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Title: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on November 12, 2016 07:29:42 PM

Post your goodies here:

Original Thread:


lindyv321 ---- Helena Puck
mlsocci74 ---- KarenLouiseM
EdelC ---- RaraAvis
Onyxnox ---- whats_her_name
FiberAlchemist ---- rantyhippie
Deadbathducky ---- Helena Puck  
gala_apples ----   Thimbles71

sent and received
sending late with communication
p.m. me

Remember, we start with day 1 on DEC 14th.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: edelC on November 14, 2016 05:44:00 AM
I've sent and am looking forward to seeing all of the goodies.

Day 1, decorations for my harry potter Christmas three. These are so cute, a potion and three broom sticks

Plus a really cool flattened flamingo penny
Day 2

My flamingo obsession continues, and I LOVE this.. Hand stitched in the background and the flamingo. This Rocks!

Day 3 this brilliant microwave bowl cosy. DOTD themed, RaraAvis knew I had a DOTD theme in part of my kitchen, but it's actually in the corner where the microwave lives, so this is perfect

This is the corner where it will live, see how well it works

Day 4

Another great day, this works brilliantly on my harry potter tree. I love it , it's standing on a cookie cutter for the pic

Day 5 some DOTD cut paper garland's. I love these. I had a DOTD altar for the first time this year and so these will be perfect for next year

Day 6- half way..Oh no

This lovely tote. The colours are perfect for me, and it's so well made.

Day 7

Popcorn fixings!! These are yummy and a book to invent my own. So cool!

Day 8 these really snuggly pillowcases. Brushed cotton which is perfect for chilly nights

Day 9- getting sad that the pile of pressures under the tree is shrinking.

But there were squees of delight this morning.. all the fabric 10 fat quarters!! And Flamingo fabric!!

Day 10, two really pretty necklaces. A silver heart and a globe. I don't know which I like best.

not one but 4 amazing tee shirts for DAY 11, pictures to follow.

arrgh so frustrating, I have been trying all day to upload pictures, without any success. I thin the broadband is so slow that its totally overloaded with everyone in the village trying to escape family and go online

I got four amazing tees from RaraAvis, a phases of the moon one, 'mischief managed', flamingo and dandelion seedheads, they are great because they are all different styles.

and for Day 12 a brilliant love themed shrine.

Pictures to follow as soon as I can get this bloody internet working properly.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: RaraAvis on November 14, 2016 08:06:05 AM
Thank you edelC!

A cute bird themed zippered pouch! I love how edelc continued the bird image with hand stitching.

( (

A lovely printed little note book!


A cute robot tea infuser! I have had this pinned for a looong time, so it is so cool to finally have it!

A wonderful set of bird ornaments. These are just prefect, since when I was decorating this year I thought I could use some lighter ornaments to hang edges of the branches.

A little whale strainer for my sink and a elephant caddy! The elephant is from my pinterest. It holds kitchen utensils or bathroom items and the water after they are washed drains down the trunk into the sink. I haven't decided if I want it in my kitchen or bathroom. The strainer is also prefect because the one we have now is broken and keeps closing. This one fits prefect!

Prepare to be amazed!!! Edelc made this awesome bee mug rug/min quilt. It is so lovely I'm not sure if I will use it was a mug rug, because I would feel awful to spill tea on it. I think I will make it a wall hanging because it is just to nice not to be on display!

This hilarious shirt! It fits prefect and is great, since all my clothes have cat hair on them, lol!

The cutest little robot plush! She is just adorable. I will have to find a nice spot on one of my shelves for her to sit.

A krampus cushion cover! Edelc ordered this for the 12days, but it did not make it in time when she shipped the initial packaged, so she sent it to me after as a bonus! Thank you so much!

Lovely hand printed fabric! I love the color and pattern of the fabric and they're bird prints, which if you couldn't tell yet I love birds!

DAY 10
A really beautiful hand sewn suede sketchbook!


DAY 11
A festive quilted tree skirt! This is one item that I really needed, since every year I just throw some old fabric down. It is so nice to have an actual tree skirt now!


DAY 12
A wonderful quilt! I just love the colors she used, it is so beautiful! I am always amazed by quilts, since the largest I have every made is a baby quilt. edelc did a fantastic job! My pics really don't do it justice.


Thank you so much edelC for being a wonderful swap partner! I truly loved everything you sent! ;) :D ;D

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: gala_apples on November 14, 2016 02:12:30 PM
Pics of all my packages, Thimbles sent extras!

Day One: some amazing smelling soap. I think it's chocolate scented? Yummy, no matter what.

Day Two: freakin awesome robot silcon molds. I ALMOST bought robot molds for the robot and alien swap, but cheaped out of it. And good thing I did, because now I have theeeese!

Day Three: not one, not two, but three toques! And they're all totally different colour patterns, so I can wear them with a multitude of clothing.

Day Four: I got 25 large envelopes, that I'll be able to match my own cards to. I love that kind of crafting on a theme  :D Here's a few of my faves.

Day Five: a necklace making kit.

Day Six: fabric Christmas cards in several designs.

Day Seven: christmas tags in 3 different styles. The vintage fabric ones are fluffy!

Day Eight: a combo of polymer clay and tools, and a book of projects. Very exciting, and on my diy kit list!

Day Nine: Thimbles made me two things, some quilted notecards AND some awesome ti-dye socks. (more than pictured, i think there was 10 socks?) These will be a huge hit at daycare.

Day Ten: Three gorgeous necklaces. The quilted one has tiny embroidery that I wasn't really able to capture. I love them all, and I have nothing like any of them  ;D

Day Eleven: two different attempts on a shirt for my girlfriend, and a hoodie for me. The hoodie's so warm, I'm wearing it right now.

Day Twelve: It's being sent in another package.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Thimbles71 on November 14, 2016 02:16:27 PM
All my lovely gifts from Gala_apples!  I don't have my tree up yet, but I'll take a proper one under the tree in the next few days.  :)

Day one!

Gala_Apples sent me the absolute cutest wreath ornaments!  They're sparkly and so much fun.  I love them!!

Day two!

This fantastic mug rug.  Which just makes me smile.  I seriously tried so many new things for this swap.  Some were more successful than others, but they were all good experience and honestly, just fun.  I so often fall back on old standbys where I'm comfortable.  But, this swap experienced encouraged me to try new things.  So, this lovely mug rug will always remind me of that.  :)

Day three!

Oh, my goodness!  Lotion bars!  And it is so mild and smells so good!!  I love it!!  The shea butter is absolutely perfect.

Day four!

The cutest vintage toy fabric pillow cases!  I'm putting these on my couch immediately!

Day five!

Really cool ornaments.

So very cool, but I was playing with them on my desk and I'm totally considering putting them on a chain and wearing them as a necklace!

Day Six!

Fantastic wine cork magnets!

Day Seven!

Amazing, amazing collection of note cards.  These are absolutely fantastic.  And will be well used!  All with their own snazzy and unique envelopes!

Day Eight!

This seriously charming shadow box.  How cool is this?  I just love it!  I tacked it up on my bulletin board behind my desk.  I need to find a proper home for it though.  :)

Day Nine!

Look at this fantastic set of necklaces!!  

Day Ten:

Such great cookie cutter ornaments.  I love them so much.

Day Eleven:

Beautiful, beautiful quilted placemats:

Day Twelve:

Gorgeous quilt.  So beautiful.  I currently have it on my holiday table.  It's absolutely perfect.

SUCH a great swap.  I've really loved all of my gifts.  Gala_apples is an amazing partner.  LOVE!  I'm so lucky!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on November 25, 2016 06:55:58 PM
Received from lindyv321

All the packages look absolutely beautiful under the tree.

Day 1: Advent calendar filled with charms for a Christmas charm bracelet!!

Bracelet close up! Just in time for Christmas Spirit day at school.

Day 2: Goodies for my boys: a container of bean boozled, baseball peg game, a reindeer candy dispenser (looks like he poops candy LOL), perler bead kits, gingerbread cookie, and a monster tissue holder.

Also day 15 of the Advent Matchbox Calendar had another charm for my bracelet.

Day 3: Goodies for my other little one: his peg game was solitaire. Sorry for the delay. I thought I posted yesterday when I got interrupt. That is what I get for posting at work. Now that I am on break, not that much of issue now.

Day 4: Deminsions Santa Kit (Deminisions makes the best kits. Love them), set of cards with my initial (perfect for those  after Christmas thank you cards), and another ornament kit.

Day 5: Handmade shelf curio filled with vintage goodies. I JUST LOVE IT!!

Sorry for the delay. We went into town for the weekend to watch Rogue One

Day 6: Birdie and bird house. It looks good on my windowsill with the vintage curio.

Day 7: Hand stamped ornaments, a crystal necklace, and earrings

I had a hard time taking a close up of the earrings. They are this beautiful orange pattern inside a close ball.

Day 8: Nativity Plaque.  ;D I absolutely love it.

Day 9: Snowman Top Hat . . . wow, things keep getting better and better with each passing day. The top hat looks so great as our treetopper.

Day 10: Snowflake Hoopla

Doesn't it look awesome on my wall?

Day 11:
ooh, two goodies in this one. A Santa Snowglobe and a snowglobe tree ornament. They are so clever and unique. I love them!

Day 12:  Merry Christmas!!!  ;D ;D ;D
Three wooden painted trees

oops, a little late but here was the pin that was in the advent calendar.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: FiberAlchemist on November 26, 2016 10:31:15 AM
Here are the goodies rantyhippie sent...

Day 1
Miniature gingerbread men and house.

Day 2
A miniature candy cane Christmas tree.

Day 3
A garland for holding Christmas cards and some gummy candy.

Day 4
A Christmas tea towel and candy canes.

Day 5
Christmas accessories... reindeer antlers and a Rudolf nose.

Day 6
An ugly sweater coloring book.

Day 7
A set of a foxy ovenmit, pot holder and dish towel.

Day 8
An embroidered Christmas tree hoopla.

Day 9
A gum ball machine ornament.

Day 10
An embroidered mitten hoopla.

Day 11
An embroidered stocking hoopla.

Day 12
A red and green i-cord garland.

Thank you rantyhippie for swapping with me! :)

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: rantyhippie on November 27, 2016 02:37:24 PM
Here is everything FiberAlchemist sent:

Day 1

Lego Ornaments!

Day 2

A Scented Candle:

Day 3

Super cute Christmas jewelry

Day 4

An owl ornament kit

Day 5:

Day 6:

Day 7:

cute dinosaur plush for my son, he loves it!

Day 8:

Day 9:

Fabric coasters

day 10

day 11

cute soft snowman plushie

day 12

Christmas Socks!! I love them!

Thanks so much, partner! Everything was fantastic!

Title: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: lindyv321 on November 27, 2016 06:05:59 PM
Here's my gallery!! I received from our lovely organizer Helena Puck

Here are some extras

Day 1
A neat card making kit with lots of fun stickers and some blank cards

Day 2
Beaded snowman ornaments

Day 3
Two really nice pendants

Day 4
A family card game

Day 5
Two more beautiful beaded ornaments

Day 6
Tons of goodies! All the candy and the perler bead donut were wrapped in a crepe paper ball that had to be unwound to get the goodies

Day 7

Day 8
A beaded ornament kit

Day 9
Two oragami frogs, a quilled poinsettia, and a super cute pinecone hedgehog

Day 10

Day 11
Squee!! A gingerbread house!!!!

Day 12
Cross stitch pattern book

It has a ton of patterns!

Thanks for a fun swap!!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: KarenLouiseM on November 27, 2016 08:30:13 PM
Mine, mine, mine :-)

All the pretty packages! (

And Day 1!!!!  Love, love, love.  This is Maxwell, who we lost to cancer in 2015.  He holds a BIG place in my heart - and now he can hold my keys too  ;D

Day 2 - this is a small canvas (see toothpick).  So cute!

Day 3 - Look at all these cute tags and package tie-ons.  Just in time to start wrapping.  They even came in a box as cute as they are.

Day 4 - My partner is really nailing it!  Such lovely work.  This is tiny - remember that toothpick from the canvas?  Smaller!

Day 5 - look at this perfect little bulb necklace - so cute.  Wearing it today!

Day 6 - incredible cuteness!  Love the putz houses.  These kits are really intricate - they are going to be amazing.

Day 7 - so cute, and so well done!

Day 8 - what a great box of supplies.  I am ALWAYS in need of adhesives, so this will definitely get used.  And look at all the cute spools, some already decorated with very pretty papers. I love spools and use them in tons of things.

Day 9 - Joy!  

Day 10 - you may not know that we were only partnered because Misocci74's original partner had to drop out.  Our interests/skills/faves didn't really match up easily.  This required quite a bit of stalking & experimenting for both of us.  She has done an AMAZING job, I've loved everything.  (Her skill level is also amazing.). But, today's gift tells me that we found the one thing we do have in common - wine!  Hope she likes hers as well as I like mine 😁

I don't understand how this is day 11?  I swear I've opened 12 and this is the last day; but, how does it come out to 11???  Don't think I missed anything.  Christmas magic, as the Hallmark movies say.  Anyway, here it is and it is wonderful.  The colors are almost an exact match for the yo-yo quilt I made for my guest room many years ago.  So this is definitely going on the guest room door.  Love it!!!  Pencil for scale, photo looks wonky - wreath is not!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Onyxnox on November 28, 2016 07:11:31 AM
OOOOh claiming already!  

This is my spot.  To paraphrase Sheldon, I will be placing this spot in eternal dibs....

I got my package.  It is speaking to me <open me, open me, open me>.  But I am afraid that if I open, I will not stop....

YAY - finally got to open my box - and whats_her_name totally Tetris'd it up - it was so well packed in - very impressed!

Here is my pile - love the purply snowflake wrap!

I opened on Day 2 - ended up picking up an extra shift at work the other night, so was too tired to start from day 1 - but then again, that's also double the fun on day 2!

Day 1 was an adorable knit stocking ornament and strawberry <yum - a favourite of mine!> lip balm.  Love the colourwork and pattern and that is a nice bright green.  I love mini knits.

Day 2 is a beautiful ornament made from a canning jar seal - It is beautiful.  I love the background paper with the carol lyric words.

Day 3 is another ornament - these will help my tree be beautiful this year!

Day 4 is a third ornament, to complete the set - and I am picking up my tree today, so these can go right on it!

Day 5 - a fantastic, elegant set of snowflake cards - they are so lovely.  My favourite is the blue ones.  I love snowflakes!

Day 6 - yummmmmm - one of the basic food groups - chocolate covered anything.  Also, the jar is adorable - look at the cute cross stitched top.  This will be designated as craft room snacks - must hide from Jim!

Day 7 - a cute "favourite things" box - love the use of the chipboard letters and it is so cheery - and stuffed it with some of her favourite things - beautiful dimensional flowers, ribbons, leaf embellishments, and washi tape - some of my favourite things too!!!

Day 8 -  I can't believe it's almost over - I almost don't want to open any more - the anticipation is half the fun... but then again... PRESENTS!!!!!!

Day 8 is a wonderful little recipe journal - how cute is this!!!

Love the little labels inside too... I love to cook and this will be a great way to keep track of some of our favourites!

Day 9 - STAMPS!!!!  I LOVE STAMPS!!!!!!  These are great - I love the little bird label and I am positive I have the Morrocan tile punch to match these stamps too!

Day 10 - you can't have stamps without paper to stamp on... and there is the added fun of felt and chipboard goodies and Spellbinders dies!!!!

Day 11 - a lovely WOOF frame for my doggies - well, doggy now.  I think I am going to try to get a similar shot of Troy to frame!

Day 12 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  My feets will be warm and toasty in these gorgeous socks - I love the colour and the leafy cabling...  LOVE them.  I love handknit socks - they are so comfy and durable, so much nicer than store bought.  Thank you so much whats_her_name! 

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: whats_her_name on December 01, 2016 07:04:49 AM
This is my spot!!   ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D

The days are so busy that I forgot it was the 14th last night until I was already in bed!!

Here's my parcel

And my day 1 gift: a mini cross-stitch on-the-go kit!

Day 2:  an AMAZING tee for my son!

A cool extra:  adorable tote bag!!

Sorry I'm behind on my parcels; this past weekend was my son's 9th bday.   And then yesterday we got this little cutie:

Day 3 - an adorable hedgehog stamp.  :)

Day 4 - look at all the pretty beads!!!!  And the cute Xmas tin!!  I can't wait to try some beaded knitting!

Day 5  - a VERY cool needle book - it's amazing!!

Day 6 - a beautiful tree ornament.  It's stunning IRL.  

Day 7 - Slytherin tee for my DD!!

Day 8 - look at this cute squirrel dish!!

Day 9 - amazing HP potion bookmarks!   These are so awesome - I LOVE them!!!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: deadbathducky on December 03, 2016 07:31:54 PM
I claim this spot here and now I have recieved and can finally post some photos! I also recieved from our lovely organiser and she has mixed halloween and christmas together for me! Yay!(apologies if any of the photos are the wrong way, my phone does odd things to my posts)

Under our little teenie tree. Over the last few years my mum and I haven't really decorated at christmas much, but my tree has inbuilt lights and spins at night so it counts right?

The way all the days were wrapped. I love the use of the stamps and brown paper bags!

Extras I found floating in the box that Helena_Puck sent as an apology for being so late. My craft group is going to absolutely love the crafty booklets kit, and I always love postcards. Plus so many yummys to try! (Excuse my cat, she will be in some of these photos haha) and a patch from near when Helena_puck lives! Thank you for these you are too kind!

Now on the days!

Day 1

Tiny perler kit! I havent seen perler beads this small before over here, this looks like it will be fun!

Day 2

Pendants and a necklace to put them on. I love these!

Day 3

Cross stitch pattern and supplies (some thread, aida clothe, a cross stitch pen) I like the look of this one, and this coloured aida will make it look a little vintage. It looks like one I will be able to do!  ;)

Day 4

What's this? A snowball?

It's a whimsy ball! My cat liked playing with the crepe paper it was wrapped up in. Look at all the little whimsies and snacks to try! The middle was those funny little emoji erasers, that made me smile!

Day 5

Day five was some sugar skull tins for crafting with (All but one was empty, the yellow one had a cookie inside! yum!) a Oogie Boogie inspired tree topper? (I think it is for the tree, not sure lol) some sculpey and Christmas jelly belly!

Day 6

A cross stitch Zombie gingerbread man. I adore this little guy! I love the gingerbread cookie cutters which have a bite already taken out of them and this guy takes it to the next level. There was a magnet and a brooch back included so he could become a magnet or brooch!

Day 7

This cute little cross stitch ornament that looks like sugar candy, made in my favourite colours. I love your cross stitching Helena_Puck, so neat!

Day 8

The most adorable little hedgehog! I'm not sure how he got through customs since he seems to be made from pinecone spines but he is gorgeous! My partner loves Hedgehogs I'll have to give it to him hehe.

Day 9

I tiny little bear kit! Now I see what you meant earlier Helena! I will have to do this very carefully, but I can already see me making a tiny little jacket or hat for him. I love tiny kits!

Day ten was some lovely local tea! It had made the entire parcel smell like cinnamon and gorgeousness. I love it! (Picture when its not too hot for a cuppa!)

Day 11

Festive Peeps galore! Peeps are one of the candies that havent caught on over here so I always love getting them! And some cool cross stitch patterns that I have to try! Thank you for these!

Day 12

I am so sorry Helena! Here are the day 12 pictures. Super amazing awesome wonderful Hoopla of a Jackscepticeye Sam! So adorable!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on December 11, 2016 02:09:37 PM
Hello everyone! I am certain everyone is anxious about getting those packages open. Day 1 is just around the corner :-)

Here is what is under my tree! Deadbathducky's package all the way from Australia made it in time for the opening day! I am so excited. She filled that entire owl bag with all kinds of goodies. I cannot wait . . . but I will, of course. My sister-in-law's gifts and my mother's came in as well, so under our tree looks pretty amazing.

Day 1: Origami Crane ornament balls

Looks beautiful on my tree! :-)

Here is a close up

Day 2: Beads, charms, and a dragon elastic bracelet. Cannot wait to get started on some fun bead work with these seed beads.

Day 3: Bear needlefelting Kit! (Great minds think alike. Once you get your package in, you'll notice that we were thinking similarly. Sorry you are still waiting on things from me.)

Day 4: Embellishments and sisters with Snowman and Gingerbread (perfect for card making)

Day 5: Pretz and cake mix. I am really excited to try them both. I have never seen anything like them.

Sorry for the delay. We went into town for the weekend to watch Rogue One. Also, I discovered that the owl bag rolls up and snaps shut, taking up very little room, a perfect tote to roll up and carry with me when I go shopping. I used it this weekend for my projects at the hotel.

Day 6: Handmade paper. I really love these. I think I am going to mount some completed cross stitch projects on them, or put calligraphy writing on them and shadowbox it, or put a fun quote mounted on top of it with eyelets. So many possibilities. I would love to hear more about the creation process. They look fun.

Day 7: Catbutt coasters! LOL I love it! They even look like our kitties we had to leave with my dad when we moved up North.

Day 8: String art cards!!! I cannot wait to show my students. I taught them how to do string art but nothing like this. Maybe these cards will inspire a couple of them to do an advanced project.

Day 9: A package for my little one- a Mario watch, pac-man container filled with candy, and the neatest little custom gameboy ornament. My boy is all old school, loves all things vintage gaming.

Day 10: A package for my husband- Star Wars bottle cap opener and DC Posters. He LOVED it!

Day 11 A package for my other little one - Minecraft Cookie Cutters and a portrait of Fluffy, his beloved Neopet. He absolutely loved it. He asked me to hold the watercolor for him until we can get a frame. Looks like we will be making minecraft cookies this week while we are on break.

Day 12 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  ;D ;D ;D
5 skeins of Wool yarn, a beautiful multi-colored wooden crochet hook, and a hand-stamped heartshaped necklace, inscribed with Robin + Hilary

I need to share this beautiful piece of artwork that my partner sent. It is the cat painted across a book page which I have framed and sandwich inbetween student artwork and a framed card that hangs above my board in my classroom. I wanted to share the photo once it was in its new home.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Onyxnox on December 12, 2016 06:49:55 AM
waiting.... so painfully patiently waiting....

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: lindyv321 on December 13, 2016 02:30:16 PM
One more day falalalala

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on December 14, 2016 03:57:34 PM
Today is Day 1! Open those day 1 packages and enjoy :-) Can't wait to see everyone's goodies.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on December 15, 2016 10:17:47 AM
Day 2 Everyone, enjoy! :-)

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: gala_apples on December 15, 2016 04:38:04 PM
Onyxnox, that dragonscale shirt is really cool.

EdelC, continuing the duck on the rest of the fabric is a cool little detail.

Come on friends, post pics. I wanna see everything!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: FiberAlchemist on December 16, 2016 03:50:36 PM
So many cute things already!  I cannot wait to see what comes next!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: lindyv321 on December 16, 2016 06:59:37 PM
I'm slacking on posting pictures but it's been crazy around here! Loving all the goodies so far

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Thimbles71 on December 17, 2016 08:55:53 AM
Oh, goodness, so many awesome things already!

I love the embroidered flamingo.  Goodness that is gorgeous.

The black & white bird pouch with the stitched bird is so awesome.  SO awesome.

I love the beaded snowmen ornaments.  So sweet!

The pup canvas is just fantastic.

And the hedgehog stamped tote bag!  Love!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Onyxnox on December 18, 2016 10:23:39 AM
Awesome gifts so far - so many cute thing.  Some of the things that have really caught my eye so far (other than the things I have received of course!) are - the flamingo embroidery, and the little deer in the heart ornament by RaraAvis, the cocktail journal by edelC, the toques by Thimbles71 - wow - THREE! - Galaapples "try" mug rug - so cute.  Lindyv321's charm bracelet, Helena Puck's crystal snowmen - adorable!  Love the mini tart tin deer ornament by mlsocci74, and DeadBathDucky's origami crane ornaments too.

There are going to be some gorgeous trees this Christmas!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: gala_apples on December 18, 2016 07:30:10 PM
Helena Puck, the two vintage necklaces are gorgeous.

Mlsocci, I love that deer ornament.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Mlsocci74 on December 19, 2016 09:56:18 AM
Slacking myself here.  But I have been nothing but spoiled (I really don't think you all understand what amazing gifts).  I will get pics posted today no matter what time I need to stay up til.  lol    

Thank you gala. I tried some new things based on Karen's pinterest and likes.  

Thank you too Thimbles.  :)  

Day 1 a kick butt countdown to Christmas box

Day 2 a stocking filled with awesomeness.   And in Cowboys blue!!!!!

Day 3: four of the cutest little pumpkins.

Day 4: a set of six twine candy canes.  Love them

Day 5: a set of three trees.  So stinking cute.  So perfect!!!❤️  And in a Cowboys bag.  

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on December 19, 2016 09:41:52 PM
Helena Puck's crystal snowmen - adorable!  

Thanks. I actually got them as a beaded ornament kit. The snowman in the second package was supposed to be another blue snowflake but my students loved them so much I brought more of them to class.

Helena Puck, the two vintage necklaces are gorgeous.

They are really fun to make.

Everyone is make such amazing things. I had to pin that flamingo to my pinterest board. Love it! RaraAvis, beautiful detailed work!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: FiberAlchemist on December 20, 2016 02:54:44 PM
I'm loving the "cat hair is lonely people glitter" shirt!   :D

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: gala_apples on December 21, 2016 02:46:49 PM
Deadbathducky, the stringart cards are really funky, I've never seen anything like them before.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: edelC on December 21, 2016 02:58:38 PM
There are such cool things here. I haven't commented much as I'm stuck on mobile because my laptop is playing silly buggers. Loving the hats, all the ornaments and miniatures.

I feel really lucky to have swapped a RaraAvis, she has sent me such cool things plus she had such an inspiring Pinterest, almost everything I made her was straight off of there.

RaraAvis- that krampus pillow case is creepy

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on December 22, 2016 11:10:46 AM
FiberAlchemist - Love that nativity scene.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: deadbathducky on December 22, 2016 06:12:18 PM
Everyone's stuff is looking so good guys! I love it all and I'm not a huge christmas decorator

The paper was handmade from recycled papers in my craft class by me. Things like old office files and so on. We have done others with things like plants and fibers, but I didn't know if they would send. The orange is actually coloured with a curry! You tear the paper into little strips then mulch up the bits in a blender with a little water to make a pulp. Then you add it to big tub. You need a special frame (we used old picture frames) which has mesh to drain water through. It's a complicated process to explain and a bit messy but it's fun to do! The best bit was when we had to press the wet molded pulp so it could dry into paper thinner and faster. We stood on it using big wooden boards! :D

The cards I actually made for this swap, and because my craft group liked them so much I had to make a bunch more so they could sell them at the christmas stall. They were pretty popular (And my first stall craft!)

Also those cat butt coasters are upsidedown. I made them all different sizes so each of Helena_Pucks family could pick their own

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: LadybugsAndBumblebees on December 23, 2016 06:32:05 AM
I made paper with my preschool class many times!  It IS so much fun!  I had DH make wooden frames out of cheap moulding from the lumber store and attached screening to it.  Lightweight, cheap, and easy to use.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: RaraAvis on December 23, 2016 06:55:13 PM
Everything is so wonderful! I am really loving this swap! Each morning its so fun to open a gift while eating breakfast. Next week when I have more time I am going to thoroughly look through the whole gallery.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Onyxnox on December 24, 2016 02:03:38 AM
Wow - that is an impressive hoopla wall - uh - walls!

I am loving looking through the galleries, but hating that this is ending!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: deadbathducky on December 24, 2016 11:29:22 AM
Happy Christmas from Australia! I'll be posting the rest of my pictures when I get to open my last day!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on December 24, 2016 11:20:42 PM
Merry Christmas or Christmas Eve. . . depending on where you are.

It is late Christmas Eve here in Alaska. After we opened our stockings, we watched movies all day: Ghostbusters, Gremlins, Finding Dory - lots of family fun.

Hope everyone is having some great quality time with friends and family.  ;D

Thanks again everyone for making this such a wonderful swap to organize, low stress, lots of fun!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: RaraAvis on December 31, 2016 10:20:58 AM
Wonderful items everyone!!!

edelC asked if I could post pics of the last two days I sent her.

Day 11, was 4 t shirts...
Hand stamped dandelion tee

Moon phase tee


Flamingo long sleeve

Finally, mischief managed tee. The ink ran on this one, so I sent edelc a new copy of the stencil in case she wanted to make a new tee. She said she was able to overlay it with a new color and it worked out.

Day 12 was a love/heart shrine. Unfortunately, my pic aren't great and the color is a little washed out.


Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: gala_apples on January 02, 2017 04:57:27 PM
rara, that dandelion shirt is SO LOVELY!!! I love the colour of it, and how bold you got the white to be.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: RaraAvis on January 03, 2017 08:49:31 AM
Thanks gala!

I finally got a chance to look through the gallery closely!
Thimbles-I love the stenciled hoodie. It is so cute!
Gala- The shadow box is just lovely!
lindy- The painted wooden trees are so wonderful!
Rantyhippie- The hooplas are all great. So festive and fun!
FiberAlchemist -The snowman ami is super cute!!
Helena- The gingerbread hose and the zombie gingerbread man are so cool. The house has great detail and the zombie gingerbread man is just so funny.
mlsocci74- The wooden spool wreath is beautiful!
whats_her_name- The hand knit socks are wonderful! I just love the color.
Onynox- The Slytherin tee is so cool!
Deadbathduck- The cat butt coaster are so funny!!

Wonderful gallery!!!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: rantyhippie on January 03, 2017 12:33:18 PM
I honestly wish I had had time to do more with the garland. I had planned something a little fancier but my boss scheduled me for crazy hours at work.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: edelC on January 05, 2017 12:13:05 PM
RaraAvis thank you so much for posting those, I have been crashed out all week with stupidly slow broadband, watching awful TV. I love the teeshirts so much! and the shrine is brilliant .

there have been some amazing things posted in this swap.

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: gala_apples on January 05, 2017 03:20:31 PM
Because of life stuff, Thimbles ended up sending to me in three different packages. Day One got here yesterday, and the details of it are stunning.

Two Christmas crab throw pillows. Look at the seashell ornaments!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on January 06, 2017 12:34:52 PM
Hey there all!

I left feedback for everyone. I went really general but I really wanted to leave a full paragraph about how wonderfully talented and generous everyone has been. This was a wonderful swap to organize.

If your profile feedback is not updated, please let me know.

Thanks again everyone!

Title: Re: Mini 12 Days of Christmas 2016
Post by: Helena Puck on January 06, 2017 12:35:58 PM
Two Christmas crab throw pillows. Look at the seashell ornaments!

Okay . . . WOW!