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Title: Farm Shrine
Post by: geekgirl1000100 on July 31, 2016 05:31:07 PM
I made a farm shrine for MissingWillow in the Common Ground swap.

It's mostly polymer clay so I put it here although there are also plastic and metal pieces in the shrine also.

The base I found at a thrift shop and is about 12" high.  Each little level originally had a drawer in it and measures maybe 3" each.

The outside I painted with off white acrylic paint and layered on some bee themed tissue paper and some honeycomb stamped papers (both pilfered from PerfectlyBohemian's stash :) )

The top level is a beehine and 2 bees.  Plus a lurking zombie in the corner!
There are also sheep mod podged in the background

The next level are 3 polymer clay sheep and a little plastic chicken. There are also pictures of chickens on the sides of the wall.

here is a pic of a sheep with a quarter for size reference

The last level is a little metal wheelbarrow with polymer clay potatoes and carrots.
There is also a little plastic sheep in the back.  and some gardening tools laying around.

I love working with clay and making shrines and this one was a lot of fun to make.

Title: Re: Farm Shrine
Post by: lindyv321 on August 01, 2016 07:04:48 AM
Very cute!

Title: Re: Farm Shrine
Post by: Patraw on August 01, 2016 07:21:26 AM
Very cool 3-level environment; I like both the structure itself and the contents.  The ground gardening level is my favorite (your polymer clay potatoes and carrots are very realistic) with the sheep and chicken coming in as my runner-up pick.

I have to know: Why is there a zombie in the bee hive?  The Walking Dead reference or something?  Tiggers don't like honey and neither do zombies, lol!

Title: Re: Farm Shrine
Post by: MissingWillow on August 01, 2016 09:02:55 AM
There's a zombie because it's mine and I love zombies.  I also have sheep, bees, chickens and a veggie garden on our farm.   :). It was perfectly made to reflect the things I love.  Thank you again, geekgirl!   :-*

Title: Re: Farm Shrine
Post by: mandit1990 on August 01, 2016 02:42:14 PM
The sheep are so cute :)

Title: Re: Farm Shrine
Post by: PerfectlyBohemian on August 01, 2016 05:14:04 PM
I'm glad you found some purpose for some bits in my stash ;D I love how this turned out! The sheep are so cute looking, the veggies as always look amazingly realistic, and the zombie creeping on the bees is super funny.