like one of these...I would LOVE a WonderWoman one, but would also like one that has an A on it.

Black and pink skull hand towels like these

Reconstructed t-shirts made into cool things. 


This adorable kitty cat cap:


I love these "leg warmers" but I want them for my arms.    Black and pink would be really cool!

This matching purse and belt are just *too* cute.

An evil kitty potholder.  Very cool.

And the Betty Boop potholder:

Hello!  I'm Antuanette and I'm 34 years old.  I live in Central FL and have two sons, a husband and 3 kitty cats.  My favorite colors are black and pink.  I love anything funky, retro and kitschy.  I would love anything to do with Wonder Woman, Frank the Bunny from Donnie Darko, Rock N Roll or PINK!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: taloola on February 04, 2006 06:28:31 PM
i forgot to post my list! i go.
i am in portland oregon....

- felted soap

- i reallllllly want a felted panta....i dont know how it would work or whatever but the idea seems so soft and warm to me!  cream or any brown would be nice...or any earthy color really!

- felted anything....slippers, brooches, bags, anything.

- microbead coasters with any of the themes below.

- stenciled shirt for the husband.  something vacuum themed.  he loves his vacuum! really. or bike themed...he also loves his bike! (mens medium or large...he likes black and greys)

- a hippie/peasant type skirt...gauzy and flowy! (womens size 8 or medium)

- reconned shirt (womens medium)-boho hippie feminine-ish.

- embellished hoodie (womens small or medium)- i would like it to be embellished with sort of a boho hippie vintagey feminine type feel or with any of my likes below....or a sewn hoodie would be swell!

- this cute cardigan in the geek swap board...i want one!  something equally dorky embroidered on a secondhand cardi would be perfect! heres the link...scroll down! thank you whoever you dont know how much i wanted this!

- beaded glasses know the bead strand thing that holds old ladies' glasses! 

- knitted socks

- cable knit hat...i sadly lost my favorite hat while skiing...(actually, falling down a double black diamond run!) this one would be wonderfully perfect!  i adore it! green or brown would be beautiful!

- pillows for my living room.  (prefer browns, mustardy yellow, burnt oranges or sagey type green)

-cute kitchen towels

- knit mittens with flippin the bird intarsia'd onto them!  to be used for when people almost run me over while scooterin'!

- a scary ski mask...this is the reason i fell in love with craftster!

- knit washcloths

- cloth menstrual pads (not too huge!)

- a cute pincushion.  i hate the one i have.

- a scarf with a hood attached....oh how i would love this.

- knit cuff things like these to wear under long sleeve shirts or hoodies! or
i would adore them in brown, cream or olive green!

- some stationary made by you!

- a suprise made by you!

- this is a never ending wish....i would LOVE some knit or crochet squares...6x6" or 12x12"....of varying textures, stitches, yarns, colours, etc...i want to collect them from all you beautiful craftsters and make a super cozy craftsterlicious afghan that i can curl up in!  feel free to include a square if you are generously granting any of my other wishes!  i would adore a square from all my buddies here on craftster!

a little about me
i am a modern day hippie boho-y type girl who loves to laugh. i love anything earthy and naturific! i have had a yearning to simplify things so anything simple is nice.  i am feeling quite feminine today but i am a tough cookie most of the time.  i like being a dork and i have a good sarcastic sense of humor. 

things i love are: scooters, trees, branches, chickens, chicken footprints, bamboo, nurse themed stuff, vegetables, fruit, birds, yarn, fabric, sewing machines, anything funny or "punny", anything retro or vintage, feminine hippie types stuff, coffeeeee, nerd themed stuff. my favorite colors are earthy greens, yellows, reds, oranges and browns.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on February 04, 2006 06:33:19 PM
the list on the first page is updated, feel like being craftier? craft for someone who hasnt been picked, we have a TON:

Never been Picked Craftsters
the noodle princess - NEWBIE: ONE WISH ONLY

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: akredhead on February 04, 2006 07:27:12 PM
I'm so excited to be a part of this!

I'm Chelsea and I live in Anchorage, AK...


1. A long skinny but warm black scarf with perhaps a pop of color (a stripe) or some sparkle.

2. A monster bag big enough to hold a text book and a binder.

3. Something retro-asian themed for my bedroom (a piece of wall art...a box...a pocket shrine)

4. A pincushion in the shape of a hedge-hog

5. Looooong dangly earings...nothing bright though.

6. A stenciled t-shirt that says "Redheads = Sexy" or some other redhead pride type saying. Size XL

7. Cloth pads similar to these:

8. Chicken Viking Hat:

9. Anything that incorporates the band Pulp or Jarvis Cocker

10. A stylish but funky clutch for my bar-hopping adventures.

11. Jewelry...anything really...I love broaches, bracelets (7.5 inch), pendants, necklaces, dangly earings. I love it all!

12. DIY Kit: Needle Felting

13. Stenciled t-shirt or tanktop that says "Jack Nasty <3 You" or "I <3 Jack Nasty"

14. Hair accessories: I have very thick hair so it needs to be able to stick

15. Bumble-bee anything...a clips...seriously.. .anything with bumble-bees.

16. Your favorite book. Yay thank you!

17. A kitty bed:

18. A crochet or knitted snood.

19. A cluster ring in black or red or teal or lime

20. Yarn...

21. An apron with a funky fun fabric. YAY THANK YOU

22. A DIY Kit using polymer clay

23. Fingerless gloves in any of my fave colors.

24. A table runner using primary colors.

25. SURPRISE ME! Seriously, I know it's lame but...I'd love to see what you do best!

26. Anything to do with my fandoms: Jake Gyllenhaal, Brokeback Mountain, Pulp, Jarvis Cocker

27. Mix CD <--I listen to music like Ari Hest, Guster, John Mayer...would love to expand my tastes.


29. Toys for my pet mouse, Jabba.

30. Another kitty ear hat! I love the one I have now!

Details about Me:

I have a weird sense of humor (i.e. my love for the chicken hat). I'm 27, live alone with my many pets. I work all day alone in an office...I love classic movies, shabby chic, retro-asian, vintage anything. My favorite colors are: black, red, grey, drk green, drk purple, teal, burnt orange. I like listening to lots of music from brit pop to tool. I'm an avid favorite authors are David Sedaris and Armistead Maupin. Little things (minatures) and sparkles make me squeel with glee. I love to be glamorous and unique and sexy. I'm a proud redhead. Themes: bumble-bees, hedgehogs, retro-asian, purple, shabby chic, bar memorabillia, portugal, scottish.

Visit my website: if you want to learn more about me.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: the noodle princess on February 04, 2006 07:52:37 PM
yew!! since i'm no longer a newbie and can be picked again here's my new list!!

-a panta in green soft yarn

-a pair of cheap fake converse. i want to make some of those ballet style shoes and i can't get them here.

-a pirate hat

-a Liger t-shirt(it's pretty much my favorite animal)

-a journal to keep track of swaps. i love these record album cover journals: (

-kitschy or neat religiuos with mexican saints or hindu gods/goddesses

-loteria cards

-retro floral, polka dot, or tattoo fabric.

-resin jewelery, something along these lines: ( ( i like the flowers or random objects in them. i would LOVE a pendant with a (found)dead bee inside. i know.weird.

-mix CDs. i would love bangra/bollywood or bellydance music. also just cool, different music, especially women artists.(NOT brittany spears or celine dion style though) (i like beck, ween, flaming lips, modest mouse)WOOHOO!

-cloth pads

-crochet pattern magazines, old or new

-iron-on transfer paper or iron-on transfer pens

i'm in BC, Canada. i'm a gardener, i love nature,bees,birds, flowers, my favourites are roses, poppies and peonys. ah i'm not as girly as i sound.  I like retro and vintage stuff,anatomical hearts, mexican stuff-my favourite artist is frida kahlo. i belly dance. i like wierd quirky stuff.
i like all colors especially red, pea green, blue , pale yellow, turquoise, brown.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: Toadstool on February 04, 2006 08:08:22 PM
Alright, here I go again!

* Something to do with my "personal character",
* Something cute relating to Billy the Kid (purse, hoodie, etc.)
* A long, knitted striped Slytherin or Ravenclaw scarf!
* GOOD Irish punk and/or rock music!!!
* Hufflepuff related things
* A NoFace (from SpiritedAway) knitted hat... (this would rock so much!!!)
*A seriously punked-out apron for work!! (I work at a cafe, and I always have to wear plain ones :()

I hope this isn't too short D:

edit: I always forget the important stuff! I'm 18 years old from a little town in eastern North Carolina.. I love animals, drawing, Davey my bearded dragon and Billy the Kid <3 My favorite color combo is black and green! I work with my mom in her cafe and it's one of the hardest things i've ever had to do ;).. so these crafts would be such a treat for me!!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: mccameron.oxox on February 04, 2006 08:35:08 PM
1) a sewing machine!!! (hey its worth trying)
2) a how to knit book/tutorial type thing
3) a cell phone holder for this
4) pop tabs! i have about 1000 saved up so far
5) really big sharp needles, i lose the small ones (i have these monster yarn needles but they're not sharp enough!)
6) funky band pins and stuff to decorate my backpack
7) glitter/gold/silver spray paint
8) glitter glue!!!
9) sequined ballet flats (like these
10) does anyone have any idea how to make something like that?
if you did i would love you forever!!!!
11) a pretty pin cushion - surprise me :)
12) stuff to make my own lipgloss, I've been trying to use up my good stuff for the containers to make my own...I'm a pathetic crafty young soul...
13) a book on beginner embroidery
14) those knitted ipod headphone cover things! (I'm dying for these :) - pink please)
15) a calculator cozy like this (my calculator is that same one, so the sizes are all the same)
16) something film related? surprise me!
17) a skirt like this (I'm a size 0 usually)

i think thats it?

hi my names melissa.  i live in wisconsin but i can't wait to move to new york. my favorite colors are pink and gold and silver and anything sparkly because im still 5 years old in my brain. i collect tiaras because i want to grow up to become a disney princess, just ask my mom. i also collect random things that people like to throw away like poptabs and toilet paper rolls. i guess i'm a girly girl but i like sports too especially scary ones like snowboarding and rockclimbing.  i spend the majority of my time with my friends making home videos, if i can't get a job in the disney princess field i want to become a producer. i could not live with out my ipod (headphones on ---> world off) if you want to know more about me find me on myspace and be my friend :)

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: kiki*eks on February 05, 2006 11:27:40 PM

-- crochet earrings inspired or like these

-- felted necklace or earrings anything pretty like these

-- a knit or a crochet cloche like the 2 seen in Hip to Crochet ( or like any of these
without the chin strap thing

-- a sock monkey of my very own
-- handmade dice  (roll them bones kind of dice - I collect dice but not casino dice) could be ceramic, carved wood, metal, fimo...
-- music /cd mixes - email for dislikes ;)
-- 1" button pins or push style pins
-- fabric scraps or squares at least 6"x6"
-- paper scraps /ephemera
-- buttons
-- carved/turned wooden crochet hook - any size
(FYI - the necklace is a huge PLUS) eye candy
-- art of any kind to dress up my craft room, I love love this one also art deco is good, still life's are good just not of flowers, 80's memories early to mid 80's not late 80's like boom box's, headphone, turntables.... butterflies, owls, cherries, tattoo flash, pop art, silkscreen. i'm not into abstract or neon's
-- black and white photographic art
-- portrait, sketches or paintings of my blue eyed girls (cats) I have a thing for small paintings 3x5 4x6 or a comic book/strip character drawing or a caricature of my two cats (Cleo & Lily) or a maybe a pop art picture of them - I have lots of pics to send. (oh - no anime)
-- surprise

about me:
I'm in the US - Portland, OR
Thanks for reading........ oh and check my profile, stalk my posts or just drop me a line if there is anything you want to know like the details....

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: simplyfussfree on February 06, 2006 01:32:19 PM
Foresty themed pillows or pillowcases ( trees, deer, owls, etc. )

Cd of real Romanian Gypsy music

Postage stamp necklace with stamps from Romania, Russia, or Poland ( I can send you a stamp for it )

Courderoy messanger bag ( burgundy or green would be cool )

Patchwork pillow or pillowcase ( my bedding is green )

Handmade journal with forest theme ( yet again )

A black knit hat

To anyone who chooses me to craft for, thanks in advance!

About me: I live in Los Angeles but will be living in England from Feb.-May of this year. I'm having packages mailed there but if someone wants to craft for me and really wants to send to the States, I can send my home ( US ) addy. I'll be living with my boyfriend, who lives in England. I'm 25 years old and still don't know what I should do with my life. I like green, browns, and pink when combined with those colors. I'm obsessed with travelling and with Romania, Russia, and Poland. I like Victorian looking things, forest themed things, things with trees on it. 

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: lamamarco on February 07, 2006 04:01:40 PM
California here!!! :)

I would like to recieve:

- Hello Kitty Hat (
- Anything Hello Kitty/owl related/curious george
- Knitted or corcheted scarves
- Shrinky Dinks
- Bracelet (
- Daisy Ring (
- Recycled Bag Tote (
- Felt Donut (
- Pocketbook Slippers (I have the pattern, I just can't find it on here)
- Chrocheted balls (
- Crochet Cupcake (big) (
- Granny Square scarf
- Crochet Flowers
- Anything cutesy Japanese things
- bottlecaps (not beer)
- Your unwanted PEZ
- Earrings (I would prefer more simple ones, but I like dangly too! not to heavy though)

My name is Lauren, I'm 15, and live in California. A lot of my wishes are knitted or crochet becasue for the life of my I can only do simple things in both. I LOVE to play soccer and swim, dogs, Hello Kitty, owls, vintage/retro stuff, getting mail, bottle caps,knick nacks, PEZ ( I collect them). Umm that's all I can think of.. PM for anything more you want to know

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on February 08, 2006 10:57:57 PM
hey guys, i just wanted to tell you all sorry for my lack of ANYTHING lately, i just started school and im working 40 hours a week and im TIRED.. starting next week i SHOULD have weekends off permanently (i work m-f 8-5 and school m-thu 6-10) and i can do all the updates then, but until then, PLEASE BARE WITH ME!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: dharma_rebel on February 09, 2006 08:45:28 AM
don't even worry about it, hertrigger. i've done that schedule and it is exhausting. i couldn't keep up with it very long - you're hardcore.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: ebeth on February 09, 2006 10:02:49 AM
you're doing a great job  ;D thanks for all the efforts you put on for our behalf and for making this possible

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: handbaghannah83 on February 11, 2006 07:02:49 AM
yay!! ive been approved and can post my list....

-a BIG messanger bag/tote-any fabric would do...something i can carry around my classes art projects i need to finish in (i recieved one that is SO cute from the first round, but you can never have enough!!) (i love the necktie messanger bag that someone made on here!)
-a hoodie- size mens large....i LOOOOVE Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Monroe, Hearts, skulls, anything punk rock/ rockabilly
-legwarmers- love hot pink and black or pink and brown...also teal and brown
-a small lap blanket/quilt-any design....i like most all colors...a punkrockish or one that has a palm treeish feel to it would be awesome...

And the list goes on....
-jewelry (i recieved some beautiful jewelry from ebeth in the first round!)
-scrapbook stuff-currently working on my wedding scrapbook, and a general scrapbook of the past three years my husband and i have been together
-a purse/ so addicted to purses
-anything Marilyn Monroe, fall out boy, dashboard confessional, punk rockish, rockabilly, i love the tattoo fabric everyone has posted on here....
-handmade journal
-soapmaking supplies
-im a HUGE Louisiana State University anything LSU related
-a stuffy, doesnt matter what it is...i dont have one of these...
-anything for my oversized yorkie....he is 15 lbs and the love of my life...his name is micah.....he will wear clothes.....measurments from nap of neck to base of tail is about 12 inches give or take....

if i need to add more let me know

a lil about me
my name is Johanna (aka JoJo)...i am 22 yrs old...i live in Louisiana....i teach 2 1/2-3 yr olds at a private school/daycare...i abuse / love hot pink, black, teal, browns, pinks, purple and yellow....i have a large sized yorkie who is my baby.....i mainly do scrapbooking, bath and body stuff, some crocheting, some jewelry making....i have a sewing machine but dont really know how to use it....for some reason the tread always messes up when im trying to sew something...its prob just me VERY easy to please and would love anything made for/given to me.

oh and THANK YOU SO MUCH in advance for anyone who "grants" one of my wishes!!!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: KraftyKT on February 12, 2006 01:15:08 PM
Okay, heres my list!

-1" buttons
-A music themed shirt (I'm a choir geek)
-something RENT themed
-homemade soap, something yummy smelling
-Something about redhead pride
-clay beads
-funky shrinky-dinks
-A funky tie
-a crafster pride shirt
-kool jewelery
-polly pocket dolls (the old ones, the really tiny ones. Not the new ones that are bigger with the clothes and stuff. just the old, about 1" tall dolls.)
-chainmaille rings (its a longshot, but why not try?)
-Something to organize my craft supplies in
-earring making supplies
-a medium sized messanger bag with a lot of pockets (for my craft stuff that I carry everywhere)
-surprise me! Whatever it is you craft best.

So now, about me:  I'm a 17 (almost 18) year old girl from NYC, graduating HS.
I'm a total geek (broadway geek, science geek, math geek, choir geek, chess geek... you name it, i'm a geek), with a passion for strange jewelery, duct tape, and chainmaille.

As for colors- I love black, green and blue, and any neon color that isnt orange or yellow. PM me for sizes or anything like that. Anyone who crafts for me, Thank you in advance!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: miss brianne on February 12, 2006 07:44:09 PM
Here is da list!
I know, I know, it's amazingly long. However variety is the spice of life and I like it EXTRA SPICEY.
(that was lame)

Knitting :

. So freakin’ sexy! In red? Pink? Purple? Any colour really.  (

. Notebook mittens! I am a writer so I could rock these hardcore. They don’t have to have the embroidery. Just the notebook look.;topicseen  (;topicseen)

. A Chicken Viking hat (

. Skull Scarf (

. This hat. in black/dark purple/brown. (

. These socks are fab. (

.These suckers are really impressive. I would love to have impressive winter wear. (

Supplies :

. Day of the dead fabric.

. A learn to felt kit!

. See these paisley fabrics. I need fabrics like these...;topicseen (;topicseen)

. Any fabric for quilting that you think would go with this- ( I am making a quilt and this is my inspiration fabric!

. Retro fabric, shabby chic roses/cowboy/vintage etc.

Jewellery :

. Any resin bracelet/necklace (like that sweet pea one, I can’t find the link but it was down right beautiful.)

. A necklace. My style is ultra minimal. I really just like pretty and simple things. Ambers and greens and purples are the colours that I like. 16-18 inches is ideal. ( the purple one! I love the space between the beads thing and I dont really adore pendants etc. I just really love nice beads.

. Hair clips that are rockabilly/punk rock inspired. I have fine hair.

Clothing :

. A hoodie- zip up with something really coool on it. See loves or PM me.

. Stenciled t-shirt. No mens big bulky shirts though. Womens XL and I would like it to stretch (I'm so mean...) kind of like this one maybe?;topicseen (;topicseen) or something with pistols or anatomical hearts.

Miscellany :

. Something cool for my house! I just moved out. I still need something for my walls. I adore pin up girls, biology and old school tattoos. After reading the reason behind swallow tattoos I think they are amazing. My bedroom is decorated with anatomical hearts and really rich jewel tones (sari silks and beaded cushions and velvet quilts)

. A fear monster – For my fear that I will continue to try so hard to please other people that I will never accomplish all of the wonderful things I want. I would love this extra hard if it came with a little story like the ones in the post. That is what makes them cute!

. I have always thought it would be neat if someone made a little questionnaire and I answered and received a special surprise based on my loves!

About Me :

I live in Alberta Canada (brrrrr- you can tell it’s cold because I have mittens listed.) and I just turned 20 years old and I am in my first year of an English degree. I used to be a punk rocker so now I am basically a hipster. Anything cool but nice looking works with me. I like black, green, and purple. I really like nature-y colours but only if they mix well with black. I secretly adore cowboy themed goods. A lot of the things I own are leopard print and it's a good thing. I also think that rockabilly has to be the hottest music/style in the world. I love anything Mexican inspired and adore sari silks. I think that world travel is the most important thing anyone could do. (I am so out in left field with my likes…) PM me if you want to know anything at all!

Edited to make it easier to sift through.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: brena80 on February 13, 2006 08:17:44 AM
Here's my listy...

Knitting Needle Case

Random 1" buttons

amigurami animal

craft zines

books or magazines on paper crafts

soap.   help me stay clean!!!!! (my friends will appreciate)

a toothbrush holder for my mermaid themed bathroom

art work

Dress up magnets, like ( or (

Anything from a country that's not the United States!!!!!

This Kill Bill shirt,  (  either the nurse or gogo one!  I'm most comfortable in a men's small.

Something computer geeky.   I'm a programmer, I love .NET and Oracle...

Something Vampire Hunter D!

Any kind of stuffie!

Some gothy jewerly...

Necklace organizer... mine are all tangled up.   :(

Charms or pendants that you've made

I'm 25 and I like bright girly colors and dark goth colors.  Some of my obsessions include mermaids, anime, knitting, cupcakes, Slipknot, vampires, and boys.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: hertrigger on February 14, 2006 11:02:36 AM
so i was thinking that this swap should be monthly like the unconditional swap. if anyone would be willing to organize the 2006 wishlist-march please let me know and i can send youall the info

also, for each month if you werent picked you can post your list for free until your picked 3 times then youd have to pick..

so if anyone wants to organize march i can send you all the info and give you all the details on how to run it and then the last day of feb i can pm you all the names of the people not picked.

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: irid3sc3nt on February 16, 2006 09:56:48 PM
I'll be taking over for March.  It'll just be called the March Wishlist 2006 instead of a round 3.

Alright, continue swapping!

Title: Re: The 2006 Wishlist ROUND 2
Post by: irid3sc3nt on February 24, 2006 10:41:54 PM
The 2006 Wishlist March is up: