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Title: Brother PE770 stopped picking up the bobbin thread
Post by: KristinS on January 01, 2017 10:31:30 AM
So I have had my machine for a couple years now & I have always been able to figure out what is wrong & fix the issue any time I have had any problems with my machine. However, at the moment I have an issue I can’t resolve & was hoping you all might have some advice as to what to try next. I will be sure to try to provide as much information as I possibly can in regards to my issue, trouble shooting process & and any information in regurads to a solution should I find one for anyone else who might have the same issue

MY MACHINE – Brother PE770

MY ISSUE – In the middle of an order I was working on I started having issues with the top thread breaking & all of a sudden BLAM... a broken needle. Now after a bunch of troubleshooting, I can’t seem to get the machine to pick up the bottom (bobbin) thread anymore

1 – Took a part the top & cleaned out any dust, removed any broken threads, ran a thick piece of heavy weight thread through the thread path to try to remove any excess dust, buildup or thread remnants.
2 – I changed the needle to a brand new one & then tried changing it to a brand new BP needle
3 – I opened up the bottom of the machine & removed bobbin case, cleaned out any dust in the bobbin space, removed any lint build up in the bobbin case itself, I cleaned the bobbin case thread path & re-set the tension a number of times
4 – I tried changing the bobbin thread to a new bobbin (90 weight as recommended for the machine) then tried using a bobbin with 60 weight bobbin thread just in case it might be that.
5 – I switched out my bobbin case for another one (I always keep a new replacement bobbin case in case of emergency) switched it back


6 – Upon return, I turned the machine back on & started my troubleshooting process again & went through the above process (1-5) this time oiling up the appropriate areas. Unfortunately there is still no change.

I can’t help but feel like there is something basic I’m missing here. I would be very thankful for any other suggestions that I might try to get this puppy up & running again. I have a stack of orders to work on & can’t really afford to send her to the shop to be fixed at the moment. 

Title: Re: Brother PE770 stopped picking up the bobbin thread
Post by: KristinS on January 02, 2017 09:36:45 AM
So is there ANYONE that has ANY advice at all? I know people are reading this..did I not provide enough information?  Have I put this in the wrong catagory?  is there a reason im not getting any responce at all? Any advice would be greatly appreciated