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Title: Model magic Air dry clay?
Post by: steiconi on April 28, 2019 12:52:03 AM
I had some Model Magic 15 years ago or so and really liked it.  It dried durable and waterproof, and felt like Styrofoam.  It stayed pliable in its original packaging even after opening.

Did they change it?  One website says it can be reused by adding water.   Another says it dries out even before the package is opened. Crayola's website doesn't say either.

Has anyone used it recently?

Or can you recommend an air dry clay that dries durable and fairly waterproof?

Title: Re: Model magic Air dry clay?
Post by: Onyxnox on May 05, 2019 04:13:09 PM
What do you want to make?

I have used a variety of air dry clays - including 2 part epoxy resin clays.  The latter for sure is water proof and quite durable - but depending on what you are making, can be pricey.  I recently used DAS clay - remember that stuff - that seemed to work for the project I made, but may not be as durable as a 2 part epoxy resin clay.  As for 2 part epoxy - there are a number of different brands, and I have used Aves Apoxie Sculpt myself and quite like it.  While it is workable, you can also embed items into it quite securely and use things like powders to colour it.

I used the Apoxie Sculpt to make the decorations for these two compacts - here ( and here (  I used the DAS clay for the fairy doors I made  ( mainly because I did not think I would embed anything in them - but the DAS does not adhere to itself as well as the resin clay.  The resin clay also seemed to take texture better and be more easily workable, but it does have a much more limited working time - about 3 hours when it is fresher.  The DAS felt more brittle too - I wonder if it would shatter more easily than the resin clay.

Title: Re: Model magic Air dry clay?
Post by: steiconi on September 10, 2019 12:30:02 PM
So I got some Model Magic, and love it.
It has a very pleasant feel to it, can be softened or stiffened with water or air, blends beautifully, glues easily with white glue. 
you don't have to bake it, either!