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Title: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: fatewineroses on October 24, 2017 11:00:24 AM
When you send a package to a partner, do you send a card? A little note?

If you do, what do you write? Do you write a simple, "Thanks for swapping with me"? Or do you go into detail? Say something special?

What do you prefer to get from your partner?

I keep cards specifically so I can send them with swap packages. I try and write something more than just a sentence or two. Sometimes I find the cards are too small (note for next time). I might be verbose.  ;D

This curious mind is curious about what you like and do.

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: sweets4ever on October 24, 2017 11:55:31 AM
I think it depends on the partner.  If they're really chatty and personal throughout the entire experience, a note seems fitting.  If they're not into gabbing much, maybe just a little message in a card.

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: craftylittlemonkey on October 24, 2017 01:24:38 PM
I like to send a note but sometimes I forget until the package is already sealed up and ready to go. Other times I just have my hands full of getting out the door and have only a minute to write a quick "thanks for swapping" or whatever. In a perfect world I would be able to include a nice little letter and get the same in return with every swap but oh well, it's all fun anyhow :).

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: Thimbles71 on October 24, 2017 05:31:32 PM
I try to always include a note and let them know that I appreciate my partner swapping with me, that I enjoyed making whatever for them, etc.  I'm generally apologizing for sending late, too.  ;D

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: JoyfulClover on October 24, 2017 05:48:36 PM
Well, so I tend to be chatty. If you've ever messaged me, it's ridiculous. But I type kinda fast, so it tends to just spill out. Mah bad!

Most of the time I'm talking about what I made and why because I always have anxiety over what I'm shipping. I've repeatedly had to send instructions on unpacking. Twice I've send drawings for assembly.  But I have stopped sending a note for each item - so look at me growing up.

I do like to get notes from my partner.  But 90% of the time ship day is stupid chaotic, so if I don't receive one, I don't over think it, either.

So. Basically, I love it all.  Do what works for you! 

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: Annchen on October 25, 2017 01:03:53 AM
I like to write a note, but if itís written on a pretty postcard or a simple notebook page varies. I sometimes include weird swedish candy so I figure itís best to warn if thereís some odd taste hiding in there. Sometimes I write a bit about what I sent and what it was inspired by.

I like getting a little note, but itís fine eiter way. I know not everyone likes to write them, or remembers to include them on sendout day...

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: Onyxnox on November 03, 2017 03:05:08 AM
Depends on the item - I usually include a brief note or something.  But like CLM, I sometimes seal and forget to pop it in!

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: BigBangMomma on December 17, 2017 04:20:00 PM
I try to remember to send a note, but it usually depends on my partner as well as what I've sent. If I feel close to my partner, or we have swapped many times before, I probably would write a more verbose note. If we haven't really communicated very much through the swap, it would probably be less chatty. Many times I feel I have to explain my thoughts as to why I've made what I made. However, for the most part, I probably would have a lengthy-enough note, but not say, a novel sized letter.

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: blupaisan on January 23, 2018 01:32:17 PM
I love sending detailed notes. A lot has to do with the fact that the stash i am always dipping into for crafting has history attached to it. So I write about where it came from or which other member might have allowed me to add it to my creation because she was generous enough to gift it to me as an extra or some thing. ChameleonHound sent me a whole box of teeny tiny people a couple of years back and I keep giving her a shoutout whenever I use them in a project. It sort of unites more Craftsters if that makes sense.
I also just love to write.
And even tho some partners may be the silent type online, I am hoping that experiencing a long note that is sometimes filled with humor will be appreciated.
If I am sending ATCs, it is often just Thanks for Swapping but if I had troubles, trials, laughs, etc during the creation process, I share that info.

Title: Re: Detailed note or do you care?
Post by: alwaysinmyroom on March 09, 2018 06:26:32 AM
I have boxes of cards and notes from my swaps!  I keep them all...some are chatty, some not, but when I go through them, I remember the experience.

I am curious in the more artsy swaps about the process:  what supplies were used, etc. For example, blupaisan, your note on using one of your hankies was touching and gave new life to the heart you sent...I like it all, though...

I am guilty of either writing too much or writing too little...and everything in between! ;D