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Title: Selling at a market?
Post by: blur on May 05, 2004 06:00:30 AM
Hi, recently i've been coming up with ideas of crafty things i could make and i know my ideas are good enough to sell at one of the several markets near me. I have a few questions however, at a general market would hand crafted clothes, jewllary, bags, purses sell? I'm sure there's nothing else like it at the place i would like to sell but i'm wondering if there is a reason for it. There's also a monthy craft fair near me, would i be better off here?

Another thing i need to figure out is, i haven't actually made any of the things i  plan to sell yet though i know i have the skill to do it but this is only because i dont want to go and buy materials without knowing if they'll sell. I guess this is the risk i have to take. Also are stalls at craft fairs expensive? I want to be able to cover my costs of materials and renting a space, and be able to make a profit for me at the same time as i'm thinking of giving up my washing up job to do it (I'm at senior school right now, im year10. i don't know what grade that is. i have the rest of this year and next year before i leave).

I would be so gratefull if somebody could help me out? Thanks for your time,

blur x x X x x

Title: Re: Selling at a market?
Post by: Mr. Twigg on May 06, 2004 07:12:07 PM
Hi Blur ! There is some element of risk in everything we do. There is no "guarenteed" sale. First go to several shows in your area and see what folks are selling. It's best to have a unique product. Booth fees in my area can be as low as $25.00 for a single space at a local church for a six hour show to several hundred bucks for a larger space. Mulit day shows can be even more. Try "googling" craft fairs", "arts & craft shows" or craft websites. I use one called ( . You'll be able to search different shows in your area, read reviews obout the shows and get the producers contact info. Do some research, plan your work then act on your plan. Take the profits from the first show and roll them back into product and booth fees for the next show. Building a business takes time. Keep at it and you will succeed. Best of luck

Title: Re: Selling at a market?
Post by: OldQlts on May 06, 2004 07:58:12 PM
my market experience is from doing shows in indiana, illinois, and california (for 35 years or so!). if by "market" you mean "flea" market, where most of the stalls sell used goods, that's probably not the best place to be selling handmade items ... at least that's been my experience. as mr. twigg said, booth fees can range from $25 (and occasionally even less) to hundreds of dollars. you'll generally ... but not always! ... get what you pay for. meaning a $25 show at a church or school is probably counting on their members or the student's parents to be the main shoppers, and this often limits the turn-out of shoppers to a few hundred. some of the more expensive shows draw many thousands of shoppers, so it's all (generally) relative.

with my current line (dolls that look like they've been around for 150+ years), antique shows are actually my best selling venue! my work seems to appeal to those who like antiques but can't afford them. :-)

good luck with your marketing ventures!

Title: Re: Selling at a market?
Post by: blur on May 08, 2004 03:13:19 AM
hey thanks for the advice!  ;D I think I might just jump right on in there and see what happens. If i loose out then at least then I'll know. The markets or fairs i was talking aren't flea  markets one's really craft orientated and the other is aswell but not so much, i think. I'm going to do what mr. twigg said, have a look around at the fairs nearest me and see whats selling well and what isnt and decide from there. Thanks again for the tips  ;)