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Title: Organizing pattern and PDFs
Post by: BoilerUp on January 28, 2017 11:33:07 AM
I have spent time looking for a thread on this an apologize if I missed it.

I have patterns previously bought on Ravelry, and currently at Etsy or Craftsy.  Plus print patterns from yarn stores.

My organization is horrible.  Most digital patterns are in GoodReader &/or Dropbox, but searching through 100s often with poor internet leaves me frustrated.  Often I give up and buy the print pattern I don't know if I own.

I recently found 6 patterns in my library at Craftsy which I also have in print. 

Obviously I need to improve my files at GoodReader and Dropbox. But to compile a good working list of patterns, off the Internet, I don't know if I need a spreadsheet, list app, a dedicated knit/crochet app?

I am willing to pay for it but don't want a monthly fee.  I don't want to have to access the Internet to see it, but stored in the cloud is ok if it has to be for back up.  And I am exclusively Apple.  Phone, iPad and laptop.  So Office 360 or similar is out due to cost and maybe availability.

Any suggestions?

I have seen people list their patterns are organized (for example) by name, with tags for size, yarn weight, designer, etc.  that's why I am thinking they use a spreadsheet?  I don't really want to go that way if there is something better.  A thumbnail would be amazing, if possible.

If there is a thread I missed a gentle point towards it would be awesome!


Title: Re: Organizing pattern and PDFs
Post by: NoShowJr on April 01, 2018 10:17:44 PM
What if you keep a photo of the pattern inserted into a spreadsheet as a thumbnail style and then underneath each one type the location and name of the file plus whatever other info you wanted to have at a glance? Then you can just add to it each time you purchase/obtain one from whatever source??? Maybe keep them in groups of hats, gloves, etc so that you can find it quicker on the list.

That all being said, I need to work on my entire set-up!