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Title: Duvet cover project
Post by: SilverSews on May 16, 2017 04:53:30 PM

I'm working on a sort of unique project.  I have a day bed (basically a twin sized mattress), it's currently covered with a thick duvet cover.  However, the duvet cover shifts around when people sit on it, so I want to sew the cover into an actual case for the day bed. 

The cover folds over the mattress with plenty to spare, so I'm thinking of adding a zipper the the long side.  However, I'm stumped about how to close up the short sides.  There's extra duvet cover on both sides (there's a pattern I'll be centering), so an equal amount will need to be removed from each end.  I need to figure out how to sew up the short ends so that I end up with a piece that can be sealed with a zipper on the long side. The duvet cover is pretty thick, so I think I'll need to remove the batting on the short sides in order to be able to sew them up.

Does my description make sense?  Does anyone have any advice or ideas?  I've tried researching and haven't had any luck finding examples of this sort of project.

Many thanks!

- Evan