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Title: TV Cake
Post by: teaandcraft on May 06, 2015 07:29:13 PM

I made this TV cake ( for my friend's birthday party and, in typical Lisa fashion, only finished it ten minutes before I had to leave to attend said party! Thus, poorly lit photos.

I used a 23cm square cake tin, and a double quantity of my ANZAC cake ( recipe. The icing is light blue and made from unsalted butter, icing sugar, water, and of course some blue food colouring ^___^ The test pattern on the TV is made from sour stripes, the bunny ears, legs, and speaker grill are Pocky, the coloured buttons are M&Ms, and the big dials are Rolos ^____^

It was delicious and a big hit with all the party guests ^____^

Title: Re:
Post by: crazyda79 on May 06, 2015 09:01:10 PM
Very cute!