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Title: My Infinity Scarf
Post by: Amazon_warrior on December 02, 2016 08:01:03 AM
I am generally not great at yarn crafts - I love the look and feel of many yarns, but my attempts to turn it into things frequently end in chaos and tears.  However, I recently picked up a really pretty and completely unused skein of yarn in a local charity shop for the bargain price of 3 (it's a merino/silk blend) - and at least if I made a mess then it wouldn't be a massive loss!

After googling free crochet scarf patterns and picking the one that ticked boxes for broadly resembling my yarn, being pretty and being actually do-able by a yarn-craft klutz, I turned it into this broomstick lace infinity scarf:

based on the tutorial here:

Luckily, I found a suitably sized crochet hook floating around the house, and for the "broomstick" I used a chunk of wooden dowel, left over from making a teepee for my niece, that was just about the right diameter.  I think my yarn was a bit finer than the one in the tutorial, so I ended up making my scarf a bit longer to actually fit me, and I wish I'd made it maybe 40 stitches wide instead of 30, but I love it to bits and it's just what I need in this recent cold weather!

Title: Re: My Infinity Scarf
Post by: Onyxnox on December 02, 2016 09:29:03 AM
It looks great - I love the look of broomstick lace.  Your yarn choice is lovely too - those are great colours!

Title: Re: My Infinity Scarf
Post by: Amazon_warrior on December 02, 2016 10:42:30 AM
Thank you - they're my favourite colours so it was a really lucky find, and I was really pleased to find that broomstick lace is super-easy to do.  :)  Right now I'm pondering whether I can use the left-over yarn (I only used ~60g from a 100g skein) to make the scarf wider...

Title: Re: My Infinity Scarf
Post by: elderflower on December 03, 2016 12:05:50 AM
Very pretty. I love the yarn. I like crochet but have never tried the broomstick variety. Yours turned out so well I am inspired to give it a go. Did you have to sandpaper and varnish the dowel first to prevent the yarn from catching on it?

Title: Re: My Infinity Scarf
Post by: Amazon_warrior on December 03, 2016 03:01:07 AM
Thanks!  It really was easy - if you can do basic chain stitch, you're golden.  :)  I didn't do anything to prep my bit of dowel - it was already quite smooth so I just used it as it was.  Possibly I could have sanded down the end a little just to get rid of the rough saw-marks I made when I cut it down for the teepee, but it never proved to be a problem.  I'm not sure varnishing would be a good idea though - I noticed that the crochet hook marked the wood a bit after some use, so any varnish would probably have started flaking off and getting everywhere.

Title: Re: My Infinity Scarf
Post by: Padester on December 03, 2016 05:40:45 PM
Love it! You did a wonderful job. I have seen patterns for the broomstick lace but haven't tried it yet - may have to give it a shot now!