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Title: Endless ATC Tutorial (PIX)
Post by: xxmazenxx on May 20, 2017 01:14:51 PM
I did a search on here to see if this has been posted before and didn't find anything. If it has been posted before and I missed it, my deepest apologies. 

I was sent junkmail from Camel a few months back. It was an endless card with graphics and info from Camel (i'm no longer a smoker but they keep sending junk) and it had my attention. I must have played with that thing for 15min. lol. I really wanted to make an ATC like this card so I deconstructed it and adapted the process to ATC sizing.

You need:

2 ATC bases that can be folded easily. Cardstock works great for this.
Glue or double sided tape
pencil / pen
cutting device


1. Measure the middle of one ATC vertically and one horizontally.

You can draw a line or notch, or fold it in half.

2. Cut along the line drawn or folded line. I used my paper cutter device for this step because I'm a bit lazy and can't cut a dang straight line to save my life sometimes.

You should have 2 equal vertical pieces and 2 horizontal pieces.

**** FOLDING ****

1. Taking the Vertical pieces first. Measure to the middle of each piece. Make a tiny fold or a pencil mark so you know where it is.

Then take the outer left edge and fold it to the middle. Do this again with the right side. Make sure those folds are flattened down nicely. I used an old Gamestop Rewards card but a boning stick or ruler work for this too.

2. Open it back up and make a fold along the length of the card (vertaically in relation to the paper but its folded horizontally in relation to the picture, hope that makes sense). Press the fold like you did previously.

3. Now for the Horizontal pieces!

Mark the middle and fold the left outer edge to the middle, then the outer right side to the middle. Press the folds.

4. Open the paper.  Now fold in half, horizontally.

5. Repeat with remaining horizontal piece.

**** GLUING ****

This part is pretty easy and versatile. You can use either the vertical pieces or the horizontal pieces for the 'front' of the card. It will work either way. The one that you chose for the front will be glued/taped on top of the other.

1. You should be able to see a rectangle in each corner from the folding. I have drawn on mine to highlight the area. You can skip that unless you find it helpful in your project. Those are our connection points that we will be gluing or taping.


2. Line up the "front" section over the "bottom" section. Line up the rectangles and glue only in that area. Repeat with the remaining pieces. Let dry if you have used glue.


 The cards opens from the middle out. Make sure to open it and fold it flat for each of the progressions of the card. This makes it easier to paint/draw/decorate and function properly.

 This card works really well with traditional art themed (flat mediums paint, pastels, pencil, watercolor..etc) cards. You can use objects but make sure they won't fall off or be placed on the folds you made in the paper.   

 A 'Portals' themed card I created with this process.

I also made a Video ( for those that need more of a 'hands on' audio and visual tutorial.

Title: Re: Endless ATC Tutorial (PIX)
Post by: monstervomit on May 20, 2017 04:59:19 PM
this is so bad ass!!  thank you for the well written tutorial. 

Title: Re: Endless ATC Tutorial (PIX)
Post by: pottermouth on May 20, 2017 05:02:57 PM
Things like this will keep my amused for hours.  :D Your finished card is spectacular. Thank you for sharing your awesome tutorial!

Title: Re: Endless ATC Tutorial (PIX)
Post by: craftylittlemonkey on May 20, 2017 05:20:18 PM
I needed to watch that video to get what you were doing and I'm so glad I did 'cause it's great! Thanks for the tute and the vid, I'll have to try that sometime.

Title: Re: Endless ATC Tutorial (PIX)
Post by: LovelyMiss on May 25, 2017 11:01:19 AM
This is great and so cool!  Thank you for doing the work to figure that out, and posting a tutorial!

Title: Re: Endless ATC Tutorial (PIX)
Post by: Linda P on October 19, 2019 12:57:14 PM
Oh wow!! I am amazed!  Thank you for a well thought out tutorial!!