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Title: Custom shark socks
Post by: Annchen on April 30, 2017 01:54:37 AM

These socks were knit for the Geezer swap (, a swap where everyone crafts a really big, really nice item for their partner. I almost never knit socks for swaps since it takes forever... If I'm making socks for adults and they're not thick slipper socks I have a hard time getting them done in a normal crafting time.

These socks are completely custom, and knitted two at the time from the toe up. That way I could make them as long as possible in the time I had.

I started with a tab cast on ( to give a nice rounded toe. After knitting a few rows on the first toe I transferred it to another cirkular needle and started a second from the other end of the skein. When both toes were started I arranged them on my long cirkular needle to be able to work both at once.

I measured gauge on the stockinette part of the toe to be able to figure out how much to increase. I calculated for 10% negative ease to give a good fit, and then fudged the numbers a bit to give the same number of stitches on top and bottom. I wanted something going on on top of the foot, and modified a herringbone stitch for the amount of stitches I had.

There are three collumns of purled stitches to make everything fit. The first and last stitch on the back needle was purled, and the middle stitch on the foot was also purled to divide the two sections of herringbone.

My intention was for it to look a bit like shark skin. Not sure about that, but at least it gave the body of the sock a bit of interest.

I increased a bit before starting the heel since I was worried about a tight instep. You can hardly see it on the picture, I think there was just 2-3 increases on the back needle for each side.

After much research I settled on a German short row heel ( It looks good and doesn't produce any holes to speak of in the turns. My numbers were a bit off when estimating where to start the heel, but after some ripping back it turned out quite nice. I thought about ripping both heels out yet another time, but decided I'd have to live with the fact that the sock was 1-2 rows longer than intended.

Since I don't trust my skill with two color knitting yet I opted for embroidering the sharks and fishies with duplicate stitch. Stranded knitting has less give, and no one likes socks of strangulation...

I did the embroidery and fastened ends before finishing the sock. I did not want to get stuck on finishing touches and send late because of that. (Spoiler alert: I still did just that...)

Little fishies on the toes and big bad sharks on the legs. Here is the shark chart ( I used (just modified the length a bit).

It would have been neat with blue socks with sharks all over, but sadly that lovely ocean colored yarn is pure wool and wouldn't have survived the wear on foot and heel. The leg takes less abuse so I only used it there.

I didn't decrease back all the stitches for the leg. The herringbone pattern gives way to a colour changes with a few purled rows thrown in for effect. The first blue part is just stockinette to give a nice canvas for the sharks. There's one row of grey stockinette before a k2p2 rib starts. When the rib stitch changes to blue again there's another row of stockinette to make the color change prettier.

I used Jeny's super stretchy bind off to finish the socks.

All in all a very fun experience to invent these!

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: JoyfulClover on April 30, 2017 07:10:41 AM
These make me so happy! Although I can knit lacework until my fingers cramp, I just haven't tackled socks yet, but I LOVE a good notes section! The thought process is really helpful to hear, as almost everything needs to be tweaked (that's part of the fun, right?).

The fish and shark make me LAUGH. I love the varigated yarn and the herringbone really gave it movement - shark skin! The huggable kind!

Thanks for sharing! You rock!


Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: Annchen on April 30, 2017 08:03:54 AM
Thank you! I love knitting lace, but socks are fun too.

Here are some pretty helpful notes on sock sizing ( For when you try it out ;) To start out I used several patterns with a rib pattern on the leg and top of foot. A bit more forgiving when it comes to size.

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: JoyfulClover on April 30, 2017 08:19:13 AM
Oh awesome! Thanks for the tips!

I need to break my needles back out. I've been really into sewing and embroidery lately. But I always cycle out and know knitting is ahead!

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: lady4feet on April 30, 2017 05:53:06 PM
These are so awesome! I purchased the two at a time sock book years ago and have yet to actually tackle a pattern.

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: Abbeeroad on May 02, 2017 06:23:43 AM
Most excellent!

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: Annchen on May 02, 2017 06:26:56 AM
Thanks :)

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: rackycoo on May 04, 2017 02:36:31 PM
Congratulations! This has been chosen as a Featured Project (! :)

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: kwality570 on May 05, 2017 05:01:55 AM
What amazing custom socks. I am so envious of people ambitious enough to make socks. Thanks for sharing with us!

Title: Re: Custom shark socks
Post by: Annchen on May 06, 2017 01:46:46 AM
Thank you!  :-*

I've inspired myself to tackle a new pair of socks for my darling husband. His feet are kind of huge, so... Lucky for him he's knitworthy.