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Title: Updated List: Charities Accepting Handcrafted Donations
Post by: LovelyMiss on August 30, 2016 09:47:35 AM
Charities That Need Your Craftiness:

This list is loosely broken down by issue/cause.  Many of the charities have crossover between the noted categories; they were generally placed based on primary mission, or most served area.

Comfort for Critters (  Crochet, knit, or sew a blanket for pets living in animal shelters.
Snuggles Project (  Help scared animals feel more safe in the shelter by creating security blankets.
Wildcare (  Knit or crochet nests/bowls for rescued baby birds.
Wildlife Victoria ( Create yarn or fabric pouches to 'home' kangaroo/koala/other marsupial babies who have lost their mum. Patterns on the site. (Based in Australia.)

Women and Girls
Days for Girls International (  Make sanitary/feminine hygiene supplies and kits for girls around the world.
Enchanted Makeovers (  Knit or crochet lap blankets, sew pillowcases, quilts, dolls, and capes for women and children living in shelters.
Handmade Especially for You (  Knit and crochet scarves for distribution in abused women shelters.
Pink Slipper Project (  Knit, crochet, or sew slippers and washcloths for women and children living in shelters.
Threads of Compassion (  Knit or crochet scarves for victims of sexual violence.

Babies/Perinatal Loss
Bundles of Love (  Create handmade baby clothing, bedding, and care items for newborns in families who need assistance in Minnesota.
Care Wear (  Knit, crochet, or sew baby items for hospitals.
Heavenly Angels in Need (  Knit, crochet, craft, woodwork, sew, etc. to help families who have lost a baby, and children who have experienced trauma.
IRIS – Infants Remembered in Silence, Inc. (  Create baby blankets with matching caps, and prayer shawls for bereaved parents.
The Preemie Project (  Make items for critically ill infants and their families around Iowa.
Touching Little Lives (  Create burial layettes, or sew, knit, or crochet items for preemie and needy newborns, in Ohio.

Beads of Courage (  Create wood or polymer clay beads, or sew bags to hold beads, for children and families dealing with serious illnesses.
Caitlin’s Smiles (  Put together Smile Kits for hospitalized children.
Cards for Hospitalized Kids (  Create hand made cards for kids in hospitals and Ronald McDonald Houses across the U.S.
Case for Smiles (  Sew pillow cases for hospitalized children.
Firehouse Quilts of Colorado, Inc. (  Sew snuggle quilts for firefighters to distribute to children who have been in an accident, house fire, or experienced domestic violence in Colorado.
Knit a Square (  Crochet and knit items for vulnerable and orphaned children.
Little Dresses for Africa (  Sew pillowcase dresses for impoverished children.
Mother Bear Project (  Knit or crochet bears for children affected by HIV/AIDS in emerging nations.
Operation Christmas Child (  Make clothing, toys, or winter items, and pack them in a shoe box with other essentials, for Children around the world.  (Box collection happens in November.)
Project Linus US (  Make blankets for children who are ill, traumatized, or in need.
Project Link UK (  Make blankets for children who are ill, traumatized, or in need.
Pyjama Fairies (  Sew pyjamas and surgical gowns for ill children.  (Based in the UK.)
Quilts for Kids (  Create quilts for ill and abused children.
Red Scarf Project (  Create red scarves for foster children. (Scarves accepted September – December 15 annually.)
Teddies for Tragedies (  Knit or crochet bears, or sew bags for children who experience tragedy.
Uthando Project (  Create dolls for the vulnerable children of Kwazulu-Natal. (Based in Australia.)
Wrap Them in Love (  Create quilts for children around the world to be wrapped in love.

Head Huggers (  Knit, crochet, or sew caps for those who have lost hair due to chemotherapy, brain surgery, burns, and other illnesses or injuries.
Knitted Knockers (  Knit prosthetics for women who have had mastectomies.
Knitting Pals by the Bay (  Knit caps for cancer patients of all ages in Northern California.
Knots of Love (  Knit and knot caps for patients getting chemo, and infants in incubators.
The Magic Yarn Project (  Create magic yarn wigs for children fighting cancer.

Organ/Blood/Marrow/Tissue Donation
The Little Yellow Duck Project (  Craft little yellow ducks, and attach a special card about making life-saving donations, before you abandoned it around town to raise awareness for the cause.

Homeless and Refugees
afghans for Afghans (  Knit or crochet blankets for those facing war, oppression, and poverty in Afghanistan.
Angel Hugs (  Craft a wide variety of clothing and blankets for those in need across Canada.
Blankets for Canada Society (  Sew, knit, or crochet blankets for Canadians who are homeless and need warmth.
Hats for the Homeless (  Knit or crochet hats, scarves, and gloves for homeless individuals in New York City.
Knit for Peace (  Knit clothes, jackets, bed socks, scarves, hats, blankets, and other items for refugees and homeless individuals around the world. (Based in the UK.)
Knitting for Brisbrane’s Needy (  Knit and crochet items for people of all ages who need assistance in Queensland, AU.
Project Night Night (  Assemble packages for homeless children, which can include handmade blankets and stuffed animals.
Warm Up America (  Crochet or knit afghans, hats, scarves, baby clothing, or blanket squares for people in need around America.

Veterans/Military Service
Knit Your Bit (  Knit a scarf for a veteran.
Operation Gratitude (  Make scarves, hats, paracord bracelets, cool-ties, and neck-warmers, or write letters for troops.

DOROT (  Craft a card for an isolated senior.
The Innocent Big Knit (  Knit tiny hats that help raise money for Age UK, an eldery support program.  Donations accepted in the Fall each year through January 31.  (Based in the UK).

Generally In Need
Angels for Hope (  Crochet angels for anyone in need of hope.
Blinky Patrol (  Make soft, washable blankets in your preferred medium for people in need of comfort around the U.S.
HalfKnits (  Knit and crochet hats and blankets for those in need.
Knit4Charities (  Knit items for selected charities across Australia.
Shawl Ministry (  Weave, knit, crochet, or quilt shawls for individuals who need comfort and peace.

Charity Databases
UK Hand Knitting Charity List (  Primarily UK based charities that accept knitted items.

Title: Re: Updated List: Charities Accepting Handcrafted Donations
Post by: LadybugsAndBumblebees on August 31, 2016 07:20:39 AM
Thank you so much for posting this list!  I am bookmarking it!

Title: Re: Updated List: Charities Accepting Handcrafted Donations
Post by: noodle-bug on January 03, 2017 04:58:17 PM
I've totally just stolen this list to add to the SPEW (charity crafting) list we keep over in the Harry Potter Craftalong  ;D THANK YOU ... for purposes of cross-fertilization here's a few more to add to your list too!

- Knit for Peace ( (UK based): knit assorted items to be given around the world, largely clothes for refugees or homeless people
- UK Hand Knitting Association Charity List ( (UK) database of various charities needing crafty donations
 - Innocent Big Knit ( (UK) accept tiny 'hats' to fit on innocent smoothie bottles, then sold to raise money for Age UK (helping the elderly). donations accepted from mid-autumn until end of Jan annually
- Wrap Pyjama Fairies (http://www. (UK based) sew pyjamas for hospitalised children, using a special design allowing doctors to open the PJs to examine the child without waking them up - patterns and tutorials on their site

- Wildlife Victoria ( (Australia) yarn or fabric pouches which they use to 'home' kangaroo/koala/other marsupial babies who have lost their mum (pattern ideas on site)

- Lion Brand's Charity Connection ( (Largely USA) database of charities that accept knitted and crocheted items
- The Magic Yarn Project (http:// (USA) distribute fantasy yarn wigs to children who've lost hair through illness - they accept yarn, crocheted beanies (which they'll use as a wig base), assorted knitted and crocheted accessories, and of course wigs - patterns etc on their site
 - knitted knockers ( (USA) distributes knitted prosthetics for women who have had mastectomies
- Project 40 ( (USA - requires Ravelry account) takes knit / crochet blanket strips to be assembled into lapghans for nursing home residents
- San Rafael ( (USA) accepts knitted bird 'bowls' as homes for rescued baby birds

Title: Re: Updated List: Charities Accepting Handcrafted Donations
Post by: LovelyMiss on January 03, 2017 05:45:42 PM
Awesome, and thank you so much, noodle-bug!  I updated the list, and corrected some of the broken/outdated URLs.

Title: Re: Updated List: Charities Accepting Handcrafted Donations
Post by: sweets4ever on June 10, 2019 06:37:35 PM
This is so awesome!  Thank you.