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Title: Buttoning/fastening mega bulky knit?
Post by: thegirlwiththemouseyhair on September 06, 2015 01:17:05 PM
I just finished knitting a mega bulky cowl/wrap combo loosely inspired by Katnissí cowl in Catching Fire and the Lion Brand District 12 wrap pattern (I didn't follow it exactly but the idea is more similar to their adaptation than to more faithful replicas of the costume). The scarf/wrap part were knit separately and are supposed to be sewn together. However, I love the look of the two pieces separately as well, and after spending so much time and money, Iíd like to have a versatile piece which I could wear as one Katniss inspired cowl OR detach into two different items and choose between them.

That brings me to my question. Is there any removable alternative to just sewing them together? Iím thinking of sewing a row of buttons into each side of the cowl and little button holes on each end of the wrap part, but I used Bernatís Mega Bulky Yarn and am not sure if buttons would be sturdy enough to survive wearing this piece buttoned together, without having it detach when I donít want it to. I definitely see myself wearing it buttoned or seamed together as the full District 12 wrap, so it would have to survive more than, say, one Halloween party, but I would like to be able to use them separately too. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Title: Re: Buttoning/fastening mega bulky knit?
Post by: Lotuspixie on September 10, 2015 08:14:42 PM
When adding buttons to knitted and crocheted objects, I have sometimes found that an embroidered button loop is more secure/tighter fitting than a button hole.

Like this:

You can make the loop just barely big enough to fit over the button so that it won't slide off accidentally.