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Title: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: alteredmommy on March 04, 2018 11:19:50 AM
Have lots of crafty items to "sell"?  Want to "buy" fantastic crafts and supplies from a bunch of super cool crafters? Then this is the swap for you!

Swap name: Shop the Swap Spring Market 2018  
Craftster member who is organizing this swap: alteredmommy
Craftster member who is the backup organizers for this swap: loves2experiment
Sign-up date range: 03/04/18 - 03/18/18
Date to send item by: Once someone claims from you, you have ONE WEEK to mail the item. The swap runs through to April 27/18 (**Please note that the last week April 22-27  will be for over/under 3 point shops only)
Limited to a certain number of people? 50
Non-U.S. participants allowed? Yes! Be aware that by signing up for this swap you are agreeing to ship items internationally if they are claimed by someone outside of your country

Additional Age requirement? YES **This swap is open to crafters who are 18+**

Gallery! (
Discussion Thread! (

Swap Organizer himself/herself meets these conditions:
- Has fully read the Swap Info Guide: YES
- Has successfully completed two swaps as a participant: YES
- Is not organizing more than three swaps right now: YES
- Will recruit a co-organizer or give all details to a Swap Moderator if this swap has more than 25 participants: YES
- Is at least 18 years old: YES

Swap Organizer will check each participant to make sure they meet these conditions:
- Has been a member for at least one month: YES
- Has posted at least 15 times: YES
- Has completed one swap successfully before signing up for multiple swaps at a time: YES
- Has completed 2 swaps with positive feedback YES
- Is not currently signed up for more than five swaps: YES
- Does not have any negative feedback: YES
- Participant has agreed that he/she is at least 18 years old: YES
- If within the US, understands that Delivery Confirmation number is required for this swap: YES
- If outside the US, understands that a mailing receipt copy is required for this swap: YES

All swappers MUST be pre-approved for this swap!

The Shop the Swap (or STS) is a different kind of swap in that we start with finished items.  We use a point system in which you “price” items in points that you receive when you “sell” your shop item to another swapper.  Once you have sent your claim out , you can use those points to “buy” any available item from any open shop in the swap.   Like the real world, you can’t spend points that you don’t have (no overdraft here) and you can’t hoard your points under your mattress (you must close and go shopping when you have +7 points).  
If you are traveling or otherwise unable to keep your shop open, you can close for a short period of time (a week or two, please let the organizers know)

- Post a “shop” in this thread with at least 5 finished, handcrafted items for the other swappers to choose from.  You can also post a small amount of craft supply items at the bottom of your shop.  **Custom items can be offered, but must be finished and sent in a timely manner, so keep this in mind and only offer custom items that you can finish quickly.  Please let us know if you will be sending late.
-Handcrafted items from other people may be offered in your shop, BUT  be aware of the potential of hurt feelings when “selling” items made for you in other swaps.  This is a high profile swap that many people see.  Crafted items from others must be credited with the name of the creator or you will be requested to remove that item.
-Each item should have a SHORT identifiable title, description and picture.  Each item should be priced between 1 and 3 points.  Groups of items can be priced at a choice of 2 for 1 (or 3 for 1 etc).  Charge what you think is fair for your crafted item, considering time/supply cost/popularity.
-Check people’s wishlists and use the discussion thread for brainstorming any new items to offer in your shop.


-all persons new to the swap receive 3 points to spend.  This is a STS “loan” and you must leave with 3 points (in effect pay the “loan” back) for positive feedback.  
-Your shop must be open before you can spend your points in other shops.
-Remember there are no guarantees that claims will be made from your shop.  To make a sale you may need to adjust your prices or offer new crafted items/supplies.
-Everytime someone claims from you, you will get whatever point price you have listed for it.  List the claim at the bottom of your shop and add the points into pending and to your points total.  You cannot spend pending points.
-Once you have sent the claim, move the points into current.  All current points are spendable so go shopping!
-When you have +7 points (a TOTAL of current and pending) you must close your shop temporarily.  Edit your shop post to put CLOSED at the top in big bold letters that people will see.
-Once you go shopping (with your current points, you may have to ship first)and spend your points down to 5 or less, you can re-open your shop.
-Claims to and from you should be listed with your point tally at the bottom of your shop.  See the next post for the proper shop format.


-If any prior claims go missing you may be required to remake/refund the points/offer something else in your shop if you have no DC# or shipping receipt.  If you have a valid DC# or shipping receipt it is your decision whether you will replace the item or have me arrange an angel.  You will not get angel credit for replacing the item.

-Positive feedback will be given after the swap closing date of April 22/18 if you have 3 points and all your claims have been received.
-Negative feedback will be given for closing this swap with less than 3 points and/or not sending claims made to you.  If you need points, have a sale, let people know in the discussion thread, offer some supplies.  
-Spend your points down to 3 before the close of this round.  These points will not be returned to you should you join the STS in a future round.  So go shopping!

-Remember that you have ONE WEEK to ship from the day you receive a claim.
-All items are to be shipped AFTER an official claim is received; please do not ship custom items before we receive an official STS claim for them.  Items shipped before they are claimed will not be covered under our angel policy should they go missing.
- DC# are required on all claims if eligible AS PER CRAFTSTER SWAP RULES; if sending internationally please keep your postal receipt until your item is received.   Thin items can be padded with a plastic grocery bag or something similiar to make them thick enough for a DC#.  If your item has not been received within a reasonable time (3-4 weeks domestic; 4-5 weeks international) an angel can be arranged if you have a DC# or postal receipt.  If not you will be required to remake or offer something else from your shop and resend.
-Also remember to read the Swap Info Guide ( to find out how to ship your item and other details about participating in a swap.

-It is your responsibility to keep relevant people informed of your shop and claim status  
-all claim/send/receive pm’s must be sent to both organizers as well as to the person you are claiming from/sending to.  Please check you're outgoing pm's to ensure that everyone has received a copy!!!!!!
-Poor communication will be noted in your feedback.  This includes not informing the organizers/other swappers of claim status via the correct claim format; not posting in the discussion thread.
-Do join in the lively conversation on the discussion thread which can be found here:

PLEASE PM THE ORGANIZERS alteredmommy, loves2experiment WITH THE FOLLOWING

(Make the title of your PM -  STS Spring Market 2018 SIGNUP)

Name of swap: Shop the Swap Spring Market 2018
Craftster username:
I am at least eighteen years old:
I have completed 2 swaps with positive feedback:
Email address:
Real name and mailing address (formatted for mailing):

Do you have at least 5 crafted items to start out with?
Have you read through the first 2 posts of guidelines/rules?
When will this swap be closed for claims?
What information needs to be kept current at the TOP of your shop?
Daffodils or tulips?
What colour screams Spring to you?

Feel free to ask alteredmommy or loves2experiment if you have any questions!!

Shops from previous rounds:

Winter Market 2017

Spring Market 2017

Winter Market 2016

Spring Market 2016

Winter Market 2015

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 **Neato stuff to know**
Post by: alteredmommy on March 04, 2018 11:20:00 AM
Shop format

Name of your shop and a brief bio, your location, allergy info…..
OPEN or CLOSED  <<remember to change this when you need too!!>>

-List all crafted items you have to offer, either by high point to low point, newest to oldest-however you like to organize your items.
-A good picture of your item makes it much more likely to be claimed
-Make sure every item has a SHORT recognizable title that can be used in claiming (and makes it much easier for cutting and pasting to the claims list)
-Clearly mark the price of the item (1-3 points) in whole numbers only please-while you can list things for .25 or .5, there has to be enough of the items so people can make a whole number claim
-List how many of the items are available
-Once items are claimed, it is your responsibility to remove them from your shop to avoid claim confusion.  Pictures can be transferred to the gallery for each round.
-Include a brief description of the item

-Craft supply items can be listed after crafted items.  Please keep these to a  manageable amount and if you have more than a few use thumbnails for pictures.  If you put the thumbnail links together with no spaces they will show up in a line.
At the end of your shop please put your claims list and point total

Claims made from me -  <<List all claims made to your shop for the current round only like this:>>
to alteredmommy –  fabulous soap (2 pt)

Claims I have made -  <<List all claims that you make to other people like this>>
from loves2experiment – fabulous roving (2 pt)

Started with: 3   <<This is how many points you start the round with>>
Pending:2           <<This is the point total of claims made to you that HAVE NOT BEEN SENT YET-once you
                               send these points get removed from pending and added to current points
Current:1            <<These are your spendable points from claims that you HAVE SENT-the point value of any
                                claims you make gets deducted from here

TOTAL: 3           <<This is the total of PENDING and CURRENT points.  When the total is +7 you must temporarily
                               close your shop and spend (using current points) down to 5 or less

A wishlist of items you would love to see in people’s shops can be included at the bottom of your shop  


Claim/Send/Receive pm format

All pm’s must be sent to both organizers alteredmommy, loves2experiment AND the person you are claiming/sending/receiving from.  All pm’s must be sent in the proper format to be valid, the FIRST properly formatted claim for any item wins the claim.  

Here is an example of a claim made on January 1:
To: “alteredmommy””loves2experiment”person you are claiming from
Subject: STS Winter Market 2014 Claim

Send by January 8
Phizzychick to alteredmommy – 5 neato cards (1 pt)
                                        -bunch of doo-dads .5, bird necklace .5 (1 pt)
Cheryl DM
10 moose eating my yard street
My town, AB
Canada,  H0H 0H0

Here is a line by line breakdown:

TO:   <<both organizers must be in this line and the person you are sending to.  We need to see all names in this line for the claim to be valid.  Make sure you use the To: space and NOT the bcc space.  Please check your outgoing message copy to see that the correct people received the pm and resend the message to everyone if anyone gets missed-this is REALLY, REALLY important and we don’t mind getting copies as long as we eventually get a correct one!  Hint- write the names with quote marks around each one except the last>>
SUBJECT:  <<STS Winter Market 2014  Claim  OR Send OR Receive – Please make sure the subject line is correct as it really helps with filing the hundreds of pm’s into the proper folder>>

SEND BY  <<7 days from the date that the claim was made, which is the date directly under the claim date on the calendar, include this on ALL claim/send/receive pm’s>>

person you are claiming from to alteredmommy – 5 neato cards (1 pt)
                                                  -  bunch of doo dads .5, bird necklace .5 (1 pt)
<<the person you are claiming from goes first, you go second>>
<<use the brief title of the item on ONE line, please write the claim beside the swapper names (this needs to be cut and pasted to the list)>>
<<claims must be made in whole points, if claiming a number of items listed as fractions of points you need to claim enough to add up to a whole point>>
<<each full point claim should be written on a separate line>>
<<multiple part point claims should be written as 1 claim as above>>
your address, written as it should be for mailing

<<you can copy the original claim made to you, make sure you change the SUBJECT line.    Obviously when you send a claim, your name goes first and the person you are sending to goes second….>>

<<again you can copy the original claim, making sure you change the SUBJECT line to receive

Any personal comments or messages (“I love this”  “thankyou” etc…..) needs to be put at the BOTTOM  of your message so we can see the claim info.

General Info

what about customs and holding claims  <<<<please read!!
Putting items on hold in your shop is up to your own discretion.  Only items that are currently listed in your shop can be put on hold.  Holds should only be accepted when your shop is open, if a shop is closed and you are itching to claim something please pm the shop owner and ask that they let you know when they reopen so you can claim.  Custom items should be posted and reserved on hold for the person you made them for, then they can submit a formal claim.  Please do not ask people via private message to hold items for you until you can submit a proper claim; this is not an acceptable way around the "first properly formatted claim wins the item" rule.  And as always please be reasonable about the time you expect someone to hold an item for you.

My points/claims don't match what I think they should. Is something wrong?
If it has been awhile since you made the claim or if any of the organizers admit to having been drunk/sick/tired/attending to life in the real world when we last updated the claims or points, go ahead and send us a PM. Otherwise, give us time to get caught up with claims. If your claim is a few days old and not has not shown up on the list, please send us a pm inquiring about it (it may have been missed in the hundreds of pms that we get or not messaged to everyone)

I think I have 7 points but you only show me with 6, am I closed? OR I think I have 6 points but you show me with 7, am I open? OR Why are my points still pending, I sent those items?
In general, if you have recently changed your points, you're probably right and the point total is probably out of date.  Please close your shop when you know you're at 7 points.  Re-open your shop when you know you are at 5 points or less. And, if you've sent us a PM saying you sent items, go ahead and spend the points, even if they still show as pending points on the list.

Why do I have to list my claims in my shop? Aren't you keeping track of my points?
Yes! We are keeping track of your points, and in any disagreement, ours is the list that counts. But to make it easier to resolve any disagreements, we'd like to be able to compare your list of what you think you've claimed/has been claimed from you, and compare it to our list.  I do go through everyone’s shops on occasion to add up points and make sure we’re all on the same page.
Also, if you keep a running list of your claims in your shop, it makes it much easier for people to look at your shop and figure out if you are open or closed in case you haven’t updated recently or when the points list hasn't been updated in the last 5 minutes!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hestitate to pm the organizers!!!

Title: STS Spring Market 2018 - Directory of Shops!
Post by: loves2experiment on March 04, 2018 11:23:55 AM

alteredmommy (

anna.wahnsinn (

greybird (

kwality570 (

LeapFeetFirst (

loves2experiment (

Mlsocci74 (

RaraAvis (

Smeddley (

thanate (

underthemountain (

Watsonc7 (

Title: STS Spring Market 2018 - List of Claims!
Post by: loves2experiment on March 04, 2018 11:26:52 AM
List of Claims!

Not yet sent
Missing in action with no communication

Total Stats:
Number of claims made so far this round: 51
Number of points spent so far this round: 65
Number of claims sent: 51
Number of claims received: 51

send by mar 14
Mlsocci74 to RaraAvis - 100% wool charm pack - (1)

send by mar 15
Smeddley to anna.wahnsinn - csf bottom left + quilt top - (2)

send by mar 19
Watsonc7 to loves2experiment - owl coin pouch + middle snap pouch + greeting card kit - (1)

send by mar 20
loves2experiment to Mlsocci74 - small zip pouch vintage - (1)
kwality570 to Watsonc7 - gray cocoon + atc pink + stencil grab bag - (2)

send by mar 21
Watsonc7 to kwality570 - kitchen bowl holders - (2)
anna.wahnsinn to kwality570 - lattice necklace green 2 - (1)
LeapFeetFirst to Smeddley - 4 oz custom batt - (2)
kwality570 to Smeddley - dark blue monster atc + stencil pack - (1)

send by mar 22
kwality570 to Watsonc7 - hello monster art - (2)

send by mar 23
anna.wahnsinn to thanate - lattice-style green necklace # - (1)
anna.wahnsinn to thanate - 10 cabochons - (1)

send by mar 25
greybird to loves2experiment - bamboo fiber new southwest - (2)
thanate to greybird - chunky buttons blue butterflies - (1)
Smeddley to greybird - bun-bun + liv doll #3 - (1)

send by mar 26
greybird to LeapFeetFirst - bamboo fiber spring garden - (2)
loves2experiment to greybird - bunting drawstring bag + small snap bag - (1)
loves2experiment to kwality570 - panta - (1)
thanate to kwality570 - 4-hole button set - (1)
Mlsocci74 to kwality570 - gelli necklace #1 - (1)

send by mar 30
Smeddley to greybird - liv doll #1 + liv doll #2 - (1)

send by apr 06
greybird to Smeddley - buried moon braid - (3)

send by apr 08
RaraAvis to greybird - fleece pig plush - (1)
RaraAvis to greybird - metallic leather clutch - (1)
RaraAvis to greybird - green leather clutch + purse chain + silver sequins - (1)

send by apr 10
LeapFeetFirst to thanate - acrylic pour painting green - (1)

send by apr 11
Watsonc7 to thanate - coin pouch confetti + zip pouch - (1)

send by apr 12
greybird to RaraAvis - silk hankies - (1)
kwality570 to RaraAvis - stitchable journal - (1)

send by apr 13
thanate to Mlsocci74 - 8 rose felties - (2)
thanate to LeapFeetFirst - machine embroidery jellyfish & tentacle cup - (1)
loves2experiment to greybird - leather single wrap bracelet - (1)

send by apr 15
alteredmommy to loves2experiment - faux encaustic mixed media 4" by 4" - (2)
Smeddley to alteredmommy - dpn holders pink bubbles & purple paisley + tan dpn holder - (1)
kwality570 to alteredmommy - stencil grab bag + led light string - (1)

send by apr 18
Smeddley to RaraAvis - crochet octopus - (2)

send by apr 20
Smeddley to thanate - set of leaf coasters + leaf mug rug - (1)
Smeddley to thanate - blue fairy + kitty mug rug - (1)

send by apr 22
Smeddley to kwality570 - dpn holders tan leaves & green patterned - (1)
thanate to Smeddley - make beautiful things + i read past my bedtime - (1)
thanate to Smeddley - self-rescuing princess - (1)
LeapFeetFirst to Smeddley - 4 oz custom batt - (2)

send by apr 23
greybird to LeapFeetFirst - bamboo fiber fiesta - (2)
alteredmommy to greybird - felicity slouch hat yellow - (1)
alteredmommy to greybird - felicity slouch hat blue - (1)

send by apr 24
LeapFeetFirst to anna.wahnsinn - blue acrylic painting - (1)

send by apr 25
loves2experiment to alteredmommy - birdie zip pouch #1 - (1)
loves2experiment to alteredmommy - scrappy dish towel - (1)

send by apr 28
RaraAvis to loves2experiment - glass globe necklaces pink + mixed pink/purple - (1)

send by apr 28
Mlsocci74 to thanate - mini gelli print book - (1)
send by apr 29
RaraAvis to LeapFeetFirst - star wars halloween tote - (1)

Title: STS Spring Market 2018 - Reserved for additional claims...
Post by: loves2experiment on March 04, 2018 11:34:01 AM
Spring blooms and sunshine :D

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 **Points**
Post by: alteredmommy on March 04, 2018 11:37:13 AM
Updated April 22/18 11:00 AM (MST)

alteredmommy   3   0   3
anna.wahnsinn   3   0   3
greybird   3   0   3
inflation fund   3   0   3
kwality570   3   0   3
LeapFeetFirst   1   3   4
loves2experiment   1   2   3
Mlsocci74   2   0   2
RaraAvis   1   1   2
Smeddley   3   0   3
thanate   4   0   4
underthemountain   3   0   3
Watsonc7   3   0   3

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 **The Altered Atelier**
Post by: alteredmommy on March 04, 2018 11:37:44 AM
the altered atelier


Welcome to my shop with items coming to you from Northern Alberta Canada!  I live in a smoke free home but do have 2 dogs and 1 cat so there is a distinct possibility of animal hair on my stuff :)

Not slouchy fitted beanie  1 point

some kind of luxury European acrylic yarn


self cover buttons  1 point
27 - 1/2" (with kit); 8 - 3/4" (with kit); 5 sz 36 (refills)

claims from me:
to loves2experiment-faux encaustic 4x4 (2 points)
to greybird- Felicity hats, blue & yellow (2 points)

claims I've made:
from Smeddley- DPN holders pink bubbles & purple paisley.  free tan holder (1 point)
from kwality570- stencil grab bag, led light string (1 point)
from loves2experiment- Birdie zip pouch #1, scrappy dish towel (2)

Points started with  3
Current- 1

Title: STS Spring Market 2018 - reserved for loves2experiment
Post by: loves2experiment on March 04, 2018 11:41:36 AM
loves2experiment's  shop    

All items (excluding supplies) are handcrafted by me in a non-smoking, pet-free household. :D

BIRDIE ZIP POUCH #2  1 point
Measures approximately 4.5" by 6".  Cotton fabrics.

Approximately 4.5" by 6".  Cotton fabric exterior and lining.

Approximately 4.5" by 6".  Cotton fabric exterior and lining.

Measures approximately 4.25" by 4.25".  Cotton fabrics and magnetic snap button closure.

claims from my shop:
send by mar 20
loves2experiment to Mlsocci74 - small zip pouch vintage - (1)
send by mar 26
loves2experiment to greybird - bunting drawstring bag + small snap bag - (1)
loves2experiment to kwality570 - panta - (1)
send by apr 13
loves2experiment to greybird - leather single wrap bracelet - (1)
send by apr 25
loves2experiment to alteredmommy - birdie zip pouch #1 - (1)
loves2experiment to alteredmommy - scrappy dish towel - (1)

claims i've made:
send by mar 19
Watsonc7 to loves2experiment - owl coin pouch + middle snap pouch + greeting card kit - (1)
send by mar 25
greybird to loves2experiment - bamboo fiber new southwest - (2)
send by apr 15
alteredmommy to loves2experiment - faux encaustic mixed media 4" by 4" - (2)
send by apr 28
RaraAvis to loves2experiment - glass globe necklaces pink + mixed pink/purple - (1)

started: 3
current: 3
pending: 0
total: 3

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: Watsonc7 on March 04, 2018 12:16:12 PM
✂️ Christy's Crafties ✂️

*** Always Updating - Keep Checking Back ***

Hey! My name is Christy and I live in Maryland with my husband, daughter, and 2 small dogs.  I love sewing, so I will mostly have sewn crafts and supplies in my shop.


Scrappy bookmarks (blue or pink) -- .25 points each

PeePee TeePees (12 available) -- .25/each or 5 for 1 point
I've never had a boy, but I hear these can save mommas some self-respect during diaper changings.  Made with cotton and terrycloth fabrics, and a "no pinch" ribbon.

Random Snap Pouches (top, middle, tiny left, tiny right) -- .25 point each
Made from random sized scraps.  ***Remind myself to get measurements ***

Coin pouches (green/grey, green, scissors, polka dot, or confetti)  -- .5 points each
About 5.5" x 4".  

Tiny snap envelope needle case -- .50 point
It's a bit smaller than 3" x 4".

Bandana bibs (dot or blue) -- .50 point each

Harry Potter mouse pad -- .50 point
I made this from our old mousepad, stripped the cover off it, and recovered with Potter fabric.  

Japanese knot bags (blue or lime) -- 1 point each
I have two of the lime ones available..  About the size of a small purse.

Pokemon water bottles (Meowth, Pikachu, Bulbasaur, & Flareon) -- 1 point each
Brand new wrist strap (inside bottles) bottles from Pick Your Plum.  I cut and attached vinyl characters.  **Handwash Only* to protect the vinyl.

Envelope door hanging pocket (2 available)  -- 1 point each
Cute lil pocket envies to hold phone, keys, mail, whatev.  Cotton fabric with stiff interfacing to help it keep it's shape.  They are about 7.25" wide x 11" to the top.

Baby set (yellow or orange) -- 1 point per set
Each set includes a bib, burp cloth, and washrag.  I made these with bar-mop backings.

Lil drawstring tote (3 available) -- 1.5 points each
Kid or lunch sized tote with an expandable drawstring pouch that allows even more goodies to be stuffed in there.  First pic shows the front and back of each tote.

Snap clutch (claim as number)  -- 1.5 point each
They are 4" x 6.5".

Small boxy bags (school supplies, butterfly, or paws)  -- 1.5 points each
These work well for makeup, small toiletries, school supplies, etc.  Made with cotton and batting, so they lay flat for storage.  8.5" L x 4.5" W x 3.5" H.

Passport case (map, yellow, bird, gold, or clouds) -- 1.5 point each
Each of these are made with faux leather-ish and cotton material.  The fabric on the strip is the fabric on the inside.
I have 2 clouds available.

 Microwave bowl holders (waves, blue/green, red, chevron, or black flowers)  --  2 points per set
 These bowl holders are made with 100% cotton fabric, thread, and double layer of batting.  They are perfect for protecting your hands from hot bowls![/i]

Big boxy bag (paws, vintage ladies, or cassette) -- 2 points  
About 9" L x 5.25" W x 4.75" H.
I made one of these to carry some treats and a few fav toys when we travel with our dogs.  

I made this one using a reusable shopping bag and a random free motion quilted fabric lining.  The shopping bag "fabric" gives it a plastic-y crunchy feel and helps it hold it's shape better.

This one is a bit shorter and fatter 8" x 6.5" x 3.5".  Made with a Half Price Books cassette reusable shopping bag with a quilted cotton interior.  It does have a handle on the side (I just realized it doesn't show in the pic).

Minecraft Creeper panel  --  3 points  
I had planned to make this pieced panel into a pillowcase (explains the solid strip on the left), but my daughter wasn't really interested in Minecraft creeper decorations by the time I finished the panel, uggg.  Would be a good start to a lap blanket, too!  Approx 30" W x 23" H.


Washi Tape Notecards and Matching Envies (approx 4.25"x5.5") -- .25 pt for all
I got these in a random destash swap on another site, so I'm not sure who actually made them.

3 Rolls of Ribbon -- .25 points
All three!


Watsonc7 to loves2experiment - owl coin pouch + middle snap pouch + greeting card kit
Watsonc7 to kwality570 - kitchen bowl holders

Watsonc7 to thanate - coin pouch (confetti) + zip pouch - send by April 11

kwality570 to Watsonc7 - Gray cocoon + ATC pink + stencil grab bag - (2) -- send by March 20
kwality570 to Watsonc7 - Hello Monster Art - (2) -- send by March 22



Started with:  3 (sold 4, bought 4)
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TOTAL:      3 (pending + current, when +7 close shop and spend down)

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: Smeddley on March 04, 2018 01:40:53 PM
Smeddley's Shoppe

The shop is currently
please come in and browse!

Amis! 0.75 pnts each

L - R: Pink Monster, Fish, Fox  

DPN Holders - 0.5 pnts each

L to R claim as Pink Bubbles (1 avail), Orange Paisley (2 avail), Tan Leaves (CLAIMED), Purple Paisley (1 avail), Green Patterned (1 avail), or Blue Mod (2 avail)

Crochet One-Eyed Monster - 1 pnt

Crochet Monster - 1 pnt

Crocheted Dragons:

L - Multi-colored mini dragon with spines down the back, 1 pt
M - Large yellow dragon POUCH with zippered bottom, 1.5 pnts
R - Baby pink dragon, 1 pt

Crochet Duck - 0.5 pnts

Sonic Screwdriver -0.25 pnts

Trillium Bags - Small triangle shaped bags, perfect for small presents or dice! - 1 pnt each

Chunky cowl (will wrap around your neck twice - 1.5 pnts

Scrap Buddies Dog Toys - made from jeans and other recycled materials, stuffed with new polyfill and a squeaker!

Claim as Mustache (0.75 pnts), Tiny Brown (0.5 pnts), or Tiny Green (0.5 pnts)
Large is about 7 1/2" x 6" (not including lega and arms)
Smalls are about 4 1/2" x 6"

Afghan (made by someone else) approx 3' x 5', granny rectangle pattern - 1 pnt

Set of off-white Mug Rugs - 0.25 pnts

ATCs - 0.25 pnts each
Choose from Heart (L, M, R)
or Stained Glass (L, R)


Lot of felt, red and green - 0.5 pnts

Cross Stitch Fabric - 0.5 pnts

"CSF Top Left" - 13" x 18" 18 ct Brown
"CSF Top Right" - 12" x 14" 18 ct Brown
"CSF Bottom Left" - 18" x 27" 32 Ct Belfast Cream CLAIMED
"CSF Bottom Right" - 12" x 18" 14 ct Brown

Cross Stitch Fabric Bits - 0.25 pnts
10+ pieces approx 2.5" x 8" 18 ct off-white (perfect for bookmarks?)

Cross Stitch Hoops - 0.5 pnts each

Blue 8", Blue 5", Red 5", Navy 6", Green 6"

Faeries - 0.75 pnts each


Sturdy Blue Fabric with Embroidery - 1.5 pnts
Fabric is 34" wide and has 2 sections each of 8" and 12" tall embroidery

Sheer Brown Fabric with Embroidery - 1 pnt
Fabric is twice as long as the embroidery and there's a bit of a border on the other side, but main embroidery measures 36" x 11"

Thimbles - 0.25 pnts each
(Simplicty* - it is broken is is free with any thimble claim!)

Top, L to R: St Louis, Woman, Rdo de Granada, Isle of Skye, Birds, Brussels
Bottom, L to R: Jamaica, Red Squirrel, Baltimore, Blue Birds, Simplicity*

Free with any claim: misshapen DPN holders
This is what happens when I don't read/follow directions closely enough!  They will both work for 7" DPNs, but one is ridiculously deep (I suppose it'd be good for giant DPNs and bulky projects?) and the other is just a bit too long (but I did position the snaps so it will securely hold 7" DPNs).

Claim as L - Blue or R - Tan

Blue = sent
Purple = received

Claims made from me:
anna.wahnsinn – Cross stitch fabric and Quilt Top (2 pts)
greybird - Bun-bun and Liv doll (1 pnt)
greybird - 2 Liv dolls (1 pnt)
alternedmommy - DPN holders, pink bubbles, purple paisley, free tan (1 pnt)
RaraAvis - Crochet Octopus (2 pnts)
thenate - Leaves, Mugs Rugs, Faerie (2 pnts)
kwality570 - DPN holders, tan and green (1 pnt)

Claims I have made:
kwality570 - monster ATC and stencils (1 pnt)
leapfeetfirst - custom batt (2 pnts)
greybird - fiber braid (3 pnts)
thenate - 2 pieces premade embroidery, custom embroidery (2 pnts)
leapfeetfirst - custom batt (2 pnts)

Starting Points: 3
  (+)Earned Points: 10
  (-)Spent Points: 10
Pending Points: 0
Current Points: 3

Total Points: 3

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: anna.wahnsinn on March 04, 2018 02:20:20 PM
Jewelry from far, far away!
All the way from Bremen, Germany from a pet- and smoke-free home.

**** closed ****

I’ll keep adding items as I find or make them. I'm always happy to make a custom necklace or pendant for you! All items will be sent via registered mail so there will be tracking provided for most countries (USPS for example is very good about it!) – but this also means that they will have to be signed for on delivery.


Beaded items

Multistrand Necklaces
These necklaces are a very comfortable 53cm/21" along the shortest strand and 65cm/22.5" along the longest strand. Silver plated lobter clasp (I can change that for you easily), the tube thingies are at least free of nickel and cadmium.

Worn they look like this (in very poor lighting):

Multistrand necklace teal (2 points) 2 available

Multistrand necklace blue (2 points) 1 available

Multistrand necklace purple (2 points) 1 available

Multistrand necklace brown (2 points) 3 available

Multistrand necklace red (2 points) 1 available

Multistrand necklace rainbow (1 point) 2 available
This one is a little shorter and has only 8 strands of 5mm seed beads.

Lattice Style Necklaces
clasps and lengths as pictured, cm more accurate than inches!

claim as ruby (clear silverlined seed beads in a deep red, no clasp, longer, 50cm/20") (2 points)

1 point each as is,
2 points if you want me to shorten/lengthen the necklace and/or change the clasp:

Many more shortish ones between 14 and 20 inches here sorted by colour! Will provide measurements for each. These are from my early days of beading, I'd say from 2004ish (I know I made lots during my honeymoon), mostly strung on linen thread (not stretchy). I've added pictures that show the lengths, the necklaces are in the same order in all pictures.

Claim as Blue 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Claim as Black 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Claim as Red 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Yellow (orange hued, with iridescent accent beads, shortish)


Other jewelry

Sweetheart Bracelet (1 point)
Silver plated chain, clasp, headpins with purple & grey glass & crystal and metal beads (nickel & cadmium free according to my supplier). Longish. This is from 2014, so the silver is a bit tarnished already. I can also add to or reduce the length.

Day of the Dead bracelet (anna.wahnsinn style) (1 point)
This is a brand new bracelet, longish.
Silver plated chain, clasp & headpins, various glass and crystal beads, skulls are "natural stone beads/imitation turquoise" (whatever that may be). Nickel & cadmium free again.
Again I can also add to or reduce the length.

Silmarillion necklace (.5 point)

Cobalt blue memory wire bracelet (1 point)
(one size really fits all)

Cabochon necklaces
(1 point each)

Bird cabochons, two each available. Claim as square bird or round bird.

Square cabochons: claim as green flowers, teal flowers, purple flower, purple damask.

More to come soon!

The solid, heavy settings are silverplated. These cabochons come with a silver plated chain necklace; brown, black or purple leather; or black, brown, pink, blue or green satin cord. Choose your clasp, either a silver plated or black regular lobster clasp, silverplated toggle clasp, magnet clasp. I also have a few heartshaped lobster clasps left! The length would is up to you, too.

Miscellaneous crafted items

Rainbow seed bead stitch markers (0.25 point)
for a set of ten markers, 10 sets available. 5 sets for 1 point.
Beads are 3-5mm, rings 8mm I think.


Cabochons (pick 5 for .5 points or take all 12 for 1 point). Of course I can also make these into pendants/necklaces for a point! The cabochons measure about an inch across.

Liberty Sewing Box (never been used) 1 point


Claims I made:
Send by March 15: Smeddley to anna.wahnsinn – "CSF Bottom Left" .5,  Quilt Top 1.5 (2pts)
Send by April 24: LeapFeetFirst to anna.wahnsinn – Blue Acrylic Painting (1 pt)

Claims made from me:
Sent March 15: to kwality570 – Lattice Necklace Green 2 (1pt)
Sent March 17: to thanate – Lattice-style Green necklace #4 (1) + 10 Cabochons (1) = (2pts)

Started with: 3

Spent: 3
Pending Points: 0
Current Points: 3

Total Points (pending + current): 3

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: RaraAvis on March 04, 2018 06:19:19 PM
RaraAvis' shop

I live in California with my husband, our two birds, and one cat. Please PM me with any questions or if you need additional photos!


More items will be added!
Zippered Pouches (1 point each)
Made from double sided quilted material with a decorative iron on prainbowh added. Choose: Milk & doughnut, cocktail, milkshake, strawberry, or pineapples
They measure approximately 8 3/4'' x 5''

(   (   (   (

Star Wars Halloween Tote (1 point)
Darth Vader and R2D2 glow in the dark! Totes measure about 11'' wide by 12'' tall. Totes are lined with dark red/maroon fabric. Only one available. (Note: Was sewing all day and didn't notice at night when I was finishing the straps and top stitching on the totes the tension on my machine was slightly off. So stitching not as nice as I would like it-see close up photo)
Metal Frame Purses (3 points each)
The purses are on interchangeable metal frames. The bottom of each purse is stiff and they all have metal purse feet. They all also have a small interior pocket and the straps are detachable.  Claim mint critters (3 pts), or strawberries (3 pts). The mint critter measures about 5'' x 5'' on the bottom and the strawberries measure about 4 3/4'' x 4 3/4''. Both stand about 6'' tall.

  ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Gold Bow Clutch (1.25 points)
  (   (   (   (
Little needle felted hen & chick (1.5 points)
Needle felting in little terracotta pot. About 4 3/8 inches tall.

( ( (
Resin wolf skull necklace (1 point)
Only wolf skull with gold chain is available

Earrings (0.5 points per pair)
They come on sterling silver ear wires. Choose: Pink heart ghosts, aqua bow ghosts, aqua heart ghosts, or black bow skull & crossbones.

Glass Star bottle and charms necklace (.5 points)
Made from a shiny glass star bottle that is about the size of a US quarter. It is filled with mini glass beads and come on waxed cord necklace (adjustable from about 17''-19'').
Sterling silver glass globe necklaces with glass seed beads (2 points each SALE 1.5 points each)  
These are made from hollow hand blown glass beads (25mm) filled with glass seed beads. They come on a 18'' sterling silver chain. Choose gold, green, or red.
( (
Velvet bookmarks (0.25 points each)  
Velvet with attached gems/charms at the ends.
Top book mark and both leaf bookmarks have been claimed.


Stamps (.25 points each)  
All are used, but in good shape.

Antique brass purse chain (about 47.5'') (.25 points)
Set of 2 pairs of metal clasps (.25 points per set, 4 sets available)
Pack of silver 8mm sequins (.25 points)
( (   (
Claims made from me-
RaraAvis to greybird- Fleece Pig Plush (1 pt), Metallic leather clutch (1 pt), Green leather clutch (.5 pt), purse chain (.25 pt), silver sequins (.25 pt) ==total  3 pointsSENT
RaraAvis to loves2experiment - glass globe necklaces pink + mixed pink/purple - (1)
RaraAvis to LeapFeetFirst - Star Wars Halloween Tote (1 point)

Claims I have made-
Mlsocci74 to RaraAvis -100% wool Charm Pack - 1 pointRECEIVED
greybird to RaraAvis - Silk hankies - 1 pointRECEIVED
kwality570 to RaraAvis - STITCHABLE JOURNAL - 1 point
Smeddley to RaraAvis - Crochet Octopus - 2 points

Started with: 3
Current: 1
Pending: 2

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: kwality570 on March 06, 2018 07:58:15 AM


I live in Michigan in the United States and have one furry dog. Although I attempt to keep her out of my craft items, it is inevitable that some hair has touched it!

Mixed media monster artwork on 8"x8"x2" MDF cradle board.

Great hanging pod bag for storage. Made with soft gray acrylic yarn. One more available.

Hanging bag for storage made using hand-dyed cotton yarn. One available.

Hanging bag for storage made using hand-dyed cotton yarn. One available.

Mixed media color tablets. I found these on sale and went a little overboard buying several, so have an extra set available for STS. Read more about them here: (

Kwality monster on the outside with a blank inside. Comes in a set of 10 with matching envelopes (may be a different color than the teal, depending upon the amount of claims). Several sets available.

Aqua monster only one left!!

Mixed pack of 5 different stencils great for gelli printing or any other mixed media artwork. They are ones that I designed myself and cut out of transparency sheets using my Silhouette machine!

Scratchboard Kit FREE WITH ANY CLAIM
Comes with everything included, but the cellophane on the outside ripped and fell off. Still in mint condition, however!

Claims from me
to Watsonc7 - gray cocoon, pink monster, stencil pack (2) - sent
to smeddley - dark blue monster ATC + stencil pack (1) - sent
to watsonc7 - hello monster art (2) - sent
to raraavis - stitchable journal (1) - pending
to alteredmommy - led light + stencil set (1) - pending

Claims to me
from Watsonc7 - kitchen bowl holders (2) - received
from anna.wahnsinn - Green Lattice Necklace #2 (1)
from mlsocci74 - gelli necklace (1)
from loves2experiment - panta (1)
from thanate - button set (1)
from smeddley - dpn holders (1)

Started with: 3
Current: 3

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: Mlsocci74 on March 06, 2018 10:02:18 AM
Melissa's Marvelous Goods

Shop is currently: closed

Hello.  I am Melissa from Northeast Pennsylvania.  Mom of four (22 and 16) and twin boys (21 months).  Love crafting all different mediums.  Have an idea for a something different in my shop (custom keychain/necklace etc), just message me.  As I may be able to do it for you.  :)  

1/4 Point Items

Mixed media magnets.  about 1".  strong magnets will hold several pages.

1/2 Point Items (please claim in whole points)

magnet sets:

Skinny notebook (roughly 2.5x7) with matching pen:

Custom Pocket Mirror (your design or let me know a design you are looking for)

Keychains or Necklaces (you choose which you want).  1" pendant.  silver plated.  chain is 18".  Order with # and either necklace or keychain please -1/2pt each

1 Point Items:

Mini Star Notebook with kraft pages.  4.25x5.5" and 35 pages:

Wizard of Oz theme notebook.  80 pages all blank *if looking for custom design, lined pages or another idea - just message*

Perpetual calendar/card organizer book.  Months have space to put important dates and there is a folder to put cards, receipts, gift cards etc.  There are 3 available

web info book.  each page has place to write login, password, important notes.  50 pages(100 sides).  I can make as many as needed.  

Gelli Necklaces.  Did prints with gelli plate and created 1" pendant necklaces with them.  Choose by number

8x10 mixed media canvas

Simple Faceted Crystal Necklace.  18" chain.


Heart and crystal tassel necklace.  18" chain.  Pendant hangs 3.75"



Crystal Anklets.  9" with extender chain:


Crystal and tube bead bracelets.  7.25" with extender chain:




Swallow and Resin rose Necklace.  18" long.  Pendant part hangs 1.25".  



Custom Keychain or necklace like ones shown in 1/2 pt section.  Choose your favorite saying/song lyrics/picture.  Have an idea, let's work on making it happen.  :)

2 Best bitches keychains or necklaces - 1pt

2 Partners in Crime Keychains or necklaces - 1pt

Set of 10 wish bracelets.  Assortment similar to shown.  All individually packaged perfect for stocking stuffers, gift giving, etc.

2 Point items


1/4 point items:

50 Tibetan Silver Infinity 23x25mm (5 available)

25 Assorted Color Infinity 31x13mm (5 available)

1 point items:


Claims made from me:
Send by Mar. 14-Mlsocci74 to RaraAvis -100% wool Charm Pack - 1 point
Send by 3-26-18-mlsocci74 to kwality570 - gelli necklace #1 (1)
Due Apr 28-Mlsocci74 to thanate for mini gelli print book, 1 claim

Claims I have made:
Sendy by 3/20/18 - loves2experiment to mlsocci74 - small zip pouch, vintage - 1pt
Send by 4/13/18 - thanate to mlsocci74 - 8 rose felties - 2pts.


Current: 2

Etched glass baking/pie pan
wine goodies (personalized glasses/slumped bottles/etc)
Nightmare before christmas stocking
fun decorations :)

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: thanate on March 06, 2018 11:27:11 AM
Shop is:  CLOSED!

Hi! I'm Ann, in Maryland, crafter of all kinds of random stuff.

All items from a house with a cat, but no other standard allergens that I'm aware of.

Hand-bound mini-books:
A) green & blue w/ bright construction paper pages-pulled to give my daughter
B) lavender wallpaper w/ misc scrappy pages, 0.5 points
C) fake leaf & felt w/ button closure, alternating pink & white signatures, 1 point
D) pirate piano-bound w/ card stock & watercolor distressed edges, 2 points

Bead Embroidered doll-scale cameo necklaces, .25 points each:

(that's 1/4" wide ribbon)

belt pouch, .25 points, or free with a full point+ of claim

Slightly used w/ slits at the back to thread on a ren faire style belt, closes by winding the ribbon in a figure 8 around the buttons.

cuff bracelets, 0.5 points each:

Claim as Red, Wide gray, or dragonfly

Clay bits:

Misc oddments:
round bits with leaf & seed head imprints,  .5 points: green, brown, or blue w/ holes for hanging (sort of intended as a tiny windchime top)
Star ornaments, .5 points
large clay shape (I was thinking perhaps of weaving something off it?) 1 point
small clay shape (no idea, but maybe it speaks to you?) .25 points
dark glazed small vase or bobby pin holder, 1 point

Chunky buttons!  3/point (made in sets of 6-12, so you may not get exactly the ones pictured here)  Claim as heart, bell, tree, duck, 4-hole, blue butterfly (only 3 left) or green butterfly, dark teacups.  Light teacups are down to the last good one; feel free to claim 3 mismatched if desired.

Grab Bags! (if you have a specific project or preferences in mind, let me know when you claim & I'll see what I can do.)

*Vintage stamps: mostly US, mostly 1950s-1980s, I will fill a snack-sized ziplock baggie for 1 claim

*Collage bits: very miscellaneous assortment possibly including maps, old sheet music, vintage photos, puzzle pieces, origami paper, pictures I cut out of teen magazines in the 90s... whatever turns up in the file cabinet when I go looking.   A bunch of stuff in one of these bubble wrap-lined envelopes Amazon keeps sending me for 1 claim

*Quilting cottons: specify if you'd rather have small bits, large bits, or both.  (large will be fat quarter sized or more, there may be blue &/or flowers inherited from my grandmother.  Nothing too tiny unless you request it.) Again, probably filling up an 8x10-ish envelope, 1 claim

*miscellaneous: Little bits (& not so little bits) of all the fabric-related things.  Not kidding. Similar size to above, 1 claim

Machine Embroidery!!  2/claim unless otherwise specified


snowflakes, dragon, birch rondel, jellyfish (glow-in-the-dark thread)

teal tree (picture is a bit light/washed out)


pink girl, 2 horses (these are too close together to cut easily, so you get both for 1/2 claim)


Make beautiful things, stay weird, little but fierce

dragon skull, 3 candles

Tentacle teacup (glow-in-the-dark thread), swirly deer

Pink horse, "don't quit your daydream"

gear heart, I read past my bedtime (book is slightly wonky)

slightly puffy swirly dragon with bonus wonky "save the chubby unicorns" (two for 1/2 claim)

Machine embroidery, custom:

Any pattern I have from the pinboard here:

Most designs are 1 claim, if it's small enough to fit more than one in the embroidery machine's 4" hoop I'm happy to fill up the hoop w/ multiples.  Multi-part designs are 2 points, complex freestanding lace (teacup, boxes, envelope, succulent) are 3 points

I can embroider on fleece (lots of colors), felt, or quilting cotton, and I have a few decorative papers left that I can do embroidery on also.  Lots of thread colors.  PM me with color requests when you make the claim & I'll see what I've got.  Also feel free to reach out with questions before claiming.

claims made:
from anna.wahnsinn lattice green necklace#4 (1 point) + 10 cabochons (1 point)
from LeepFeetFirst green acrylic pour painting (1 point)
from Watsonc7 coin pouch (confetti)=.5 points + zip pouch=.5 points (1 point total)
from Smeddley = set of leaf coasters (.75) + leaf mug rug (.25) + blue fairy (.75) + kitty mug rug(.25)=2 claims

from Mlsocci74 - mini gelli print book (1 claim)

claimed from me:---
to greybird - chunky buttons (blue butterflies) - 1 point (sent 3/20)
to kwality570 - 4-hole button set - 1 point (sent 3/20)
to LeapFeetFirst - machine embroidery, jellyfish and tentacle cup - 1 point (sent 4/7)
to mlsocci74 - custom embroidery for 8 rose felties - 2pts (sent 4/7)
to Smeddley - machine embroidery: Make Beautiful Things & I read past my bedtime -1pt
to Smeddley - custom embroidery "self-rescuing princess" - 1pt (sent 4/17)

started with:3

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: LeapFeetFirst on March 08, 2018 07:08:18 AM
LeapFeetdream's believe


All of my items are crafted in a cat friendly, smoke free home.
If you need more information about any of my items, please let me know!


For any custom orders, PM me in advance to discuss details!!

Custom Batts I have a new drum carder that I am so excited to use. I would twirled to create a custom batt for you. I have a large supply of different colors of wool, bamboo, sparkle and locks that I could use to create a batt just for you! 1 point per 2 oz batt

Handmade Wool Dreads Perfect for summer festivals! Easy to install and remove. I can make them pretty much any color or length. 1 point for 3 thin dreads,
 or 0.5 point each for a thick dread

Here's a photo from last summer with the dreads installed:

Handmade Wool Flowers I have wool felt in pretty much every color and I twirled making these flowers! 0.5 points each for large flowers, 0.25 points each for smaller flowers
Here are some examples:


0.5 Point Items

Copper Sequin Waste- TWO YARDS for 0.5 points. Lots available! Great for mixed media, stencils etc.

Claims made from me -
Send by 3/21 - leapfeetfirst to Smeddley 4 oz custom batt - 2 pnts - sent
Send by April 10 - LeapFeetFirst to thanate, acrylic pour painting green, 1 claim - sent
Send by 4/22 - leapfeetfirst to Smeddley 4 oz custom batt - 2 points
Send by 4/23 - LeapFeetFirst to anna.wahnsinn: Blue Acrylic Painting (1 point)

Claims I have made -  
greybird to leapfeetfirst:  Bamboo fiber - Spring Garden - 2 points - Received
thanate to LeapFeetFirst - machine embroidery, jellyfish and tentacle up - 1 point - Received
greybird to leapfeetfirst:  Bamboo fiber - Fiesta  - 2 points
RaraAvis to LeapFeetFirst - Star Wars Halloween Tote (1 point)

Available: 0


Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: underthemountain on March 13, 2018 05:13:54 PM
Welcome to Underthemountain!  I'm CLOSED

All items crafted in a smoke-free, but bird friendly home.  :)


man in the moon pendants - 2 points.  Made from vintage watch faces and a detailed metal stamping. Comes on a silver chain. Choose from top 1, 2 , 3 or bottom 1, 2, 3

custom address labels - 3 sheets/1point (30 labels/sheet)
Please send me custom image for your label or I can find one if you tell me what you'd like.

2 lego bracelets-1 point.  Tell me what custom colors you'd like.  Some examples here:

custom buttons five 1" buttons for 1 point or five 1.5" for 1 point or two 2.5" buttons for 1 point.

custom buttons two 2.5" buttons for 1 point.

Steampunk rings- 2 points.  Made with vintage watches from the 50s-60s.  The red stones are the rubies used in these jeweled movements. All mounted on adjustable, hypoallergenic bands.  Please indicate row position (top, middle, bottom) and number from left to right (1-6)

Closeups of the last row here:

Lego pendants - 2 for 1 point or 0.5 points each.  Samples below.  Please contact me for actual combos.

gone: 1st Row 4th over Gray with Pink Flower and 1st Row 7th over White with Blue Flower[/s]

Lego ring- 2 for 1 point or 0.5 points each.  Please indicate color.  Not all colors available.  Please ask before claiming. All mounted on adjustable, hypoallergenic bands.

lego heart pendants - 1 points[/b] burgundy, yellow, black, grey, and blue available.


Started with: 3  
Pending: 0
Current: 3

Claims made by me:

Claims from me:

Wishlist: hmm, fun items from Mexico, neat things that I can gift, will have to ponder this a bit more.

Title: Re: STS Spring Market 2018 (SU March 4-18;closes 04/27/18)
Post by: greybird on March 14, 2018 02:04:24 PM

Currently the shop is:

Emporium of goodies
Bird Friendly, smoke free home  :)

winter 2018:



Send by March 25
thanate to greybird - chunky buttons (blue butterflies) - 1 point
Smeddley to greybird:  Bun-Bun - 0.5 pt  +  Liv Doll #3 "Naked and Bald" (no wig cap) 0.5 => total is 1 point
Send by March 26
twirleds2experiment to greybird:  BUNTING DRAWSTRING BAG  0.5 point + SMALL SNAP BAG  0.5 point => total is 1 point
Send by March 30
smeddley to greybird - Liv Doll #1 (0.5 pt) + Liv Doll #2 (0.5 pt) => total is 1 point
Send by April 8
RaraAvis to greybird:
    - Fleece Pig Plush (1 pt)
    - Metallic leather clutch (1 pt)
    - Green leather clutch (.5 pt) + purse chain (.25 pt) + silver sequins (.25 pt) == (1 pt total)
total for all is 3 points

Send by april 10
loves2experiment to greybird - LEATHER SINGLE WRAP BRACELET  1 point

send by april 23
alteredmommy to greybird - Felicity slouch hat (yellow) - 1 point
alteredmommy to greybird - Felicity slouch hat (blue) - 1 point


send by mar 25
greybird to loves2experiment - bamboo fiber new southwest - 2 points
Send By 3/26
greybird to leapfeetfirst:  Bamboo fiber - Spring Garden - 2 points
Send by april 6
greybird to smeddley - Buried Moon braid - 3 points
Send by Apr. 12
greybird to RaraAvis - Silk hankies - 1 point
Send By 4/23
greybird to leapfeetfirst:  Bamboo fiber - Fiesta - 2 points


Current: 3
Pending: 0
Total:    3

. (